Thursday, November 08, 2007
Cafferty: Will Israel attack Iran?
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Should Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities?
Jack, it doesn't really matter what we think. What Israel does to Iran is between Jerusalem and Tehran. The decision is ultimately theirs, not ours, and it's time we stopped worrying about other countries' foreign policy decisions. Unless it's Israeli policy toward the U.S., it's none of our business. -Dave, Cincinnati, Ohio

Bomb, bomb, bomb! Is that all these politicians know. What on earth is the difference between bully Israel bombing Iran, or Iran being a threat to bomb Israel. Cooler heads need to prevail all around. -Janelle, Roeland Park, Kansas

Mr. Cafferty, Yes Israel should make the strike. Iran should be taken at their word and a pre-emptive strike would be in self-defense. This is not a Wild West saga where you wait to be fired upon. These are nuclear weapons and justifications do not apply to 21st century fanatics.

I believe if Israel bombs Iran's nuke sites it will lead to the largest Holy War since biblical times. Every terrorist group will try to attack Israel. -Bruce, Fargo, North Dakota

What's your reaction to new research that shows being overweight might help you live longer?
Dear Jack, At my age of 63 and counting, I thought that I had about heard it all, NOT! Being overweight is dangerous to your health no matter which way you look at it. Would love to know who designed that study and what control groups they used. In addition, what needs to be done is track those overweight individuals to see how much their quality of life is impaired and how their life expectancy is greatly shortened. -Bernadette, Leesburg, Florida

Jack, Who sponsored this research? McDonalds, Frito-Lay, and the Cookie Monster? -John, Charleston, West Virginia

Jack, if I believed everything I read about health over the years, and acted on it, I'd have been dead long ago. Moderation in all things is the ticket! Except your show. I can't get enough of it!
-Leena, Leetsdale, Pennsylvania

My reaction to the report? Sad resignation to the fact that we're insistent on maintaining our overindulgent, gorging ways, especially when it comes to food, and now there's an excuse for it.
-John, Johnston, Iowa

My reaction is simple Jack. I'm heading right out to the store for a six pack and big bag of pretzels. Finally, study results I can agree with. -Tom, Cape May, New Jersey

How does the U.S. treat its veterans if they make up more than 25% of our nation's homeless population?
We don’t take care of them, at least not the way we should! It's possibly one of the most embarrassing legacies of the current administration, and that's saying a lot considering the number of rather unattractive skeletons that now lurk in the president's closet. The awful conditions exposed at Walter Reed were only the tip of the iceberg. -John in Johnston, Iowa
Hey Jack, Everything is just so wonderful America should just keep giving its money away to other countries and Congress should create more pork barrel projects. Don't worry about the poor vets, Bush doesn't. -Frank, Sunny Hills, Florida

Vets deserve the most of any within our country. Each returning vet must be guaranteed medical, mental, and educational services. These services should last as long as THEY choose. They are not "slackers" to be pushed off to the side of the road and shouldn't be treated that way. We need a whole NEW vets benefit program which is life long and guaranteed! -Dave

Jack, We have treated our veterans terribly and have for years, but I have an idea... adopt-a-vet. Lets get companies to adopt homeless vets, supply them a place to live, food, and support by giving them a job and emotional support. It's time our companies and its employees give back to those who keep them free. -Terry, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Cafferty: Preaching for Giuliani?
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How will Pat Robertson's endorsement affect Rudy Giuliani's campaign?
Hi Jack When a religious leader endorses a presidential candidate, I will vote for someone else. Look what happened in 2000 and 2004. -Bill, Nashua, New Hampshire

Jack, King Rudy is now officially "toast" with the Independents. Just the idea of voting for anyone Pat Robertson endorses makes me want to wash my hands in Holy Water! -Jack, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This shows that the "holier than thou" evangelicals who will vote for a pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-gay rights candidate are no more than a cult - willing to throw their "morality" to the curb to achieve a quick victory. -Luke, Knoxville, Tennessee

Should the Food and Drug Administration have the power to order mandatory recalls?
Jack, What are you thinking? Giving a government agency under this administration any power to do anything can only lead to a disaster. Remember Iraq, Katrina, and now Iran. -Jack, Boynton Beach, Florida

Certainly, Jack the primary purpose of government is to protect its citizens from enemies, foreign and domestic. The protection of our children from lead poisoning falls under these categories in my book. -Harold, Anchorage, Alaska

The new consumer protection legislation is a great idea. I just hope they enforce it with more vigor than our immigration laws. -Joe, Desert Hot Springs, California

The FDA "should" be able to perform mandatory recalls but the question will be - "Will They"? With all the big lobby groups buying politicians - who's to stop them from getting into politicians pockets influencing the FDA? Jack, I don't trust a single one of them attached to this administration. -Mike, Minneapolis, Minnesota

How effective is the government's terror watch list if it includes more than 750,000 names?
750,000 people. Garbage in, garbage out. Too many incorrect entries just makes the process of identifying the most important/dangerous people that more difficult. Essentially makes the list useless. -Bruce, Oldsmar, Florida

Jack, This huge bureaucracy called homeland security is ridiculous. The only thing they try to do is control our fear levels with silly colors. I know more about the colors of the "Starburst" candy than I do the homeland security colors - they cause more problems than they prevent. I think that Ron Paul guy wants to get rid of them... good idea. -Dan

Jack, come on, we're talking about the government. How competent can it be? You've commented on every government department, and all of them are always filled with stooges or grumpy old people. What's so different about the one heading this Terrorist Watch List?
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Cafferty: A Ron Paul surge?
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Is Ron Paul's candidacy for president getting the attention it should?
I do not think Ron Paul is getting the media attention his candidacy and platform warrants. For example, after the last Republican debate, when viewers overwhelmingly voted for him on the Fox news poll, I was shocked by the fact that the pundits refused to acknowledge the poll results and quickly flashed them on the screen as though the poll didn't matter. There appears to be a blatant refusal of some in the media to give him the airtime and recognition he deserves.
-Danny, Oak Park, Michigan

I heard about Ron Paul through Leno's show, and I agree with him 100%. I'm a longtime Republican and look forward to having the media give him more attention! -Flash

Ron Paul is ignored because he is reality based. He wants to talk about issues that other candidates ignore. He is America’s only chance for hope this time around and I hope people wake up and vote for him! -Lauren, New York

No, this is another case of our media dropping the ball. Of all of the candidates on both sides of the aisle, he's the man that deserves the most coverage. The media is maintaining the status quo as they always do. I'm just waiting on the day that we hire thinking people to cover the issues. Maybe this explains why the general public is so misinformed. -Rob

Where is the war in Iraq headed if 2007 has been the deadliest year for U.S. troops?
We have leadership in this country that is unable to make a decision on where to go with anything, let alone Iraq. How would I know where we are going, when Congress and the president don't either? We need leadership that is going to state clear goals on where they want us to go with Iraq, and at home. -Cody, Englewood, Colorado

Jack, as long as we stay there, it's going to get worse. That area needs to re-balance the politics that exist in the area. Saddam was the controlling influence. We took him out, and now we need to acknowledge that we are part of the problem, not the solution. -Richard, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Where is Iraq heading? Right here in our own backyards if Congress does not pass the funding for the war in Iraq! -Jeanne, Hampton, Virginia

Jack, This war is headed in the same direction it has been heading in since it began, down the drain. -Justin, Memphis, Tennessee

To what degree is the U.S. responsible for the myriad problems in the Middle East?
The Bush administration is responsible for 100% of the problems in the Middle East and the world. Is the world a better place now or when Bill Clinton was in the White House? Do a survey on that. -Harold, Fernandina Beach, Florida

Jack, How can you ask that question and still be sane. Everything we have touched has turned to (fill in the blank). Let's think, Musharraf, Saddam, The Shah, and so forth. We don't have the vision to do the right thing. We are like children. We like to play with a new toy for only a couple of days and throw it aside for something better. It’s the American Way. -Nadir

Yes, the U.S. is responsible by using military action in the wrong places and ignoring diplomacy and not practicing the very values we preach. Our agenda is not to bring democracy, but to control oil and to make a lot of big companies, such as Halliburton and Blackwater, very rich indeed. -Carolann, Lincoln, Massachusetts
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Monday, November 05, 2007
Cafferty: A military hotline?
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Is a military hotline between Washington and Beijing a good idea?
A dedicated military hotline between Washington and Beijing is irrelevant. The Bush administration would mess up all diplomatic endeavors whether they had a direct line or not.
-Chris, Spring Hill, Tennessee

China has replaced the former Soviet Union as the other superpower with the United States. I think it's an excellent idea that the two countries have a direct emergency line to one another.
-Susan, Encino, California

Hi Jack, I think it's not only a good idea but absolutely necessary to establish a link with China, right after we change administrations. We need to be cautious about allowing the current administration having any contact with any foreign nation, especially one of this size. -Ed, Wichita, Kansas

Jack, When Mr. Bush was in Beijing, he couldn't walk through a door without getting into trouble. A hotline between Bush and President Hu Jintao could be dangerous diplomatically. President Bush would probably get confused and use it to order Chinese food. -Pat, Pasadena, California

Should the House proceed with contempt citations against current and former White House aides in connection with the U.S. attorney firings?
Hell yes, continue to investigate/prosecute! Just because the roaches hide when the lights are on, doesn't mean they should be left alone. -Larry, Modesto, California

No, It's time for both the House and the Senate to get on with more pressing matters. It would be great if they both got on with passing the appropriations bills with the Defense Appropriations Bill being the most pressing. -Gene, Appleton, Wisconsin

Yes! Hell yes! They should have been arrested on contempt charges the first time they ignored the subpoenas, just as any other citizen would have been arrested. -Dana, Pennsylvania

No, Bolten and Miers should not be investigated. Too insignificant and many more important subjects Congress should be addressing instead of the continuation of more hearings and investigations. -Rick, Spring, Texas
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