Friday, April 06, 2007
Cafferty: President Cheney?
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What condition would the Republican presidential field need to be in for the party to consider nominating Dick Cheney for president?
You have got to be kidding. He may be the "brains" behind this administration, but that does not mean that he is intelligent or honest and certainly not the one to get us out of the mess he and Bush have put us in. I do not think it takes much to be smarter than Bush. Let him fall by the wayside along with his rich cronies. -Peggy, Illinois

Comatose. -Bill, Wilmington, North Carolina

If they all went on a hunting trip together, Cheney might wind up with the nomination "by accident"... if you get my drift. -Dave

This question is a joke, right? Dick Cheney for president, this must be an April Fools joke, but really, not funny. -Carol, Huntersville, North Carolina

How will reports of Iran's treatment of the British captives affect its relations with the West?
Let's see... sounds like a day at Guantanamo to me. Who the hell are we to be talking about torture at this point? Lousy bunch of hypocrites on both sides. -Ray, New York

Tsk, tsk, Jack, you forgot to mention in your list of thugs one George W. Bush. Your description of the treatment of British military personnel sounds strikingly similar to reports of American behavior towards "enemy combatants." Ironic? -Jack, Central Point, Oregon

Prisoner abuse? I want to know if they were naked when they were stacked in a human pyramid? -Jason, Fort Lee, N.J.

It will hurt our relationship. I must admit watching those British sailors talk about how they were treated, well, quite frankly pissed me off... I am certainly no war hawk but if they think they can treat British troops that way and get by with it, which they have so far, then what would they do to our troops? -James, Greenville, South Carolina
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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Cafferty: Pure evil in Iraq?
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How would you characterize the war in Iraq: a civil war or pure evil?
I think the war is a civil one with repressed ethnic resentments brought to the surface by the removal of Saddam Hussein. There has to be an element of evil, too, because the atrocities are so horrific and so medieval and the people seem to be so numbed by the horror except for the perpetrators. I do not know what can rein in this horrible desire for mayhem and murder. -P.

War by its very nature is evil. The war in Iraq is a civil war. -M.L., Los Angeles, California

By posing your question, it truly shows the ridiculousness of the president's comment. I don't think many mainstream Americans would characterize what's going on in Iraq as pure evil, unless you're talking about what we did to them. We uprooted their entire society, sent millions into exile, and created all the destruction that is Iraq today. -Kristen

The war in Iraq is indeed a civil war. These people have been fighting each other for centuries. -Valerie, Raleigh, North Carolina

How can FEMA regain the confidence of the public?
Speaking from a coastal community, I say move FEMA back to its own government agency. It worked perfect before. -Jimmy, Savannah, Georgia

FEMA can regain confidence by showing up at the next big natural disaster to hit the U.S. and do its job. They might also want to throw away the protocol books (and the red tape) and react to an emergency, (like the air traffic controllers did on 9-11). -Nicole, Lexington, Massachusetts

Have FEMA test their new satellite system to find New Orleans. Then go there and see if they can give some real help in rebuilding the city and the lives of those people there. -Chuck, Pennsylvania

Should the CEO of Ford Motor Co., which lost almost $13 billion last year, be paid $28 million for 4 months of work?
It's amazing how the so-called shareholders don't scream bloody murder when $28 million is given to one single person and the company still lost billions. Where is the outrage? And where do I apply for that job? -Michael, Union City, California

These CEOs have no conscience. They walk in circles that insulate them from moral responsibility. It is up to the stockholders to demand a restructuring of these outrageous compensation packages. -Dave, Pittsford, New York

Yes, it makes perfect sense. He's a CEO, not a shoe salesman working on commission. That's what the job pays, and everyone qualified is welcome to campaign for the job. -Jeff, New York

This should be a lesson to Toyota and other Asian car companies: If their CEOs expect to make any money above their paltry salaries, they better learn how to lose a ton of money. -Don, Chadler, Arizona
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Cafferty: High anxiety
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How would you rate your anxiety level when it comes to U.S. foreign policy?
On a 1 to 10 scale, I would rate my anxiety level at about 11. What should be dealt with isn't being dealt with. What is dealt with is done heavy-handedly and without much competence or success. We definitely need lessons in dealing with other nations. -Andy, Sun Valley, Nevada
What I am feeling about my country is not anxiety, it's sadness! When I turn on the news, when I read the paper, when I watch C-SPAN, all I want to do is cry. This administration has turned my country into something I do not recognize. -Vicky, Port Washington, New York

Our anxiety level is maxed out. We have lived thru World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We are worried about our children and grandchildren. They will never be able to pay off the debt of this one president and this awful, unjust war. People all over the world hate us now. -Houston, Austin, Texas

Off the scale, Jack, way off the scale. -Dave, Santa Cruz, California

Should people be allowed to use cell phones on airplanes?
Our lives are filled with people "yakking" on their cell phones. If someone can't give up talking on their cell phone during an airplane trip, drive. -Patricia, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Of course passengers should be able to use cell phones while the plane is on the ground. I don't understand everyone's problem with overhearing cell phone conversations. It's a plane. It's loud anyway. What's the big deal? -Jeff, Los Angeles, California

An aircraft in flight is the one remaining place in this world where I don't have to listen to other people's mundane, banal and downright stupid conversations. Please don't take this little bit of paradise away! -Mike, Plainfield, Illinois

Only if we are allowed to throw ours at people using theirs. -Brian, Columbus, Ohio

Only if they are using text messages. -RD, Kansas City, Missouri

V.P. Dick Cheney says age, ex-wives and religion don't matter when it comes to the race for the White House. Is he right?
I think Cheney is wrong. But any port in a storm, right? I don't think the Republicans have a very good line up for the election. -Deanna, Loveland, Colorado

Who cares what Dick Cheney thinks? You don't get a 29% approval rating by being factual, honest or having your hand on the pulse of the American electorate. It's hard work being as unpopular as Cheney. -Jennifer, Cincinnati, Ohio

You bet he's right. But that all depends on what the definition of "is" is and how the mainstream media wants to persecute the Republican presidential candidates. -Paul, Appleton, Wisconsin

Don’t you know that multiple marriages, infidelity, lying, cheating, whoring, stealing only matters when it's the Democrats doing it? -Anne, Jacksonville, Florida
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The Situation Online: Obama's cash, Missing in Iran, Jailed blogger freed
Obama's online cash
Not only does Sen. Barack Obama's cash haul of more than $25 million rival the $26 million raised by Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign, but he also managed to outpace both Clinton and John Edwards in the race for those vital online donors. Obama raised $6.9 million online with more than fifty-thousand donors. Clinton brought in $4.2 million through the Web, while Edwards was in third place with 3.3 million online dollars. (Watch video here)

Missing in Iran
The family of an American citizen missing in Iran is speaking out. Former FBI agent Robert Levinson was last seen on the Iranian Isle of Kish three weeks ago. In a statement today, his family says they are doing "everything possible to bring Bob home."

Jailed blogger freed
It's a case that made headlines worldwide and sparked debate on whether bloggers should be considered journalists: A California blogger jailed for refusing to turn over videotape of a 2005 protest to federal investigators. After nearly eight months, Josh Wolf was released from prison after cutting a deal with federal prosecutors. Now, Wolf has posted the raw footage that landed him in jail on his Web site.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Cafferty: Spring break in Iraq
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How helpful is it for lawmakers to visit Iraq?
Answer: About as helpful as having them stay in Washington. In other words, not helpful at all. Doesn't matter where they are. I consider a trip to Iraq as a road trip by the inept and incompetent. They can't agree on anything no matter where they are. -Bruce, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Time was when a background of at least 10 full-scale American flags served a politician trying to get a message out. Now it is a street in Baghdad framed in a tight shot so as not to show the posse trying to protect said politician from his own lies. -Ken, Cookeville, Tennessee

I spent 20 months in Iraq. It does help to have lawmakers go to Iraq, even if the majority of them don't even get out of the green zone. -Henry, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Our lawmakers' visits to Iraq are important. They would be doubly important if the visiting lawmakers would put on a helmet, some of that body armor they rave about, grab a weapon and help the troops. That would really show their "support"! -Ralph, Oberlin, Ohio

I am the mother of an Army Officer on his 2nd tour in Iraq. This time there he is a security officer for high officials visiting the Baghdad area. Has done security for General Petraeus on his first trip there after taking over. My son says what McCain is reporting is delusional. -P., Edgefield, South Carolina

Is it a good idea for states to go after illegal immigrants and their employers?
The states must allow the detention of illegals. They should also do what it takes to deter them for coming to a state, a good way is to not provide jobs. Maybe if enough states pass legislation the feds will wake up. -Cliff, Clearwater, Florida

Everything needs a beginning and a good start would be going after the employers. If they have illegal immigrants working, then they are not paying any federal, as well as local and state taxes. I pay, you pay, hell Jack, we all pay. Take the crooked employers that hire the illegals out of the picture and the immigrants will leave. -Dick, Alliance, Ohio

Probably. Wouldn't it be fun to find out? I'm thinking of vacationing in Mexico, sneaking back to USA, and stealing my own identity. -John, Hamilton, New Jersey

What does it mean if Mitt Romney is first in fundraising but third in popularity among Republican presidential candidates?
It means Romney better spend, spend, spend his millions on TV ads as fast as he can raise the funds. But it won't matter in the end. Romney is no better than a Vice-Presidential hopeful. But his fundraising ability will get him on the national ticket. -John, Charleston, West Virginia

It means that he (Romney) if elected will certainly owe some special interest a favor. He probably already does. -Dillon, Pennsylvania

What does it mean that Romney's campaign donations don't match his standing in the polls? It simply means that the polls are wrong...again. -WJ, California
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The Situation Online: Biden's "head-to-head," Kerry/McCain '04?
Biden's YouTube face-off
In an era where campaign gaffes seem to instantly show up online, Senator Joe Biden wants to use YouTube to his political advantage. His latest Web venture,, uses YouTube video to compare and contrast his position on Iraq against those of the other Democratic Presidential candidates. Biden's campaign has plans to expand the site to cover candidates' views on other key issues.

Kerry/McCain in '04?
A new claim from Senator John Kerry may have political implications for 2008. In an online interview posted in Liberal blog MyDD, Kerry claims Sen. John McCain approached him about being his running mate in 2004. In an interview posted on the conservative Web site, senior McCain advisors call Kerry's comments a "fantasy."

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Monday, April 02, 2007
Cafferty: Speaking with Syria
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Should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi be visiting Syria, a state that sponsors terrorism, over the objections of the White House?
If I were her, I'd also visit Iran just as the Baker commission recommended. This whole idea of labeling nations "sponsors of terror" is just a propaganda tool that got us into Iraq and will continue to lead us into a world war. -Chris, Enola, Pennsylvania

The Iraq Study Group recommended that we talk to Syria. Bush won't, and since he's no longer relevant, someone else should. -David, Athens, Texas

Syria will never change without pressure from the west. The sooner a dialogue begins, the sooner there will peace. -Bill, Las Vegas, Nebraska

I think in this instance a statesman with more experience would be better suited for the job. In addition the Arab world does not value the opinions of its own women, none the less ours. Mrs. Pelosi's heart is in the right place, but this is better left to someone with more global diplomatic experience. -
Larry, Fletcher, North Carolina

Is President Bush making a mistake by continuing to support Attorney General Alberto Gonzales?

Bush does not know any better. Look at his record as governor, nothing has changed. It's the Good Old Boy political network. Gonzales serves Bush NOT the Constitution or the American people. The end justifies the means. -Gene, Houston, Texas

Since both of them have so few friends left it is proper for Bush to continue his support. Each of them needs at least one friend and together they make a perfect pair.
-Mike, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Actually, I do NOT think it is a mistake. I certainly don't agree with the president, but supporting Gonzales seems like the strategically wise thing to do. Remember what happened when Republicans wouldn't stand behind Mark Foley when he was in trouble? Maybe some good will come out of Bush's rabid support of Gonzales. -Paul, Columbus, Ohio

Should schools drop the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils?

Rewriting history so as not to offend groups is an American tradition. Ignoring 400 years of slavery, ignoring the Turkish massacre of Armenians in the early 20th century, Christian butchery of Muslims during the Crusades, U.S. breakage of every treaty with Native Americans and stealing their land, their heritage and dignity. History is history and facts are facts. If some are offended or embarrassed, perhaps they have good reason. That's the time for change from within not time to change history. -Craig, Westminster, Maryland

Should we omit the American Revolution in our history books simply because it might offend the English? No part of important history should be removed for any particular group of people; anything that happens that makes such an impact in our history should not be eliminated simply because it might offend someone. Fact is fact! -
Patricia, Good Hope, Illinois

Jack, what a moronic question! The only history that should be taught is the truth. -Jan, Morristown, Tennessee

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