Friday, November 30, 2007
Cafferty: Teddy bear outrage?
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What does it say about the Muslim religion when some want a teacher put to death for allowing children to name a teddy bear Mohammed?
The thing that makes me angry about wanting the teacher killed for naming the teddy bear Mohammed: obviously these people missed the point that a teddy bear is an endearing object to children and it should be viewed as a compliment, not an insult to name this toy that name. If they had named a pet snake the same, then there would be cause for problem. -Derek in Birmingham, Alabama

The furor in Sudan over the naming of the teddy bear doesn't say anything about the Muslim religion, only that some nuts are practicing Muslims. -Jim, Scottsdale, Arizona

Jack, I think the Muslim outcry about a teddy bear name "Mohammad" cries of disparity. On one hand, they cry foul because their children idolize the name of their prophet by naming the bear which causes a revolt. In the next breath they are strapping on suicide vests blowing up innocent civilians in the name of Jihad. -David, Miamisburg, Ohio

What does it say about Islam that this teacher was taken prisoner? It speaks very clearly that Islam is in need of a reformation. It speaks very clearly that moderate Muslims need to take to the streets and take back their religion from those who have brought it into darkness.

Is it time for the U.S. to rethink "Don't ask, Don't tell" when it comes to gays in the military?
Jack, Of course it's time to remove this silliness. Britain & Israel & most other European countries don't even think it's such a big deal. A straight friend once told me that his commanding officer in Nam was gay, no one cared, all his "guys" loved him & didn't give it much thought. -Russ, Oxford, New Jersey

It is absolutely time for don't ask don't tell to be repealed. The military has already lowered standards for age, physical shape, and having a criminal record. So why not allow gays to serve openly, our soldiers are professional enough to handle it. -Matt, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Don't ask, Don't tell" is nothing but dressed-up prejudice. Since gays and lesbians are already permitted to serve in the military, the policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell" does nothing but continue a policy of government funded discrimination. -Roxie, Moorhead, Minnesota

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel calls the Bush White House "one of the most arrogant, incompetent" administrations ever. Is he right?
There is no doubt that Senator Hagel's comments are absolutely spot on. We have never been so hated around the world as we are now. This is all due to one person and his administration: George W. Bush. The next president has a lot of cleaning up to do. -Melton, San Rafael, California

Jack, I've never written to a news organization in this manner but your question regarding the Bush administration's incompetence struck a chord. I'm 52 years old and have seen many presidents come and go. I've live overseas and had to deal with the effects of the Bush policies. I would say unequivocally that King George's administration has been without doubt the worst in terms of its' impact on our country. We will pay dearly in the coming decades for his arrogance and stubbornness. -J., Orlando, Florida

Absolutely correct... I only hope that the opening statement from our new president is "I'm sorry for what the past eight years has brought the world, I can't wait to make it better." -Benjamin, Crested Butte, Colorado
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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Cafferty: Immigration straight talk?
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When it comes to immigration, are any of the presidential candidates saying what you want to hear?
Jack, Ron Paul's position on immigration is head-and-shoulders above the rest. We have to take away the incentive for people to enter the country illegally, period. It's about time somebody started talking sense on the issue. -Charles, Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Jack, I'm a Democrat who likes what the Republicans are saying about illegal immigration. Unless the Democrats change their attitude on illegal immigration, I'll vote Republican.
-Steve, O'Fallon, Missouri

No, none of the candidates seems interested in representing the wishes of most Americans regarding illegal immigration. -Dottie, The Villages, Florida

The only two candidates who are saying what I want to hear about immigration are Tancredo and Hunter. Illegal immigration is bankrupting us. -Eileen, Upland, California

Should people have to give the government more personal information, like birthdates and gender, when buying airplane tickets?
I wouldn't mind giving more detailed information if we know if can be kept safe and not fall into the hands of the wrong people. Way too much identity theft already. -Harold, Rochelle, Illinois

While there is always the fear of more monitoring of our activities and private lives by government (as in Orwell's "1984"), we are already under constant monitoring via video and the internet anyway. Anyone willing to spend a little bit of money can find out anything they want to about you. Anyone who doesn't want to give their full name and date of birth must be hiding something anyway. -Kelvin, Houston, Texas

Ironically, the only way you could get me on an airplane these days would be at gunpoint.
-Wish, Eerie, Pennsylvania

Why hasn't military progress in Iraq made the war more popular?
Iraq has become a grotesque joke. No matter how "successful" the war in Iraq becomes, it has dragged on too long and has become such a sore point for many Americans to accept. Anything short of people laying down their weapons, holding hands and singing “Give Peace a Chance” in perfect harmony will just make the American public more and more tired of this disastrous conflict. -Tim, Hermosa Beach, California

It's simple. Our invasion of Iraq was illegal and immoral. We have been lied to for the past five years. Of course, we want our troops home so we can begin to put this shameful piece of our history behind us. We owe the world an apology. -Mark, Cascade, Montana

We see that this war cannot be won. We are not going to stand for our government keeping our soldiers in combat for the next twenty years, or longer. That area of the world has been in conflict for hundreds of years, and it will continue to be in conflict long after American troops are all home. -Judith
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Cafferty: A Mormon speech?
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Should Mitt Romney give a speech assuring voters his Mormon religion won't interfere with his ability to serve as president?
Jack, Of course Mitt Romney should give a speech addressing the concerns many people have about his Mormon faith, and it is disingenuous for him to pretend his faith should not be fair game. If I'm not mistaken, it was Mr. Romney's Republican Party that injected faith into the political discourse in this country and made it de rigueur to discuss on the campaign trail.
-Andrea, San Francisco, California

Who cares about Romney's religion! This is a nonissue the media has wrapped itself around to create a story. What really matters are his economic, foreign and social policies, period. Stop perpetuating this story and report on something much more relevant. -J.F., Roswell, Georgia

Mitt seems to hold his views on Mormonism only as firmly as his views on other issues. It would only hamper him at certain times when he's in, say, Flip mode. In Flop mode, not so much. He'd be better served giving a speech that demonstrates his understanding of the rule of law and of the U.S. Constitution. -Allan, San Jose, California

Jack, Romney should not have to explain anything about his religion, just as the other Republican candidates don't have to explain theirs. This country is starting to be dominated by the right-winged Evangelical Christians who insist on destroying the separation of church and state that this country was founded on. Pathetic. -Justin, Vermont

Jack, I don't care what religion he is; if he can get the country out of the mess that it's in, then he deserves to be president. -M.C.

What message did the Middle East peace summit send to Iran if President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is furious and is calling it a "failure"?
This is exactly what should have been expected. When the biggest player in Middle East politics is not invited to a meeting of all of its neighbors the result could easily be the war that President Bush seems anxious to have. His utter disdain for intelligent diplomacy should be a cause of great alarm. -Charles, Lansing, Michigan

It means little Hitler is running out of friends & his country is getting ready to oust him. His nuke program & flagrant comments about the destruction of Israel will destroy his political power. He still has a friend, Chavez, to drown his sorrows with. -Martin, Ohio

If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a statement that the peace talks have failed, you can bet he is worried. -Carolyn, Sunrise, Florida

A high Arab turnout answers the question. Iran did not like the fact that Arab Nations came to anything that had to do with America or peace. -R., Kent, Ohio

Is Newt Gingrich right to predict Barack Obama will win Iowa "by a surprising margin"?
Could Newt be guilty of wishful thinking? Does he think the Republican nominee could beat Obama, but not Hillary? -Bill, Dickson, Tennessee

I absolutely believe Obama will take a solid lead in Iowa and then win the White House. The American people are ready for change and a different kind of resume... The administration he will build will offer more for ALL Americans. -Andrea

Yes, Newt is correct. The tide has turned from the "old guard political machine" to Obama and a new way of doing business. -S.

Jack, the correct answer is: Who cares what Newt Gingrich thinks? -Matt, Kansas City, Missouri
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Cafferty: Easing DC gridlock?
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How far would a bipartisan cabinet go toward easing some of the gridlock in Washington?
Jack, What a novel idea. The President would be a true representative of the people and his/her cabinet would reflect diverse ideas. How refreshing. -Bob, New York

Why is gridlock so terrible? In the first term of President Bush, the Republican Congress passed countless spending bills without a single presidential veto. Spend, spend, spend was their motto. Furthermore, Wall Street prefers gridlock in Washington. The market has historically gone up during periods when different parties controlled the White House and the Congress.

Jack, The optimist in me says that since nothing else has worked to fix the "broken system," we should give this a chance. The realist in me says that since nothing else has worked to fix the "broken system," why should this be any different? -Jeff, Boise, Idaho

As far as I can recall from high school civics class, the president's cabinet doesn't make laws! Gov. Richardson's bipartisan cabinet makes for a good sound bite but it is an empty promise insofar as making any real difference. -DB, New York

Why does Washington have the highest rate of AIDS infection of any city in the country?
One word, Jack, "stupidity.” All the babble about racism, failure of educational systems, declining morality, and other excuses is just that, an excuse. It all comes down to being smart enough to not engage in high-risk behaviors. The consequence of stupidity is, in this case, a rather nasty and slow death. -James, Tennessee

I have another question. Why does it matter what race has the highest rates? There the media goes again, forcing us to compare race. If it had been white people with high rates, would you have stated the difference? Unlikely. -Erica

AIDS rates are increasing all over the country since Bush implemented his "abstinence-only" funding policy for AIDS prevention programs, and we are only now beginning to see the results of the implementation of a prevention education method that the AIDS community has known for decades does not work. -Doug

Should the U.S. be spending more money on diplomacy?
Diplomacy is always cheaper than lives or bullets. Talk first and often, and when all else fails, talk some more, and then shoot as a last resort if you absolutely have to. Once you pull that trigger there is no way to recall that bullet. -Richard, Fairview, Texas

It's not about spending more money on communications. It's about the very "policies and goals" of the United States that Gates wants to share with the world. Those policies and goals under the Bush Administration no longer represent freedom, democracy, or the will of the American people. -Candace, North Hollywood, California

Hi Jack, The answer to your question is simple: When it comes to freedom and democracy, we don't practice what we preach. It begs the question: Why should any foreign nation listen to us?
-Robert, Berea, Ohio
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Monday, November 26, 2007
Cafferty: Kick-starting peace?
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Is now the time and is the United States the right place for a Middle East peace summit?
It's the right time and place for no one except George W. Bush. He ran his 2000 campaign and entered office as the un-Clinton. He refused to follow up on Clinton's efforts that came within an inch of establishing peace. Now he hopes to rescue his legacy with a photo op. -Ron, Canton, Georgia

Jack, For the first time in modern Israel's tumultuous 60-year history, all of the invited Middle Eastern countries concerned will be together in one place at the same time for the sole purpose of finding a permanent solution to the difficult Palestine autonomy issues which threaten world peace and security. James Baker's Iraq Study Group Report is finally getting the diplomatic credence it deserves, and while it is not a giant leap for mankind it is one small step forward.
-Richard, Seattle, Washington

No, not anymore. The time for that is gone. We should have been pushing for peace a long time ago. Instead, we have been zipping around the region, causing instability, starting wars, and acting like morons. The damage is done. The best thing we can do now is let them handle it themselves, bring our troops home from Iraq, and tend to our national wounds. -Steve, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Jack, 2 words… "Photo Op". -Mike, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Where are we headed if a conservative like Pat Buchanan says "America is coming apart at the seams" and we may not recover?
Pat Buchanan is a hero! These are not new thoughts or conclusions. He has been warning of the mess we are in today for 20 years. -Bobbie, Poteau, Oklahoma

Jack, Being a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, oh, oops, I mean "progressive", I never would have thought I'd be agreeing with the likes of Pat Buchanan, but I agree wholeheartedly! We are headed into collapse and the day of reckoning is soon at hand! The OMB has been screaming this for awhile now! Wake up people! -Jim, Detroit, Michigan

All I know is that something is seriously, seriously wrong with the world when I start agreeing with Pat Buchanan... which I did around December 2000 by the way. -Melody, Calgary

Jack, Pat Buchanan has often been wrong, but when he's right, he's right. And this time, sadly, he is right. -Pat
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