Friday, October 13, 2006
The Cafferty File: Out of Iraq?
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

What does it mean for the U.S. when the British army chief says it's time to leave Iraq soon?

Jack, it means that the British General is in tune with what is really happening in Iraq. 600,000 Iraqi dead, more than 2,700 U.S. troops killed, no telling how many British troops killed, the country in civil war and the violence greater than ever. Our troops and the British troops are doing nothing but fueling the anger and terrorism in Iraq.
Bill, Washington

The British commander knows what the average Iraqi citizen knows, and that is the occupation of Iraq by foreign forces is exacerbating the tension and civil strife there instead of stopping it.
Earl, Honolulu, Hawaii

It means that someone has finally developed the guts to be honest. I wonder when someone in our leadership will be honest with the American people and say let's get out now.
Vivek, Austin, Texas

Should Democrats replace Harry Reid as minority leader in the Senate?

You bet. I lived in Nevada for many years and I have seen Harry Reid go from a reasonably principled, reasonably honest person, to a politician who has become eaten up with his own perceived importance and power. But then again, he is a lawyer so what else should we expect besides under-the-table secret deals and combinations. My bumper sticker still reads "If they're in office, I'm voting for the other guy."
Lewis, Missouri

Even though I'm a moderate Democrat, I haven't been too happy with Harry Reid as our minority leader. He's not well-spoken, speaks too softly, he's often moody with the press, and has had a couple of issues like the land deal and the boxing tickets that make him look like a Republican in the House. Frankly, I just don't find Reid very likable, and if it takes a technical issue like this to drive him out, so be it.
Jeff in Seattle

Could we wait for the trial before we hang him? If he did something wrong, then yes, the Democrats should have different leadership.
Mary, Iowa

Are you willing to vote against an incumbent, even if you like him, in order to change the government?

I'm an independent voter but without much choice in Georgia, however, I intend to vote against every office holder in my state in U.S. elections at this time. Both parties need an attitude adjustment that favors the voter not lobbyists and the "show me the money" crowd.
Tom, Atlanta, Georgia

I'm willing to vote the incumbents out of office in my district. In fact, I mean to. We desperately need to get the message out to people we elect that they can be un-elected! Can't wait for November!
Charles, Monroe, Connecticut

Absolutely, yes! I cannot take it anymore. I do not care whether the person that I am voting for is Republican or Democrat. I want the incumbent out so that Congress gets the message. Represent the people or get out!

I just filled out my absentee ballot, and voted against all incumbents but two. The reason: those two happen to be the only honest Republicans in Ohio. Facts are facts. Baby's diapers and politicians should be changed often. Ohio definitely has a stink over it.
Mary, Columbus, Ohio
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Thursday, October 12, 2006
The Cafferty File: To the polls?
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Are you more interested in the upcoming midterms than you have been in past elections?

I am absolutely more interested in the midterm elections. I am the proud wife of a soldier currently serving in the Middle East and I feel I need to let my voice be heard and my best way of doing it is to vote and hopefully my vote will bring about some change. Not to mention this is my first time voting since becoming a U.S citizen one year ago this month.
Dudine, Killeen, Texas

I am very interested in the midterm elections. The problem is who do I vote for: the Democrats who have no answers, or the Republicans who have the wrong answers?
Michael, Mountain City, Tennessee

The way we are losing our civil liberties now I think we need to get this election right more than ever because this very well may be the last chance we get to cast a meaningful vote. So yes, I am very interested in this election.
David, Chouteau, Oklahoma

Jack, How could we help but be more interested in the upcoming election? It seems like everything we care about has reached the flash point.
Damon, Mesa, Arizona

When it comes to Iraq, what are we doing?

In Iraq we're being sucked down a meat grinder we had no business getting near. The abysmally inept Bush administration just doesn't get that there is no victory or success for America in Iraq. Our troops are cannon fodder in this colossal catastrophe

We are making our politicians and the special interest groups much richer while the rest of us middle class workers are watching this country go down the toilet!
Ron, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

We are creating opportunities for defense contractors to make money. I used to work with the defense industry, and among contractors, they have all said, the party ends in January 2009.

Like most people, I have no clue, other than finding new and creative ways to waste money and reduce the population. But if you figure out that it's something else, will you please inform the Pentagon and the Bush Administration?
Jennifer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Is it unfair for Rep. Christopher Shays to compare the Foley scandal to the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident involving Senator Ted Kennedy?

Jack, No, it's not fair; the Kennedy incident was way worse. Kennedy should have been tried for a crime and never allowed to be a U.S. Senator. It's not ok for Foley or anyone to stalk children. Both should not be in the U.S. government.
Rick, Phoenix, Arizona

Unfair? Since when was anything in politics fair? The GOP is desperate, and its candidates will say anything that they think might protect their jobs. If all they have got left is to remind us of Democratic scandals in the distant, or even recent, past the GOP is in serious trouble.
Mike, Arlington, Virginia

Kennedy's tragedy hurt only the family of the girl and Kennedy himself. Foley's behavior toward Congressional pages was predatory. He used his position for personal gratification and he used people trying to protect children as dupes to gain his own end. Additionally, the Congressional leadership did not try to cover up for Kennedy.
Joseph, New Jersey
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The Situation Online: Landis, Warner, and insurgent video

The positive test for Tour de France winner Landis shocked the sporting world.

Landis speaks out
After repeatedly denying the doping allegations that followed his Tour de France victory this summer, cyclist Floyd Landis is now going online to tell explain (PDF) his side of the story.

Warner Web reaction
Mark Warner's unprecedented use of the Internet excited bloggers all year as they looked ahead to 2008. Now that Warner has announced he will forgo a presidential bid, how is the online community responding?

Baghdad blasts
A new, up-close Web video is emerging online of the explosions that ignited an American ammunition depot in Baghdad earlier this week.

Watch "The Situation Room" at 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM ET for these stories and more from our Internet reporters.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
The Cafferty File: Who to believe?
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following question, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Who do you believe when it comes to the death toll of Iraqi civilians, MIT and Johns Hopkins or the Bush administration?

I would tend to believe MIT and Johns Hopkins. So far, this administration has not instilled any confidence with the facts it dispenses to the public about the war in Iraq. I hope this will change after November.
John, Barboursville, Virginia

Jack, I don't believe either of them. The Bush administration would never, under any circumstances, admit that there are more deaths than they've reported no matter what the total. And I have no idea what or who motivated MIT and Johns Hopkins to perform the study. The timing of the release casts a political shadow over it.
George, Newark, Delaware

Pshaw! I believe the scientists. I no longer believe a single word that anyone in the Bush administration says.
Rhondda, Kansas City, Missouri

The answer is simple. I don't believe one or the other. In a world of spin and mistrust, they are probably both over or understating the facts. I bet we will never know the real death toll.
Wayne, Corpus Christi, Texas

Get real Mr. Cafferty! Why even ask that question. President Bush has misled the public at every turn since the war began. This may be due to misinformation or sheer ignorance, but the effect is the same. My money is on MIT and John Hopkins, whatever the issue of the day may be.
Bob, Sedalia, Missouri
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
The Cafferty File: Character vs. the issues

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Virginia Sen. George Allen says voters should choose on the issues, instead of character. Is he right?

Character or issues? Character is an issue and should be the main one facing any person up for election to public office. How can we trust someone to make the correct decisions from Capitol Hill if we can't trust them in being honest about their personal lives? Trust is trust no matter how you cut it.
Bob, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Allen had better hope they choose neither option: He's too dumb to know the real issues, and his recent statements indicate his character is considerably less than sterling.
Ed, Virginia City, Nevada

George, you are an idiot. Being a racist is a character issue.
Orland, Tampa, Florida

If I, like Sen. Allen, were a self-loathing Jew who had also lied to Congress about my stock options, Jack, I'd suggest the voters make up their minds on the basis of sun spots. Anything, EXCEPT character!
Andrew, Hampton, Pennsylvania

If the federal government refuses to enforce the nation's immigration laws, should local communities be allowed to do so?

I think the local government of each state should have control over their own state, it seems like Washington can't control a darn thing right now.
Joan, Tucson, Arizona

Of course they should. Our government is beholden to corporate wishes and special interests and refuses to enforce the laws we already have. The people want illegals dealt with along with the corporations that hire them. I applaud them for dealing with this issue.
John, Wintersville, Ohio

The fact that our federal government doesn't care to enforce immigration laws merely means that the Bush administration isn't serious about national security in an age of our war on terror. So, should local communities proceed to protect their interests and citizens? Absolutely.
Joan, Dalton Gardens, Idaho

I've stopped expecting anything from this Congress and this administration. I've heard that they can't remove the illegals so many times, that I finally believe them. My solution is to get rid of them and replace the whole bunch with people who can.
Edward, Phoenix, Arizona

What advice would you give a Republican candidate for Congress?

Considering the level of their job skills, Republicans in Congress will be happy to know that McDonald's is hiring!
Gary, Ontario, California

To all you dear Republicans: Just continue to blame Clinton for everything you and your administration have done wrong. It's such a convenient excuse, don't you think? And, so original after you've had 6 years to make things right.
Deonna, Columbus, Ohio

We would tell the Republican candidates to keep plugging away and work hard... we do not want a Democratic Congress.
D., Michigan

Jack, my advice to the Republican candidates: quit while you're behind!
Lorraine, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My advice is to keep doing exactly what you're doing. Please don't change a single thing. I just wanted to say thank you Republicans from this very happy Democrat.
Curtis, Wheeling, West Virginia

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Monday, October 09, 2006
The Cafferty File: Responding to North Korea
On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

How should the international community respond to North Korea's claims of a nuclear test?

The entire international community should surrender to the insanity, and dismantle all of their own nuclear weapons. This would prove the ethical position and leave North Korea all armed-up with nothing to gain.
Chuck, Denver, Colorado

It isn't what should happen, Jack. It is what is going to happen. At the first sign of a real threat, China is going to pound Pyongyang into the dirt. China isn't going to put up with Kim-possible possibly sending some gifts their way.
Sammy, Boston, Massachusetts

We should respond to North Korea's supposed nuclear test by recognizing that the Clinton administration's policy of working towards normalizing relations with North Korea was a success and the Bush administration policy of demonizing North Korea as a member of an "Axis of Evil" has failed.
Randall, Manhattan, Kansas

The United States should talk with North Korea one-on-one and find out what they want. If North Korea weren't after something they would not have announced the test, they would have just done it. I think we could spare some food. We might even be able to teach them how to provide their own food.
Howard, Huntsville, Alabama

What should the U.S. do about the sharp rise in casualties in Iraq?

Take it as a sign and get out! Didn't President Bush learn anything from Vietnam?

America was fought for by the people who wanted freedom. If the Iraqi people do not want to stand up and fight for themselves, I believe we should leave immediately and not return until they do. I'm not condoning the actions of past or present dictators but it looks like the only way to control a country such as Iraq is with a dictatorship. I don't think their way of life and their radical religious beliefs can allow them to have a democracy.
Paul, California

Jack, We need to realize as a nation that our troops are now policing a civil war. The Iraqis will war between themselves at this point, and to hold American troops in such a situation is disgraceful. They deserve better.
Steve, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jack, The best way to reduce casualties in Iraq is to get the hell out of Iraq. They don't want us there, the majority of Americans don't want us there...what's the problem? $8 billion a month would buy a lot of fence posts for our borders.
Joe, Nokomis, Florida

Would it help the Republicans chances in the midterm elections if Dennis Hastert resigned as Speaker of the House?

Republicans have zero chance if Dennis Hastert resigns from office. People are already fed up with the Republican administration, and this scandal is just putting another nail in their coffin.
David, Cleveland, Ohio

It may help the Republicans' chances, but it shouldn't. With all the finger-pointing and blame-shifting, this seems more like a systemic problem than a one-off situation. If the leadership is willing to overlook this, what else are they ignoring?
Sean, Canton, Ohio

Absolutely not. The Republicans are toast in the upcoming election.
Dorothea, Placentia, California

Hastert's resignation would very likely affect the November elections... Republicans just might gain a little respect from this action and a few votes.
Patricia, Washington, Illinois
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