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Susan Roesgen

Susan Roesgen is a general assignment correspondent for CNN based in Chicago. Roesgen joined CNN after more than a decade covering the Gulf Coast. A New Orleans-based journalist during Hurricane Katrina, she was the first reporter hired by CNN for the CNN Gulf Coast bureau in 2005. She moved to CNN's Chicago bureau in September 2007.

Through her career, Roesgen has covered a variety of stories across the country and around the world. She explored the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt, sailed on the Sea of Galilee in Israel and patrolled with U.S. Army troops in Haiti.

For CNN, she not only covered the destruction and reconstruction of New Orleans following Katrina, but the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minn., and several floods, tornadoes and snow storms. In addition, she became the first national TV reporter to cover the tumultuous "Jena 6" episode in that Louisiana town.

Roesgen has also been a prime-time news anchor in five cities across the country, from San Diego to New York. In 2001, she was named co-host of National Geographic Today on the National Geographic Channel. Her reporting experience also includes live broadcasts of rocket launches at Cape Canaveral, an Emmy-award winning documentary on thefts in New Orleans historic cemeteries and reporting for National Public Radio.

Roesgen graduated with highest honors from Montana State University, earning a bachelor's degree in English.