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What did you think of President Bush's State of the Union address?
Read CNN analysts' assessments in four categories of the speech and then tell us how you think the president performed by grading him in the same areas.

Social issues Economy National security Foreign affairs

Paul Begala
Democratic strategist
The president called for a new initiative on "competitiveness." But tomorrow, the House GOP is planning to vote to cut student loans, which is one important way that young people who don't have Mr. Bush's family name and family wealth use to compete in the economy.
Four words: more of the same. More tax cuts for the rich, more debt owed to Chinese communist bankers.
It is President Bush who's trapped in a pre-9/11 mindset. A pre-9/11 mindset sees the enemy as a large country we must invade and occupy. A post-9/11 mindset targets stateless terror networks like al Qaeda rather than invading Iraq.

He said Iran shouldn't be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. But he didn't give us any specifics. The French -- who reminded the Iranians this week that France already has the nuke and could use it against Iran -- are now more muscular than Mr. Bush.

JC Watts
Republican strategist
He addressed the issues without abandoning his values -- creating a culture of life, in terms of abortion, stem cells. I would've liked to have seen some preventive measures on health care like rewarding people who are healthy, which saves the country tremendous amounts of money in the long term.
Tonight, he framed the agenda. Our economy is clicking on all cylinders. But it won't make a difference in Washington. He's got to get out and tout the positives get into the heartland.
The president is also very much in his element in national security. The same traits and appeal that work for him on foreign affairs apply here.
That's the president's strength. The American people are very confident with the president in that area. USERS
Grades show the average of user scores in each category.

Total: 136375 user votes

Paul Begala
The president began by calling for greater civility in politics. That's like Paris Hilton calling for chastity. Bush has allowed his allies to attack his opponents -- from John McCain to John Kerry -- with rare and raw savagery. His calls for civility are as phony as his posing as a rancher... The president faces a credibility crisis. In 2002, 71 percent of Americans said Bush was honest and trustworthy. Today, 53 percent say he is neither honest nor trustworthy -- because he's not.

JC Watts
A state of the union gives the president an opportunity to pivot. He took all the good news -- that we're winning in Iraq, that we haven't been hit since 9/11, that we have low unemployment and low inflation, that we collected $100 billion more in tax revenues than we expected. He's got to take those things, and make a case... This was an opportunity to put himself on the offensive.

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