Jane Velez-Mitchell
Jane Velez-Mitchell

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Jane Velez-Mitchell takes a stand on the biggest topics of the day that people across the country are buzzing about. From regular workers caught up in the economic storm to crime victims ignored by the mainstream media, Jane stands up for the powerless, and provides a voice for those who don't have one.

She challenges convention, those in power and the decision-makers. She puts a spotlight on those who abuse authority, don't play by the rules and ignore the interests of those they represent.

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Connect with the show

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Man vs. Nature

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Environmental stories seen on "Issues":
Gloria Steinem fights to save Jeju Island Video
Should toxic wildlife traps be banned? Video
Man on trial for being environmental hero? Video
Acres of woodlands bulldozed Video
Toxic water danger? Video

Media Maven of the Year!
Media Maven of the Year!

America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine announces Jane Velez-Mitchell as the 2010 Media Maven of the Year!

The Veggie Awards showcase excellence across the vegetarian industry: from soymilk and veggie burgers to celebrities and cities!

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Jane's Upcoming Appearances

January 13-15, 2012 in Portland, Oregon:
4th Annual Northwest Conference Against Trafficking

Get Jane's Book, 'iWant'!
Get Jane's Book, 'iWant'!

Jane's newest book, "iWant," is in stores now! To find out more about the book, click here or watch the video preview here.

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'Secrets Can Be Murder'
'Secrets Can Be Murder'
Check out Jane's book, "Secrets Can Be Murder."
Films by Jane

Anita Velez: Dancing through Life
Spurred by her father's untimely death, Jane turns the camera on herself in a three year journey to gain insight into her relationship with her mother, former vaudeville and circus performer Anita Velez. The documentary examines her mother's mysterious past and sheds light on her family secrets.
Watch here

Dogs of Puerto Rico
Jane examines the out-of-control pet overpopulation crisis of Puerto Rico.
Watch Part One
Watch Part Two

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