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No other national political talk show boasts such an impressive resume -- a two-time presidential candidate, the nation's first woman vice presidential nominee, a White House Chief of Staff and a former California Democratic Party Chairman. That's right -- it's CROSSFIRE -- and this year it's celebrating its 15th Anniversary as the nation's leading forum for heated political debate on critical public policy issues.

In honor of the program's 15th Anniversary, on June 13th and 15th from 7:30-8:00 p.m., CROSSFIRE's Pat Buchanan, Geraldine Ferraro, John Sununu and Bill Press will forgo the controversy of the day for a retrospective look at fifteen years of heated debate and political analysis. From the Cold War to rap music, from politics to pop-culture, the Anniversary Special reviews the most talked-about issues over the last decade-and-a-half. The special also features candid remarks from hosts, fans and critics alike on the very nature and essence of CROSSFIRE.

The celebration will continue from George Washington University with a series of CROSSFIRE anniversary specials airing before a live audience from June 16 through June 20. The CROSSFIRE team will also host a Washington Ceasefire Celebration on the evening of June 18 in the nation's capital, in honor of 15 years at the forefront of the American political battlefield.

Since 1982, the nation's leading politicians have flocked to CROSSFIRE to debate the most heated issues of the day and to take on their ideological opposites. Why? Because as on Capitol Hill, life in the CROSSFIRE is lively, smart, frequently funny and always entertaining. CROSSFIRE embodies the classic American political approach -- agree to disagree, heated and vigorous debate of the issues. Conservative and liberal voices at the same table--perhaps at odds--but still at the same table.

That CROSSFIRE remains one of CNN's most popular shows attests to the fact that Americans cherish and savor healthy, intelligent debate on the politics and policies shaping their nation. By mirroring the Washington political landscape, CROSSFIRE provides viewers with a unique insider's look into the partisan battles raging in the nation's capital and the chance to see our 200- year-old democracy at work.

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