Thursday, June 28, 2007
Cafferty: Immigration, what's next?
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Now that amnesty for illegal immigrants is dead, what should the government do about illegal immigration?
Perhaps now that the "comprehensive" part of the illegal immigration debate is dead, Congress can do something as mind-numbingly brilliant as to get busy on the part of the bill that the American public has been demanding: enforcement! It doesn't take a thousand pages of legislation to say, "strengthen and enforce the existing laws." -Graham, Wilmington, Delaware

The government should start enforcing the laws put in place 20+ years ago after the last amnesty bill was passed, and go after the employers that hire the illegal immigrants. -Marina, North Carolina

The fact that the borders were not secured after 9/11 is criminal. Enforce the laws that they voted on in the 1986 immigration bill. Problem solved. -Rena, Plymouth, Michigan

Jack, They come here for one reason: jobs. Fine employers $1000; $500 for anyone turning in an employer. -Dick, Florida

What does it mean if Iraqis are hiring more Washington lobbyists?
Jack, Not only does it mean that Iraqis have more influence on our government than we do, but they are buying the influence with our own money. The insanity never ends. -Ted, Rockaway, New Jersey

Since this administration wanted to invoke a western democracy there, it seems as though the carpet baggers would follow. -Gerald, Crestline, California

Most likely that our Congress will be giving them unlimited use of America’s military. If buying votes works for big business, why not for Iraq? -Albert, Las Cruces, New Mexico

It means that that the people in Iraq know that the leaders in our country can be bought off.
-Peggy, Missouri

Do members of Congress deserve a pay raise?
The American voters should decide if Congress gets a pay raise, not congressmen and congresswomen. I cannot vote to give myself a pay raise. What statute gives them the right to do so? -Rodney

We should put them on commission and pay for performance. Let's give them a base pay, and as they get things done, they'll get more money. They are already overpaid for getting nothing done. If I performed the way they do, I would have been fired a long time ago. -Deborah, Ashburn, Virginia

Jack, Only the ones who voted against the amnesty bill deserve a raise, a hefty one. All the others get nothing, nothing. -Linda, Sarasota, Florida

If one of the arguments for congressional pay raises is that they need the raise to keep experienced lawmakers, then I would suggest that they cut their pay by $70,000. Maybe those experienced lawmakers will leave and we end up with average citizens that are concerned over the state of our country rather than their position in Congress. -Jerry
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Cafferty: The new, young voter?
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Why is the interest in the presidential campaign among people under 30 almost twice as high as it was four years ago?
I think that the reason we (the youth) are so eager to vote is because the two previous elections have shown how important each vote is. We also recognize that our reputation and image has been tainted by the current government and it must be restored in the world. -Aaron, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Young people are becoming increasingly aware that the current administration has been cheerfully selling their future down the river, both financially with the national debt and on the foreign front with policies that are unpopular throughout the world. They realize that there will be very little to look forward to and extremely high taxes if they don't start taking part now. Who can blame them? -Brett, Richmond, California

As an 18-year-old myself, I can say I’m more interested in the '08 election, simply because there are more and better choices of candidates for '08. -T.

They're paying attention because their very lives depend on it and they see their future slipping away. I'm 52, Jack, and I'm paying attention, too. The Washington insiders and the media are totally out of touch; you're missing the real story. -Marie, Adkins, Texas

How much will voters care about Fred Thompson's past as a paid lobbyist?
Republicans love candidates with strong ties to big business. The more harmful the positions are to the environment or lower or middle-class wage earners, the more endeared they are to the Republican Party. -Jim, Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Jack, As a lobbyist, he was paid to do a certain job. As president, he would be paid to do a different job. As long as he knows the difference and can differentiate between the two, I couldn't care less. -Mike, Sebring, Florida

His past as a lobbyist is crucial if Fred Thompson continues to portray himself as a Washington outsider; the depth of his hypocrisy is Grand Canyon-esque. He should own up to it, rather than run from it, and even then it will haunt him throughout the campaign. -Watson, Knoxville, Tennessee

Doesn't that pretty much make him the most qualified person for the job? Depressing, isn't it?
-Michael, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

What does it mean if people in Britain, Germany and Canada trust President Bush less on foreign policy than Russian President Vladimir Putin?
The simple answer is that those other countries know precisely what the majority of the US population knows. -Mark

Jack, Anecdotal evidence in Canada is that our citizens who mistrust the United States and your president are prejudiced without evidence. Perhaps we are too close to you guys for comfort, but given my wager you are the best neighbor we could have. Don't worry about the great north, eh! -David, Ottawa

It means a lot. It means that just a few years ago the world supported America, trusted America, and looked to America for leadership. But not anymore. It is a sad state of affairs when President Bush is trusted less than President Putin. I like to think Britain, Germany, and Canada are still our friends. Maybe they are trying to tell us something. -Barbara, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jack, Just another example of how this entire administration is pulling us down in the eyes of the world. I'm pretty much disgusted with every aspect of government at this point. Will someone please step up to the plate and save the American people from the demise of the greatest country in the world? We are about to be sold out by the very people we elected to represent us. -Dan, North Port, Florida
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Cafferty: Scars of war?
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What will the future hold for the next generation of Iraqis?
Not only will millions of Iraqi children be psychologically scarred for life, but their hatred for America will breed a new, and certainly more belligerent, anti-American form of terrorism. Long after George W. Bush leaves office, these young people will be on the front lines of new and more devastating regional and worldwide terror. -Andy, Littleton, Colorado

A more brutal dictator that will make Saddam look like a saint. -Andrew, Chicago, Illinois

As an Iraqi living in the states, I think that Iraqis have no future at all. They run away from one mess to find other countries not welcoming them, and treating them as if they are not human. Kids will grow up with a lack of hope and a lack of home to contain them and protect them.
-Laith, Weehawken, New Jersey

They will be angry, unemployed, and they will hate Americans. -Alyn

How important is it for Muslim Americans to become more integrated?
Dear Cafferty, Former Secretary Martin is right on the money: Muslim Americans need to continue to make every effort to integrate in our society, but it goes both ways. For years now, some have worked very hard to lock-out Muslim Americans from our democracy, insidiously questioning the loyalty of Muslim Americans and their ability to participate in our democracy. We all need to participate as Americans! -Suhail

Dear Jack, As important as it was for the Jews, for the Irish, for the Italians... Probably the most difficult part of integrating into America is recognizing, especially if you were the majority in the old country, that your beliefs and traditions do not dictate everyone else's. -Roy, Tacoma, Washington

American Muslims must speak out against the violence publicly advocated by other Muslims. It's not enough to make weak statements about how Islam does not preach this and that, the American Muslim leadership must take a clear stand against the advocates of jihads, etc.

How do you integrate a people who don't want to be integrated? -Harold

What can be done about faulty and/or dangerous products coming into the United States from China?
Nothing will be done, big business wants the low cost products, no matter what it does to the consumer. What we should do is cut off trade with China until they correct the currency problem and provide safe products. -Richard, Clearwater, Florida

They must be held accountable for the quality and safety of their goods. If they can't meet the standards then the trade agreement should be used as leverage. Don't allow them to think they can shove the junk on us just because we have a trade agreement. -Lou, Enterprise, Alabama

I know what to do about these Chinese imports... STOP importing them into the US. Can't we produce our own products in this country? For God's sake, toothpaste? Seriously! -Tara, Houston, Texas

Jack, It's simple: just hold all U.S. importers 100% liable for anything that's imported from outside North America. I think I'd be concerned with the quality of what I imported if my business were at stake. -Avi, Toronto
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The Situation Online: Calif. wildfires, site slams Obama

I-Reporter Carl Pole captured this image from the north side of the lake.

Lake Tahoe blaze
As the Angora wildfire continues to burn near California's Lake Tahoe, eyewitnesses are sending in new images and video to CNN's I-Report, including this video from Kyle Conroy of South Lake Tahoe, California, capturing the flames raging near his high school. Click here to send in your wildfire photos and video, or send at I-report from your cell phone to

Who's behind
An anonymous pro-Hillary Clinton Web site that spends much of its time slamming Barack Obama is raising some eyebrows online. The site attacks Obama for practicing "dirty politics" and links to Hillary Clinton's campaign donation page. The Clinton campaign says they "have nothing to do with it" and the web site itself says it is not affiliated with the campaign. But the web site's presentation, political savvy, and detail are leading bloggers to ask: Who's behind it?

Watch "The Situation Room" at 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM ET for these stories and more from our Internet reporters.
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Monday, June 25, 2007
Cafferty: Kids & suicide bombs?
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How do you fight an enemy like the Taliban if they're willing to use 6-year-old children as suicide bombers?
Jack, You fight them by hunting down the perpetrators and delivering them to the Afghan government. You prevent this stuff by allowing these people to govern themselves. If not for our meddling in the region, many of these atrocities wouldn't be occurring. It happened in Vietnam during our war there. Today in Vietnam, there are no children carrying bombs. Why? Because we are not there causing that kind of desperation. This will go on in Iraq and Afghanistan until we leave them to govern themselves. -Seth, Bothell, Washington

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We should have stayed in Afghanistan and finished the job and kept our nose out of Iraq. If that had happened then just maybe today you would be looking for a topic to discuss other than the mess in the Middle East. -Mary, Duluth, Georgia

Why the surprised look, Jack? Our enemy has been using children and women as shields whenever they fire on our guys for years. The moment we fire back at our enemy, you can't wait to report how the Americans are killing "innocent" women and children, hoping to sway antiwar sentiment here at home. -Paula, Kailua, Hawaii

Jack, To the Taliban, Hamas, Al-Qaeda and the rest of the self proclaimed "holy warriors" I have only one thing to say: There isn't a pit deep enough in hell for you, sending 6-year-old children to fight for you. There will be though; they just haven't finished digging it yet. -Jim, Queensbury, New York

What does it mean if state lawmakers submitted more than a thousand immigration bills this year?
It means that state legislators are anxious to do the work that their counterparts in D.C. are unwilling to do. D.C. pols are trying to force this amnesty bill on the American public and are out of step with their constituency. -Jim, Glenolden, Pennsylvania

This is exactly what states are for. This is the genius of our system. Instead of commenting that government cannot deal with immigration, the correct response is when the federal government is divided, individual states govern their populations according to the wishes of that state.
-Joe, Fairfield, Ohio

Jack, It is clear that the American people are taking back their power from a federal government that has become self -serving corporate pawns. We were founded as a republic and the states should invoke the constitutional rights to govern themselves. -Jim, Orlando, Florida

State lawmakers are closer to the electorate. Congressional lawmakers are closer to the lobbyists. You figure it out. Illegal immigration is a: smoking gun, time bomb, and a third rail for out of touch senators and representatives. A great 2008 election is coming! -Jim, California

How likely is it America will do something radically different in the 2008 election?
We should do something radical in the 2008 election... We should elect an independent to be our next leader just to remind the good folks in the White House and Congress who actually run this country. -Lee, Fairfield, Iowa

Regardless of party affiliation or independence, I believe the vast majority of Americans would support a constitutional amendment to allow for a California-style executive branch recall. The next time we're stuck with a dumpster of garbage like we have now, we could tow them away and install a new president and veep and all the rest after a special election. -Daniel

Hi Jack, I am definitely an independent. There's very little distinction between parties anymore. Bush, a 'conservative' has put forth more big government than any Democrat I know. It is for this reason that I feel we are in desperate need of something different. Someone different. I'm putting my money on Ron Paul. -Tammy, Long Beach, New York

Despite all the horrors thrust upon the American people by this administration, we probably won’t do much more than fall back on the "Is he/she for or against abortion?" issue as the determining factor in how we cast our votes. We still have not learned our lesson. -Mark, Houston, Texas

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