Friday, May 25, 2007
Cafferty: Minimum Wage Hike
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Is a $7.25 an hour minimum wage enough?

The question shouldn't be is $7.25 enough, the question should be "Should we even have a minimum wage at all?" I believe that the minimum wage artificially holds down wages in many sectors. Entry-level jobs, as well as all other jobs, should pay what the market will bear for them. --Garry, Moriarty, New Mexico

No, Jack, a minimum wage of $7.25 is not a fair wage. It is obscenely low. Annually, that's about $15,000, and that's below the poverty level, which is around $20,000 for a family of four. --Bernie, Binghamton, New York

Jack, $7.25 an hour is not enough. I only earn about $11.00 an hour, and I can just barely pay my bills. How about Congress gives themselves a pay cut? -- Shannon, Scarborough, Maine

If Iraq asks U.S. troops to leave, should we just pick up and go?

Wait a minute! The president now says if the Iraqis ask us to leave, we'll leave? Just like that? What about all those times he told us that if we left Iraq, the terrorists would follow us home? Was he just lying to us? --Ed, Port Aransas, Texas

If Iraq asks us to leave, how can we say anything but yes? What are the options? "No thanks, we haven't got the oil yet"? --J.R., Olympia, Washington

If asked to leave we should immediately move our troops to the Iran-Iraq border. That way we won't have to go to the expense of moving our troops into Iran all the way from the U.S. when Bush decides we are going to strike the Iranians. --Mark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you run into your congressperson over Memorial Day, what would you like to say to him or her?

Jack, I think all U.S. citizens need to ask our congressman or congresswoman, when they're going to do the job that we elected them to do. They need to stop paying attention to lobbyists, big corporations and illegal aliens. They need to get our troops out of Iraq. I'd like to ask questions about all these things, but then I'd have to listen to their answers. --Barbara, Middletown, New York

I would tell my representative to pass the immigration bill as it is ASAP. As bad as it may be, more changes will likely make it worse. --Herb, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I would ask to use his American Express "black card" until gas prices drop. --Koshy, West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you have your resume up to date? --Bob, Liberty, Missouri
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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Cafferty: Pulling Pork
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Do you think Democrats duped voters this past November on the issue of pork?
The Democrats did more than dupe the voters with regard to pork. They also duped us on the lobby reform, the Iraq War, corruption, health care, immigration and anything else that might come up. They, like Bush, have reneged on all the promises they made before last November. --Andy, Sun Valley, Nevada

Duped implies lying. They're only guilty of being unrealistic and lacking some intelligence. Saying that they somehow duped us is giving them way too much credit. --Chris, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Face the facts, Democrats and Republicans both dupe the voters. The only answer is to vote for third-party candidates. It doesn't matter which one, they'll lose anyway. But, just think of the fear in the major parties if 20 percent of the vote went to "others". --Tom, Washington

Is Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul out of line giving fellow candidate Rudy Giuliani a reading assignment?

Ron Paul is absolutely right to give Giuliani a reading list. Giuliani's reaction in the debate was the worst example of demagoguery yet in this presidential campaign. --Brent, California

I was actually somewhat impressed with Giuliani until the second debate and his exchange with Congressman Paul. It's obvious Rudy Giuliani doesn't have a good understanding of history. Those who don't learn those lessons from the past are doomed to repeat them. Scratch him off the list. Next! --Robert, Houston, Texas

No, Dr. Paul is not out of line. Rudy Giuliani has no foreign policy experience aside from attending a Yankees-Blue Jays baseball game. If he wishes to be given serious consideration as a presidential candidate he has to have more to run on than repeatedly pointing out that he was in New York City on September 11, 2001. --Dann, Vancouver, British Columbia

Are human rights around the world being threatened by so-called "politics of fear"?

All these "human rights" groups have one thing in common. Anti-Americanism! How often did you hear them complain about Saddam's 300,000 mass graves in Iraq? -- Chuck, McCaysville, Georgia

Islamic revolutionaries, those we call terrorists, have, and continue to violate human rights on a massive scale around the world. Groups like Amnesty International are helping mask the human rights violations of the extremists. It is important to remember it takes two sides to make war. --Roxie, Dilworth, Minnesota

We are less and less of a democracy every day. Bush is always talking about the message that we are sending to our troops and to the rest of the world. The greatest democracy in the world is sending the message that democracy is no longer alive and well in the United States. --Judith
Evansville, Indiana

I'm sorry. I'm afraid to answer this question. --Bob, U.S. Virgin Islands
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Cafferty: Better Left Unsaid?
Is it right for ABC News to report on secret U.S. efforts to destabilize the Iranian government?

The real question should be: why does this administration have such a problem with classified information being leaked to the press? It seems like the press has a fly on the wall at these meetings in the oval office. --Dan, Massapequa, New York

Yes, it's appropriate. It's the job of the media to let the public know in an unbiased way just exactly what's going on. I only wish the media had taken their job seriously enough to report on the intelligence twisting in which the Bush Administration engaged prior to the build-up for the nonsensical and ill-advised Iraq invasion. --Franc, New York

Is it right to have secret US efforts to destabilize any country? Jack, I am at the point of wanting to know what this administration is up to more than what Iran is up to. The foreign policy efforts and strides of the twentieth century have been completely dismantled in seven years. --Puddy, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Is it appropriate for the president to declassify intelligence at a commencement address?

The only reason that Bush is using this tactic is because the war in Iraq is his failure. And, as usual Bush will use fear mongering in order to gain support for his failed policies. --Mike, Riverside, Ohio

Of course it is not appropriate to declassify for convenience. So when has Bush thought of what is appropriate for this country? --VM, Sunrise, Florida

If appropriate is defined by the president, I'm sure he can discuss anything he wants at any time. If by anyone else? Not appropriate. --Bud, Rogers, Arkansas

Do you think there's been any "funny business" when it comes to rising gas prices?

Funny business? Do you see me laughing? --Justin, San Marcos, Calif.

Nothing about this highway robbery is funny. When I hear my local TV station tell me that gas moving from $3.10 to $3.50 per gallon is solely based on "supply & demand" I want to throw up. When do we get the truth about what Bush is allowing these thieving pigs to do to us? --John, Columbus, Ohio

Of course not, big oil companies have always been fair in their pricing. Just like last year they broke even and didn't have record profits. If the oil companies have to schedule maintenance and conduct refinery repairs, it needs to be done during our busy driving season and not during the winter. --Martin, Chesapeake, Virginia

Yeah Jack. I'm laughing so hard at this funny business I've got tears rolling down my face. It's really going to get funny when the 2nd quarter profit numbers come out in early July. I'll be laughing so hard I won't be able to contain myself. --Dan, Syracuse, New York
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Cafferty: Immigrant Nation
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Dems drop the ball?

If you had the Senate floor, what amendment would you make to the immigration bill?
All immigrants must be able to communicate (speak, read, write) in English. --Brenda, Springfield, Virginia

The first thing would be to immediately cut all federal assistance to cities whose mayors declare themselves "sanctuary" cities and immediately take away tax exemptions from all churches, including the Catholic church, who commit treason to the United States by flaunting U.S. laws in order to protect illegal aliens. --Laura, Niles, Michigan

All immigrants, age 18 to 45, would have to serve two 15-month tours of duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. --Kirk, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Did the Democrats drop the ball by backing down on a deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq?
Yes, they blinked and that is definitely not what we paid them to do. The American people let us know in November that they are disgusted with this war and want our troops out. --Pat, Naperville, Illinois

Two issues drove me to vote Democratic last year: the war in Iraq and illegal immigration. The Democrats have given in to both issues and have lost my support in the future. God, to have a strong third political party! --James, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Did anyone in his or her right mind think that the congress would not drop the ball? Obviously there is not enough support to override a threatened veto. --Steve, Apollo Beach, Florida

What can be done to improve the United States' trade deficit with China?

Stop buying knick-knacks at Wal-mart. Once we realize the Chinese are using the dollar thus earned to buy up and do joint ventures on oil and gas around the world, it might sink in that this is more complicated than saving a couple of bucks here and there. -- Peter, Manitou Springs, Colorado

We might try stopping trade with China for a year or so and label everything that comes here from China: "Made in Communist China." Maybe that will remind us of what we have been going to war over for the past 100 years in the name of Democracy. --Thom, Negaunee, Michigan
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The Situation Online: Tuesday, May 22
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Monday, May 21, 2007
Cafferty: Problems with Pakistan
Is the U.S. making a mistake by continuing its current relationship with Pakistan?
It is amazing how the U.S. continues to use the carrot-and-stick policy with Pakistan which was nearly declared a rogue state before September 11. What has Pakistan delivered so far? Some low-level Al Qaeda terrorists. It is an open secret that the biggie Osama is in Pakistan. What is stopping General Musharraf from handing him over? I'll tell you what. The moment Osama is handed over to the U.S., the U.S. will stop all aid. --Devasish

We need to have relationships with all of the countries of the world, including Iran and Syria. We certainly need to ask Pakistan to be more vigilant concerning the lawlessness and their leaky borders. But we must first attend to our own leaky borders and ports. I'm much more concerned with our own backyard, --Rosemary, Groton, Connecticut

It sounds like the relationship with Pakistan is managed much the same as any government contractor. Although no product is being provided to the government, payments are still being made for the "work". I think it's a major mistake to deal with countries that have known terrorist sympathizers throughout all levels of their infrastructure from government, to military to police. Jimmy Carter is right. --Gregg, Richmond, Virginia

Why is the Bush administration suddenly taking a second look at the Iraq Study Group report?
Are they really? They may be pretending to, but I don't believe it. Their agenda is not what they claim. They don't care if we are winning or losing as long as the war profiteers are making money. For this to happen, they need continuous war. --Linda, Brisbee, Arizona

Second look? It is obvious they are just getting around to reading it for the first time. Until now, the only information they knew about was what they heard on CNN. --Chuck, Montoursville, Pennsylvania

By delaying action on the report's recommendations Bush can deny bowing to anyone opposed to his own agenda and claim the action as his own. --David, Spring, Texas

What should top the congressional "to-do list" this week ahead of Memorial Day recess?
Impeachment would be nice, but since that isn't likely to happen, let's fund our wonderful troops for a while, without giving away the store. --K.P., San Francisco, California

You have to think like a U.S. congressman on this one, so the top of the list of things to do will be figure out a way to go home a few days early. --Dave, Pennsylvania

Would impeaching Bush and Cheney be too much to ask? --Darren, Trenton, Michigan
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