Friday, January 05, 2007
The Cafferty File: Social Security for illegals?
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following question, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Should Mexican immigrants who worked in the United States illegally be allowed to collect U.S. Social Security benefits?

Illegal is still illegal. Immigrants, imprisoned convicts, banished felon lawmakers should all be barred from collecting federal funds and pensions for breaking the law.
Jerry, Wooster, Ohio

Sorry. I'm willing to let them have citizenship if they have worked here, but their Social Security benefits should start only from the time they are legal citizens. Period.
J.J., Columbia, Missouri

Jack, No. Mexicans or anyone who enters this country illegally should not collect social security benefits. Social Security benefits should only be for citizens of the United States or those who have entered this country legally.

If the so-called illegal aliens pay into Social Security, they should receive payouts.

This actually raises two more pressing questions: How did the illegal immigrants get a Social Security card in the first place, and why were they not discovered and deported during this process?
Aaron, Watertown, Wisconsin

How will the shake-up of President Bush's military team affect the war in Iraq?

Jack, I think the president has replaced his generals because he is afraid of the Democrats hauling them up before some committee. There they would be under oath to tell the truth about the war in Iraq. I believe that is the last thing the president would want the American public to hear.

Jack, Don't you see it? Does anybody see it? All these replacements have nothing to do with Iraq. They have to do with Iran! Before President Bush leaves office, he will have the U.S. in total war in the Middle East.

Putting a Navy Admiral in charge of the Middle East is brilliant of Bush. The Admiral can send Navy fighters to shoot down Iraqi insurgent airplanes. He can send Navy submarines to sink the insurgent Navy. He can order battleships to bombard insurgent military facilities where weapons of mass destruction are being produced. Oh wait, the insurgents don't have any aircraft, a navy or big installations. I forgot it's a ground war. Navy, water. Army, ground. My bad.
Al, Rockville, Maryland

President Bush can shuffle the deck all he wants; we will still come up with a losing hand in Iraq.
Mark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Who should be President Bush's new lawyer?

I believe Saddam's lawyers are in between jobs right now!
Darrell, Irrigon, Oregon

Who else but Gloria Allred? She manages to turn up at every train wreck with a TV camera in tow.
Roger, Crystalaire, Calif.

The only lawyer that I can think of that could get them out of this mess is Johnnie Cochran, and he's dead.

The way President Bush has been shuffling staff around lately like dominoes before a major dominoes tournament, he should "lawyer-up" with Mr. Alberto Gonzales, his "top-cop." He's a lawyer and should have an inside view to defend this administration's actions.
O., Chester, Virginia
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Thursday, January 04, 2007
The Cafferty File: Opening your mail?
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Should President Bush be able to open your mail without a warrant?

Of course Bush can open my mail! I want him to see my high fuel bill, my high tax bill (paying for the deficit and its ongoing interest), and my letters from friends and relatives in Iraq who say "this war is madness!"
Tom, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Considering the amount of mail sent everyday, I seriously doubt if Bush or any other government official will ever read my mail. I doubt if the Commander-in-Chief is interested in my bills or letters to missionaries. I trust them to only open mail they find suspicious because I don't see how they would have time to open anything else. But if they want to open mine, that's fine with me, as long as they're sure to tape it back up.
Joseph, Louisiana

Sure Jack, he can feel free to open my phone bill, electric bill, cable bill and mortgage, but here's the deal, he has to pay for whatever he reads.
Diane, Allentown, Pennsylvania

How optimistic are you that things will change with the 110th Congress?

I don't think there will be much change at all. There is just no accountability in Washington anymore.
Randall, California

Why should this Congress be any different than the 109th? Most of them are in it for the power and money. Greed, and not honor seems to be the tie that binds in D.C.
Chris, Houston, Texas

This Congress must and will enact change in America. Iraq, stem cell research, and the minimum wage are among many issues that will shape this Congress and the 2008 election will be won or lost by how much change the Democrats will be able to create.
Brian, Conover, North Carolina

Until such time as the people of the United States decide that "ALL" politicians are corrupt, and until WE decide to do something about it, nothing will change. The political correctness in this country is making us weak and extremely vulnerable
William, Asbury, Iowa

I do not know if the Democrats will make the difference we need in this country but I believe if they fail to do so, you will see more and more the American people pressuring their state government to enact laws if the federal government fails to do so.
Janet, Greenwood, Ind.

How much faith do you have that the Democrats can stop the war and rein in President Bush?

Not much. Just because they won the election didn't give them the ability to grow a spine.
Frank, Tucson, Arizona

I'm about as confident that the Democrats will walk the walk as our putting Dracula in charge of the National Blood Bank. I am currently an ex-Democrat after 47 years.
John, Morrisville, Pennsylvania

I am a Democrat and am very disappointed that the Democratic agenda does not include immediate Congressional investigations and impeachment proceedings.

I don't think the Democrats are ruthless enough to stop anything that Bush and his cronies decide to do. Bush has already decided to ignore the advice he got about the war in Iraq from his hand-picked panel so why should he now start to listen to Congress...especially when it is controlled by Democrats.
Joyce, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

What's your opinion of the news coverage of the war in Iraq?

I think you can replay any day's news in Iraq over and over no one would notice the difference: 100 bodies found, 2 American soldiers die, and American troops fire on the insurgents in a building. Where are the Iraqi army and the police in Baghdad or anywhere in Iraq? Is the network not covering the Iraqi army or police or are they just not around?
Janet, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I hear of hundreds of tortured Iraqis found sometimes daily yet I haven't seen any of them. Nor have I seen any caskets of our dead soldiers. The media are white-washing this war. I'm sure if the media could actually leave the green zone without fear of death, we'd get a more accurate picture.
Jenny, New York

The news coverage of the war in Iraq has been similar to a high school newspaper reporting on their team's football game. Strategy has been discussed and debated, key players criticized, etc. But at no time did anyone question whether or not it was right to play the game. There has been a very narrow debate in the media, and in order to participate you must agree that the war was necessary.
Jose, Steamboat, Nevada
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
The Cafferty File: More troops to Iraq?

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following question, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Will you support President Bush if he calls for an escalation of the war in Iraq?

If Bush goes through with sending more troops, even after the American people have plainly told him to bring them all back now, then I hope we start impeachment hearings by the end of Jan. What part of the midterm election did Bush miss?
Kathy, Bristol, Indiana

The White House's escalation of the war is simply a huge mistake, another Vietnam in the making. It took a while for the death toll in Vietnam to reach as high as it did, and it is doing the same in Iraq. It is obvious we have done more damage than good in Iraq, and we need to put a stop to it as soon as possible.

Yes. I'm one of the few people who agree with the president. Due to the irresponsibility of Iran, we need to stay in Iraq. I want our weapons really close when they start the next war. Tighten your boot straps; it ain't over yet.
Michael, Manhattan Beach, California

The Democrats were elected to do something about this war. It is in Congress' power to decline funding the Iraq War as was how the Vietnam War came to an end. We can best support our troops by including only the funding needed for a gradual withdrawal and deny this administration the ability to escalate this confrontation and throw away even more of our sons' and daughters' lives for nothing.
Michael, McAllen, Texas

Jack, There is absolutely no evidence that escalating the U.S. troop presence will help make things better in Iraq. In fact, poll after poll show that the large majority of Iraqis believe the opposite. So who should we believe - the people who have never stopped lying to us from day one (i.e. our president and his handlers), or the people we are supposed to be saving?
Alan, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
The Cafferty File: Working together?

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Is it a good idea for the Democrats to sideline Republicans as they start business in the new Congress?

Sure, let the Democrats have their way with the old rules in place. If they can do something useful and new in the first 100 hours, fantastic! But if they can't, maybe both sides of the aisle will realize they have to lose the old power-play game and actually act like adults. You know, like those of us who do real jobs, face real crises, and actually pay as we go? That'd be real progress.
Vin, California

Nancy Pelosi had only one trump card for political bargaining (war funding) and she has already vowed not to cut the funds for the war. The Democrats will spend the next two years running around willy-nilly and probably will get less done than the last Congress.
Ned, St. Louis, Michigan

It would be great to see the Republicans being ignored as they ignored the Democrats, but because Americans have a short memory, they will expect the Democrats to rise above it.
T., Omaha, Nebraska

Yes, they were elected on an agenda, and I for one expect them to deliver - not dither.
Gary, Houston, Texas

What impact does the war in Iraq have on most Americans?

No impact. Personally we don't know anyone who has served in Iraq; our peers are too old to serve and their children are too young. If not for the media, I'm not sure anyone would even know we are at war. My wife met a couple at the post office just before Christmas trying to ship something to their son in Iraq.
Ken, Newton, New Jersey

In two ways: 1) It has made me ashamed of my country. We attacked another nation under false pretenses and, as a result, have caused more violence in the world. 2) It has shattered any hope that I had that a civilized nation would choose peace over war. President Bush did not have to go to war; he chose it.

Unfortunately, the answer is "no effect at all". A very small percentage of our population has relatives or friends in Iraq and President Bush has decided that our children and grandchildren are the ones who will have to pay for it. That is why there is no public outcry against the war; it is not affecting the average selfish American.
Allen, Mountain Home, Idaho

In past wars those of us at home sacrificed. Not this time. It is business as usual except when a family has a loved one murdered in Iraq. If the general public suffered in the pocketbook the war would be over.
Howard, Niles, Michigan
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