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Mark Shields

Mark Shields is a nationally known columnist and commentator with unmatched credentials as an analyst of the U.S. political system. He can be seen every Saturday night as the moderator of CNN's The Capital Gang, alongside Robert Novak, Al Hunt, Kate O'Beirne and Margaret Carlson. Previously, Shields was a member of the long-running Novak, Hunt & Shields, the weekly program featuring in-depth interviews with top newsmakers.

In 1979 he began writing his column on national politics for The Washington Post. The column is now distributed nationally by Creators Syndicate.

In 1987, the political analysis team of Shields and David Gergen became a regular feature of The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. The 1989 Political Almanac named Shields and Gergen the best television pundits of the 1988 presidential election year.

Since 1993, the analysis team of Shields and Paul Gigot of The Wall Street Journal has been on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer every Friday night and during primaries, national conventions and elections.

Shields also is an author whose book about the 1984 presidential campaign, On the Campaign Trail, has been praised as funny, irreverent and insightful, and for bringing that race to a magnificent light. As one reviewer wrote, Mark Shields is the wittiest political analyst around, and he is frequently the most trenchant, fair-minded and thoughtful.

Shields has taught American Politics and the Press at Harvard University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


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