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Karl Penhaul

Karl Penhaul is a video correspondent for CNN, based out of Bogotá, Colombia. Appointed to this position in February 2004, he covers breaking news around the world utilizing CNN's new laptop-based 'Digital Newsgathering' system.

Penhaul single-handedly writes, edits, produces and reports stories using light-weight cameras and advanced satellite and Internet communications technology. This new frontier in journalism technology allows Penhaul to report on breaking news as it happens. Before this post, he was a freelance contributor with the network. He was embedded with the 11th Attack Helicopter Regiment during the recent war in Iraq. When the regiment was disbanded because of a fight with a Republican Guard unit, he became an embedded journalist with the 82nd Airborne division reporting on Iraqi civilian casualties, U.S. POWs and the push toward Baghdad. In the on-going aftermath of the Iraq war, he has reported on the surges of violence and attacks on coalition troops as well as the newly instated government. Penhaul also reported on the war in Afghanistan, using similar one-man-band technology and covered the drug trade, kidnappings and guerrilla tactics in Colombia. During this time, he also reported for The Boston Globe and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Prior to working with CNN, Penhaul was an international correspondent for Reuters news agency in Bogotá, Colombia. For four years he covered the coffee market, drug and oil trades, and internal strife within the country. He has also worked as a reporter/national news editor for The Mexico City Times, an English-language newspaper in Mexico City and was a reporter with the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph in Northants, England. He began his journalism career as a reporter at the Lynn News biweekly newspaper in Norfolk, England.

In 1995 he became qualified as a Senior Reporter after a three year National Council For Training of Journalists (NCTJ) approved apprenticeship with EMAP (East Midlands Allied Press) regional newspaper group. He holds a bachelor's degree with honors from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and a master's degree in Latin American Politics from The London School of Economics.