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Jeff Greenfield

Jeff Greenfield is CNN's senior political analyst and a contributor to The Situation Room, American Morning and Paula Zahn Now. He has been at the forefront of providing his in-depth insight and analysis on the inner workings of the 2004 political campaigns, including the Democratic National Convention in Boston, the Republic National Convention in New York and the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Previously, Greenfield, along with CNN's Judy Woodruff, Bernard Shaw and political analyst Bill Schneider, hosted the network's nightly special election program during the 37 days as the presidential election story and the Florida recount unfolded. From this experience, he also penned Oh Waiter! One Order of Crow! (Putnam Publishing Group), chronicling the events of Election Night 2000 and beyond.

Since joining the network in January 1998, Greenfield has reported on and provided analysis for a wealth of stories ranging from the impeachment and trial of President Clinton to the public reaction to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. He has guest hosted for Larry King Live and moderated CNN's heralded town hall meetings, such as Listening after Littleton and Investigating the President: Media Madness? Greenfield reported live for CNN from the 2000 Republican and Democratic conventions and served as a panelist in the WCBS New York Senate debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rep. Rick Lazio.

In addition to his work on television, Greenfield writes a column for TIME magazine. He has contributed articles to The New York Times Magazine, Esquire and National Lampoon and has authored or co-authored nine books, including Television: The First 50 years and The Real Campaign. His first novel, The People's Choice, was published in 1995 and was named one of The New York Times' notable books of the year. Director Penny Marshall has purchased the motion picture rights to this political satire.

Before joining CNN, Greenfield was ABC News' political and media analyst for 14 years. Greenfield appeared regularly on Nightline and served as an essayist on World News Sunday. During political seasons, his reports from the convention floors and his election-night analyses were a regular feature of ABC's campaign coverage. In addition to his campaign reporting, Greenfield has covered media stories ranging from the growth of cable television to the transition to digital television. From the Iran-Contra hearings to the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation battles, he has reported on virtually every major domestic political story during his career.

Before ABC News, Greenfield was a media critic for CBS News' coverage of the 1980 Republican and Democratic national conventions and the 1980 presidential elections. Before joining CBS, he was an analyst for two Public Broadcasting Service programs, Firing Line, with William F. Buckley, and We Interrupt This Week. From 1968 to 1970, he served as chief speechwriter for New York Mayor John V. Lindsay, and from 1967 to 68, he was a senate aide and speechwriter for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

Greenfield has garnered a number of awards, including the 2002 Quill Award for Professional Achievement and three Emmy Awards for his contributions to Nightline's South Africa specials in 1985 and 1990 and for a 1992 primetime special on Ross Perot.

Greenfield has a bachelor's degree with honors from the University of Wisconsin and graduated with honors from Yale Law School with a bachelor of legal letters degree.


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