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Reggie Aqui

Reggie Aqui is a news anchor for Live, the network's live, multi-stream video service. Aqui guides users through news reports, anchors "Now in the News," a fast-paced hourly Web- and wireless-exclusive news update, and provides briefings on CNN/U.S. and HLN about the most popular stories on He joined CNN in July 2007 and is based in the network's world headquarters in Atlanta.

Since joining CNN, Aqui has been on location covering live breaking news stories including the Virginia Tech shootings, wildfires in Southern California and tuberculosis carrier Andrew Speaker. In addition, he has reported from the presidential campaign trail for Live.

Aqui began his career as a reporter in 1998 with WKYT-TV in Lexington, Ky. In 1999, he began a six-year stint in Wisconsin, reporting and anchoring first for WLUK-TV in Green Bay and then for WDJT-TV in Milwaukee. Aqui later reported for KHOU-TV in Houston, where he covered the hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents who fled to Texas during and after Hurricane Katrina. When Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Coast, he reported from Galveston during one of the largest evacuations in U.S. history.

Before moving to Atlanta, Aqui worked as a freelance correspondent for CNN in Chicago. He covered numerous breaking news stories across the country from wildfires in California to record snowfalls in New York.

Aqui also serves as a vice president for the Atlanta chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association. He obtained his bachelor's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.