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Chasing Angelina:
Paparazzi & Celebrity Obsession

“CNN Presents” spends an action-packed day with paparazzi as they pursue Angelina Jolie. Rosie O’Donnell, entertainment reporters, magazine editors, power publicists and gossip bloggers discuss how celebrity is created and cultivated. Tune in to learn the dish behind the making of celebrity scoop, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

Your stories: 'Paparazzi should be stopped'
Audio slideshow: Photographers or thugs with lenses?
Quiz: Test your paparazzi knowledge
Hot on the trail of Angelina Jolie
CNN Access: In defense of paparazzi | Why paparazzi are wrong
Celeb blogger: Publicists, schmublicists
Video: Are paparazzi going over the top?
Video: A photographer offers some tricks of the trade
Podcast: CNN producer Bud Bultman on paparazzi

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