Friday, July 27, 2007
Cafferty: NASA's image problem?
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How should NASA go about restoring its image?
Summarily terminate anyone who flew drunk and those that turned their backs on the problem. Period. As a retired international airline Captain, I know, there can be nothing but "zero tolerance" for such conduct. -Jack, Kent, Washington

I think NASA should restore its image by - what else? - using common sense. After all, wouldn't it seem OBVIOUS to be sober, let alone being totally prepared, when exploring the final frontier? -Zachary, Springfield, Illinois

That proud moment you spoke of 38 years ago was at a time when the space program was important to the U.S. Now it is just an afterthought. The decimation of NASA has come from constant budget cuts, politicization... It's no longer the best the brightest and the most qualified.
-Glenn, Haymarket, Virginia

How productive is it for Rudy Giuliani to call the Democrats losers because they want to get out of Iraq?
It is not appropriate at all! Rudy and his band of Republicans were the reason that Al-Qaeda is in Iraq! It doesn't take a major in Middle Eastern studies to understand that the radical Islamic views of Al-Qaeda and bin Laden do not mesh well with a secular Arab party that Saddam was a part of. Rudy is the "loser" since he is the ignorant one. -Matt

Why shouldn't Rudy call the Democrats "losers" over terrorism? Terrorism is the only soapbox Rudy has in this election, so it only makes sense that he'd try to draw a crowd. Apparently "losers" want to save the lives of armed forces and not waste any more money on an impossible war. But hey, he has an election to win. -Adam

When is anything a candidate for political office says "productive" for anyone but themselves?
-Andrew, Reston, Virginia

How do you know when you're addicted to e-mail?
When you answer stupid questions like this instead of just getting on with your weekend.
-Michael, Redwood City, California

When you have nothing better to do, you press the "Refresh button - F5" on your e-mail browser. -Gishal, Ithaca, New York

You are addicted to email when you keep emailing the Cafferty File and never get a response. Cheers. -Vic, Cedar Creek, Texas

When you forget to check your mailbox for 3 days... the one on the street. -Dean, Lawrence, Kansas

When you get off the couch, walk across the living room, trip over the coffee table to type an e-mail to CNN. -Grant, Florida
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Thursday, July 26, 2007
The Situation Online: YouTube ripple effect, online scams
Ask the candidates
The groundbreaking CNN/YouTube debate is now influencing some of the candidates' campaign strategies. This ripple effect is most apparent with Gov. Bill Richardson and former Senator Mike Gravel, who are both going online to answer more video questions. If you missed Monday's Democratic debate, click here to download it.

Spotting a scam
How well can you spot an online scam? It may not be as easy as you think. Click here to take the online quiz that even had the experts at CNN's Internet Team scratching their heads.

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Cafferty: A family matter?
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Should political campaigns be prohibited from hiring the candidate's spouse?
I have no problem with candidates hiring their spouses, but I do believe that candidates should be prohibited from accepting monies from special interests and big business. -John, San Ramon, California

Not only the spouse but any immediate family members as well. Paying the family is not why people give to a candidate. -Randy, Kent, Ohio

Yes, candidates should be able to hire/pay spouses and family members because those spouses may make the difference in ideas or ways that could elect or not elect a candidate. Campaigns are all about ideas and money; spouses of candidates may be better at coming up with ideas than the candidate himself or herself. -Roman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I agree; spouses should not be paid for work done for the campaign. They need to cut back on expenses of campaigning and extraneous "help" would be a good way. I regret that campaigns have become just another pork barrel opportunity. -Barbara, Sun Valley, Nevada

Is now the time to reduce the number of National Guard troops stationed along the Mexican border?
Leave the National Guard at our borders... at least they're kept from being shipped to Iraq! As long as this administrationis in office, or as long as the Democrats are so eager for amnesty regardless of the cost to the taxpayers, the National Guard will not serve the purpose they should be serving at our borders, such as keeping illegals out of our country. -Joy, North Carolina

I don't understand why the federal government is not doing anything to protect our borders against illegal immigration. Who knows? Perhaps certain elements of al Qaeda have slipped into U.S. the same way. -Ken, Bloomington, Illinois

Jack, Would it not make sense to bring the troops home and let them take over the duty of patrolling our borders, both Canada and Mexico? It would be light duty compared to what they face in Iraq. Why is it that the average person can figure this thing out and our politicians have such a difficult time with this? -Bill, Richmond, Virginia
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Cafferty: Do-something, Dems?
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What do Democrats in Congress need to accomplish to avoid a "do-nothing" label?
Jack, The Democrats need to realize that "supporting the troops" is not funding a lie-based war and keeping the troops in hell. Democrats were elected to listen to the American people. With 70% of the country opposed to the war, what are they afraid of? -Zak

The Democrats need to stop pandering to illegal aliens and big business and finally do something for the American people in order to get rid of the "do nothing party" label. -Bert, Oak View, California

Jack, This question would make sense if the Republicans in the Senate did not obstruct and strangle every single piece of meaningful legislation that comes through the Democratic House. What do the Democrats need to do? Well, do something. But that can't be done until the Republicans go away (5 or 6 of them at least). -Chris, Spokane, Washington

They need to find some backbone and realize that the American people voted them into office and we, the people have the power to take them out. It's time they recognized the Constitution for what it is, the law of the land in this country and Congress has to start impeachment proceedings. -Carol, Burton, Michigan

Is it time to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the role of White House and Justice Department officials in the firings of the U.S. attorneys?
Jack, Why would you put a special prosecutor in place for this? So Gonzales can be convicted of obstruction and subsequently pardoned? Impeach the whole lot, from the person answering telephones right on up and be done with it. This Congress will be a do-nothing Congress until Bush and henchmen, with their veto power and the ability to grant pardons, is removed from the scene. -Ken, Victoria, British Columbia

No. It's time for the two high school cliques we call political parties to actually start paying attention to this country and its problems. I don't pay them to spend all their time fighting each other. -Alex, Dunsmuir, California

Yes, it is time to appoint a special prosecutor and, if the Bush administration resists, to take whatever other measures Congress has at its disposal to ensure that this government operates within the law. The attorney scandal is not an isolated incident. This administration operates outside the law on many issues, with apparent impunity. -Gary, State College, Pennsylvania

Dear Jack, There is no question that a special prosecutor is needed in the U.S. attorneys matter. The White House has consistently placed itself above the law, stonewalling Congress at every turn in its attempt to conceal its criminal and political wrongdoing. A special prosecutor should be appointed immediately. -Ron
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Cafferty: Supporting suicide bombers?

What does it mean if Muslims around the world are increasingly rejecting suicide bombings and Islamic extremism?
What the Pew Research poll tells us is if we focused more on Palestinian 70% unemployment in Gaza, lack of access to work because of Israeli actions, lack of decent living conditions, and gave them some hope for the future, it might make both the U.S, and Israel more secure. -David, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Since it is economic growth and stability causing the shift in thinking about suicide bombings, then we should send and extend more aid to those developing countries, and stop sending bombs and soldiers, which are some of the things creating more terrorists. -Anu

It means it's about damn time! It means fewer and fewer brainwashed young men will zealously trade their earthly lives for 72 virgins in the next. It means that reason just might, let's cross our fingers, give stupidity a run for its money. -Dave, Vancouver

Why is Newt Gingrich comparing the Republican presidential field to "pygmies" and trained seals?
Jack, it means the Newt is smarter than I'd ever given him credit for. The Republican primary campaign is an irrelevant sideshow in the march toward a Democratic replacement for the dead-duck Bush presidency. -John, San Diego, California

He should know. He's one himself. It looks like he's trying to distance himself from the GOP, to maybe run as an Independent when and if he announces his presidential bid. -Barbee, Utah

Because he is correct. Of course the same could be said about the top tier Dem. candidates. Options. Bill Richardson. Third party? -Dave, Chicopee, Massachusetts

Newt is a Republican, so of course he would use overly kind words to describe the Republican candidates. -Jim

What message does the $592 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad send to the Iraqi people?
I think it says "Drop by and see our fancy building. It will take your mind off all your personal problems. You will be so impressed that you will forget all about the loss of family members, the fact that you have hungry kids at home, and that few of you will see any benefits from your country's natural resources (oil)." -Johnnie, Carthage, Texas

The message is that they are now true Americans where money rules. It is our religion, and it will become theirs. They will experience that the few get to spend the money of the many like drunken sailors, making themselves rich... while others starve. It's the American way, right?
-Barbara, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The over-the-top embassy sends two messages to the Iraqi people. It tells them that we are not planning on leaving them in peace anytime soon, and that our money is to be spent on our comfort, not theirs. Let them go without electricity or water; we will have all the luxuries.
-Jane, Georgetown, Texas
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Monday, July 23, 2007
Cafferty: Voting for impeachment?
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What does it mean if 80 cities and towns have passed resolutions calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney?
Nothing. It will never happen anyway and it is a total waste of time to keep discussing it.
-Michael, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jack, it means that the people's voices are getting louder and louder. It should have been done months ago. -Louis

Hi Jack. The only question about 80 cities calling for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney is: Why isn't every city in America doing the same thing? They have convinced some Americans that to question them is un-American… it is time to start throwing tea in the bay. -Michael, Van Nuys, California

What it means is that 79 cities saw other cities getting cheap publicity for an overwrought political stunt and jumped on the bandwagon. It's terribly convenient for them because it gets their region political attention and benefits from the protection of a) the fact that it will never amount to anything real and b) the fact that there's enough bad blood for the Bush administration in this country that they won't get much if any political backlash for their ridiculous posturing. -Tom, Warwick, New York

It means that democracy is finally starting to work. The people are speaking out, and it is now the responsibility of the people's elected representatives to take action. That's why the people voted them in. -Scott, Sacramento, California

It means 80 city and town councils have nothing better to do, and are not taking care of more important and pertinent business such as education or road maintenance. -Rabb

It means that their town is a heck of lot smarter than my town. -T., Jonesboro, Georgia

New Haven, Connecticut will offer ID cards to illegal immigrants giving them access to things like libraries and bank accounts. Is that a good idea?
Jack, Sure. It's a great idea. What the heck, let's give them driver's licenses, too? Then they can really drive the wages in my trade into the dirt! -Rick, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Yes, it's an excellent idea... if the people applying for the cards are arrested and returned to their countries of origin. -William

Equal protection and access for illegals and legal citizens. Now, if only New Haven would do the same for ex-felons who have done their time and are having trouble finding housing and jobs. Did Webster drop the meaning of "illegal" from its pages, or did people just stop THINKING about what it means? This is madness, but I am glad it is in New Haven. Is Yale going to provide a college education, too? -Cynthia, Garland, Texas
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