Friday, August 17, 2007
Cafferty: Playing war games?
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How concerned should the U.S. be about joint Russian and Chinese war games?
We should be concerned, not because of the man-power, but because of the technology that the Chinese have stolen from the U.S. & will be passing along to the Russians. -Patricia, California

Jack, You ask this question like we can do something about it. We don't have enough troops to deal with Iraq let along being worried about what Russia and China are doing. -Huff, McComb, Mississippi

Aren't questions like these why we're at war in the first place? No, we shouldn't worry. The U.S. often forgets that there are other sovereign nations in the world. -Chris, Los Angeles, California

No reason for us to get excited, especially if the planes are made in China. -Sam, Arizona

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, why hasn't more attention been paid to restoring New Orleans?
There is no political or corporate benefit to restoring New Orleans. The profitable tourist attractions are rebuilt and operating; the rich citizens of New Orleans have returned and have moved back into their new homes. With the tourist economy restored and the rich citizens back... let the good times roll. -Karen, Hawaii

Well Jack, maybe if the current administration did not spend so much in Iraq, i.e. rebuilding the infrastructure, there would be funds available to help rebuild New Orleans as well as other infrastructure in the U.S. -Susan, Georgetown, Indiana

The answer to your question is: the country and the media have a very short attention span, and this administration has no concern for the poor and middle class. -John, Mantoloking, New Jersey

Jack, The real question in my mind is why would anyone spend a dime toward rebuilding a city below sea level on the Gulf Coast? Are we so arrogant that we actually believe we can beat Mother Nature? -Dennis
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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Cafferty: Seniors heading South?

What does it say about the U.S. that seniors are going to Mexico for affordable nursing home care?
Jack, It says that people need to wake up and realize that a capitalist medical system is NOT the way to take care of people. I don't care if you raise my taxes 20 percent up from what it normally is to fund a socialized medical program, we need to stop caring about profits and put the well-being of people first. It's immoral, even by religious standards, to make people suffer because they can't pay medical bills. -Clayton, Gresham, Oregon

I have seen floods of U.S. citizens crossing into Mexico to purchase cheaper drugs.You can see people on oxygen, in wheelchairs, on crutches, etc. Now theyare fleeing to nursing homes in Mexico. Our leaders need to stand on the borderto see what we are reduced to doing. I don't think they have the guts! -C., Surprise, Arizona

Most cultures revere senior citizens, Jack. Just not us. -Patricia, Palmdale, Calif.

What should be done to reverse the Army's highest suicide rate in 26 years?

Hey Jack, Maybe if we didn't send troops into a no-win situation over and over again without relief, they wouldn't feel the need to off themselves. Heat, stress, low pay, and several tours in a war zone might be enough to make break the strongest man down. Talk about a quagmire.
-Kaz, Atlanta, Georgia

Simple. End the war in Iraq. Let the oil companies fight their own wars; after all, they plan to keep all the profits, so they should pay the cost, both in terms of dollars and lives. -Steve, Reno, Nevada

Jack, The solution is twofold. First, bring the troops home, and then properly fund the VA to deal with the level of PTSD in returning soldiers. -Ralph

How do we decrease the military's suicide rate? Easy. Remove the cause of increased suicides. How? Get the hell out of Iraq. It's just that simple. -Mike, Richmond, Virginia

A Dutch Catholic bishop says people of all faiths should call God "Allah" to ease tensions with Muslims. How much sense does that make?

I'm guessing the Dutchman has been inhaling too much incense and sipping too much communal wine. Perhaps with a little more thought, he could have come up with the idea that Muslims use the term "God" to ease tensions. What will ease tensions is when Muslims really follow the Koran and love their fellow men and women and sit down and negotiate with one another and other nations in the name of peace. Amen! -Anne, Seattle, Washington

As a Jew, I could call God "Allah" till I'm blue in the face and I don't think that will change radical Islam's view that all Jews and Christians are pigs. -Robin

Jack, it makes sense. If it would ease tensions, what do we have to lose? The end of all of us. It is only a word. There are many words that mean God. Everyone needs to shift their perceptions and figure out their priorities for themselves and the children that will come into the world. If some people don't like it, that is OK. If some are willing to give it a try, I say wonderful. Words are powerful. They can wound or heal and can always make a difference. -Debbie, Anaheim, California

Sure, Jack, and while we’re playing the appeasement game, how about all Western women don burkas, all Western nations roll back civil and women’s rights several hundred years, and we forbid the education of girls? Jeesh! No wonder the Catholic Church has declining membership!
-Carla, Canada

Hi Jack. I was born in Holland, now living in Canada and loving it. They are nuts! -Marian, Burlington, Ontario
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
The Situation Online: Wikipedia sleuthing
Wikipedia sleuthing
Wikipedia has made its name as the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. But who exactly has been adding or deleting information? A new Web site from CalTech graduate student Virgil Griffith says the edits on Wikipedia are coming from computers associated with 2.6 Million organizations, ranging from the CIA to the Vatican. Griffith has compiled all that data into one searchable site that's keeping track of who has been writing what about what. Click here to do your own Wikipedia sleuthing.
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Cafferty: Uniting the country?

Which candidate from the crop of 2008 contenders would do the best job uniting this country and why?
Mr. Cafferty, Mrs. Clinton may have more years behind her, but Mr. Obama has deep experience with a rich variety of people who have come to respect him throughout his life. This includes friends and family in Hawaii, fellow students in New York City and communities of the South Side of Chicago. Obama has been a uniter all his life, and I look forward to it reaching new levels in January 2009. -Graham, Chicago, Illinois

Biden has the experience, the ideas and the plan. Unfortunately he doesn't have the cronies, PACs or money. What a shame. -Herbert, Coral Gables, Florida

Jack, Nobody. We have a pile of candidates on each side, all of whom have drawn their lines and are searching for a base to support them. No Democrat or Republican can possibly unite the country; haven't we proven that over and over again? It is going to take a third-party candidate that owes nothing to either party. No candidate is going to make the electorate entirely happy, so the best we can hope for is someone that can say NO to both sides. -Matt, Amherst, New Hampshire

When a nation is politically polarized like this, it's a sure sign that politicians have acquired too much power. I don't have faith in any candidate. I only have faith in the public’s goodwill and common sense. -Jonathan, Youngstown, Ohio

Hi Jack, They're either pro-Iraq war or pro-amnesty. It's dumpster time for all of them! Bring in a new herd. -Jim, Longview, Washington

Should it be up to the government to protect children from secondhand smoke in cars?
Yes, Jack! It’s long overdue. If parents are too stupid to avoid smoking and destroying the children they claim to love, then we must step in to protect said children. We get upset if we see a parent apply Corporal Punishment (which I believe is perfectly OK) then SURELY smoking should be considered a far worse fate. -Ken

It makes me very scared when I hear about the government wanting to ban this or ban that... especially when it is for "our own good" or worse yet, “the good of the children". Villains who cloak themselves in good intentions are very well camouflaged. But they are villains none the less. When our freedoms are eroded, it damages us all. -Kevin, Monroe, Michigan

Jack, While smoking in a car is harmful to the children inside, there are many more important things for the government to do. Like say: close our borders, rebuild our infrastructure, provide a realistic health care program, get the troops out of the Mideast, stop building bridges to nowhere, and behave ethically. -Larry, Atlanta, Georgia

There are already laws on the books that prevent parents from poisoning their children. There is no difference here. Sadly, many parents are still too ignorant to know the harm they cause their children when they fill their cars with cigarette smoke, as their children sit helplessly in the back seat. At the very least, discussion of this proposal will raise awareness of the danger of secondhand smoke in cars. -Harrison

A bill banning smoking in a car with a young child was passed by the Arkansas state legislature and signed by then Gov. Mike Huckabee over six months ago. It's the law in Arkansas! -Ed, Tucson, Arizona
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Cafferty: Campaign Promises
Why haven't the Democrats made more progress on their campaign promises?

Jack, Why do you continue to beat this horse? It's dead. No matter how many times you systematically repeat this question, my answer is and will always be the same. Once they get the prize, they forget about the people who bought their ticket. --Nick, Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania

The Democratic Congress has been all smoke and mirrors since they were elected. Unless they start coming through on some of those campaign promises, they will find themselves the minority after the next election. --Terry, Kernersville, North Carolina

If you decide to repeat what you've been doing, you know exactly what to do. If you are going to strike out for something different, the choices are endless and gathering a consensus is much harder. Also, the Democrats do not have great big leads in the Congress, especially the Senate. --Lee, Phoenix, Alaska

What can be done to prevent the United States from going the way of the Roman Empire?

The Caesars should listen to their slaves. --Eli, San Marcos, Texas

Our present representatives in Washington, D.C. have forgotten our Constitution and all of history's lessons of the past. The politicians act as if this country should be run "By, Of, and For" the large corporations. It's sad to say, but the only way to prevent a repeat of the Roman Empire fall is to borrow a French guillotine and put it to good use in Washington. --William, Sanford, North Carolina

By not trying to conquer the world. The lifespan of empires is measured in decades in the modern era, not centuries like the Roman Empire of old. --Ray, Lubbock, Texas

Why do you think men and women diet differently?

Men, once pushed against the wall, will act with all they have, such as hitting the gym and cutting out beer. Men are into extremes. They are volatile. Women are deliberative (most of them) and thus will not act so rash. Brain wiring, plain and simple. --Sam, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Last I checked, men and women drive differently, work differently, act differently, play differently, walk differently, talk differently. Why not diet differently? --Rob, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jack this one is simple, American men are too consumed with their outer appearance in our superficial society and they are normally trying to impress women. American women tend to be more sensible and don't see extreme measures as the end all answer to weight loss...Or we can just say men are just aggressive and women tend to be lazier but that wouldn't be politically correct. --Steve, New York

Simple Jack, men just don't give a damn what they look like, so they eat like pigs. --Mark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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The Situation Online: Toy recall
Not safe to play with
Toymaker Mattel is voluntarily recalling 9 million toys in the U.S. including popular characters such as Barbie, Batman, and Polly Pocket because of hazards to children. To see if you are affected by the recall, click here for CNN's interactive page with information on all of the potentially dangerous toys.

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Monday, August 13, 2007
Cafferty: Considering the Draft
What would it take for the United States to consider reinstituting the draft?

They should not institute the draft. What needs to happen is a mandatory 30 months military service for every graduating high school student before they can go on to college or into the workforce. --Edwin, Scottsville, Texas

I think the draft should be reinstated to get people to wake up. Maybe the over-worked and over-stimulated masses would get off their over-shopped butts and start making some noise if they knew their children could be drafted into this war of choice. --Stan, St. Joseph, Illinois

The draft is okay as long as we start drafting all Congressional leaders' children who are eligible from the president down. There won't be any more fatigue problems because we won't be there. Otherwise forget it. My children will serve a military obligation when George W. Bush serves his. --Mike, Charlotte, North Carolina

Is Senator Hillary Clinton a liability for the Democratic party?

In time, Hillary Clinton's record of polarizing behaviors will be her downfall. Most of those in the Democratic Party are smart enough to know the risks involved through association. There will be many who vote for no other reason than to have her meet defeat in the elections. --J.W., Shelby, North Carolina

Democrats are detrimental to the Democratic Party. --Ken, Georgia

No she is not a liability, but she is vulnerable on the war, security, illegal immigrants, and outsourcing (particularly high-tech visas). Certainly not the ideal candidate for Democrats. --
Joe, Milton, Delaware
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