Friday, March 23, 2007
The Cafferty File: Tensions with Iran
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How will seizing British marines affect Iran's reception at the U.N. tomorrow?
It's just like a rerun of an old movie. I can hear it now: "I'm shocked, shocked that Iran is breaking U.N. Resolutions and laws." But nothing will really happen... the United Nations will just "round up the usual suspects" and be sure they make their dinner reservations at Elaine's by 7. -Bob, St.Croix, Virgin Islands

As if they were going to get a good reception anyway? It will definitely put more heat on their delegation tomorrow, but I believe a negative reception has been in the books for months. -Brett, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The capture of the 15 Brits will create a lot of sturm and drang at the U.N. tomorrow, but I doubt that much will get done. When did the U.N. stop a war, feed a country, cure a disease, or find a permanent home for refugees? -Kristen, Springfield, Oregon

This is obviously an act of war. The Iranians are testing the guts of the world, just as Hitler did when he marched troops into the demilitarized Rhineland. They need to be stopped. -Joey, Fort Worth, Texas

Were there really British soldiers seized by Iran? I don't even know who to believe anymore. -Mark, Detroit, Michigan

Is now the time for the U.S. to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay?
It is overdue. Holding people without legal representation is wrong. Unfortunately, when we do release these people we have created mortal enemies that would love to harm us, even if they were not enemies before. -Carol, Coulterville, California

Yes it should be shut down. It has not followed any U.S. or international laws since it opened, and should be closed. -Lynn, Dayton, Nevada

Club Gitmo should stay open. The sleazebags that are kept there have it made in the shade. However, if it must be closed, perhaps some group of liberal Democrats would like to stand guard over these slimeballs themselves. Just make sure they get fed on time and are not the least bit inconvenienced. -Bob, Long Island, New York

Closing Gitmo is a slippery slope. What's next? Restoring the Bill of Rights for the rest of us?-Dave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What's your biggest beef about the Internal Revenue Service?
Why is filing an IRS return so complicated a person has to employ a CPA? Without employing a CPA I would not be able to do the long form. -Mike, Victoria, Texas

I have no problem with the IRS. They are always an easy target and are often disliked simply because they collect our taxes. They're not in the position of a politician who will promise to lower, or give us no new, taxes. They just collect. -Dave, Tacoma, Washington

The IRS should make it a priority to allow all taxpayers to file income tax returns electronically and not have to pay commercial firms to do so. It has to be a more efficient method for the IRS, and a lot easier, and cheaper, for the taxpayer. -Dick, Anacortes, Washington

My beef is not with them but with the liars and cheats that steal the money they collect.-Terry, Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
The Cafferty File: Should Edwards Run?
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Should John Edwards stay in the presidential race?
Being a woman, I am sure that Elizabeth Edwards has encouraged her husband to continue his run for the presidency. By continuing to live her life as normally as possible it makes the reality of things a little easier to deal with. She is as much a force in John Edwards' career as he is and I think she wants to finish what they started. -Debi, Moro, Illinois

As a physician, I feel very sorry for Mrs. Edwards. If he really cared about her, he should stick to his prior statement and focus on his family and put his ambitions on the back burner.-Michael, Far Hills, New Jersey

John Edwards and his wife are among the few couples in Washington who seem down-to-earth and honest. I don't think John would stay in the race if his wife had an ounce of concern about him doing so. If anything, his not dropping out shows a commitment to continue living their lives as they were and not get overly concerned about the issue. -Chance, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Absolutely John Edwards should stay in the presidential race. His wife is passionate about his value to the nation, and were he to drop out, she would be miserable. This way, she is happy and can contribute to his campaign. She is a very brave and strong woman. -Marysue, Tollhouse, California

What's your reaction to a Michigan congressman saying parts of Iraq are no more dangerous than Detroit or Chicago?
Since Bagdad is as safe as Detroit, the American troops should come home immediately. If we don't need an army in Detroit, we don't need one in Baghdad.
-Patricia, Leigh, Florida

Well, let's be truthful here, I believe there are a few places in this country that qualify, as sad as it is! -Dave, Pocatello, Idaho

I'm curious, Jack. How many body bags do they use in Detroit and Chicago every night? How many innocent people are kidnapped and killed? How many bombs explode? How many soldiers are killed or wounded? This congressman needs to get his head out of his... out of the sand. -Al, Lawrence, Kansas

So since nearly all of Iraq is as safe as Chicago or Detroit, I'm sure he'd heartily agree with me and others who say that our military need not be there. But honestly, how can someone forget the tiny fact that Detroit and Chicago are not in the midst of religiously motivated civil wars? -Andrew, Sherman, Texas

Will we ever really know what happened to the fired U.S. attorneys?
Eventually, but the bigger question is why these White House officials refuse to swear on the same book [under oath] that they beat everyone over the head with. What's the matter, afraid lightning will strike? -Lynn, North Branch, Minnesota

Jack, Come on, we already know why they were fired. The question is: Will the Bush administration ever admit the truth in public? -Keith, Franklin, Tennessee

Good grief! Let this go. These men serve at the pleasure of the president and I have yet to see allegations of actual wrongdoing, EXCEPT that they haven't explained enough to Congress. What cases were they working on? Why doesn't anyone report that? That might catch my interest, if there's anything there. If not, let it go, for God's sake! Stop wasting my time!
-Kathy, Yukon, Oklahoma

Hi Jack, Does it really matter? We will never know the truth anyway. Business as usual in D.C. -Stephen, Laguna Niguel, California

We'll find out; the Bush people have no experience handling real pressure. -C.K., Rye, New Hampshire

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The Situation Online: Elizabeth blogs, ParkRidge47 identified
"1984" YouTube mystery solved
The man behind the hugely popular anti-Hillary Clinton video revealed his identity last night-- and it cost him his job. Phil de Vellis writes on The Huffington Post that he did it, and he's "proud of it." But de Vellis, formerly of Blue State Digital, an Internet consulting firm that does work for Barack Obama's campaign, didn't come forward without some online detective work. It was liberal bloggers who uncovered de Vellis' identity.

John Edwards' Web savvy wife
After John and Elizabeth Edwards' press conference today announcing Elizabeth's cancer has returned, new words from the candidate's wife appeared online. In the comments section of John Edwards' campaign blog, Elizabeth Edwards offers her thanks to her "extended family" of staff, donors and supporters for their response to the news. Elizabeth Edwards is popular with liberals online, and often blogs on her husband's site.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The Cafferty File: Under Oath?
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When it comes to having Karl Rove and Harriet Miers testify under oath and in public, who's right: the White House or Congress?
In view of this administration's history of secrecy and lack of forthrightness, I come down on the side of transparency and say that Rove, Miers, Gonzales, and others should be required to testify in public and under oath. President Bush's assertion that allowing sworn testimony of his inner circle would ultimately cause the public to be "ill-served" does not ring true to me.
Paul, Jasper, Indiana

Wasn't a member of this administration just found guilty of perjury? You can't assume anyone, especially from this bunch, will tell the truth. Of course they should testify under oath and in public. We, the payers of their salaries, have a right to view any hearings that are held.
Vince, West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Instead of Congress getting to the bottom of this U.S. Attorney scandal, why don't our congressmen do something more productive? Impeach Bush and Cheney!
Tom, Orlando, Florida

The White House is right, Jack. This is nothing but a witch hunt. No crime was committed. Where was the outrage when Clinton fired 93 of them when he first took office? If I were Bush, I'd fire them all today and really give the Democrats something to whine about for the next 4 years.
Frank, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

Why all the fuss? America just wants to hear the truth, and the fact that the White House is stonewalling is seeming proof that it has something to hide. Again!

Al Gore says global warming is going to destroy the planet. What are you personally doing about it?
I'm following Australia's lead and switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs.

Jack, As usual, Al is full of hot air. Global warming is a recipe for socialism. It's the new communism designed to take away more of the rights of Americans and lead to a much bigger bureaucracy. In my opinion, real global warming is cyclical and not man-made. Tell Al to go back to his high-energy consuming mansion among the elites.
Dave, St. Louis, Missouri

What am I doing? I rebuilt my house… new high efficiency doors and windows, new radiant heating system, and lots of insulation. It has saved me a bundle and reduced my energy use by 75%.

I have changed out all of my incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones, recycle everything I can, and am installing a solar-powered water heater. I hope Mr. Gore has done the same at his Tennessee mansion.
Diana, Winter Springs, Florida

Would you want to know if your doctor accepts money and gifts from drug companies?

Knowing is not the most important thing. Creating a health care system in which such actions are not tolerated is. We annually spend billions on drugs of dubious value through a system with few checks and balances on the drug companies' exploitation of Americans.
Alan, Lodi, Wisconsin

No, Jack, I wouldn't. I see nothing wrong with money and gifts. Now if he starts accepting arms and legs, or livers, I'd have some very serious questions for him.
Bruce, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why should what looks like medical influence peddling be any different than having lobbyists wine, dine and fly our "elected class" around the world?
Ralph, Woodridge, Illinois

Jack, I already know. My doctor does receive money and gifts, and a ton of free samples, from drug companies. I accept that. This is a free market, and I approve of that. I also accept free samples of fried snack foods when I visit Costco on Saturday!
John, California

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The Situation Online: Gore vs. Inhofe, "1984" video hunt
Global warming gunslingers
The battle between global warming warrior Al Gore and skeptic Sen. James Inhofe has been brewing for more than a year. Today, the two square off on Capitol Hill. The Oklahoma Republican has also put his criticism of Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth," on YouTube, calling it a "science propaganda film." We'll take you inside their war of words on the hearing room floor and online.

YouTube whodunnit?
The online video portraying Sen. Hillary Clinton as "Big Brother" has amassed more than 1.5 million views on YouTube and is making headlines worldwide. The creator of the video has remained anonymous. So who's really behind the anti-Hillary 1984 video? Bloggers are digging into the creator's background today -- and finding some surprising leads.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
The Cafferty File: Will Gonzales Survive?
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Do you think Alberto Gonzales will survive as Attorney General?
Mr. Gonzales will survive. At some point Mr. Bush has to recover some of the power he lost and he'll likely take the stand here with Gonzales.
Pat, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The short and sweet answer is that no, he will not survive, nor should he. He has played politics with the Justice Department for too long and now must face the music. We need our government back, from Congress to the White House and everything in between.
Dick, Tifton, Georgia

If he does, it will only be one more of the incredible blunders this administration has made. Does this mean that we got the government we deserved? What does that say about us? God help us.
Ron, Oceanside, California

Either Gonzales or the U.S. Constitution will survive, but not both. I'm praying for the Constitution, but since everything else good in this country is being gutted by this administration, my money's on Gonzales' survival.
Kay, Oregon

I don't think Bush will be able to dance around this one. Personally, I would like to see everyone in this administration who is from Texas step down now. There seems to be an alternative reality there that is destroying our country.
Corrine, Stockton, Connecticut

Should Democrats include funding for spinach growers, shrimp fishermen and peanut storage in the Iraq war funding bill?
As a Democrat, I am ashamed of what is happening with this bill. No, pork should not be attached to the bill. I truly hoped the election in November would bring us better government, but this approach is just plain wrong.

Peanuts and fishermen aside, healthcare for children and money for Gulf Coast recovery from hurricane Katrina are not pork.
Darryl, Orlando, Florida

Absolutely not. While Gulf Coast victims deserve aid, it should be presented separately, not with Iraq war funding. More backward Washington thinking. Come on, we deserve better from our elected officials.
Natalie, Waverly, New York

Absolutely not! The lawmakers should feel good about voting for this bill just on its merits... we need to get out of Iraq. They shouldn't vote for this bill so their constituents vote for them in the next election because the local shrimp fishermen got a subsidy, but rather because we need to get our troops out of harm's way.
Mike, Massachusetts

Why is the rate of functional illiteracy so much higher in Washington than elsewhere in the country?

If members serving in Congress and the Senate don't bother reading the laws they're voting for, reading in general can't be all that important can it?

After spending nearly 20 years in D.C. and experiencing first-hand how Congress treats the District and its residents (like second-class citizens), I am not in the least surprised that there is such a high rate of functional illiteracy.
Laura, Silverdale, Washington

I'm surprised that you'd be surprised that illiteracy is higher in D.C., especially if you've listened even once to the responses of the bunch running the White House.
Jim, Austin, Texas
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The Situation Online: Attorney e-mails

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been criticized for his handling of the firings of eight U.S. attorneys.

Attorneys' own words
Three thousand pages of internal Justice Department documents released to Congress last night are shedding light on how eight federal prosecutors were fired in December of last year. The documents also contain some parting words from the fired U.S. Attorneys themselves. In particular, an email from former Michigan U.S. Attorney Margaret Chiara to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty reveals that she was clearly upset with her firing and asked that any reference to poor performance be dropped. She goes on to say that "politics may not be a pleasant reason, but the truth is compelling." The House Judiciary Committee has posted many of the documents and emails online.

Obama-Clinton Iraq feud
After a strategist for Sen. Hillary Clinton accused Sen. Barack Obama of inconsistencies regarding his position on Iraq, the presidential contender is putting his past Iraq statements front and center on his Web site. His new Iraq "resource and action center" contains a video compilation of his speeches on Iraq over the past six years as well as an interactive "Timeline of Opposition." The Clinton campaign says that her views on Iraq are clearly outlined on her Web site, in Web casts and on her blog.

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Monday, March 19, 2007
The Cafferty File: Out of Patience for Iraq War?
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Watch Cafferty Video: Out of patience on Iraq?

Is it too late to ask Americans to be patient when it comes to the war in Iraq?
It is not too late; it is immoral to ask Americans to be patient about this war. It began in deceit, it has progressed in incompetence, and it will continue until Americans put a stop to it.
Holly in Toledo, Ohio

It is beyond too late to ask for patience. I'm confused about what the actual desired outcome is. At this point I don't think U.S. troops will ever get out of Iraq, and with all the positioning against Iran, we'll be in the region forever.
Jeremiah, San Francisco, California

The American people are only patient because there is no draft. Institute a draft and you'll see protests in the streets. Americans have been way too patient.
Jeff, New York

It's not too late for the impeachment proceedings to begin. Let's see: 3,200 dead, tens of thousands wounded, $350 billion wasted, our civil liberties trampled, global jihad on the rise, America now one of the most hated countries in the world. Let's get going Congress!
Bernie, Huntington Beach, California

What should be the top priority for Democrats: investigating the Bush administration or solving domestic problems?
Hello Jack, They should investigate. They should impeach. Then they can get back to governing.
Julia, Montgomery, New York

Since any attempts to solve domestic problems will be thwarted by a presidential veto that will be sustained by an all-too compliant (can you say lapdog?) minority in the Senate, the best thing that the Democrats can do is keep exposing the myriad criminal acts of the Bush administration. Too long has this arrogant group gone unabated and unchecked.
David, South Bend, Indiana

All congressmen should be concerned with making life better for their constituents. Nothing else matters. The dog-and-pony show that's going on in Washington lately is embarrassing. Those loafers need to get back to the work of running the country and stop indulging their vanity.
Bret, Chicago, Illinois

That's like asking what's more important to a senior citizen: being able to eat or take their medications. I say America needs both.
Marta, Ellijay, Georgia

What do you make of the recent string of terrorists' confessions?

The most pathetic aspect of our acceptance of torture as a means of getting information is that it taints even the truest confessions by the worst criminals and brings all "confessions" into suspicion. We will never know whether this confession is based on truth or just the words of a man desperate to stop continued abuses. There used to be a time when information gathered by US intelligence officials was universally seen as reliable. No longer.
James, Whittier, California

The confessions coming out of Gitmo remind me of Russia in the 1930s. I never thought it would happen here.

Jack, I think it's very interesting that these confessions are coming out amid the scandal at Walter Reed and while Congress is investigating the firing of 8 U.S. attorneys. Can you say "diversion"?
Kathy, New York

Any day now, one of those Gitmo prisoners will confess to being the anthrax killer.
Barbara, Levittown, New York

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The Situation Online: MySpace 2008, Ahmadinejad blogs
Political Web wars
Connecting to Presidential candidates has never been easier thanks to the Internet. Following in the footsteps of YouTube's "You Choose '08" channel, MySpace is entering the political fray with the launch of their own official hub for the Presidential elections, which links to ten candidates' MySpace pages. Barack Obama has the most MySpace "friends," and according to's Web traffic rankings, his Web site gets more consistent traffic than any other candidate. (Watch the video)

Ahmadinejad blogs
On Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's official blog, the Iranian president replies to a letter allegedly sent to him by an anonymous American woman whose son died serving in Iraq. Ahmadinejad expresses his sympathies and assures her that "Iran would not initiate any war." He also accuses the U.S. of "paranoidal bullying" and "expansionist policies." CNN cannot confirm that Ahmadinejad writes the blog entries himself.

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