Friday, June 15, 2007
Cafferty: Congress & pork
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When it comes to Congress and pork, who's to be trusted?
I don't trust any of 'em. They've all been spending our (not their) money like drunken sailors for so long that it's like a mad steamroller going downhill without brakes. -Jay, Bisbee, Arizona

You eventually become what you replace. Who knew it would happen so fast with the Democrats? The party that pledged an end to corruption and irresponsible spending in the '06 election has proven that it is no better, and possibly worse, than the GOP majority it replaced.
-Matt, Plainfield, Illinois

That's easy. Since they are all pigs, none should be trusted on issues of pork. Or anything else for that matter. Useless. -Larry

That's easy, nobody! The really sad thing is, it's all borrowed money. You know, like overspending on a credit card. What I would like to know is what are they going to do when the bill comes due? -Joan, Red Bud, Illinois

How much luck will FEMA have reclaiming at least $485 million it overpaid victims of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes?
The FEMA money is a drop in the bucket compared to what we waste in Iraq. Let the Katrina victims keep all they were given. -Richard, Salisbury, North Carolina

I was affected by Hurricane Rita in 2005 and demand FEMA go after any taxpayers' money obtained by anyone through false claims, no matter how small... Fraudulent claims should be prosecuted. -Ted, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Let me get this straight; FEMA displayed an appalling level of incompetence during the Katrina disaster and now they want Katrina victims to repay money they overspent as a result of this incompetence. Too bad, so sad is what I say. Haven't Katrina victims suffered enough?
-Rahul, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Is President Bush's dream of democracy in the Middle East really a nightmare?
Jack, With the situation in Iraq deteriorating daily and the recent developments in Gaza, I can't think of a worse combination. It's going to be a nightmare summer in the Middle East and President Bush and his fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants policies in the region certainly share much of the blame. -Mike

I don't think the president understands that our type of democracy is not for everyone. I don't think the U.S., or any other country, should be trying to foist our sense of the moral high ground on any other culture or people. -Robert, Mandeville, Louisiana

Bush's dream of spreading democracy in the Middle East, like a chain reaction, has turned into a nightmare that just keeps gobbling up people, equipment, money and time, with no progress and no end in sight. Bush knows it's a disaster, yet is determined to hand it off to the next president, so it doesn't further stain his already dismal legacy. -CP

You'd have to ask the people of Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories. Those of us living in safe communities can only speculate as to the suffering of people trying to endure in the midst of civil war. -Alan, San Angelo, Texas
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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Cafferty: More troops?
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Rudy Giuliani says he'd consider increasing U.S. troops in Iraq. Is that the answer?
No, more troops is not the answer. The correct answer is for the Democrats to do what we elected them to do, get us the heck out of Iraq now. -Phil, Rochester, New York

If Rudy is so anxious to send more Americans into the Iraq quagmire, why doesn't he send Judy and his kids over first? He seems remarkably bellicose for someone who never bothered to put on a uniform. Maybe if we required politicians to send their close relatives into battle first, we'd have fewer wars. -John, Bethel, Connecticut

Rudy needs a math tutor. If there is a soldier store somewhere, why didn't we buy a couple hundred thousand more when this mess started? We don't have enough troops for another "surge" and what we have are worn out. This is a religious civil war that we initiated by ignorance and we are not equipped or capable at this point to bring it to an end. -Karl, San Francisco

What are the chances that Congress ever gets an independent ethics office?
The chances of Congress getting an independent ethics office are as remote as the chance that they will get ethics. -Ken, Elmwood, Nebraska

Like most things, the basis for an independent ethics office sounds perfect... on paper. But its position in our political system would ultimately be ineffectual. If our Congress cannot be legislatively tied to the recommendations of a truly bipartisan group, then the recommendations set forth by this group would most likely fall to the proverbial wastebasket much like the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group recommendations already have. -Jim, Brewster, New York

Not a chance. The new strategy for these shiftless profiteers we call Congress is let's propose legislation and construct bills that they have no intention of getting passed. It's all theatre.
-Patrick, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Are you kidding? When hell freezes over. The vast majority of our senators are as corrupt as Bush and Cheney. Congress grants itself pay raises! Ethics? What ethics? -Debra, Grass Valley, California

How productive is it for Senator Harry Reid to be belittling the nation's top military men?
Why do you think the Democratic leadership folded like a cheap suit by not pulling the funding? Have you added up all the "pork" they got in return for a "hold 'em" or "fold 'em" deal? Please. Both parties are in the business of "what's in it for me?" What's good for the country is simply a good sound bite for the press. -Jeff, Virginia

Harry Reid is only speaking the truth! -Brian, Slidell, Louisiana

It's inappropriate for a member of Congress to make disparaging comments about anyone in the military. Gen. Pace has over 40 years of honorable military service and deserves respect. Gen. Pace has no power to end the war, he is implementing this president's failed policy. If he wants to waste his time insulting those responsible for this mess, he should be directing it at Bush. -Stephen, Atlanta, Georgia

The top generals are simply following orders and performing their duties as officers. To attack them with belittling comments in the mass media will certainly backfire against Reid and other Democrats. They have not fulfilled their duties to end the war as promised. -Brian, Denver, Colorado

Jack, It's perfectly reasonable and long overdue for someone in the forefront of American politics to finally state the obvious. Four years into this fiasco, and it’s been getting steadily worse day by day, month by month, year by year. If this was any greater indication of incompetence in the military leadership, I don’t know what it is. -Neil

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Cafferty: Repeat mosque attack
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What's the significance of today's repeat attack on one of Iraq's most sacred Shiite mosques?
It's hard to imagine things getting worse in Iraq but this event will further divide Shiites and Sunnis and lead to increased sectarian bloodshed with no end in sight! A true civil war within a civil war. Throw in Iran, Syria, and Turkey and you have a total regional conflagration looming.
-Robert, Sarasota, Fla.

It's yet more evidence of the fact that the United States has stumbled blindly into a centuries old blood feud - and that "surge" or no "surge", we have zero hope of forging peace inside a hornets nest of religious lunatics. -John, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Cafferty, The significance of the Mosque attack is that it shows the utter futility of my friends, recent graduates of college and high school, continuing this fight for Iraq. How many more will be either killed or maimed for life and to what end? The battle for Iraq is over and we lost. Why should more of my friends die for this stupid war? -Elliott, Denton, Texas

A new poll shows a majority of Americans support allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens if they pay fines, learn English and meet other requirements. How will this affect the stalled immigration bill?
There is not a single person I know who wants or is willing to legalize some 12-20 million illegals. Of course, I don't really know any business people or corporate execs. I'm just part of the disappearing middle class, whose voice is heard, just ignored. I think we still represent the majority of Americans. -Randy, Assumption, Illinois

Jack, For months the polls have been solidly against the war in Iraq and nothing has changed in Washington. So I don't expect a recent poll on immigration will cause any change either.
-Matt, Mesa, Arizona

Who did they poll? Was it in heavily Mexican populated areas? I am sure that a vast majority of Americans are against amnesty and feel that the laws should have been enforced after 1986.
-Dale, Colonial Heights, Virginia
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Cafferty: Leaving on a jet plane
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Do you see anything wrong with FBI director Robert Mueller using a $40 million Gulfstream jet meant for counterterrorism to fly to speeches, public appearances and field office visits?
Unfortunately it is just the usual b.s. that goes on in government. As average Americans, we can't do anything about it. There is no oversight whatsoever concerning abuses like this. -Dave, North Dartmouth, Mass.

Used 25% of the time? Was the plane needed for more important uses at this time? If yes, then throw the bum out! If not, look at the multi-million-dollar paid CEOs who fly on corporate jets paid for by small shareholders like me. All things considered, probably o.k. Bottom line: same old, same old. -David, Chicopee, Massachusetts

What isn't wrong with it? At least it gives us a sense of where our Homeland Security money is going. It says to me that he has as much faith in his Department of Homeland Security as I do.
-Nick, Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania

Nothing is wrong with him using the jet, so long as he uses it to fly out to speak with the terrorists, and brings a few back home with him to face trial. -Rick, San Diego, California

Does Congress deserve its lowest approval rating in more than a decade?
I switched and voted for the Democrats. They promised to end the war and fix immigration; they have done neither. So, I guess we now vote them out! -Bill

While it would be very difficult to be worse than this administration and its rubber-stamp Republican Congress... Yes, the Democrats deserve the wrath of the voters who put them there. It's an "in-your-face" showcase of pandering to the corporate money who run everything in this country. They are going to have to choose: the people or the money of the power-elite.
-Janet, Alpharetta, Georgia

It's still too damn high. -Nick, Pasadena, California

When it comes to Iraq, is it really all about the oil?
It's about having a stranglehold on the Middle East. It's about protecting Israel's butt. It's about setting up military bases along more borders. But, it's mostly about the oil! -Pauline, Ontario

Of course it is, Jack. When we hear this administration refer to benchmarks, they're actually referring to the "oil sharing law", which would give control of Iraq's oil over to the major oil companies! That's why we're in Iraq. It's no wonder the Iraqis are not standing up to fight for their country. Under these circumstances, would you? -Mark, Lake Worth, Florida

Of course, the basic motivator for us being in the Middle East at all is oil. Just let the oil run out and see how long we hang around. -David, Arvada, Colorado

Jack You betcha, it's all about the oil! Plenty of countries have tyrants but you don't see us running off to those countries to overthrow their government. We as Americans need to be truthful with ourselves or risk becoming victims of our own lies. -Mustafa

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Monday, June 11, 2007
Cafferty: Powell's Position?
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How would Colin Powell best be able to serve his country?
Tell the truth about how we were lied into this war and how the administration manipulated the media and the public. If he came clean, then maybe in the future an administration, whether Republican or Democratic, will not be able to manipulate and abuse power and start wars based on lies. -Michael, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jack, Colin Powell can best serve his country by being an ambassador-at-large. His knowledge of, and skills with, the international community are more than a match for what is currently sitting in Washington. We need more like him. -Richard, Larchmont, New York

Mr. Powell could best serve his country by being our next president. And that opinion is coming from a Democrat of long-standing. -William

Tell us the truth about what happened in the White House before the war. -Sidney, Hickory, North Carolina

Colin Powell showed his true colors when he sided with Bush against the Constitution. I wouldn't support Powell for dog catcher. -Rudy, Perry, Georgia

President Bush calls the Senate's no-confidence vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales "meaningless." Is it?
In George Bush's little mind it is meaningless. Unfortunately, that little mind is in control and the even smaller minds in Congress have no will, no intention and no guts to do anything about it. Therefore it will remain meaningless by default. -Dave, Huntington, New York

Yes, in my opinion it is a waste of time. Let's get on to more important things like immigration instead of "let's see who else in the present administration we can put pressure on." -Roger, San Antonio, Texas

President Bush says a "No Confidence" vote by Congress is "meaningless." Finally, he admits his true feelings about those of us who are non-loyal Bushie-ites. We are tired of his meandering Moses imitation, and can only hope for his recovery from a Paris Hilton-level denial of reality.
-Terry, Leesburg, Florida

Of course a "president" who is a lame duck and has an approval rating of 30 would say that. What this does do is put everyone on record prior to the 2008 election. Maybe our lonely White House resident can figure this out, I doubt it. Is it January 2009 yet? -Steve, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Senator Joe Lieberman says the U.S. should consider attacking Iran. Is he right?
Not now, the "cowboy way" has us already looking like an arrogant, pushy country. We must start with the U.N. and get the support needed to succeed in keeping America and all other countries safe. Unity works, unilateral moves get us in the mess we now have in Iraq! -Mary, Yorktown, Virginia

Of course attacking Iran should be up for consideration. You say violence isn't working well in Iraq? Last time I checked, diplomacy was working even worse with Iran. It's time to get in the game. -Jerry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I suspect his religion has much to do with his desire for Americans to attack Iran. If we do attack and they retaliate by going into Iraq, I suspect our military would help to arm them if we could not defeat them like we are doing with the Iraqi Sunnis. -William, Tempe, Arizona

Senator Liar-man is absolutely out of his mind. No we shouldn't attack Iran. Nor should we have permanent bases in Iraq. The troops should be brought home, and the U.S. out, to learn to mind its own business. -Lori, Columbus, Ohio
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