Friday, August 31, 2007
Cafferty: "Magical solutions" in Iraq?
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The Iraqi government warns there are no "magical solutions" to its problems. What's the most the upcoming reports on Iraq's progress can provide?
Iraq's progress report can be nothing more than a testament to the increase in forces, which allowed a negligible increase in security. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to baby-sit Iraq, waiting to see if our propped-up democracy can take foothold. -Darren, Trenton, Michigan

It might be able to provide a few more months of cover for Bush's insistence on pursuing an absolutely insane policy. -Vince, Carson City, Nevada

What can the report provide? Where the billions in cash went? Oh, they don't know. Where the thousands of missing rifles went? Oh, they don't know that either? Ok, so what about the armored vehicles and vests? Oh, they don't know that either. Ok, last one: how about telling us if the Iraqi people are going to stand up to these insurgents and bombers? Oh, forget it.
-John, Savoy, Texas

The oil law our glorious leaders want so desperately is one that would give 70% of the profits from Iraq's oil reserves to Western oil companies. It's the primary reason we invaded. Yes the Iraqi government is dragging its feet. As soon as the last American troops leave, they'll have a working government in six weeks. -Isaac

Should telecommunications companies be granted immunity for cooperating with the White House's domestic spy program?
If the president asks you to violate the law, is that the same thing as saying "The devil made me do it"? Go figure. -Jim, Beaufort, North Carolina

In a world where the U.S. has been attacked by foreigners who use the phone system to communicate and coordinate their evil deeds, why are we worried about the telephone systems cooperating with the government? -Dunk, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hell no! Let AT&T and Bush share a cell. There should never be exemptions for crimes committed against the people by their government. -Larry, Indianapolis, Indiana

Who doesn't have immunity in one of those double secret Presidential signing statements? Banks, ISP's, telephone companies, the US Postal Service, CIA agents who torture, DIA agents spying domestically... My guess is they're all covered. -Alan, San Angelo, Texas

Jack, The answer is yes. I have nothing to hide. Do you? -Dick, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Cafferty: Sacrifice your SUV?
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John Edwards says he would ask Americans to give up driving SUVs. Are you willing?
Yes, I would forgo driving an SUV (per John Edwards' request) in order to conserve resources and save the planet. Our family has already done that. Edwards' problem will be with people who feel they need an SUV for safety reasons, for the capacity, etc. -Bob, Niles, Michigan

I will when the White House and all their cronies get rid of all their huge gas guzzling SUVs.
-Maggie, Tennessee

No, I am not willing to give up my SUV. As long as I can afford to drive it, I will. I have seen no proof that there is man-made global warming. -Jane, Appleton, Wisconsin

I can't give up my SUV. My two forms of transportation are walking and the city bus. I save $4,000+ every year by not owning a car. If more people took public transit instead of driving anything, the problem would be solved. -Karen, California

I would be happy to give up my SUV if President John Edwards asked me to do so. -Annie, Chicago, Illinois

If President Bush asks for another $50 billion for the war in Iraq, what should Congress do?
So long as our troops remain in Iraq we can't cut them off but we must remain vigilant in seeing that every dime we send reaches them and does not trickle down into the dark unknown depths of a few deep pockets. -Richard, California

Just say no! The only way Congress will improve their poll numbers is to do the jobs they were hired for, and the first of those was to end this long lost, lie-based, oil war. Of course it will be hard, but they must know the public is sick of this war, sick of Bush's lies and the constant call for more time. Time equals lives, American lives lost while Iraqi "leaders" vacation, while Halliburton continues its war profiteering and Bush blunders on in his arrogant little bubble!
-Toni, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Congress should give Bush and the whole crew bus fare to Crawford. One way! -Ed, St. Louis, Missouri
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Cafferty: Craig cooked?
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Should the U.S. Senate expel Senator Larry Craig?
I believe in giving people three chances, however as a conservative family values person, I am tired of those who claim to be that and do not live up to what they preach. If you are going to talk the talk you must be able to walk the walk or keep silent. Personally, I would not vote for him, however that is up to Idaho's people. -Karen, Kalamazoo, Michigan

I think he should be expelled, but not for the reasons most people think. If you are going to be a senator, you have to be a good liar. If you are going to make up a story, you need to be able to make up something half-way believable. His version of events doesn't even come close. We have come to expect Senate members to lie to us, we just expect them to do a better job of it.
-James, Jamestown, Virginia

Hasn't our trust as Americans been betrayed enough? I say he shouldn't be allowed to leave on his own terms he should be fired! -Jacob, Hawaii

The U.S. Senate should find him a good psychologist. For what it's worth, I just bet my husband 20 bucks that within a week there would be an announcement about an alcohol or prescription drug problem... man, this stuff is getting so predictable. -Marie, Roseville, California

How does New Orleans represent many of this country's problems?
It's simple, Jack. Everybody wants something for nothing; everyone thinks the government should be the solution to their particular problem. Nobody asks: where does the money come from? -Henry

The handling of New Orleans embodies the philosophy of modern conservatives: that ordinary citizens can't rely on their leaders for anything, let alone for help during a crisis. To them, the mere absence of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 is the only barometer of effective leadership. My only hope is that our next president understands that it simply doesn't work that way. -Dan, Seaford, New York

New Orleans' tragedy is a microcosm of our troubles. Unfortunately this happened at a time when the party of "family value" is in power. So if you have very little or no money, you are off the radar screen. It says that the administration of this party has shown it cares little for humanity, nor does it believe in giving its fellow man a hand up. -Barbara, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The Situation Online: Romney's challenge
Romney: make my next ad
Make-your-own presidential campaign ads have already made headlines this election cycle with the "1984" YouTube ad targeting Hillary Clinton. Now Mitt Romney is trying to harness the creativity of web users with a challenge. He's asking supporters to create his next official campaign ad and giving them the online tools to do so.

Watch "The Situation Room" at 4, 5, and 7 PM ET for this story and more from Internet reporter Abbi Tatton.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Cafferty: Iran, the worst crisis?
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy raised the possibility of bombing Iran and said its nuclear program is the worst crisis currently facing the world. Is he right?
Sarkozy is right. Iran has been advancing their nuclear program, despite international dissuasion and condemnation. They have also been a destabilizing factor in Iraq. They are a threat. -Caleb, Maryland

I believe France's leader is correct for a plethora of reasons, but mainly because of Iran's rhetoric against Israel as well as the West... and if it is to be believed, Iran's interference in Iraq and Iran's instigation of sectarian violence there. -Doug, Cleveland, Oklahoma

Is Iran having nuclear weapons the worst thing facing the world? No, Jack. The worst thing is that countries such as France (and the US) keep electing war-mongering nutcases like Sarkozy and Bush. We only have one planet, and God forgive an old peace-loving hippie, but we better start realizing that and at least ATTEMPT to get along with one another before it's too late.
-Marie, Adkins, Texas

Mon Dieu! At last a Frenchman with cajones and not carrying a white flag looking for some place to surrender. Of course he is right. Iran is a bigger threat now than ever before. It is do them before they do the rest of the world. -Jesse, Brookeland, Texas

When it comes to Americans defaulting on their mortgages, should the government step in?
It's either intervene to bring sanity back to the housing market or watch the middle class move out of their homes and into New Hoovervilles. -Keith, Champaign, Illinois

Jack, Congress needs to act to require all subprime lenders to cap their interest rate at no more than 0.5% above the loan rate at origination. This would prevent the homeowners from losing their homes to out-of-control mortgage rate hikes. Congress should not bail out the predatory lenders and the slick securities firms that package these high risk loans as "investments." It's time Congress acted to protect the consumers and not the fat cats who screw consumers over.

If people were stupid enough to sign on the dotted line for loans that they knew could end up in this situation... why should the taxpayers take care of their stupidity? -Todd, Cathedral City, California

How would you describe Senator Larry Craig's political future?
Methinks the senator doth protest too much! "I did not have sex with that woman, oops, man." Same song, different verse. As one of the people Mr. Craig is supposed to 'represent', I am less than impressed that a U.S. senator after 25 years in that august body, would panic when he is arrested on what he says is a false charge. Does not say a lot for his judgment. -Pat, Boise, Idaho

Dear Sir, You need to remember he is from Idaho where conservative politicians are reelected until they go to jail! -George

Stick a fork in him. He's done. Next question. -E., Dallas, Texas

I would say that his political career is most definitely in the toilet. -Andrew, Atlanta, Georgia

Not sure what's dirtier, this public figure trying to recant or the public bathroom he was in. In short, his chance for reelection has been "flushed". -Tony, Winterville, North Carolina
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Monday, August 27, 2007
Cafferty: Gonzales calls it quits?

Why all of a sudden does President Bush decide to accept Alberto Gonzales' resignation?
Judge Alberto Gonzales was fired from his Attorney General position because the spin-doctors ran out of ideas! The levees broke! The hemorrhaging outpaced the bandages and the deluge of blood was bipartisan. -Paul, New York

Talk of investigations and impeachment. The White House wants to get the pressure off. Especially since some of the Republicans are hanging the Bush bunch out to dry. -Peggy, Missouri

"Fredo" managed to shred the Constitution in record time. Heckuva job! Where's the Medal of Freedom? Bush's loyalty is only as strong as the listing ship from which his crew members are tossed over the side to relieve ballast. -Carol, Portland, Maine

Fred Thompson says the U.S. is going to be a "weaker, less prosperous, more divided nation." Is he right?
If that is as profound as Thompson gets, he is in deep doo-doo politically. It doesn't take much insight to know the damage this president and his merry men have so recklessly inflicted on the U.S. will linger for a score of years and beyond. Much like this eternal war. Tell us something we don't know, Thompson. -Thom, Negaunee, Michigan

Yes indeed Jack, It is getting ugly out there. However, I have a hard time seeing how this country can get much more divided than it is now. Hopefully we have hit bottom and can only go up from here. -Steve, Jacksonville, Florida

Fred speaks for the rich, powerful, ultra-religious, corrupt and the not so savvy conservative middle class. With that relatively narrow group out of power we stand to elect moderates who will bring stability, balance, and humanity back into government. There is a bright consensus future just over the horizon. -Jim, Los Angeles, California
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