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Koinange: No end in sight for Africa's suffering
Amanpour: Reporting the shocking truth
• Video: Angelina Jolie: The world should act
• Video: Jolie: A '3-year-old with her arms cut off'
• Video: Children flee barbaric horror
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Interactive: Refugees by the numbers
Gallery: Stars shine for the U.N.
How to help: Refugee agencies
War orphan fights to rebuild families
AC 360° Blog: One-on-one with Angelina Jolie
Rape, brutality ignored to aid Congo peace
Youths torn from camps, forced to fight
The United Nations marked World Refugee Day on June 20. As part of a special day of coverage, U.N. Goodwill Amb. Angelina Jolie spoke with CNNís Anderson Cooper about the plight of refugees and why the world should act.
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