Friday, July 13, 2007
Cafferty: Impeachment "on the table"?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": War critics=wimps?.

Do you agree with Senator Barbara Boxer that impeachment of President Bush should remain "on the table"?
End Bush's illegal occupation of our White House now. He has committed high crimes against the American people, our armed forces and desecrated our highest office, not to mention our Constitution. If impeachment is not put back "on the table" then we will be forfeiting our best chance to redress the illegal doings of this administration. -Alec, Orinda, California

Impeachment? Absurd! She needs to do her job for California and deal with immigration.

Jack, I do not agree with Senator Boxer that impeachment of President Bush should remain on the table. Impeachment should be off the table and on the floor of the Senate. -John, Cottonwood, Minnesota

Unfortunately it needs to stay off the table because of the harm impeachment proceedings would do to this country's economy. There's one thing economists and Wall Street don't like and that's uncertainty of which way this country is headed. -Dan, Osprey, Florida

An emphatic "yes". This current mess of an administration makes Watergate look like Tiddlywinks. -Joel, Menomonie, Wisconsin

How would a third major political party change the '08 presidential race?
Jack, As with most aspects of our wonderful presidential election system, the effectiveness of a third party candidate will depend to a great degree on how our media covers them. We continue to be bombarded with polls that purport to tell us who we're going to vote for before we get a significant opportunity to make up our own minds. -Richard, Clinton Township, Michigan

If a third party were to emerge, the other two parties would listen to the American people a little better. -Scott, Crestline, California

A third party starting out now would very likely lose the election, and would cost one of the major party contenders, like Nader cost Gore in 2000. -Dan, Louisville, Kentucky

A third party might give us a choice other than Twiddily Dumb and Twiddily Dee.
-Rick, San Diego, California
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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Cafferty: War critics = wimps?
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How productive is it for House Minority Leader John Boehner to call GOP Senators who favor a change of course in Iraq "wimps"?
About as productive as President Bush claiming that we are "winning in Iraq!" I wonder if these people understand how idiotic these pronouncements sound to us? -Martha, Rew, Pennsylvania

I would strongly suggest that Boehner & his cronies volunteer to go to Iraq, put on their battle gear & go to the front lines. Then they could show the American people how sincere they really are about this war. Perhaps then we would find out who the real wimps are. -Sam, Waupun, Wisconsin

Mr. Boehner is engaging in the weakest form of argument: When you cannot attack the content of the argument, then you attack the man instead. -Bill, Tampa, Florida

The hypocrisy of Washington never ceases to amaze me. John Boehner calling his colleagues wimps because they have the intestinal fortitude to break with party line and speak their minds is ridiculous. -Eric, Casper, Wyoming

Why would the White House not want to revive the Iraq Study Group?
Jack, the Iraq Study Group reminds me of my professional days. The administration/management would form a committee. We would enthusiastically join believing this time it would be different. Meetings were scheduled and attended. Proposals presented... blah, blah, blah. And those in charge did exactly what they'd planned to all along. It's all about PR. -Susan, Cape Coral, Florida

President Bush will not listen to any criticism of his 'strategy' for one clear reason. "Staying the course" will allow him to leave office with us still in Iraq. By passing the buck along to the next president, he can avoid the shame of finally admitting the damage for which he is responsible.
-Alex, New York

Simply because they will tell him what he doesn't want to hear: the truth -Brian, Punta Gorda, Florida

Would you want to see a group of higher educated and more respected people present a report that will once again show the world you are unable to face reality? -Bruce, Silver Spring, Maryland

How important is it that a presidential candidate has a strong religious faith?
Absolutely not! Faith is a matter of personal choice and not a means of deciding the leader of the free world. Not to mention the fact that one's religious views have zero to do with one's ability to lead a country. -Ian, Ontario

Jack, Religious faith is not what's important. It's an ethical compass and compassion that matter. -Susan, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Not important at all; brains, that's what is important. -Doug, British Columbia

None whatsoever. How many ways can you say "Separation of Church and State" or "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's"? -Lynn, Columbia, Missouri

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The Situation Online: Hindu prayer, Obama's book club

Chaplain Rajan Zed, left, and Sen. Robert Casey looks toward the Senate's public gallery during the protest.

Hindu chaplain heckled on the Hill
Today for the first time, a Hindu chaplain gave the opening prayer before a session of the Senate. But the Hindu prayer didn't come up without some controversy. Rajan Zed was interrupted by three Christian conservative protesters, one of which shouted, "This is an abomination." The activists were subsequently arrested by Capitol police for a disrupting of Congress and were later released with a citation and future court date. Click here to watch the video.

Obama's book club
Is Barack Obama taking a cue from Oprah? Obama's presidential campaign is promoting a series of book clubs in the key primary state of New Hampshire. In these book clubs there is only one item on the reading list: Obama's first book, Dreams from my Father.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Cafferty: Chertoff's "gut feeling"?
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Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has a "gut feeling" the U.S. is at a higher risk for a terror attack. How much should that matter?
Jack, As long as this country is being run by people who make decisions based on their guts instead of their brains, we have every reason to be afraid. -Ted, Rockaway, New Jersey

Michael Chertoff's "gut feeling" for a higher risk for a terror attack is no more than a common denominator we've all been feeling. Given the current situation on world events most of us know that it's not a question of "if" but "when". -Ann, Atlanta, Georgia

Director Chertoff shouldn't make such statements. If there's concrete evidence of chatter, report and release that. Otherwise, this feels like the jerking of a political chain... something of which I'm quite tired. -Brian, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania

My gut feeling is that Secretary Chertoff is using his gut to issue the administration’s latest scare tactic, in a long series of hawkish hype. -Andy, Orlando, Florida

My gut feeling is that he realizes he hasn't done anything to make us safer. -John, Hamilton, New Jersey

Is it a good idea to increase cigarette taxes 61 cents a pack to help pay for children's health insurance?
In Cleveland, smokers pay an extra tax to fund the arts community. So sure, why not ask them to fund all the under-funded issues. After all, they won't be around much longer with their shorter lifespans. Maybe we can go after social drinkers next. -John, Cleveland, Ohio

It is a good idea, but it needs to be raised to about $2.00 more. -L.M., Chandler, Arizona

Isn't it funny how cigarettes are the cause of all evil in the world... I think alcohol is just as bad. Why not propose a $1 tax on every bottle or can of beer that is sold instead of going back to smokers, yet again? -Adam, Kennebunk, Maine

Heck yes. Raise the tax, but it should be earmarked for children's health care. It seems these things are stated, but the wording never seems to make it to the legislation. -Bill

How much does it matter if Rudy Giuliani doesn't have the support of some New York City firefighters?
It matters a great deal. 9/11 is the rubble pile Rudy stands on while touting his leadership qualifications for 2008 Republican candidate for President. He's used the World Trade Center disaster to build up his reputation. However, the men and women of the FDNY, who responded to that horrific event, are still waiting for implementation of promises made by Rudy. -M., San Diego, California

Jack, it doesn't matter one damn bit. I mean, c'mon, our president doesn't have the support of 71% of the country but he's still pulling all of the strings. -Bob, Studio City, California

It's very important, since Giuliani is reminding us of 9/11 at every opportunity and telling us what a great job he did. However, he didn't protect us then, and it is contemptible the way he uses that tragedy to promote himself as Presidential material. -Louis, North Salem, New York

It should matter a whole lot that Giuliani doesn't have the support of the firefighters and volunteers after 9/11. But, the way this country thinks nowadays it might not. Look who they elected for President. -Nancy, Fall River, Massachusetts
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The Situation Online: Sheehan vs. Pelosi
Sheehan takes on Pelosi
Peace activist Cindy Sheehan is threatening to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in Congress. While gearing up for her "Journey for Humanity" across the country, Sheehan has announced on the liberal blog Daily Kos that unless Pelosi moves to impeach President Bush by the time she arrives in D.C. on July 23, Sheehan will run against Pelosi as an independent in next year's elections. To read Sheehan's entire post, click here.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Cafferty: Pres. Bush's legacy?

WATCH "The Cafferty File": Pull Gitmo funds?.

How concerned should President Bush be about his legacy?
Bush legacy? If I were President Bush, I would be making plans to move to Switzerland in January '09. He will undoubtedly go down in history as an abject failure. Shame on the American people for electing this man twice. -Paul, Monroe, New York

President Bush should only be concerned about his legacy if he feels down deep in his heart that he failed the American people. Legacies are developed over a long period of time in order to view the actions of the leader relative to the impact the actions have on history and shaping the future and not dependent upon the sound bites of the news media. History will judge President Bush and that is something for which we will just have to wait. -Jerry, Alpharetta, Georgia

If Bush was really concerned about how history would judge him, he would have made capturing or killing Osama bin Laden a more important priority than going after Iraq. -Randolph, Lexington, Kentucky

President Bush's legacy was lost the moment Iraq was bombed. The next president's legacy will be based around cleaning up Bush's mess. And the same with the president after that and after that. -Brian, Nova Scotia

What's the future of Senator John McCain's presidential campaign?
McCain's presidential future is going to be the same as the Bush policies he continues to support... a complete failure. -Ray, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Mr. Cafferty, Your constant dribble from your skewed point of view is so tiresome. I would suggest taking a deep breath and check some other sources than the same old left-leaning ones. Try some real, hard working Americans from the real world. John McCain would be one of the best presidents in our lifetime if elected. If not, it will be our misfortune. There is still time left for the senator and with comments like "say goodnight, John" it certainly does not help his candidacy. -John, Eugene, Oregon

Jack, There is no future for Senator McCain. Because of his continued support for the war in Iraq, the wheels have come off the bus. -Mary Beth, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

George McGovern says he's not sure an anti-war Democrat can win in '08. Is he right?
Of course he's right, Jack. If it begins to look like an anti-war candidate will win, you can bet all hell will break loose around the globe, terror attacks, etc., to scare the voters back to their senses. Of course it would all be a coincidence. -Joe, Round Hill, Virginia

McGovern is wrong in this case. Sentiment against this war is so much deeper now than even during Vietnam. Back then, those of us who were baby boomers were generally opposed. The WWII generation was more "my country, right or wrong". Today there is broad opposition to this unjust and unnecessary war. I believe we, as a nation, have advanced beyond the simplistic view we had in the '60s and '70s. -Bob, Houston, Texas

McGovern is right only if we allow him to be. If we allow the rhetoric of morality and righteousness to dominate the debate like we did in 2000 and 2004, McGovern is right. If we vote on the Bible instead of the Constitution, McGovern is right. If we allow the apathy of generation x to flourish, McGovern is right. If all voters pledge to bring just one holdout to the polls, I am hopeful McGovern is wrong. -Andrew, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

McGovern was wrong 40 years ago for America and after all that time he is still wrong. -Fred, East Liberty, Ohio
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Monday, July 09, 2007
Cafferty: A Call to Arms

Where is Iraq headed if Iraqi politicians are urging civilians to arm themselves?
Jack, It's a polite way to say things are going to get out of hand. Sure is not a confidence builder if you're a citizen of Iraq. -Michael, Marinette, Wisconsin

I am all for Iraqi citizens to arm themselves. It's one of the fundamentals of our country for the civilians to be able to defend themselves, and should also be a part of the new Iraqi government. -David

Iraq is heading in the wrong direction if the politicians there are telling a group of people whose history is already so violent to take up arms. They should be focused on getting all the guns out of that country, not giving them out like candy. -Terry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heading to a situation much worse than they were under Saddam. -Nasri, Quebec

What does it mean if a quarter of the top positions at the Department of Homeland Security aren't filled?
Hi Jack, I think that one more position should be open: Michael Chertoff's. -Gloria, Gensler, Mississippi

They don't want to "HIRE" anyone I have been applying since the first of the year. I'm a retired military officer with skills. -Bill, Miami, Florida

Could it be that the administration has run out of inexperienced neocon yuppy-puppy political hacks? -WB, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jack, It doesn't matter that a quarter of top positions at Homeland Security are vacant. Surely, changing color codes isn't that big a deal. -Jerry, Oklahoma

Should Congress stop funding the detention center at Guantanamo Bay?
America will regret that decision if they really close Guantanamo Bay prison. That's just crazy!
-Rick, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Congress should immediately cut funding for that disgraceful stain on the nation’s reputation. To many of our former friends around the world, the U.S. has begun to look more and more like the USSR. -Alyn, Dover, Delaware

Interrogators should not torture prisoners. However, I see no reason to cut off funding for the Guantanamo Bay detention center, unless they can find a cheaper place to house terror suspects. -Dan, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Congress should not only stop the funding of Guantanamo, but the place should be closed down immediately. It is a national shame, creating many more enemies than it can house. -J., Reston, Virginia

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