Scot Safon

Scot M. Safon is Executive Vice President for CNN Worldwide, where he is responsible for managing the domestic US television network HLN. He is based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta.

Safon joined CNN Worldwide in August 2002 as its Senior Vice President of Marketing and Promotion and was appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer in 2007. He has supervised the development of all consumer and trade communication for CNN US Television, CNN.com, CNN International, HLN, CNN Mobile and all CNN branded services. Safon has overseen the marketing and promotion of programs including Anderson Cooper 360, Nancy Grace, Joy Behar, Larry King Live, The Situation Room and Fareed Zakaria GPS.. His team has been responsible for handling marketing and sales communications during CNN’s award-winning coverage of the 2008 and 2004 Presidential Elections, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the war in Iraq and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He has also overseen the Emmy-winning campaign for the top-rated God’s Warriors and campaigns for award-winning primetime documentary series such as Black in America and Planet in Peril. His campaigns for CNN.com, the world’s #1 news website, have included the multi-award winning “Power of CNN Under Your Command” campaign, and the “Where Information Meets Opportunity” campaign for CNN’s mobile and podcast services. His work with CNN International includes overseeing promotion development supporting the current “Go Beyond Borders” branding campaign. Safon was named a 2006 “Brand Builder” by Television Week magazine, and his campaigns for Anderson Cooper 360 and CNN=Politics have been named “Campaigns of Distinction” by the magazine. Safon’s team led the charge on CNN’s groundbreaking Inauguration Day partnership with Facebook, which resulted in CNN.com/Live hosting the largest online video event in internet history.

Prior to joining CNN, Safon was senior vice president of marketing for Turner Network Television (TNT). In this capacity, he was responsible for all marketing efforts on behalf of TNT, including network branding, consumer and trade advertising, as well as the marketing and promotion of individual programming events, series and franchises. He supervised the marketing campaign that launched the network’s successful “We Know Drama” branding initiative in June 2001.