The shipment of American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets threatens not only millions of workers and their families, but also the American way of life. With the pay of corporate CEOs at historical highs and job creation at the lowest level since the Depression, corporate raiders are breaking down our borders in search of the lowest-price labor available anywhere in the world. For the first time in history, corporations are laying off Americans from well-paying jobs and replacing them with low-paid foreign workers. A recent study revealed that 14 million American jobs are now at risk of being outsourced overseas.

Make no mistake, Corporate America isn't doing all this alone: Big business and Washington are in cahoots, trading our nation's livelihood for short-term gain and Lou Dobbs's bold new book takes dead aim. A stirring call to arms and an invaluable prescriptive guide to dealing with the issue, EXPORTING AMERICA tells readers what they can do to save not only their own jobs, but the American dream.

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