Thursday, May 17, 2007
Cafferty: Should Gonzales go?
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In light of recent revelations, will Alberto Gonzales be able to hold onto his job as Attorney General?
If President Bush continues to tell us how much he supports Alberto Gonzales, then Alberto had best start packing his bags. -Albert, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Congress should stand up to its constitutional obligations to 'check and balance' the executive branch and impeach Gonzales, Cheney, and Bush. -Thomas, Silverdale, Washington

It is obvious from the testimony regarding what happened with the hospitalized Ashcroft that Gonzales never got a grip on that job in the first place. He thought he was appointed to aid and abet the White House campaign of subverting constitutional guarantees. Not since Nixon have we seen so many flunkies falling all over themselves to sell out America. -Tom, Wilton, Maine

He will hold on to his job as long as he keeps his mouth shut and continues not to remember anything. But he better be real careful. -Laura, Niles, Michigan

Is there any reason to believe that this latest immigration law will be any more effective than the laws that have been ignored by the government for years?
There should be benchmarks for our government to meet before any provisions in the immigration bill kick in! -Tom, Jefferson City, Missouri

Jack, I simply do not understand why this Congress seems to ignore the wishes of the American people. NO ONE I know or have spoken to is in favor of allowing the invasion of illegal aliens.
-Susan, Atlantic Beach, Florida

Jack, The laws you say are on the books are meaningless because they are unenforceable. To solve the problem we need to bring the illegals out of the shadows, secure the borders, penalize employers who cheat and greatly expand legal immigration at the top and bottom of the employment scale. This compromise does at least some of that. -Alan, Newark, Delaware

Once again the Senate has betrayed the interest and the will of the loyal, patriotic, law-abiding citizens of the U.S by passing a "bi-partisan" law giving amnesty to millions of aliens who are living here illegally. The lawmakers are bought and paid for by special interests, and they do not care what they are doing to the electorate. It will be interesting to see what the next election does to alter the numbers of the partisans in the Senate. I know whom I will not be supporting.
-Tom, Temple, Texas

Do Americans get enough vacation time?
I want the Iraqi parliament vacation plan. Two months paid vacation while the country collapses around them. -Don, Palm Springs, California

Jack, if I gave my employees paid vacations or health insurance or paid them anything more than minimum wage, I wouldn't be a multi-millionaire, and that is absolutely un-American!-Ken, Richland, Washington

Coming from Canada, I have to say the U.S. does not get enough vacation time! It's almost frowned upon to take time off and it certainly does not feel as though it is encouraged.-Rebecca, Phoenix, Arizona

As a Canadian citizen and U.S. resident, I can't understand why this country has so many federal holidays that are holidays only for the government. If government employees can have the day off with pay so should we all. -Rob, Oak Park, Michigan
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The Situation Online: Thursday, May 17
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Cafferty: Flags & fallen troops
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Should governors be allowed to order flags lowered to honor fallen U.S. troops?
Jack, They shouldn't need to. Whenever a serviceman (or woman) falls in the line of duty, the country as a whole should recognize their sacrifice. It should not fall upon a governor to remember a citizen of his State- it should fall on all of us to remember a soldier of our nation. 3,401 American men and women have fallen now in this war; we should have lowered our hearts, brows, and flags for every single one of them. -Dave, Timonium, Maryland

Yes. Seeing flags flying at half-staff reminds all of us of the loss of the men and women who fell and the sacrifices of their families and communities. It should also remind us collectively of the rapidly diminishing readiness of our active service military and National Guard. -Mary, Daly City, California

What is our country coming to when governors have to order flags to fly at half-staff? Jack, is your flag outside your house at half-staff already? Mine is every day we are in Iraq! -Bobby, Daytona Beach, Florida

Jack, All flags should be at half staff till this war is over...a constant reminder, every day, that someone's son has died that day. Sadly, it's an every day reality which ALL Americans should face. -Dave, Mansfield, Ohio

What message does it send when the mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania wins both the Republican and Democratic primaries?
Mayor Barletta's two-party primary win sends the message that if he ran for president, he'd be a shoo-in! Way to go, Mr. Mayor! -Marilyn, Baltimore, Maryland

Municipal anti-immigration laws are a snare and a delusion. The costs of litigating the cases that arise will swallow any municipal budget many times over. There has to be another way or ways. -Tom, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It's about time we have some political consensus in this nation! Kudos to that town in PA. -Ariel, Las Vegas

I'd say he must be doing a damn good job and that the residents appreciate his stance on the illegal alien situation. I know I do and I am seriously thinking of moving to Hazleton. -Linda, Lake Worth, Florida

Jack, it is so simple, He has been listening to the people! -Bob

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says Iran should be attacked before it gets nuclear weapons. Is he right?
If it wasn't for Iraq then it's a no-brainer, 100% definitely attack Iran. If Bush handled Iraq better the whole world would be on board militarily and wouldn't be so skittish about Iran. We still have no choice but to attack Iran because no matter how bad the results of that action will be, the results of inaction will be far worse in the future. -Jeff, Skillman, New Jersey

We need peace not war. Iraq is a mess. Osama Bin Laden is still out there, and too many good men and women have died because we can't find leaders that will think of the consequences before acting. I pray we do not go down that road. -Bonnie, Arnold, Maryland

Jack, John Bolton should be attacked before he has another dangerously stupid and destructive thought! Are these people simply incapable of learning from their mistakes? -Richard, Hornell, New York

Jack, Are you kidding me? We are currently under-manned, under-supplied and severely fatigued. No intelligent administration would, so we probably will. -William, Vidor, Texas

This, of course, is why Bolton is our former Ambassador to the U.N. -Paul

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Cafferty: Cure for road rage?
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What's the cure for road rage?
A good start would be to require those over the age of 55 to retake a driver's test. Majority of the time I get frustrated while driving, it is because some ancient citizen can no longer handle driving a motor vehicle. -Casey, Hubbell, Michigan

That's easy Jack! Price gas so high that no one can afford to drive anymore...No wait! They did that and it ain't working either! -Gerald, Blackwater, Missouri

Jack, After over 50 years of driving, it's clear to me that as long as people don't suffer significant penalties for road rage incidents, they will continue to take their life's frustrations out on anonymous strangers. 30 days in the local jail for a first offense would eliminate most such behavior fast. -Dick

We need to have a way to end the anger 90% of our citizens feel. It shows up when some jerk cuts you off, or pulls in front of you and slows down to 25 in a 40 MPH zone. Maybe we should give everybody a mental test when they apply for a driver's license. -Ed, Phoenix, Arizona

The first thing not to do is confront the psycho. Call their license plate number in to law enforcement, if at all possible. If they're following you, don't go home. Go to the police station.
-Teresa, Auburndale, Florida

Two words: public transportation -F.

Who do you think is best prepared for a natural disaster: your family, local emergency agencies or the federal government?
I believe our local agencies are best prepared with the experience and equipment. After Bush as governor, we have plenty of equipment and because this is Florida, plenty of experience. What's bad is several federal agencies are trying to give directions to work they know little about. You listen to them because they've got all the funds. -Bill, Leesburg, Florida

I have no plans to count on my government, federal or local for anything...My family and I have worked out our own emergency plans and in Texas that includes evacuation plans, food, water and bullets. -Jake, Flower Mound, Texas

No matter how ready someone is, no one is ever fully ready. A disaster is something you can prepare for but not control. That is why they call it a disaster. -William, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Jack, The question is an easy one to answer. If we look at the past, it is simple: we can only rely on ourselves. -Merrill, Redding, California

If the U.S. leaves, will Iraq become a "terrorist Disneyland"?
To put it simply, Iraq already is a "terrorist Disneyland". Leaving Iraq now is simply cutting our losses. Iraqi civil war is the problem of the Iraqi people, not the American people. -William, Indianapolis, Indiana

No. And they won't follow us home, either. Before the U.S. invaded Iraq, terrorism was not a problem in Iraq... It will not become a "terrorist Disneyland" if our troops leave because the Iraqis don't want them in their country anymore than we want them in our country. The Iraqis will fight 'em there so we don't have to fight 'em here. -Jenny, Nanuet, New York

I suspect that when the U.S. leaves Iran will take over the region and probably kick al Qaeda out of Iraq. It will probably turn out like Vietnam after the U.S. pulled out. -Charles, St. Ann., Missouri
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The Situation Online: Moore vs. Thompson, GOP debates
Moore and Thompson face off
Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has a new target: former Senator and possible presidential candidate Fred Thompson. Click here to read the letter Moore sent to Thompson challenging him to a debate over health care, the subject of Moore's new film "Sicko." Thompson had criticized Moore's recent trip to Cuba, which Moore made for his documentary. After reading the letter, Thompson was quick to retaliate with an online video rebuffing Moore and suggesting he "oughta think about" a mental institution.

McCain's online spin room
As Republican presidential candidates get ready for tonight's debate in South Carolina, their campaigns are also getting ready for the post-debate spin. In Sen. John McCain's case, he wants to take the spin room online. Recognizing the power of the Internet, his campaign is asking supporters to bombard conservative blogs with pro-McCain comments both during and after the debate.

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The Situation Online: Tuesday, May 15
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Sarkozy makes waves

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Monday, May 14, 2007
Cafferty: The Bill Clinton factor?
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How big a role should former President Bill Clinton play in his wife's presidential campaign?
Many of Hill's critics believe she can't stand on her own. The entry of her hovering husband in a principal role in her campaign would only exacerbate that belief. -Chet, San Antonio, Texas

If Hillary is smart she will allow Bill Clinton to help her campaign anyway he can. He gets more and more popular as time goes on and people trust him. -Kim, Orlando, Florida

From the looks of her "sluggish" campaign and boring dance on the head of a pin when pressed for answers, he should put on her dress and campaign for her. -Florence, Las Vegas, Nevada

After the Bush's tryst with Halliburton and the whole Iraq mess, Bill Clinton's tryst with Monica is a very minor detail from the past. Let him do all the campaigning he wants for his wife. At least with this couple we know what we are getting for our vote. -Raymond, Dallas, Texas

Bill Clinton might be the world's greatest campaign strategist and fund-raiser. Whatever his drawbacks, he knows how to win an election. -George, Chicago, Illinois

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she sees no new Cold War with Russia. Is she right?
Jack, I sincerely hope she is right for a change. The problem is that this bunch does not ever foresee anything. Everything surprises them. They were surprised on 9/11, the insurgency, the strength of the insurgency, Katrina, the levees, etc., etc. -Sandra, Texas

Do we remember how we felt in the U.S. when the USSR placed missiles in Cuba? Kennedy successfully had the USSR remove them. Why should the USSR accept and/or feel comfortable with missiles on their borders in the Eastern European nations? Many EU nations also oppose this move by the U.S. As for Bush's diplomacy, Bush rates a great, big "0"! -Wilma, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Secretary Rice is right that there is no new Cold War with Russia, but she is wrong that there is no new Cold War. The so-called "war on terror," like the "Cold War", is a convenient semantic tool that enables the government to instill fear into its people. While Putin is not the enemy, there certainly is a new Cold War. -Dave, Washington, D.C.

I'm not sure you can call it a Cold War, but every time Cheney opens his mouth I expect him to take off his shoe and pound the table! -Donna, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

What success would a third party presidential ticket of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Chuck Hagel have?
I like the idea...but, before it becomes a success, it has to become a possibility. Not too sure if America can handle another possibility right now, given that we already have a female, a black male, and a socially liberal republican running for president. -Jolly, Atlanta, Georgia

None! See Ralph Nader and his third party effort. How else did we end up with the current idiot in office? -Drew, Fairfax, Virginia

That would be a dynamite ticket. Both men are public servants with a distinguished record. It would also serve notice to both mainstream parties that we're disgusted with them. -Bob, Davidsonville, Maryland

Wow! What a breath of fresh air! Our political system is about as inbred as some endangered species, such as cheetahs. Introducing some new material might mean the difference between ... well, extinction, mere survival, and winning the prize. -Meredith, Charlotte, North Carolina
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