Friday, April 27, 2007
Cafferty: "Common" Candidates?
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Do any of the presidential candidates have anything in common with the average American?
I read in Men's Vogue that before Obama signed his contract for "The Audacity of Hope,” he didn't make much money. My impression is that he has spent more of his life in the middle class. -Jon

Chill out, Jack. Of course presidential candidates fly on private planes. They are running for president for God's sake! -Donovan, Baltimore, Maryland

Both major political parties are worthless, stamped and owned by the lobbyists crawling around the halls of government. Only thing they have in common with most Americans is the air we breathe. -Tom, Hot Springs, South Dakota

Well, Jack, let's see... I'm a recently divorced, bankrupt, disabled woman on a fixed income who cuts her own hair to save money. Let me think about that for a day or two. -Cheryl, Denver, Colorado

No, but some of them used to, and they may understand the concept of "two Americas." -Danton, Hamilton, New Jersey

When I struggle to contribute $50 each time I can and think it takes 8 times to equate one single hair cut, my blood boils. -Lan, Miami, Florida

What does it mean when an active-duty Army officer accuses America’s generals of "repeating the mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq"?
What it does mean is that the level of frustration is so high, and dysfunction so rife, that this man is willing to risk his job to tell the American people. Bravo. -Mike, Boston, Massachusetts

Almost any Vietnam vet will acknowledge the fact that most generals didn't know what the hell was going on and they were listening to the jerks in Washington (Defense Secy. and others) and those that never served a day in a combat zone. Iraq is another Vietnam, like it or not. -Jesse, Valdosta, Georgia

It simply means he's fighting for what he believes in, freedom of speech. -Brenda, Canton, Ohio

The colonel is laying groundwork for the neocons and the White House to deny responsibility for the disaster of Iraq. Blame the generals. He can look forward to a promising political career. Who cares about a military career? -James, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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The Situation Online: Twitter, McCain ad, MIT dean
Political twittering
Barack Obama is doing it. John Edwards has been doing it since January. We're talking about Twitter, a new social networking site where users tell their friends what they're doing in short updates sent via text message, instant message, or though the Web. In his latest update Edwards tells his Twitter friends he's "Leaving event, spoke about ending the crisis in Darfur." Obama twitters that he's "Heading to the first presidential debate." Could the new tool could change the way political campaigns connect with voters?

McCain advertising to liberals?
Why is Republican Sen. John McCain advertising on the most widely read liberal blog, Daily Kos? That's the question many on the site are asking. Democrats logging on to the site last night to discuss the presidential debate were greeted by a large McCain banner ad supporting the war in Iraq. McCain's campaign tells CNN they didn't choose to advertise specifically on Daily Kos, but that their ads are distributed through Google's ad network and placed on a wide variety of Web sites.

Resume lies exposed
MIT's dean of admissions resigned on Thursday after the university discovered that she lied on her resume about her degrees and never even graduated from college. Marilee Jones has not only looked at thousands of resumes, but she had been a vocal advocate for honesty and transparency in the college admissions process. Jones had her own MIT blog where she dispensed admissions advice to parents and high school students. In previous posts, she writes that "often the message we send to young people is that they are not good enough as they are." In a statement on MIT's Web site, Jones says "she did not have the courage to correct her resume when she applied for her current job or at any time since" and is "deeply sorry."

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Cafferty: Message of a veto
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What message will President Bush send by vetoing the Iraq war funding bill?
Bush's message isn't new. It's the same one he's been sending everybody since his appointment to the presidency in 2000. We don't matter. His opinion is the only one that matters, no matter how wrong it is. -Ed, Phoenix, Arizona

President Bush's message is clear. He is not willing to even talk about when we might get out of Iraq. I am quite certain many Republicans in Congress will be willing to talk about this issue next year before the election. -Nick, Alameda, California

Who the hell does George Bush think he is working for? -A frustrated Republican in Louisiana

By vetoing the funding legislation, President Bush will be showing his contempt for the American people, Congress and the Constitution he swore to uphold. -Mark, Lee's Summit, Missouri

Bush is sending the message that he does not care about Americans or our interests. He does not support our troops or the American people. He essentially paid billions of dollars to have Americans die, inflame terrorism, and make the rest of the world hate us with his arrogant foreign policy. -Eric, Post Falls, Idaho

Should lawyer visits with detainees at Guantanamo prison be limited?
We should shut down Guantanamo, bring its prisoners and their lawyers to America and begin trials immediately to determine guilt of alleged crimes. Those found guilty should be imprisoned; others should be set free, although we have no doubt made them enemies meriting our fear.
-Van, Big Stone Gap, Virginia

We are dealing with an enemy different from any we have ever faced. These criminals sacrifice their children as suicide bombers, and behead kidnapped victims, joyously showing these gruesome events on tape. What is important to me is security for America. If this means depriving terrorists of some of the privileges of a free society, I am all for it. -Joseph, San Diego, California

Shouldn't this be about how we treat suspects and not stooping to the level of our opponents? Just the idea of Gitmo is so repugnant, that our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves. The America I grew up in and was so proud of, no longer exists. -Ron, San Francisco, California

Is a missile defense shield for Europe a good idea?
A missile defense shield for Europe is none of our business. Let the Europeans fund and build their shield. They don't like us anyway. They can also argue about the shield with their European friends, the Russians. We shouldn't worry about Europe when we can't even begin to protect our own borders. -Eugene, Myers Flat, California

The whole world should stand with Putin on this one. It's just another case of the insane Bush military cabal running amok. This madness has to stop. -Dan, Santa Barbara, California

No, we don't need a missile defense system in Europe. We need to get the rest of the missiles and nuclear material out of Russia before they sell it to terrorists on the black market. -Marilyn, Germantown, New York

Here we go again... the "Star Wars" of Ronald Reagan's era that cost us billions of dollars with no results is being revived again. Don't we ever learn anything from our past mistakes? Apparently not, when it comes to politics and big business. -Dean, Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Situation Online: Internet gambling ban
Battling the online gambling ban
Gambling on the Internet is now banned thanks to a bill passed last year by the Republican-controlled Congress. But Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) says the ban interferes with the personal freedom of Americans, and he wants the online gambling ban overturned.

Frank introduced legislation today that would regulate and license the Internet gambling industry, which could also mean big bucks for the government in terms of tax revenue. Last year's ban passed by an overwhelming margin in the House, and Frank acknowledges his legislation is an uphill battle.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Cafferty: 9/11 politics
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Will 9/11 politics help or hurt Rudy Giuliani in the presidential race?
Giuliani did not do such a great job on or before 9/11. Too many of NY's finest died because of politics. No money for equipment and antiquated equipment was the real causes for their deaths. With all of the money flowing out of Washington you'd think things would have changed in 5 years; they haven't. New wife looks good though. -Craig, Tampa, Florida

Rudy Giuliani was the most positively notable person associated with the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001; and this can only heighten his persona with the American public, despite his unpopular stance on some different social issues. -Darren, Trenton, Michigan

What else can you expect from someone who has pimped 9/11 for as much money as he could get? Now he is pimping 9/11 to appeal to the androids in the Republican Party who drool over such drivel. -Gerald, Sumter, South Carolina

Which party was in charge on 9/11 and had ignored the warnings months earlier? The Republicans! Who created the most bungled and expensive war ever? The Republicans! Who has destroyed our world standing and economy? The Republicans! Who do I feel I can trust with strengthening our democracy and protecting our country? The DEMOCRATS! Rudy is an idiot and won't ever get my vote! -Ann, Chicago, Illinois

Who gets too much, or too little, attention from Washington lawmakers?
Lobbyists and huge corporations get all the attention from Washington lawmakers and the hard working middle class that this country survives on gets the least. I'm a baby boomer and it's been this way for as long as I've been around and I don't see any changes coming in my lifetime.
-Cathy, West Fargo, North Dakota

The middle class gets too much attention... and unfortunately the wrong kind! Both the Democrats and Republicans are out to destroy us, and doing a very effective job! -Blaine, Seattle, Washington

Jack, fundamentalist evangelical Christians get way too much face time with politicians and unfortunately have far too much influence as well. -Woody, Gainesville, Florida

It would seem to me that the primary individuals ignored by those inside the beltway are any of those outside the beltway. How can "We the People" possibly expect any response or respect from this super-privileged, super-isolated, super-elite group of individuals who are mostly concerned with staying at the public money trough? -William

Should Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice be forced to testify about pre-war intelligence on Iraq?
Absolutely. Congress should have been issuing subpoenas when it became clear Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. It's well past time the Bush regime was held accountable. -Rian, Davis, California

Absolutely not. We all know the intelligence was flawed. It makes no difference who pushed what at this point. Instead of trying to point blame, we need to find a bipartisan resolution to the Iraq issue. -Brian

I don't think she knows much about pre-war intelligence on Iraq from the shape we are in now. If she does testify, what will we get? 72 I don't remembers or I don't recalls. Only have her testify if she is hooked up to a lie detector. -Randall, San Antonio, Texas

Secy. Rice has an important and busy job. She should answer questions in writing to any investigative committee. But, any personal appearance and the length of questioning should be abbreviated. Much of this is also political maneuvering. That garbage has to stop on both sides. -Jim (Special Forces Ret.)

Last time I looked, these people worked for us. Since when does the employer not have the right to ask the employees what they have been doing with the expense account? Subpoena them all.
-Kevin, Ocean Shores, Washington
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The Situation Online: Reality politics, NASA spacecraft launch

"Survivor" creator Mark Burnett is looking for contestants with presidential aspirations for his new reality show.

Political prime time
2008 presidential candidates may face some added competition thanks to a new reality show in the works. "Survivor" creator Mark Burnett is teaming up with social networking giant MySpace to launch "INDEPENDENT," a political reality show which could give one contestant the chance to make a run for the White House.

Into the Clouds

A NASA rocket carrying the AIM spacecraft has just launched from a jumbo jet flying 39,000 feet in the air. The spacecraft will spend two years studying mysterious ice clouds 50 miles above the Earth's surface on the edge of space. The clouds have grown brighter and more prevalent in recent years, and scientists are studying whether their behavior may be related to climate change.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Cafferty: W.H. investigating itself?
How many investigations of the Bush White House are enough?
Since the list of potential criminal and unconstitutional activities numbers in the hundreds for this administration, enough investigations is a big number. -Patrick, Cedar Park, Texas

I would suggest that we already have enough information to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and to convict them and remove them from office. More investigations are politically advantageous for Democrats (and I am one)... but these executive branch scoundrels need to be ousted, for the good of the country, to show that our Constitution still MEANS SOMETHING. It remains to be seen if my party in Washington will have the moral courage to follow these investigations to their logical, necessary conclusion. -Josh, Akron, Ohio

Easy answer, as many as their sleazy behavior "warrants." Let it rain subpoenas for the next two years! -Buddy, Urbana, Illinois

As many as it takes to expose the corruption and lies. -L.

You can't have enough investigations of the Bush administration. My only question is what took so long? These slimeballs have been destroying America for 6 years now. -Mike, Manor, Texas

Should Senator Hillary Clinton be comparing herself to escaped slave Harriet Tubman?
Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing in common with Harriet Tubman. But that won't stop Hillary's shameful pandering and embarrassing dialect changes. Remember page one of the Clinton political playbook, "Be everything to everybody." -John, South Charleston, W. Virginia

Lighten up on Senator Clinton "comparing" herself to Tubman. She is a real pioneer: the first woman who has a genuine shot at the presidency. -Judy, Myrtle Point, Oregon

No. And George Bush shouldn't compare himself to Reagan, Truman, or Lincoln (as he does). -Rocky, San Antonio, Texas

Hillary is obviously very full of herself and in no way can be or should be compared to Harriet Tubman. -Cheryl, Bedford, Indiana

What lessons can the public learn from the cases of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch?
It's an old lesson: No good deed goes unpunished. Sad but true. All those Ground Zero responders who have health problems and have to fight for health benefits… All those veterans who have to go through the civil service red tape. God help us. -Mike, New York

If you consider buying into lies "learning," then we can learn a lot from them. If you consider the truth learning, the government and military have nothing to offer. -Steve, Pennsylvania

President Bush has been so busy blaming the Democratic Congress for demoralizing our brave fighting men. How do you think finding out that we back home are getting nothing but lies from the Pentagon and Iraq affects our troops? -Patricia, Good Hope, Illinois

They are all heroic...They don't need any self-serving political hype. -Pete, Arkansas
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Monday, April 23, 2007
Cafferty: $4 at the pump?

How would $4-a-gallon gasoline affect you?
Jack, When are people from the East coast going to stop thinking the world revolves around them? It's almost $4 a gallon now in California. -Norm, Petaluma, California

Jack, Wait until the Iranians get their hands on Iraqi oil and you will be filling up at $10 a gallon. My home is solar energy and I grow my own food on the farm. Therefore I don’t care how high it goes. -James

My immediate reaction would be to attempt to reduce my driving. I lease an SUV and I would certainly not get another gas hog when this one is finished in 2008. -Bill, Arlington, Virginia
Wouldn't affect me at all. I walk and take public transit, so the price of gas can go through the roof for all I care. Maybe this is what it takes to get solo drivers out of their cars and onto public transit. But I doubt it. -Karen, California

Why would a town where every household is required to be armed have just two or three shooting deaths in 25 years?
If every household has a gun, every "bad guy" must ask himself: Do you feel lucky? -Marva, Beggs, Oklahoma

Deterence! "Gun-free-zones" are only a sign post for criminals to know where they will encounter the least resistance from the public and security. -Mike, Grove City, Ohio

We have thousands of communities here in Canada that have had only 'one or two shootings' in twenty years. None of them require people to have guns. All of our campuses are gun free and none have had an incident on the scale of Virginia Tech. Don't draw causal connections where they do not exist. -David

In the town you mentioned everybody knows that there are guns in the hands of the citizens. It would take a very stupid or crazy person to try to commit mass murder there. -Henry, Austin, Texas
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The Situation Online: The Sun in 3-D
Here Comes the Sun
NASA is today releasing the first-ever 3-D images of the Sun, hoping to better explain the solar eruptions that can disrupt satellites and power grids here on Earth. View the new 3-D images for yourself at NASA's web site (3-D glasses recommended).

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