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Is it art or smut? Was it compromise or corruption? Did he or didn't he? Just the kind of provocative questions we've been debating on Crossfire for the past 15 years.

We packed all our best moments into our half hour special which aired June 13.

Click here for a Vxtreme streaming video version of the show.

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(8 min 44 sec streaming video)

Religion/American Culture
(6 min 35 sec streaming video)

Critical reviews
(4 min 44 sec streaming video)

Best of closing comments
(1 min 59 sec streaming video)

Here are QuickTime highlights of the anniversary show:
movie icon October 25, 1985
The right to die
(1.3M/44 sec. QuickTime movie)
movie icon August 18, 1992
Read my lips ...
(1.2M/34 sec. QuickTime movie)
movie icon June 1, 1994
Should executions be televised?
(1.4M/46 sec. QuickTime movie)

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