Friday, January 04, 2008
Who Will be the One?
We have a finalist in our search for the Voice of 360. Ever since NBC hired Michael Douglas to introduce their nightly newscast, we have been auditioning people as well. It's been an epic search, spanning the world, utilizing the full global resources of CNN.

We haven't picked a winner yet, but tonight you will hear a major celebrity introduce our program. This superstar has been on the scene for decades and has one of the most distinctive voices in the world. We are proud this legend was willing to lend his voice to our broadcast. (That was a hint by the way, it's a he.)

Anybody want to guess who it is?
-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 2:11 PM ET
I still vote to let Larry King lead in the program. He's been around decades, maybe even centuries!
Posted By Anonymous Sandi : 2:23 PM ET
I have a suggestion for your voice of AC360. You should have a contest and let your viewers audition for the voice of AC360.

PJ, Valley Village, California
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:24 PM ET
Well the distinctive voice fit, but decades and legend kind of takes Clay Aiken off the list. lol
Posted By Anonymous Bev. Ontario Canada : 2:29 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Three guesses:

1) Al Pacino
2) Jack Nicholson
3) Harrison Ford

I can't wait for the program tonight to see/hear who it is!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 2:32 PM ET
Harvey Fierstein fits the bill.
Posted By Blogger Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 2:32 PM ET
James Earl Jones would be perfect.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 2:33 PM ET
Well, since it is a male, it can't be Fran Drescher!
Maybe Bill Cosby or Robert DeNiro?
Posted By Blogger pamina : 2:42 PM ET
Morgan Freeman, who else can it be?

Anand Sethuraman, Mountain View, CA
Posted By Blogger Anand : 2:43 PM ET
Put me down for James Earl Jones!
Posted By Anonymous Renee : 2:45 PM ET
Superstar... around for decades... hmmm... Big Bird!

Surprise, AZ
Posted By Blogger Mindy : 2:51 PM ET
I was joking about Clay Aiken but I agree, I think it's Bill Cosby.
Posted By Anonymous Bev, Ontario Canada. : 2:59 PM ET
Hi Anderson, my guess is Sean Connery...if it's not, he would be great too!
Posted By Anonymous Frenchy : 3:11 PM ET
Hi AC & Co.,

How about Kermit the Frog? It fits all the above mentioned qualifiers: distinctive voice,
legend and been around for decades. And if he is not a he Miss Piggy will be very dissapointed.

Karina Thomas
Panama City, Panama
Posted By Blogger pollito : 3:24 PM ET
I think it will be Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino. Denzel Washington is Ok too....

Ana, Boston
Posted By Blogger Ana : 3:28 PM ET
K. Fed? 'Cause I know you're his number one fan and all...
Posted By Anonymous Josh, L.A., CA : 3:33 PM ET
Male, been around for decades, distinctive voice--say it's not my favorite childhood reporter Kermit the Frog? Seriously, I'm going with Tony Bennett because he's Tony Bennett, and what more needs to be said?

Hopefully you'll put this intro on the podcast since I'll be early Twelfth Night celebrating tonight (Mardi Gras trumps everything down here, even superstar announcers).
Posted By Anonymous Tammy, Berwick, LA : 3:34 PM ET
How about an aging rock star, someone whose appeal crosses generations with a distinctive voice and an uninhibited personality?
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 3:37 PM ET
I think will be Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino. Denzel Washington is great too.
Posted By Anonymous Ana : 3:47 PM ET
Another vote for James Earl Jones. He has an awesome voice. Hasn't he done some work for CNN in the past? For some reason I'm recalling this but think it has been awhile. Ok, maybe it is just my imagination. Looking forward to hearing it. Will have to Tivo as I will be out and about.. TGIF
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 3:50 PM ET
Yes, Earl Jones has a voice that one remembers...but I also think about Walter Cronkite! He is still with us, isn't he? He does indeed have a very recognizable voice and he is a legend! I remember very well watching him brodcast as the Eagle was landing on the moon July 20, 1969....has it really been that long ago? He would be the ideal choice...he has given so much to news and journalism for many decades!
Posted By OpenID catbus13 : 4:09 PM ET
Well, when you talk about a time-tested superstar only one name comes to mind: Richard Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Josh, L.A., CA : 4:12 PM ET
Willie Nelson?
Loved your New Years Eve special!
Posted By Blogger Jeanine & Jim : 4:24 PM ET
Casey Kasem!!!

Julie in Shreveport
Posted By Blogger Julie : 4:36 PM ET
Hmmmm... legendary... distinct voice... entertaining for decades...

Ozzy Osbourne?

PS: I'm impressed Anderson Cooper! Two blogs in one day! Very nice!
Posted By Blogger Nardeen : 5:03 PM ET
it's arnold schwartznager


Carlos meza
Posted By Blogger charlie : 5:18 PM ET
Decades?! It probably means it isn't Jeff Goldblum or Michael Keaton. Although either of them would be amazing.
Posted By Blogger Meghan : 5:29 PM ET
James Earl Jones - Darth Vader

“The Force is strong with this one. Anderson Cooper 360°"
Posted By OpenID cathrine-crane : 5:32 PM ET
I think Donald Sutherland has a nice voice.

Temple, TX
Posted By Blogger Kay : 5:58 PM ET
Sean Connery?
--TN, TC, MN
Posted By Anonymous Sarah : 6:12 PM ET
Christopher Walken would be my choice, so he'll be my guess
Posted By Anonymous aj huntington ny. : 6:34 PM ET
My guess would be Paris Hilton? We know how much you secretly like her!!
Posted By Anonymous Lorna : 7:48 PM ET
I wish I'd come across this sooner to make a suggestion. I'd recommend Tay Zonday, YouTube star of the past year most famous for his song, "Chocolate Rain." He's young, bright, has a distinctively deep voice and enough potential and years ahead of him to become a real star.
Posted By Blogger Jon : 10:44 PM ET
Um, AC, I think you need to keep looking! I saw "The Golden Compass" tonight. Why not Daniel Craig or Nicole Kidman. Ozzie looked like he's had too much politics and needs some time off! Have a great week-end!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy chicago Il : 10:47 PM ET
I adore Ozzy ......It makes it fun, and anyway Larry king is all over CNN, he did a great job.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Besson : 11:00 PM ET
What???? Ozzy Osbourne??? that's the best joke since the beginning of the year. The guy cannoe even say his name straight... talking about announcing the show. A babling 2YO will do better.
I say no way, I love the show so much, I don't want it to be turned to a joke. There is a fine line between being cool and ridiculous, and we better not cross that line.
Lets see who else you have......
Great show tonight anyway!
Posted By Anonymous virge : 11:06 PM ET
What??? Ozzy Osbourne??? this is the best joke since the begining of the year. The guy cannot even say his name straight.I saw you fighting against a good laught after he was done Anderson. I know Ozzy is probably a nice person, but a babling 2 YO will do better. there is fine line between wanting to be cool and being ridiculous, and AC 360 better not cross that line.
So let see who else you have in reserve....
Posted By Anonymous virge : 11:14 PM ET
Yes Ozzy Osborne is good choice. He has a great voice.
The only cool alternative would be the voice of Stewie from Family Guy. Being ridiculus is taking yourself too seriously, and comming off as a Les Nessman type.
Posted By Blogger Bill : 11:37 PM ET
Anderson, since your program has such a International audience I think that would be interesting to be introduced each time in a different language with a sub title or none. That would be the only one in the world.

Kami, Vienna, Virginia U.S.A.
Posted By Anonymous Kami : 11:53 PM ET

This. Is. Anderson. Cooper. Three. Sixty.

Maybe Nimoy as Spock. Or Patrick "Picard" Stewart. Not that I am a trekkie of anything....

Maybe that annoying Billy Mays oxyclean product guy.
"This is Billy Mays!!!!!! Try Anderson Cooper 360!!!! And get the second hour for free if you act now!!!!!!"
Posted By Anonymous cackalacky : 11:57 PM ET
If you're looking for a distinctive voice - my vote goes for Kiefer Sutherland. He has done voice-over work for the NHL, and who knows...maybe the producers of "24" would let you use the opening line "The following happens between 10pm and 12am...".
Posted By Anonymous Heather in Atlanta : 10:13 AM ET
Peter O'Toole would be brilliant.
("This is AC 360." with the optional addition of: "No prisoners!!!!")

My first choice would have been Vincent Price though. ("This is Anderson Cooper 360. Please be quiet, every sound you make is expuisite agony to me.")
But I doubt CNN has the budget that is needed to raise the dead. (I won't enjoy much of an afterlife, will I?)
Posted By Blogger Nim Chimpsky : 11:29 AM ET
How about George W.? I hear he's going to be out of a job soon.
Posted By Anonymous Connie, Kansas City, MO : 2:34 PM ET
Tom Baker. Hands down, one of the most recognizable and awesome voices around.
Posted By Anonymous eugenia : 4:54 PM ET
Get a strong woman with a commanding voice, someone who won't shy away from loud important voiceover work -- Hillary Clinton is such a woman, and as a soon-to-be-unemployed person of high visibility, she's the natural choice!
Posted By Anonymous Dane P - Omaha, Ne. : 6:37 PM ET
Get Judge Reinhold to reprise his role as the "Close Talker" on Seinfeld. I want to see Anderson try to keep a straight face when he sidles up to do the intros right next to Andersons' desk .
Posted By Anonymous Shad J., Tulsa, Ok. : 6:40 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
I always remember James Earl Jones. He has that distinctive voice that everyone loves to hear. I mean he was Darth Vader and Muffasah. He is the man for your introduction but I could also hear Morgan Freeman doing it or you could go into the funnier zone and have Kathy Griffin.

By the way, it was great seeing you and Kathy having fun on New Year's Eve.
Take care and be safe
Posted By Anonymous Charley of Ohio : 7:39 PM ET
How about Anthony Hopkins? Distinctive and distinguished. Classy. Ozzie is cute but would take away from the prestige of 360. Is 360 a serious news show or MTV?
Posted By Anonymous lj in Houston : 9:32 PM ET
Ozzy might be distinctive, but not in the right way....

The best male speaking voice ever was James Mason. But he's dead. William Hurt is a decent second. Why not try him out ?
Posted By Anonymous miriam, san francisco : 10:20 PM ET
Who' s the biggest publicity___________ -oops I mean who would do the audition just for the publicity? Donald Trump !
Posted By Anonymous steve - peoria il : 12:55 PM ET
Hi Anderson! We watch your show here in the Philippines and we wish somebody would just syndicate your show so we won't have to get cable. Right now we're content with stuffing our iTunes with your podcasts (your show is just too good to miss out each day!)

My vote is on James Earl Jones. He did the memorable CNN voice-over back then and it's still good today. JEJ the second time around!


Mike, Philippines
Posted By OpenID Mike : 1:09 PM ET
Stephen Colbert!

Anderson mentioned 'gravitas' in the video with Ozzy... Stephen had Stone Phillips on the very first (and 100th) episode of his show for a 'gravitas-off'. I know he's from another network, but who cares? He's perfect.
Posted By Anonymous mitch - bc, canada : 1:33 PM ET
An announcer means less Anderson time, and less news. The show would be better off without an announcer, and certainly without a mumbling Brit.

AC360 will devolve into a second rate tabloid type show if it gives in to this GIMMICK.

It isn't even a cool gimmick.
Posted By Anonymous Michelle : 9:11 PM ET
Ozzy was an interesting candidate. How many will be applying for the job?

Do we get to vote after all the we have heard all the candidates?

Loved your New Year's special!

A J Osborn
Monroe LA
Posted By Anonymous A J Osborn : 1:56 AM ET
I would guess with the kind of work you do on AC360 you would want a mover and a shaker of a I go with Bono or someone of the likes
Posted By Anonymous Amy : 4:22 PM ET
Well, Ozzy was a hilarious addition to 360. Glad you even managed to throw a few good jibes at NBC's Brian Williams, even though I am a fan of his show too, I like your rebellious style. While I am not a fan of Ozzy, he continues to be the face of the reasons why people should not do drugs and therefor I recommend him as the next announcer for Anderson Cooper 360. Whatever you do don't go corporate and go with the corporate GE voice. Live true and go with OZZY the idiot and show America how to say "No to drugs."
Posted By Blogger Nam Tasa : 9:29 AM ET
How about Eric Cartman from South Park? "From the CNN studios in New York, this is Anderson Cooper 360...RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAAAAY!!!!!"

Or you could just have Kenny mumbling....that would be cute. :)
Posted By Anonymous Lilly : 4:21 PM ET
I would vote for James Earl Jones!
Posted By Blogger Stacey : 8:42 PM ET
I'm voting for Ozzy!
Posted By Anonymous Maria : 2:08 AM ET
Angelina Jolie!
Posted By Anonymous Angie : 4:18 AM ET
uhmmm!! how about vincent price or alfred hitchcock....
ok ok my list isn't up to date.
i'll stick with the ozz.
Posted By Anonymous ben : 6:10 AM ET
Ozzy: Not bad really. After all, what other show can brag about having a rock legend for an announcer? Yiiihah!

Other suggestions:
David Bowie - He can go suave or just Anderson Cooper three si-si-si-sixty!
Hugh Laurie - American accent - absolutely convincing. British accent (his real accent) - just unbelievable.

Or just go with:
Stephen Colbert (hah)
AC360 crew (I remember one dying to get the gig - for some reason, you get my vote)

As long as I get to watch AC360, any announcer is fine.

Jill, Manila, PH
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:30 PM ET
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