Friday, November 16, 2007
Cafferty: No more $$$ for war?
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Should Congress hold off on sending President Bush any more bills funding the Iraq war until next year?
Blackmail is an ugly word but that is what this is. Once you give in and pay the blackmailer it doesn't end there. They come back again and again. Not one more dime. -Janet, Henderson, Nevada

Dems should simply fund the war, leave out the coming home restrictions and start doing some real work like enforcing our borders and tax reform. -Milton

What difference does it make at this point? Bush and his Republican backers will just continue to defeat any bill that has a withdrawal timeline. The Democrats may as well continue to submit their bills so they can have some valid fodder for the 2008 Election. -Ken in Shawnee, Kansas

No! As long as Americans keep dying and we're spending $300 million per day in Iraq, Congress MUST keep sending Bush funding bills with a start date for withdrawal, as mandated by a vast majority of the American people last November. -Joseph, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What does it say about conditions at Guantanamo prison camp if, in 2003, military officials wouldn't let the Red Cross in to see what was going on?
It seems to me that there is "something rotten in Denmark". Close that base immediately. We are hated or ridiculed in every country in the world because of Mr. Bush's cowboy attitude. He needs to saddle up and ride back to Texas where heshould have been for the last seven years.

What it says is maybe that we have something to hide. Why do we have something to hide? Because we have become what 225 years of freedom and logic have fought against. -Bill, Birmingham, Alabama

This is a major problem for the U.S. We are acting on a double standard. We advocate human rights, and then we have a report like this which tells the world we are violating human rights... we're losing credibility. -M., Baltimore, Maryland

Iran could be one year away from a nuclear weapon. What should the U.S. do about it?
The answer is simpler than most people think: In a word, diplomacy. Talking and trading with Iran with peace in mind is the best strategy to avoid confrontation. I consider economic sanctions an act of war. -Aaron

I think that we should do nothing. George Bush has meddled in the affairs of the Middle East long enough. I think taking action would only make America less safe. The Middle East is crazy. I say if they want to blow each other up then let them do that, and leave our troops out of the affairs of their wars. -Jamal, Swartz Creek, Michigan

Bomb them! I still think they should pay for the hostages, let alone being a nuclear threat to us. Iraq was the wrong country to invade. -Tom, Spring Hill, Florida

Nuclear Iran? Jack it's inevitable. We will try sanctions, that will hurt the poor but the powerful and corrupt will not suffer. We couldn't stop India, Pakistan or North Korea...
-Jim, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Cafferty: Your debate questions?
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How confident are you in airport security if investigators were able to pass through checkpoints at 19 airports with bomb-making components?

Gee, Jack, what did you expect? We keep sending money overseas to help build Iraq back up and not spending money where it is truly needed. I hope to never fly cause I don't want to be herded into a plane like cattle and pay thousands of dollars for my ticket and not even get a sack of peanuts and a coke. -Ted

Jack, I haven't had any confidence in airport security since November 2005, when I unloaded the duffel I took daily to Phoenix Sky Harbor to run it through the wash. What did I discover to make me feel that way? Knives, Jack. Ten metal table knives in the outside pocket. I'd been taking them onto the tarmac 4 days a week for two months at that point, and never even been slowed down by security, much less stopped. If ten knives aren't enough to get the TSA's attention, I don't expect anything to. -Zeke, Phoenix, Arizona

Well, to answer your question: If I am a terrorist, I am ecstatic at the news that US airport security is no more effective than our immigration controls. Unfortunately, I'm a concerned citizen who likes the option of driving my car or staying home a lot more every day.
-Jim, Howell, New Jersey

Jack, I just purchased the latest updates on train routes. -Mac, Winter Park, Florida

What does it say about the U.S. that more than 35 million Americans went hungry last year?
You measure the greatness of a country by how it looks after its weakest and most vulnerable citizens, not how big its military is. If we spent a fraction on improving the lives of children in this country as we do in fighting foreign wars we could truly still be called great. Hunger in the richest nation in the world is immoral. -John, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Jack, The only thing that can be said is, 'shame on us' for not taking a more proactive role to get our government to do more. We have so very many layers of government, who are getting our hard-earned monies in the form of taxes, where the heck is it going? -Bernadette, Leesburg, Florida

What does it say? It says our priorities are upside down. It says our government is insane. I am not saying the government needs to swoop in and create a new program to prevent hunger. But it does need to stop giving hundreds of billions of foreign aid to other countries. -Liz, Dover, New Hampshire

Jack, It just goes to show that the elite in Washington care more about the starving in Africa and the rest of the world than here in America. We better start taking care of our own from the homeless veterans to the mothers with children who can't get help. -Jason, Scottsdale, Arizona

What would you like to hear the candidates answer at tonight's debate?
Poll after poll has shown that the American people are not in favor of amnesty. So why are you (all of the Democratic candidates) more concerned about courting the illegal aliens in our country, who by definition cannot vote, than you are about alienating the majority of the country? -Jason, Blacksburg, Virginia

Something they probably will not answer, since big corporations are involved, but here goes: How can you prevent the jobs that Americans have been doing all these years from going abroad and slowly annihilating the middle class? -Ann, Newton, New Jersey

I would like to hear REAL IDEAS come from the Democrats instead of attacking each other. I am tired of politics as usual and want real change for all of those of us suffering in this country.
-Faith, Windham, New Hampshire

Simply answer the question without a music score. In other words, without a dance number to a two-step. You can't trust nothing for all the smoke. Both parties miss the mark badly. I am an independent-minded voter. -Ray, Vonore, Tennessee
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Cafferty: Spitzer drops license plan?
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What's your reaction to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer dropping his plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens?
Oh, Jack! Do you mean we have a politician who actually listens to his constituency? One who is not afraid to admit he may have made a mistake? One who is sufficiently strong to show a little weakness? I am astonished! -Gail, Drakes Branch, Virginia

It's about time Governor Spitzer saw the light! He was beginning to give Democrats a bad name. Illegal alien means criminal here in Florida. -Fred, Live Oak, Florida

He came to his senses; the American people do not want to reward the illegals in any way!
-Richard, Clearwater, Florida

Governor Spitzer did exactly what he should have done. He was elected to represent the people of New York and if the majority of people in New York didn't want this program, it shouldn't be too hard to know what you should do. Why do you think the last federal immigration bill fell like a stone? It's nice to know the people actually do still have a voice and can control the direction of this country if they REALLY want to. -Todd, State College, Pennsylvania

Is it a good idea to reduce the sentences of thousands of federal inmates imprisoned on crack cocaine charges?
Of course release them, and then send them directly into the military and then to Iraq. If they refuse, don't let them out. It will keep our streets safer and also increase the depleted military. Go back to the old way when I was in: go to jail or go in military. -Dennis, Washington

I think that decision should be left up to each state. We're so broke in the state of Michigan that we can't afford to keep the "real" criminals off the street because it costs so much to incarcerate them. And, we have homeless veterans in the country but the prisoners get food and health care for free. -Mary, Rockford, Michigan

Absolutely. The disparity in sentencing between rock and powder cocaine is vastly unfair at best, racist at worst. More fundamentally, mandatory minimum sentencing and the war on drugs as a whole has been a complete failure. The time has come for this country to abandon its panic mentality and adopt a rational solution to the drug crisis that goes beyond simply locking people up and throwing away the key. -Justin, Oceanside, New York

We should not be letting these drug offenders back on the streets. They're degenerates who have no place in society until they've repaid their debt. -Bill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Have concerns about childhood obesity gone too far if people are signing up four-month-old babies for gym classes?
I think that it is great that so much attention is being brought to childhood obesity! The younger they start, the better ... if you teach children that "fitness is fun" then they consider it play time. Those values and fun experiences will stay with them throughout childhood and adulthood- which will only help fight the obesity epidemic in this country! -Reema

How sad that parents delegate yet another responsibility to someone else. If you don't want fat children then look in the mirror. Children learn from their parents. Give me a break, a gym for infants? -Christopher

What's next? Gym classes for babies in utero? -Laurie, Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Cafferty: Dems go "0 for 40" on Iraq?
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The only way the Dems can stop the war is by stopping the funding. If they stop funding the war, the Republicans will say they don't support the troops, they want to lose the war, they are not patriotic. We the American people will buy the lies lock stock and barrel, because though we are smart enough as individuals, as partisans we are hopelessly stupid. -S.

They're afraid of the backlash. People can't seem to get the idea that you can be FOR the troops and be AGAINST the war. Being against the war is being for the troops by getting them out of harm's way. -Walt, Everett, Washington

Sadly, the Democrats have demonstrated that they have no convictions. Being that they are afraid of offending someone they have become impotent. If their track record continues they will be facing the very real prospect of another Republican in the White House. -Joseph, Oceanside, California

It's simple. It's the numbers. 1. The Democrats do not have a veto-proof majority. 2. Most importantly, they do not have enough votes - 60 - to pass a resolution in the Senate. We voted a lot of Democrats into office in the 2004 elections, but not nearly enough to get any war resolution passed. -Bernie, Lowell, Massachusetts

A new study says many blacks are worse off than their parents were. Why?
Jack, Single family homes have nothing to do with it. Racism is still the underlying factor. Corporations still want to pay us less, banks have never stopped being racist, as far as giving loans, and the mentality of America hasn't changed. We are worse off than our parents because Jim Crow forbade our parents from owning property and passing it down to us, so we could establish some type of economic gain. -Lunyon

It's obvious, Jack. First, moving our manufacturing base first to Mexico and then to China has destroyed millions of well-paying, mostly union, blue collar jobs in the U.S. that many black American workers had. Second, the use of illegal alien, paid under the table, labor by construction contractors, especially in cities like Los Angeles and Houston, put most family-owned black small business contractors, who used mostly black American workers, in businesses such as roofing, dry wall, landscaping and other trades out of business. -W.B., Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, Jack, if the average household is like ours, it's hard enough to get to middle class status but even harder to maintain and keep it. Add to that the desire that we have to have our children stand on their own two feet and not to expect some sudden windfall from someone else whether that be from government, organizations or family. -Dwayne, Kingstree, South Carolina

Does the decline in the number of U.S. casualties change your mind about the war in Iraq?
I fail to see how less blood is no blood in a war that has lasted longer than it ever should have. Fewer casualties of war this day than the last are still casualties of war. My heart goes out to the families of all those who have lost someone in this war and a decline like this is by no means a call for rejoicing in my honest opinion. -Robb

The fact that there has been a decline in the number of US casualties does nothing to change my view on the war. This news is just about the only positive thing we've heard come from this war since it began. The constant bad news we're hearing about this war makes the first positive thing we hear seem a bigger deal than it is. Our troops are still dying in Iraq, granted at a lesser rate, but is that really good news? Or is it better bad news? -Steven, Los Angeles, California

No! Iraq is a tragic page in American history and the war was wrong, is wrong and will still be wrong tomorrow. Deaths go up and down, the morality of the war remains the same: immoral.
-Roxie, Moorhead, Minnesota

Let me respond with a question: If we knew that next month only 1 American soldier would die and we also knew it would be your son or daughter, would you want the war ended today?
-Glenda, Loveland, Colorado
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Monday, November 12, 2007
Cafferty: Dynasty or democracy?
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Should the Constitution be amended to ban family members from succeeding one another as president?
Jack, You rarely ask foolish questions, but this is one. As long as elections are about who has or can raise the most money, the presidency has changed from an election of the people, by the people, and for the people, to an election of the aristocrat with the best PR man. And, as long as our elected aristocrat is beholden to big businesses like oil and pharmaceuticals, we are doomed to the muddle we are in today, regardless of which dynasty occupies the position. -Cynthia, Garland, Texas

Jack, Let's get real here. Norquist is a Republican hack, who was in league with Ralph Reed & every Republican's favorite lobbyist. Do you honestly think that he'd be suggesting an amendment if this were Laura Bush running? Doubt it. -Russ, Oxford, New Jersey

Don't try to change the Constitution for this reason. Voters have the right to shut out a family member who is not wanted. Besides, I want Hillary to be elected. -Bertha, Central Square, New York

Yes! Amend it quick before Jeb decides to run! -Bill, Des Moines, Iowa

Is Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign suddenly vulnerable?
Sure she's vulnerable. She always has been. Clinton rode the inevitability train for as long as the media wanted her to. Now it's time for the Hillary is vulnerable train to leave the station. And, yes, those planted questions were extremely stupid. She needs to fire the person who did that.
-Teresa, Rio Vista, California

Jack, As Hillary is so far out in front of not only the Democratic pack, but the field as a whole, don't you think it's inevitable for there to be an attack or two? It's my feeling that the media is hoping, if not praying, for her to falter so there's a story to report. -Scott, Dubuque, Iowa

Senator Clinton is the most qualified of all the candidates. No damage done, she will continue to do well. -Katherine, Biloxi, Mississippi

Hillary's campaign, built as it is on wild ambition, has always been as vulnerable as a bouffant hairdo in a driving rainstorm. And it's just started to rain on the little lady! Wait 'til the monsoon season! -Clark, Bell Acres, Pennsylvania

Senator Clinton has always been vulnerable. It's just that they have been holding back so they wouldn't be perceived as ganging up on her. The gloves are finally off. Let's rumble! -Diane, Barnevald, New York

A top intelligence official says it's time for people in the U.S. to redefine privacy. Why should we?
Definition of "privacy": That which any president, or a member of his administration, or any government employee, or any backyard neighbor, should keep his prying eyes, nose, or ears out of. -Adele, Toledo, Ohio

It is not privacy we need to redefine; it's the administration which has taken it from us. We have an amazing source for redefinition; it's called impeachment. That's what it's time for! -Soni, Salem, Oregon

We shouldn't redefine any more of our rights and liberties. Wake up, America, we are losing our country. The next right they will redefine is gun rights. We will not have any! -Sandra, Whittier, California
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