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About the show
About the show

"iReport for CNN" is an interactive, international monthly half-hour TV program showcasing the most newsworthy and informative iReport contributions and citizen journalism reports on the internet.

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Catch "iReport For CNN" starting on the third Thursday of every month, at the following times on CNN International:

Thursday 0830 GMT

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Saturday 0800 GMT

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Monday 0230 GMT

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iReporters and social media users spring into action immediately after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti uploading images of the quake and the immediate aftermath. They also used Skype, text messages, Twitter and Facebook to keep the world connected as much as possible without a reliable internet connection, phone lines or even power. Thousands of reports of missing people flooded into iReport as people tried to connect with loved ones.

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iReport: On Assignment
iReport: On Assignment

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About Errol Barnett
About Errol Barnett

Errol started his career in journalism in 2001 at just 18 years of age and has reported on hurricanes, elections, violence in schools and drug trafficking.

As CNN International's first designated on-air reporter for iReport, he is responsible for bringing CNN's iReport photo and video submissions to air during regular segments on CNN International programs.