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Edwin McCain performs 'Hearts Fall'

Edwin McCain, center, performs "Hearts Fall" from his new album "Far From Over"  

NEW YORK (CNN) -- South Carolina singer/songwriter Edwin McCain's career is "Far From Over," as the title of his new album would suggest. The album, which contains a mix of soul, acoustic and rock, includes all original material, and McCain is calling it one of his "best yet."

Then he pauses modestly. "Did I say that?"

The album is the product of getting back to his roots, he told Jodi Ross of "Showbiz Today Reports."

"I think in the process of growing up in the music business, we tried a lot of things and we took a lot of advice and we did a lot of things to grease the wheels, so to speak. On this record we kind of took it all back and made our own record.

Singer/songwriter Edwin McCain performs 'Hearts Fall' from his newest release 'Far From Over' (July 11)

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"And," he adds, "it turned out exactly the way I hoped it would."

McCain, who doesn't take himself too seriously, was inspired by VH1's "Behind The Music" for his single "Radio Star."

"I'm a folk singer, so I like to make fun of stuff, and I hope not to hurt anybody's feelings, but it's funny to me, you know. And if I did accidentally hurt somebody's feelings, then they can go cry in a big bag of money," he laughs.

For this week's Showbiz Sessions, McCain performed "Hearts Fall," another song from "Far From Over," on the rooftop terrace of the Hudson Hotel in New York.

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