Friday, October 05, 2007
Cafferty: Push Craig out?
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Should the Senate expel Larry Craig since he won't resign?
It's true, Jack. The good news for Democrats is that he stays. The bad news for all male senators is that when they get the 'urge', they'll have to leave the Senate and run across the street to the gas station and ask for that key that's always chained to a snow tire. -Mike

I say leave him in. I want to see how the Christians use their power on him. They are trying to get rid of him but refuse to impeach Bush? Ain't this some stuff now? -R., Texas

The Senate should expel Larry Craig. Because if he is willing to lie about something as stupid as resigning, what else could he be lying about? -Jason, Berlin, New Hampshire

Jack, Personally I want Craig to stay where he is. Having all the hypocrites in one place makes it much easier to keep track of them. -Ralf, Novi, Michigan

Two California cities are considering a smoking ban inside apartments and condos. Is that going too far?
A smoking ban inside apartments and condos is acceptable and SHOULD be a law especially if children reside within. Actually, smoking around children should be reckless child endangerment. -Terry, Chandler, Arizona

If apt./condo owners want to prohibit smoking indoors, GREAT!! But where is the help to quit?? Government (city, county, state, and federal) keeps restricting smoking, but very few efforts have been made to REALLY help people quit...Go figure. Isn't it time to stop hating smokers and do something genuine to help them quit? -Kate

If my neighbor's smoke gets into my non-smoking apartment, condo, or hotel room, then heck yes his/her smoking should be banned. Many people have asthma. Do they have to be forced to move or go to the emergency room so someone else can have a few puffs? Breathing is not optional. Smoking is. -Marie, Woodstock, Georgia

No, it is not right and should not be legal for the majority to oppress a minority simply because they do not like one's behavior in a private residence. The issue is about control, not about health -Mark, Austin, Texas
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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Cafferty: More Ron Paul?
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Should more people be listening to what Ron Paul has to say?
For the sake of this country people should be listening to Ron Paul. We are going broke and we need to change our views on what our government should be responsible for. -Andrew

People would pay more attention to Ron Paul if they simply paid more attention to the destructive path which our country is taking. Unlike other candidates, Ron Paul understands what is happening to our Constitutional rights. Unlike other candidates, Ron Paul understands the dire state of our devaluing dollar. Unlike other candidates, Ron Paul understands that our government is no longer representative of the people. -Patrick, Fairview, Pennsylvania

Jack, Let's face it. Ron Paul makes more sense than all of the other Republican and Democratic presidential candidates combined! In fact, he is the only Republican candidate I would even consider supporting. Wouldn't it be fantastic if he were elected President? It is surely time for that kind of change in the Oval Office. -Fred, Thomasville, Georgia

Yes. But, unfortunately, he makes far too much sense for a dumbed-down U.S. public. Perhaps with another $20 million in his coffers people will begin to listen -Dan, Lexington, Kentucky

What does it mean if Iraq has become one of the largest buyers of U.S.-made weapons?
Jack, It means things are going according to plan. Iraq appears to be just another war for profit. I thought we were supposed to be more "civilized" than that. -Dan, Austin, Texas

Jack, Selling weapons to Iraq means we are selling weapons to a country that will be our enemy in the future. They will turn on us soon as they can. -Don, Columbia, Missouri

When you sell your technology in any form, be it computers, cell phones, vehicles, nuclear power, or weapons, you're educating these people on how those items are made, and how to defeat them. This is an unforeseen security risk on many levels. -Matthew, Newington, Connecticut

It means the stolen ones are finally starting to wear out. -Dave, Ontario
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Cafferty: The president & the veto?
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President Bush has increased the national debt by trillions of dollars. Why would he veto a bill providing health insurance for children?
I have come to believe that the axis of evil is in the White House. This President has done nothing but make American lives more miserable with his policies of government and war.

Jack, I'm not sure why President Bush would veto such a bill. But I know your background information about his spending history makes my blood boil. I'm not sure whether this country can afford to keep this guy in office until his term ends. -Greg, Dothan, Alabama

He vetoed the health insurance bill on, believe it or not, conservative principles. We don't live in Socialist France. If people can't afford health insurance for kids then they shouldn't be having them. Just because 70% of people want the government to play nanny doesn't make it right.
-Richard, Hercules, California

Your question re: the billions spent for the Iraq war and the idiot's veto of the health care bill for children is excellent. We as a nation are being 'taken to the cleaners' by this rogue administration that has no regard or shame for the ways in which it has plundered this country-openly-right before our eyes. -Jinpa, Magnolia, Texas

What do Republicans have to do to turn things around by the election?
What should the GOP do? Impeach George Bush, or go down to the worst defeat in modern history in '08. As long as they back this man, they will lose the support of the American people.
-Will, Eagle, Idaho

Jack, It is so simple, I'm glad you asked. Here is what they should do: 1) End the war. 2) Get Osama. 3) Balance the budget. 4) Universal health care, children included!
See, told you it was simple. -Mike, Boston, Massachusetts

Jack, Why in God's name would you solicit suggestions for something the Republicans can do before the election? I hope there is nothing they can do to avoid another thumpin'. Let's not give them any helpful ideas. -George, Leesburg, Florida

Jack, Aside from scaring voters once more with terrorism, all the Republicans need do is to nominate the candidate most likely to win the general election. Their base will come round in unified fear of a Democrat winning. It will happen again: Republicans nominate to WIN, Democrats sadly nominate the one they LIKE, regardless of electability. -Mark, Asheville, North Carolina

The Republicans have to back off, lick their wounds and let someone else take a crack at it. Haven't they done enough damage to our country? -Dave, Granada Hills, California
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Cafferty: Cracking down on illegal workers?

Should a federal judge prevent the government from cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens?
Absolutely not! Not only are they taking jobs from legals and making business owners extremely wealthy, it's putting legal citizens (those born here) in the poor-house. -Kathleen, Stuart, Florida

It seems that the question is, "Should a federal judge stop the government from enforcing its laws and prosecuting those who commit illegal acts?" I say, yes! Provided that that same judge prevents any cop from giving me my next traffic ticket! Fair is fair. I hope that puts it in perspective for that moron in the black robe. -Dave, Brooklyn, New York

Yes, Jack, everything in government is subject to executive, legislative and judicial review. It's how the system works. Regardless of the potential outcome. -William, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm sorry, did you say the last name of the judge was Bush? -Philip, Kansas City, Missouri

What should be done to exert more control on private security contractors like Blackwater?
Ban them. Washington defeated the Hessians and so must we. They make it easier for a president to go to war, by hiding the number of troops involved. They inflate the cost of war because they're paid more than soldiers, who are then less likely to reenlist. Like any business, they cut corners to make a buck, and our soldiers pay the price: see Fallujah. -Al, Acton, Massachusetts

Were there private contractors in any previous war? Using them is just another way of hiding all the facts of this war like how many equivalent troops we actually have there and the actual body count. Probably some of the costs for this is coming from other areas so we don't know the total cost of the war. -Vince, Webster, New York

Fire all security contractors and replace them with U.S. soldiers. This may require a surge to the surge, but paying soldiers is a lot cheaper than paying contractors. -Joe, Addison, Illinois

Hey Jack, The first thing that should be done is to fire Blackwater and put the Marine Corps back in charge of security for State Department employees. As an ex-Marine I am angry that Blackwater mercenaries are allowed to represent the United States of America since they are not subject to the military code of justice. -Chuck, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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