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Andrew Serwer

Andrew Serwer is a regular contributor on CNN's American Morning. An editor-at-large at FORTUNE Magazine since 1998, he writes the "Street Life" column as well as stories about the personalities and behind-the-scenes action on Wall Street.

Serwer's daily online musings have earned him a reputation as one of the sharpest and most entertaining market commentators anywhere. According to an article in the May 22, 2000, New Yorker, "Achaea had Homer, the Spanish Civil War had Hemingway, California had the Beach Boys, and now our hyperactive stock market has its own poet-singer--Andy Serwer." He was named 2000 Business Journalist of the Year by TJFR, who called him "perhaps the nation's top multimedia talent, successfully juggling the roles of serious journalist, astute commentator and occasional court jester."

Serwer joined FORTUNE as a reporter in 1984 and was later promoted to associate editor. He was a senior writer from 1995-1998. He has written cover stories on Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, John Chambers and Cisco, among others. He also wrote FORTUNE's "Personal Investing" column for three years.

In addition to CNN's American Morning, Serwer is a regular contributor on other programs. He has made regular appearances on National Public Radio's nationally syndicated Marketplace program since 1989. In addition, he has appeared on CNBC, Voice of America, PBS and New York 1. He has also written for Time, Sports Illustrated and SLAM.


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