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Holly Firfer

Holly Firfer is a news anchor for CNN Airport Network. She also serves as a freelance anchor for CNN Headline News. Based in the network's world headquarters in Atlanta, Firfer has been with CNN since 1989.

During her 13-year tenure with CNN, Firfer served as a correspondent for CNN's award-winning Health Unit where she played an integral role in the medical unit's programming, which included daily packages, the half-hour weekend show Your Health and coverage of breaking medical news. She served as a news anchor on CNN/U.S., CNN Headline News and also co-anchored various live programs, such as TalkBack Live, Turner Learning's Field Trips and a half an hour special for CNN NEWSROOM. She was a freelance news producer for the network's Chicago Bureau and in 1989 became part of CNN's Detroit Bureau team. In 1992, she moved to Atlanta to report and produce for CNN's On The Menu, traveling across the country and around the world to cover food, nutrition and cuisine.

Firfer has covered a wide range of stories for the network including extensive coverage of the Feb. 2002 discovery of and investigation into the discarded bodies found on the grounds of a North Georgia crematorium, the delay in the 2000 flu vaccine and the nationwide blood shortage.

Firfer has received numerous honors from health and medical organizations for stories she has produced and written. Recent accolades include being named finalist for the Freddie Awards for her work on gender differences in the brain and receiving the top award from the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology for a series on allergies. She has also garnered the American Red Cross Humanities Prize, the Georgia Dietetic Association's Media Excellence Award and the 1994 and 1995 James Beard Foundation Awards for the Best TV Food Journalism.

Firfer earned a bachelor's degree in radio, television and film production from Northwestern University.


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