Friday, May 11, 2007
Cafferty: 'Til death do us part
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Why do you think the divorce rate in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in more than 30 years?
Why is it down? Because the real estate market is down... not a very good time for someone to ask for their half of the house to be liquidated. -Mike, Needham, Massachusetts

Couples see no need to get married. It is cheaper to live together. Remember "It is better to be single, than to have to wish you were." Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
-R., Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

People simply can't afford to get a divorce so they stay married for financial reasons long after "the love is gone." -Sarah, San Diego, California

It has declined because people have realized after the 3 or 4 marriages and divisions of property that they have been through since the 1980s, they can't afford to get a divorce in this bad economy and just resign themselves to riding the horse they have. -Florene, Shreveport, Louisiana

I can't speak for those couples who have been married for only a few short years, but I know for my husband and me, after 32 years, we are too tired to even fight over the petty things we used to fight over, much less consider divorce. That would require energy and maybe everyone else out there is as lazy as we are. -Lynn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jack, married couples are staying home dancing closely together to the beat of the Situation Room theme song! -Bobby, Daytona Beach, Florida

What does it mean if General Petraeus needs to remind U.S troops in Iraq to fight by the rules?
It's simply another indicator of how weak our society has become. Back in WWII we did whatever it took to win. Now, we are so preoccupied with being "nice" and "politically correct" that it is costing us American lives and hurting our chances at victory. The concept is easy: Torture should be practiced if it will save American lives. -Joseph, Tampa, Florida

It means that the generals in Iraq before were all so politically loyal to Cheney and the "torture is a no-brainer" mantra that torture has become a "no-brainer." This is a top-down thing.

It means that they are getting sick and tired of playing by the rules and getting blown up! Plain and simple. The insurgents know that for the most part, the U.S. military will always take the moral high ground and that can make them easy targets. -Aric, Bountiful, Utah

It means he is naive to think that the population of our enemies is ever going to side with us over those who kill innocent civilians as a matter of course. -Mike, Falls Church, Virginia

Do the cars presidential candidates drive tell you anything about them?
Sure their cars tell you a lot about them. A lot of them apparently feel "if you've got it, flaunt it"; the automobile in the States has always been a status symbol. -Patricia, Good Hope, Illinois

Why so disparaging to Giuliani's comment about not driving? I live in Manhattan and only drive when I go to visit my parents in the suburbs. Parking is $400 a month here and although Giuliani could afford it he can also afford cabs. -Will, New York

Jack, this is simple. Biden's '67 vette shows class, and appreciation of an American tradition.
-Jack, Hillsboro, Oregon

Jack, It tells me these folks need: '05 Jeep Liberty, one owner, clean, low miles, like new, below KBB, must see. -Bobby, Stockton, California
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The Situation Online: Friday, May 11
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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Cafferty: Who has a say on Iraq?
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Who should ultimately decide how long U.S. troops stay in Iraq?
Jack, Didn't the American people decide how long U.S. troops should be in Iraq last November?
-Bruce, Pullman, Washington

If the parliament in Iraq votes to ask us to go home, we should get our people back here as fast as we went there. -Bob, Sitka, Alaska

Who should ultimately decide how long U.S. troops stay in Iraq? It is Bush's war... For credit or blame, so Bush gets to decide. If you guys in the media would start referring to it as "Bush's war," it might end sooner. -Alexander, New York

It's obviously not the people of either democratic country as 60-70% of Americans and Iraqis desire U.S. troops return home. That leaves the wildly unpopular decision makers in both countries in charge. When's the next election? -Alan, San Angelo, Texas

In the absence of enforcement of the nation's immigration laws by the federal government, is Oklahoma right to crack down on its own?
Somebody has to take the lead in addressing this issue with legislation. Even if the laws are overturned by the Supreme Court, these actions force a dialogue, as well as being an earnest attempt to actually address the issue in a practical manner. -Eric, St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations to Oklahoma for having the courage and intelligence to deal with illegal immigration. It is what it is: "illegal." It doesn't take brains to deal with this, just simply guts. Are you listening Ottawa and Washington? Open borders are a danger to everyone and they threaten the safety and security of everyone. -Guy, Ontario

Yes, yes. Finally, a ray of hope in a sea of federal apathy. -Marie

Oklahoma is only doing what the federal government refuses to do. Enforce the laws. Every state in the union should follow Oklahoma's lead. -Evelyn, Spanish Fork, Utah

How long will the U.S. allow President Bush to dictate policy unilaterally on the war in Iraq?
The country already elected a Democratic Congress. I don't know what more we as a nation can do to express our want for change. I guess it is up to the president to decide whether or not he cares about the people who elected him. -Megan, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

No longer. Congress has finally tepidly stepped up to its constitutional obligation as an equal branch of government and is insisting that it be involved in the direction of the Iraq war.
-Tom, Easton, Pennsylvania

Congress is making noises but not progress. I do hope Congress realizes that every day that the U.S. stays in Iraq and our troops die, any hope of reelection is decreased. -Martin, Missoula, Montana

Jack, The American public will let the president do what he wants for as long as he wants. Now, if he started dictating the goings on of American Idol, then the American public would stand up and be outraged. -Michael, Atlanta, Georgia
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The Situation Online: Bloomberg's new site, MySpace town halls
Bloomberg 2008?
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly said he's not running for President. So why did his personal Web site just get a serious makeover? Bloomberg used the site in 2001 and 2005 when he was running for Mayor, and now it's being used to tout his views on various national issues. Bloomberg says the new site is "the single place where people can go to find out what I've done not only in government, but in business and philanthropy as well." Bloomberg's office insists there's nothing else to it.

MySpace's 2008 town halls
Presidential Candidates have made tens of thousands of so-called "friends" on MySpace. They now hope to use MySpace's virtual town hall series as a way to turn those online friends into real-life voters. MySpace's 56 million potential voters can participate in the meetings by watching them through live streaming video and ask candidates questions via instant messages.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Cafferty: Hedge funds & poverty
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John Edwards says he worked for a hedge fund primarily to learn more about financial markets and their relationship to poverty. Do you see any contradiction there?
I see no contradiction. Why must politicians who say they care about poverty avoid opportunities to be well off themselves? History suggests the well off are often terrific advocates for the poor. John F. Kennedy was well off. Lyndon Johnson was well off. Over the past fifty years, they are probably the nation's most effective crusaders for the underprivileged.
-Marc, Brentwood, Tennessee

Dear Jack, My wife and I lived in Charlotte, N.C., when John Edwards was a political lightweight. It always seemed like there is only one person in John Edwards life. Everything is for John Edwards and the continuation of his rise to glory. Working for a hedge fund and then saying it was to learn about the poor… come on. -Butch

Finding out how a corporation is using the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes may require working for them. Or, earning lots of money in a hurry to run for president is within the law today. I give great male haircuts and don't charge $400. He wins some and loses some.
-Mariana, Granada Hills, California

I see nothing wrong with John Edwards working for a hedge fund. It's honest work, and given his financial situation, he could have easily not worked at all. -Bruce, Tallahassee, Florida

Is it worth spending 10 years to defeat the insurgency in Iraq?
Insurgencies fail in nations that have strong identities. The Iraqis don't think of themselves as Iraqis, since the country was invented by the British 60 years ago. They think of themselves in relation to their religions and their "tribes". Whether we stay there 10 days, 10 years, or 100 years, there is no "winning" in Iraq. -Jim, Savannah, Georgia

There would be no insurgency in Iraq; your president put one there! President Bush created the ideal breeding ground for this insurgency to flourish! He created chaos and tore this country's government apart, period! You are now trying to contain a completely manufactured war!
-Brian, Ontario

Yes, of course it is worth staying in Iraq for 10 yrs. Are you kidding me? Why would we not want to stop the insurgency? This is of the utmost importance… There will always be terrorism but we need to send a strong message to that part of the world now before it's too late! -Lauri

Honestly, Jack, it hasn't been worth five years. -Rob, Niagara Falls, New York

Will ads featuring retired generals who say President Bush does not listen to commanders on the ground in Iraq have any effect on policy?
Bush didn't listen to them when they wore the uniform while commanding the military. Why would you think he would listen to them as civilians? Congress is busy debating war authorization like that will make a difference. Congress should debate censuring Mr. Bush; that is the only thing he will understand. -Doug, Bay City, Michigan

No. The generals should have voiced their true views while in uniform and they had something to risk. Now they are just revising history as it pertains to them, a self-serving move by those derelict in their duty to their country. -Bruce, North Potomac, Maryland

Jack, What do a bunch of retired career generals know? Now if you want to influence the White House get the opinion of a few swift boat skippers. -Fred, Vonore, Tennessee

The Bush administration hasn't listened to *anyone* so far. Why would this make any difference? -Steve
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The Situation Online: Interactive Web zoo, Sarkozy's yacht

A paparazzi photo shows French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy vacationing on a rented yacht.

Sarkozy makes waves
France's president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy is drawing sharp criticism for taking a luxurious post-election Mediterranean getaway before he assumes office on May 16. Click here to view the 200-foot yacht Sarkozy and his family sailed on during their three day vacation. The yacht rents for over $250,000 a week and is equipped with everything with scuba equipment to a karaoke machine. Sarkozy says he will not apologize for taking a rest before he takes office.

"Encyclopedia of Life"
Some of the world's top scientists are embarking on one of the most ambitious Internet projects ever. They are creating a massive, interactive database of the 1.8 million named species on the planet. Called the "Encyclopedia of Life," the free database will provide interactive information on everything from the Yeti Crab to the Death Cap Mushroom. The entire encyclopedia should be complete within 10 years.

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The Situation Online: Wednesday, May 9
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Fred Thompson: Blogger
Senator Googles Iraq
Kucinich conquers YouTube?

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Cafferty: Giuliani & abortion
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How much of a problem is it for Rudy Giuliani that he contributed to Planned Parenthood and at the same time says he opposes abortion?
Planned Parenthood counsels young women regarding pregnancy, STDs, and birth control. Donating to Planned Parenthood does not mean we are donating to abortion but possibly avoiding an unwanted pregnancy by teaching birth control and avoiding STDs through education. -Lori, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Dear Jack, Most Americans who support Roe v. Wade would not want a family member to have an abortion, but feel any woman should have the right to choose for themselves. Unfortunately, the vast majority in the Republican Party believe you should never take a life, unless it's an Iraqi. -Dave, Florida

The only thing that matters to Republican voters is whether or not Rudy can beat Hillary. As long as he holds his lead over her in a head to head match-up, Republican voters will forgive Rudy anything. -David, Athens, Texas

Jack, Giuliani cannot have it both ways. There is nothing like half pregnant. The mayor is playing politics with his position on abortion and all Republicans can see his wavering position and I am sure they will let him know their feelings in the primaries. -Baskar, Roswell, Georgia

Rudy Giuliani is a politician. He is entitled to a personal view and belief, while being politically expedient. When running for mayor of a major Northeastern city or state, you must be open to pro-choice, and gay rights to win. It is not shocking when these same candidates want to run on a national stage that they alter their views for the more socially conservative South and Mountain states. The days of being able to say things in one geographical area and another elsewhere are over with 24-hour cable news. -Sam, Rockledge, Florida

Should Americans be allowed to buy prescription drugs from abroad?
If we cannot protect the U.S. food supply and there are billions of dollars in counterfeit movies, hand bags and everything else out there, how in the world can we have any chance of assuring safety of drugs that come from abroad? I understand the idea that this may be helping the U.S. drug makers, but if a person is ill, the last thing they need is fake drugs. -Orville

Oh, please. How much more painfully obvious could it be? This administration doesn't give a damn about the safety or non-safety of imported drugs, and they sure don't give a damn about the American citizens. We import nearly all our food from China and we're being poisoned by it. But does our government leap into action? Oh, hell no. -Martin, Montrose, Iowa

How come captialism/competition is only the cry of the corporations when it benefits them instead of when it benefits both them and the consumer? -Jeanne, Laguna Woods, California

Of course we should be allowed to import drugs. If we can import food from all over the world without inspections why not drugs? We are evidently eating melamine and nobody in Congress cares. Think of the pet food old folks are forced to eat while trying to buy their meds. -Gayle, Cave City, Kentucky

Why would President Bush continue to support Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank when the bank has found him guilty of ethics violations?
You can use this for all situations where a Bush appointee gets into trouble: George Bush will support that person because he does not know anyone else that is in his closed little circle he can trust e.g. Harriet Miers, Gonzales, etc., etc. Who would he recommend to be his replacement?
-Ray, Los Angeles, California

He supports everyone who knows where the bodies are buried. -Lyn, Red Bank, New Jersey

Jack, Of course he continues to support Wolfowitz. Bush doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase "ethical behavior"... look at his legacy over the past six years after promising to restore decency to the office of the presidency. -Mike, Etters, Pennsylvania

Because Bush values "loyalty" above God, country, and common sense. Also, I bet Wolfowitz has a book in him, much like Tenet, that the Bushies would like to avoid dealing with. They can't all meet convenient ends like Kenny Lay. -Kate, Spearfish, South Dakota
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The Situation Online: Tuesday, May 8
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Senator Googles Iraq
Kucinich conquers YouTube?
Obama's MySpace takeover

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Cafferty: Move troops to Afghanistan?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Obama's tough love?.

Two Democratic presidential hopefuls suggest moving U.S. troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Is that a good idea?
Jack, I think the two Democrats' idea of re-positioning our troops to Afghanistan to fight the war we should've fought to begin with is the only way we can leave Iraq without having to declare it a defeat. I'm surprised that the Republicans haven't considered it. -Neil, Los Angeles, California

I do agree that we need more troops in Afghanistan. We should have concentrated on that country, in addition to places like the Philippines and Somalia and even Darfur, instead of Iraq. Sure, Saddam was a thorn in our side, but he wasn't going to bother us or try to impede our actions in the War on Terror. -Seth, Long Beach, California

Yes, Jack, but it's about 5 years too late. We should have taken all military resources available to us after 9/11 and sent them to Afghanistan to take care of the real threat instead of creating more threats from the occupation of Iraq. -Neil, Durham, New Hampshire

At least it's an idea that has some merit! From the most recent news from Afghanistan, it certainly sounds like it is going the way of Iraq, so if we don't want the Taliban ruling the world, let's send troops there... but let's try to get some help from some of the other nations. -
Nancy, Silver Spring, Maryland

How will France's election of a pro-American president affect U.S. relations with Europe?
It is obvious that the French haven't been following the news to see what happened to Blair for going along with the U.S. He will not last long. -Gloria

Frankly, I don't care. Actually it's probably a good thing. The only thing that will really improve U.S. relations with anybody is 12 noon January 20, 2009. -Jon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sarkozy seems to be pro-Bush, not pro-American. That could prove to be very bad for us and the rest of the world. -Jim

I'm glad to see Sarkozy as president of the French Republic. I'm thinking he'll bring France closer to Israel and the USA, given what he's said in the past, which will be good for all of our nations. -Phil, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When it comes down to it, would American voters elect another Republican president before they would elect a woman or a black?
Jack, I'm a conservative Democrat. I would vote for Hillary unless Obama is on the ticket in which case even if the idiot we have now was running for another term I'd vote Republican. Hope I've answered your question. I'm a white male, 59 years old, originally from LA, living in Florida. I'm not ready for Obama; he hasn't got the experience. Put Colin Powell on the ticket for president on the Republican ticket and as of today he'd get my vote. -Ed, Deltona, Florida

If Hillary or Obama win the primary, I will switch to a Republican no matter who it is.
-Helena, Clearwater, Florida

Jack, The fact that the question is even being asked is very telling. I am disappointed that we have not come any further than this. -Maggie, Wisconsin

Let's see. One hundred-thirty million votes were cast on American Idol last week. Fear Factor, which I have never seen, remains one of the favorite television shows in America. A cowboy from Texas was elected twice to the highest office in the land, and the intellectual programming on PBS continues to beg for money. Will America elect an intelligent woman, or a highly qualified black as president? You make the call. I think this time Mickey Mouse finally has a shot. -Carol, Atlanta, Georgia

Jack, I would vote for anything that can move before I vote for another Republican president and that is coming from a guy who voted for Ronald Reagan both times and Bush, Sr. his first term. -Jim
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