Friday, April 13, 2007
Cafferty: Gone Missing
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When it comes to missing documents and the Bush White House, do you see some kind of pattern?
As an IT professional, I don't find the "We lost it" excuse very believable. If computer forensics can locate child pornographers and Mark Foley's IM history they can certainly find missing e-mails. If they can't, I wouldn't want to work for them. This sounds way too convenient. -Bill, Des Moines, Iowa

I definitely see a pattern, Jack. And I'm certain the missing e-mails are right next to the missing weapons of mass destruction. -Christopher

Yes, this looks very much "Nixonesque." Now, we just have to continue the story to its logical conclusion! -Brent, Denver, Colorado

Jack, I'd send you my response, but it'll probably be erased/lost/archived incorrectly. -Veronica, Raleigh, North Carolina

How about looking for the archival material Sandy Berger sneaked out while you are looking for all the White House e-mails? Maybe Sandy Berger has those e-mails. -Gretchen, Merritt Island, Florida

What does yesterday's bomb attack on the Iraqi parliament say about the U.S. "surge" plan?
It says that the troop surge isn't working. It says that all we have done is present more American targets for them to bomb and shoot at. It says we need a war czar with a pullout plan. -Bill, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Means Bush still has it all wrong. They never wanted us and every day there is a bomb going off it proves him wrong at the expense of our soldiers and their people. -R., Texas

The Iraqi government met in an emergency meeting today in order to show their defiance to Al Qaeda terrorists. We should stand with them in their fight. This is the right battle at the right time. -Bob, Lehigh Acres, Florida

If the Iraqi government has to govern behind locked gates, walls and armed guards, then it is not governing. The surge is a joke! -Victor

It says that the insurgents have their own "surge" plan that is working better than ours. -Bob, Fall River, Massachusetts

What does it mean when more Americans identify themselves as Independents, than as Democrats or Republicans?

It means that more and more Americans are finding it more and more embarrassing to be slimed by sharing a label with either of these two sets of useless self-serving hypocrites.-Dave, Pennsylvania

It means that America needs a strong third party. How can two parties represent such a diverse nation? America is not a democracy, it is a "duocracy": a two-party system that keeps each other in power. We need a change, and we need it now.-Ari, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I think that most voters are not sure which one of the two corrupt parties will steal the least amount of their tax dollars.- Jimmy, Virginia

Jack it does not matter that people say they are Independent-minded. As a registered (I), I challenge them to register that way. -Darryl, Pennsylvania
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The Situation Online: Right-wing web
Right-wing web
Is YouTube too liberal? That's what the people behind a new conservative video-sharing web site say. The founders of QubeTV tell CNN that there are not enough right-leaning voices on YouTube, and they wanted to build their own user-generated web site for conservatives by conservatives. QubeTV is not the first conservative take on a popular Web site. Last November, Conservapedia launched as a conservative version of Wikipedia.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Cafferty: Arnold & "tree huggers"
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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says California is making environmentalists sexy and mainstream, not tree huggers and weird fanatics. Do you agree?
I don't care. I want our technology and can't wait to get it. I'm excited about quiet cars that don't poison me, pulp mills that don't poison me and a country that would rebuild the South with at least one solar cell. Also, I like Arnold and he's married to a pretty Kennedy. -Bob

Women are sexualized enough in our society as it is. Let's try making environmentalism appealing to people by showing them data, truth, and science instead of sex. Let's stop using our bodies, and start using our voices to get our messages heard. -Marilee, Radford, Virginia

Actually, most people (particularly the young) have such a short attention span for most pertinent issues, it makes good sense to make environmentalism "trendy." The danger is that the trend may produce T-shirts, bumper stickers and posters which will one day choke a landfill somewhere, and it probably won't be in California. -Ralph, Rochester, N.Y.

At least someone in a position of power is willing to do something regarding this issue. Sexy or not, it's good to have an environmentalist heading the 7th largest economy in the world. The rest of your apathetic generation needs to wake up and smell the roses before all they can smell is smog. -Chris, Bettendorf, Iowa

California makes everything seem weird. It is the state of origin for weirdness. The governator has not changed any conceptions in that respect. -Charles, Malvern, Arkansas

What does it mean if the White House lost up to thousands of e-mails sent on a private e-mail system?
Jack, Simple, it highlights their stupidity, sleaziness and incompetence from the top and all the way down the food chain. There are a couple of simple solutions, but, no one who can do anything cares. The solutions are IMPEACH, FIRE and charge if necessary. -Ron, Florida

It sounds very much like the gap in the Watergate tapes. One wonders, as Congress finally implements its long unused oversight powers, what other missing documents and other questionable activities will come to our attention. -David, Long Island, N.Y.

It means they are lying and have something to hide. They are so used to a Congress not using their oversight responsibilities that they were careless. Now they have to cover their tracks and eliminate the incriminating evidence. -Lani, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Next they'll say Barney the Dog ate them. -Dan, Louisville, Kentucky

Lost e-mails mean someone with a deep throat will point them out. -Jonathan, San Rafael, California

Will the firing of Don Imus have any long-term effect?
As long as Al Sharpton is commanding the air time he gets from the major broadcast and cable channels, I doubt it. Where is he when a black woman falsely accused white college students of rape? He said nothing! He is a racist who ranks with the KKK. -Philip, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

I think the Don Imus situation will become the "wardrobe malfunction" of the shock-jock and shock-tv genre. No doubt there are many people who are incensed by Imus' racist remarks and support his being fired, and yet at the same time, have no qualms about watching a show like "American Idol" where people are regularly demeaned and embarrassed by a nasty judge in front of a national television audience. -Howard, New York

What he said was wrong, no question, but I feel we threw the baby out with the bathwater. -Don

Sure... Imus will move to Sirius or XM, and his listeners will move with him. It will speed up the demise of analog radio, which is already circling the drain, and reinforce satellite radio as the choice for people who don't want their listening controlled by hysterical, hot button issue Yes Men. -Hugh, Huntsville, Alabama

No, there will be no long-term affect of Imus's firing cause we won't talk about the things we need to talk about such as racism, and how we treat each other. -Annie, San Diego, California
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The Situation Online: Thursday, April 12
CNN's Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton bring viewers the latest and most important news happening on the Internet.

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Thompson talks cancer
Blaring Blair on YouTube
Tancredo's 'Dog'

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Cafferty: Wanted: War Czar
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What does it mean if the White House can't find anyone willing to take the job of "war czar"?
Jack, Just like the "war" on drugs, which has a Drug Czar, the administration is looking for a scapegoat for something that can not be won. -Jeremiah, San Francisco, California

It means that Bush is out of "good old boys" to appoint and he has had to offer the job to people who are actually qualified. Of course, anyone who is actually qualified knows it is a no-win situation. No one in their right mind would touch the job with a 10-foot pole. -Zach, Jackson, Wyoming

It means that the people who are most qualified to judge the progress of this war find it to be just as pointless and devastating of a fiasco as the rest of us do. Re-read that comment. This isn't some "Air America Radio" host bent on bashing the president at all cost, this is a retired four-star Marine General who is the former Commander of NATO. If this guy thinks the Administration has no clue "where the hell they're going" in Iraq, why should any American trust Bush to barter American lives for a lost-cause? -Duncan, Waltham, Massachusetts

Tell the president I'll accept the position of war czar if I get the same benefit package as Congress. -Ron, San Diego California

It means my fellow Americans aren't as dumb as I thought they were. -Barry, Pennsylvania
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The Situation Online: Fred Thompson's cancer
Fred Thompson talks
Former Sen. Fred Thompson spoke out on a popular conservative blog about living with lymphoma. The "Law and Order" actor and potential GOP candidate wrote on that he had "no illness ... or even any symptoms" from the form of cancer, and that his "life expectancy should not be affected" by the disease. On former Senator Bill Frist's blog, he writes that Thompson's disclosure indicates "his seriousness as a potential candidate."

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The Situation Online: Wednesday, April 11
CNN's Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton bring viewers the latest and most important news happening on the Internet.

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Blaring Blair on YouTube?
The Tancredo's 'Dog'
Obama's online haul

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Cafferty: Gas-guzzling fee?
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Is it a good idea to penalize drivers who buy gas-guzzling vehicles?
Yes. This is important. Those who want gas-guzzlers are impacting everyone everywhere. Because of that, they need to pay a higher tax. Maybe that will entice them to buy more fuel-efficient cars, and we can stop using so much oil for gasoline. -Jerry, Silver City, New Mexico
I think it is totally unfair for the state of California to even consider taxing large families because of their need for larger vehicles that can accommodate their needs. This is another example of environmental extremists trying to dictate what Americans choose to do. -Ron, Gainesville, Virginia

I think we should penalize the corporations that make the gas-guzzling vehicles. Of course they would probably just pass the cost along, but maybe that would stop people from buying them. That would be another way to cut them back and save the environment. -Les, Norwalk, Connecticut

Absolutely! Tax them. I live in Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and I'm surrounded by gas-guzzlers. I even own a small 4x4. There's not a single one "populated" by a big family. They're all driven by young, single men and soccer moms with their lattes. If they can afford $5 coffee, they can afford $2,500 to be spent to develop alternative fuels. -Brian, Mountain View, California

Does Congress deserve to have its highest approval rating in a year?
Jack, The Democrats do deserve a better rating than the previous Republican majority since they have at least tried to do something. Overall, I think Congress deserves the 40% score. As we all know from our days in school, 40% is an "F" and a very low "F" at that. -Ted

Congress should be applauded for long overdue investigations of the crooks in the White House and others. There have been so many scandals in the Bush White House, and Congress has been consumed with oversight in three months, they haven't had time to do much legislation. -Jennifer, Marin County, California

Jack, Like most people, I thought that voting for these Democratic clowns this time would be better than voting for the Republican clowns last time. Wrong! It's a tie! They are all worthless. Let's vote for some Independents next time. Things couldn't get any worse and if we don't get rid of the lobbyists soon, there will be no middle-class America left. And I mean soon. -Tom, Hot Springs, South Dakota

Are you kidding me? How can Congress NOT have its highest approval rating of the year? When you go from doing absolutely nothing to anything at all, you're doing better than you were doing! -Mike, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Why has the number of morbidly obese Americans shot up dramatically in five years?
Ever since September 11, 2001, this country has been kept in a constant state of fear. People eat when they are under stress. It is no wonder to me that so many people are morbidly overweight. The rest of the country is so out of control that eating may be our only comfort. -Kate, Medford, Oregon

Jack, It's an unanticipated consequence of the internet fat bottoms. -John, Montreal

Why? Because the income divide is growing greater and greater, and more and more of us can't afford to buy healthy foods, which have become increasingly expensive relative to fattening junk foods. -Jim

Half of the reason that Americans are overweight is that the "Food Nazis" changed the requirements for being overweight. I went from being "normal" to being "overweight" in one day... without gaining a pound! -Ken, Houston, Texas
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Monday, April 09, 2007
Cafferty: Military presidents?
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How much does it matter to you if a presidential candidate has military experience?
As a former soldier, it is of the utmost importance for a presidential candidate to have military experience. How else will a Commander in Chief be able to understand the military properly? -Brad, Morgantown, West Virginia

I am concerned more with a candidate's character and ability to lead than I am their military experience. Is prior military experience necessary? No. Is it a plus? Maybe. -Ron

It matters a great deal to me. I think "service in the military" builds character. I also think that after having served in the military during war, you are better suited to make decisions relating to sending U.S. troops into combat. -Jeff, Aiken, South Carolina

As a Vietnam veteran and retired army major, I don't care if a presidential candidate has served in the armed forces provided he appoints competent veterans in the defense department and as Secretary of Defense. -Blair, Columbus, Georgia

In my opinion, it is a vital component. The way the world is today demands that someone with some military experience is necessary. They also need the ability to deal diplomatically with adversaries in matters of peaceful solutions to problems. There aren't too many of this type running for president in 2008 at the present time unfortunately. -Pat, Deckerville, Michigan

When it comes to getting the real story about Iraq, whom do you trust more: the media or the military?
Are you kidding me? I trust neither anymore; they both lie with impunity. Our mainstream media is owned by the same companies who are profiting from these wars so I have no faith in anything they tell me. I listen to them, then go on the internet to see what other countries' press has to say about the issue. Sad isn't it? -David, Chouteau, Oklahoma

Dear Jack, Why on earth would we believe the military? As soon as the generals retire, they tell the truth. Bush has bullied every one of them. That's the name of the game with him. I think it's amazing how they try to discredit Michael Ware. He's the only one telling the truth and Bush can't stand it. -Carol, Lakeland, Florida

Surely you're joking. The military has its boots on the ground, and they have no reason to lie - and they always tell it like it is, no matter what. The U.S. media on the other hand, is so blatantly left-leaning that we consumers discount about 40-60% of what you say. -Bret, Chicago, Illinois

When I want the truth, I tune in to the BBC... Truly a sad state of affairs. -Bill, Brighton, Colorado

Does Don Imus deserve to be fired for his comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team?
Yes, Imus should be fired. A two-week suspension will not do it. -Pat, Tucson, Arizona

That Imus can be tasteless is hardly the point. Like you say, if rap took the insults out, there would be no industry. If Farrakhan, Sharpton, Gordon Liddy, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, and even Jesse Jackson were banned for making a stupid, hateful, or tasteless comment, airwaves would be empty, and unemployment lines filled. Get over it. -Doug, Lakeview, Oregon

What Imus said was terribly wrong and stupid. I understand why the black community is upset. When a young kid in Harlem makes a dumb mistake and sells pot and gets caught for it, we throw the book at him. When a guy like Imus messes up, he has people going to bat for him. Imus deserves a second chance, and perhaps this will show us that we all need second chances. -Mike

Hell, yeah. That kind of "cutting edge" commentary has no place in the public arena, Jack, and your feeble defense of Imus didn't change my mind. The fact of the matter is, Imus made a negative judgment about a group of women athletes, purely because of their race. This isn't just racist, it's sexist. -Lisa

No, he should not be fired! What did he say that everyone else doesn't say? As you pointed out, rap lyrics, etc. He is a loudmouth and if people want to listen to him, so be it! Freedom of speech. -Wayne

How about letting the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team decide what should happen to Imus? For my part I think he should go and take Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage with him! -Michael
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The Situation Online: Tancredo's "Dog"
"Dog's" best friend
Presidential hopeful Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., is speaking out to prevent TV's popular "Dog the Bounty Hunter" from being extradited to Mexico to face charges there. Now, Tancredo is making his fight for Duane "Dog" Chapman part of his presidential campaign by posting a letter to the Mexican government and a petition online.

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