Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Welcome Erica Hill!

As anyone who watches 360 knows, I like Erica Hill a lot. She is smart, funny, quick, and real.

Erica has been doing the 360 Bulletins for a while now, and we've been trying to look for ways to increase her role in the program. It's being announced today that she will join our broadcast full time, and all of us here are really excited about it. (Here is the official press release).

It'll be a couple weeks before Erica starts full time, and I can't wait!

-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 3:30 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

What GREAT news! Erica is great and the two of you compliment each other well. Adding Erica full-time will only improve an already great program.

I'm curious to see what kind of mischief the two of you will get into together...

Have a great show tonight.

Surprise, AZ
Posted By Blogger Mindy : 3:39 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I am so excited that Erica has decided to join your show full time. Your snarky banter is great fun! Looking forward to it.
Welcome aboard Erica!

New Rochelle, NY
Posted By Blogger pamina : 3:41 PM ET
That is awesome news and will be a great addition to the show. I love when you guys banter back and forth. Even though, I watch the show for insight and news you bring to the table, sometimes a little levity is a welcome break. It is always good to laugh and your fans love to hear you laugh. You can tell that you guys really enjoy what you are doing, unless you are really good at faking it.. That is doubtful. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed the debate last night.
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 3:42 PM ET
Hi Anderson, that's great news! I really like Erica because she is so talented and has a great personality, and I also love the chemistry you guys have together! I've always wished I could catch her show in Prime News, but here on the West Coast, I'm still at work when her show is on. Now I don't have to worry about that because my two favorite anchors will be on the same 360 show, and 360 is on when I get home from work, so perfect timing! This is a great move for CNN! Thanks, Anderson, for sharing the good news!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 3:47 PM ET
Next to Anderson and David Gergen, Erica Hill is my favorite presence on 360. The byplay and banter exchanged when she presents her news bulletins (and sits in for the "Shot of the Day") often provide the high point of the broadcast.

If you got a tivo report, I am sure you would find that the AC/Erica spots are the most rewound sections of the show!

Even when the news that night is dire, viewers can usually count on a minute or 2 of entertainment during those short segments.

I only hope that as a regular correspondent for 360 there is some way that Erica can continue to do the "What Were They Thinking" type spots, in addition to her reporting assignments. I look forward to seeing more of her work in depth, but sometimes a moment of levity is just as important as the journalism.

Congratulations to Erica and 360.
Posted By Anonymous Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 3:48 PM ET

Erica is great and has such a positive attitude to go along with her exceptional skills as a reporter that she's sure to be a top notch addition to your team.

Its nice to see talent and hard work rewarded. Thanks for sharing the news and your excitement with us.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 3:49 PM ET
This is great news! I love Erica! I really appreciate the comradery you all have with each other at 360 and she will just add to the fun. Congrats Erica!
Posted By Anonymous Tiffany, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada : 3:49 PM ET
I really like her.
Posted By Anonymous Molly : 3:52 PM ET
Hi Anderson, Great news. I have watched Erica's program on HLN and yes,she is real. She will be a great addition to your team. Looking forward to her reporting.

Judy Stage
Brooklyn MI
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:54 PM ET
The greatest news of the day! I can't wait to see that. Bienvenue, Erica!

Delphine, Paris, France.
Posted By Blogger Delie : 3:58 PM ET
Hi Anderson and 360 Staff

This is great news!! A lot of us like Erica a lot, too. Her sense of humor is welcome on days that the news stories are very difficult. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her stories.
Posted By Anonymous Heather Edmonton, AB, Canada : 4:02 PM ET
I am glad to hear that Erica will be joining the 360 Team! You and her have such great exchanges, and I know your audience is going to love having her on full time! I am looking forward to your show tonight, as there has been much Breaking News today that is news worthy. See you tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 4:03 PM ET
Great news, Anderson! A wonderful addition to an already stellar team.

Boulder, CO
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, CO : 4:03 PM ET
Yeah, great news. Love Erica Hill. AC and Erica are always fun and give us a few laughs.

Hope she and AC will have the same type of interaction as they have now everynight. I always look forward to the news breaks for this reason.

Burlington, ON
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:07 PM ET

I am so happy to hear Erica is joining 360. We all love her just as much as you do. You guys make a great team. Two journalists I respect more than anything, and really look up to working together.
How great is that. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Alma, Fairfield, Ca. : 4:09 PM ET
That's exciting! I think Erica is awesome. That is something to look forward to.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 4:15 PM ET
Yeah Erica!! I'm happy for you too Anderson - you guys have great on air chemistry so it'll make for an even better show! Keep up all the great work. Good luck on the GOP debate moderating next week!! We'll be watching.

Aberdeen, NC
Posted By Blogger jformanski : 4:16 PM ET
What great news! I adore Erica! Congrats and best wishes to you.
Posted By Anonymous Christine ~ Cleveland, OH : 4:16 PM ET
Fantastic news! Erica will be a great addition to the show. You are both smart, funny, witty and real. It is so refreshing to have a news program like yours Anderson. Look forward to the show with Erica and keep up the great work. Your stories and insight are greatly appreciated!
Posted By Anonymous Cindy in D.C. : 4:18 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Well, it is about time! Erica has been part of the 360 family for quite awhile and I have always enjoyed her contributions to the program.

I congratulate her on her new, exciting position and I look forward to her reports. 360 is lucky to have Erica on their team!

Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 4:18 PM ET
Congrats to Erica!
Posted By Blogger Mac : 4:21 PM ET
Anderson, this is wonderful news!!! I am so happy for Erica. I think this is really going to be good for her. I love her doing the 360 Bulletin. I am very pleased to see that her role on the show will be expanded.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, GA : 4:21 PM ET
Awesome News!
Posted By Anonymous Stacy K From New Jersey : 4:22 PM ET
Yeah!! Erica has always been a highlight for me.

Might I suggest giving her a larger role on New Year's? That way you can eliminate other shrill and annoying guests!!
Posted By Anonymous Sharon, Elma, New York : 4:23 PM ET


Erica Hill be a great addition to 360!

We are looking forward to her joining in our nightly viewing of AC360.

Congratulations Erica!
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 4:23 PM ET
Hi Anderson: What great news about Erica. Congratulations to Erica, you & CNN -- couldn't ask for a better pairing. Yes, she is "smart, funny, quick, and real", but let us not forget "pretty" too. All in all -- a super package. Am anxious to see her regularly & more often on 360 -- watch out Regis & Kelly -- you've got serious competition now!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:29 PM ET
Awesome, Erica will be a welcome addition! I have always enjoyed the 360 updates with Erica (especially back when you guys did them live) and the back and fourth between you guys. Congrats Erica and 360.
Posted By Anonymous Holly in Florida : 4:29 PM ET
YAY!! Anderson, that's great news!
Welcome Erica!!!
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 4:33 PM ET

Erica will make a great addition to the 360 team. I can just imagine the trouble the two of you will get into....can't wait.

Kim, Bolingbrook, IL
Posted By Anonymous Kim : 4:34 PM ET
Hi Anderson
Great news about Erica Hill joining
the 360 family. You both get along
so well and can add a little fun
to the show nights when the news
is not so pleasant. Keep up the
good work. Also, it is great seeing Jeffrey Toobin getting more
air time. Brenda Quincy MA
Posted By Anonymous Brenda Quincy MA : 4:35 PM ET
No way! Erica is awesome.

She's still doing The Shot and stuff too, right? The two of you work well together, you keep everyone laughing.

Erica is one great journalist. She will be a real asset to the show
Posted By Blogger Kayle : 4:35 PM ET
Anderson that's wonderful news, I have liked her since her tech tv days! She is a great reporter and will be a wonderful addition to 360--what's this mean for Prime News?

At least she will be able to get back to her snowy days that she talked about in her news letter the other day!
Posted By Blogger beaslma : 4:36 PM ET
Hi Anderson
How exciting! I’ve been waiting for Erica Hill to join 360 fulltime. You two look so good together. I can’t wait to see what the “new” 360 will be like.

Trier, Germany
Posted By Blogger Judy : 4:36 PM ET
Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper!

Betty Ann
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 4:42 PM ET
awww! I'm excited to see more of Erica Hill. She and Anderson seem to have a great time together so it should be great to have them together more.
Posted By Anonymous Elaine Fulton, West Chester, PA : 4:46 PM ET
I've always enjoyed the 360˚ Bulletin segments so I'm glad to see that she will be joining 360˚ full-time! Looking forward to that!

Tracie - Chicago,IL
Posted By Anonymous Tracie - Chicago, IL : 4:48 PM ET
Welcome,Erica! You and Anderson have great chemistry together. It will be a great addition to the program.
Posted By Anonymous judy,hatfield,pa : 4:50 PM ET
Hey Anderson.....
Congrats to Erica.

I like her segments on the show. It will be interesting to see how she reports and I am sure she will be a good addition to the mix of 360 correspondents.
Posted By Blogger Mac : 4:54 PM ET
I agree. Erica Hill is smart and has a sense of humour and it no easy task to be both on live television. I have enjoyed some of her repartees. Wishing her the very best in the enhanced role in AC 360

Posted By Blogger bhuvani : 4:56 PM ET
Wow! That IS really great news. I like her a lot too.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:58 PM ET
I actually squealed when I read that! I'm so excited! Erica's a great newsperson, and I've always liked her reporting style. Not to mention you two get along really nicely!
I simply CANNOT wait until she's on the show full-time!

--Mari, MI
Posted By Anonymous Marine H, MI : 5:00 PM ET
Congratulations to Erica! That is great news! Erica is a wonderful addition to the 360 team for sure.

I can't wait until February 1st.

Sheryn, NJ
Posted By Blogger Sheryn : 5:01 PM ET
Wow. yea you guys seem to get along pretty well on CNN. I have seen it many times.. Welcome Erica!! Hope you all enjoy!! oh and am i the first to leave a comment?:D i have never left one before
Posted By Blogger huma : 5:02 PM ET

I think Erica would make a great addition to the '360' team and cannot wait for her to start either! I enjoy her commentary so much and am thrilled that she'll be able to contribute to the show!

Congratulations Erica!
Posted By Anonymous Aruna, Minneapolis, MN : 5:09 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

That's great news about Erica joining your broadcast. She's a class act.
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Boston, MA : 5:13 PM ET
Welcome Erica glad to have you as a new member of AC360.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 5:14 PM ET
Oh, my God! Are you serious?! *bounces around happily* Oh, I love Erica so much. This is awesome! =D

Birmingham, AL
Posted By Anonymous Claire - Birmingham, AL : 5:31 PM ET
Hey Anderson!

I'm really excited about this! Erica is a great addition to the 360 team and I look forward to seeing more in depth stories from her in the next few months. Does this mean she will be subbing in the anchor chair when you are away? I hope so, I'd enjoy seeing her anchor 360 if you can't be there to do it!

Looking forward to seeing CNN utilizing Erica's talent on AC360!
Posted By Blogger Jamie : 5:32 PM ET
Yeah! I love Erica Hill! She is intelligent and energetic. She will be sure to add some spice to 360! I'll be gone that week, but will try to catch the show. She will be sure to keep you honest!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 5:36 PM ET
Congratulations Erica!!! I thought you were already part of the 360 Team, but this makes it official. Keep up the great work!
Posted By Anonymous Dina, San Francisco, CA : 5:38 PM ET
I like Erica Hill a lot too, for the same reasons you do -- she's almost as good as Tom Foreman (not to mention prettier). Excellent choice -- hope you all have fun.
Posted By Anonymous Mac -- San Jose, Calif : 5:41 PM ET
You guys seem to always work so well together. Flawless (usually, anyway!), happy, and pleasant to watch. There's nothing worse than enjoying my big bowl of popcorn with my friends at AC360.....Cheers and congrats!

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 5:52 PM ET
It's always fun when Erica does the 360 Bulletins with Anderson. We lost Headline News from the cable offerings here awhile ago, so don't get to see her otherwise. Hope Erica enjoys the colder weather of the Northeast compared to Atlanta. Looking forward to more witty exchanges! Sounds like Erica will be doing more reporting, but will she continue the 360 Bulletins as well?
Posted By Anonymous Vicky, Ottawa, ON : 5:53 PM ET
Erica Hill is in a word...AWESOME.
Congratulations to her!!!
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 5:55 PM ET
Yeah! I am so excited that Erica will be joining your newscast. I have seen her show on HLN and her reports for "360" and she is a wonderful journalist. It will be great to see what she does when she has a chance to step away from the anchor's desk. Congrats to Erica on this big move!
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Hiram, OH : 5:55 PM ET
Hey Anderson!

OMG I am so excited! Erica? Seriously? Yay!

I love her and the chemistry that you two have is perfection. I agree totally with how you have described her. This is great news!

The best team since George Burns and Gracie Allen!

Can't wait myself!

All The Best & Welcome Erica!
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:56 PM ET
Big HURRAY to Erica Hill!!!
"Smart, funny, quick, and real"... that's so right! She simply rocks and will add a lot to the program.

So Erica: WELCOME ! :)

You are definitely a woman I look up to .
Posted By Anonymous Minou, New York,NY : 6:08 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
That is fantastic news! I love Erica Hill and have always thought the two of you working together is an unbeatable match.
Congratulations Erica!

Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 6:13 PM ET
Hi Anderson...

Wow, that's a great to hear, that's the best news. I'm so glad that Erica has decided to join 360show full time. I can hardly wait until I can see it!! I also like Erica a lot, like you. And I love this pic. Both of you are photogenic :-)
Posted By Anonymous Kim Jung-Hae. Seoul. S, Korea : 7:32 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Congrats Erica. I hope she will be doing some postings on the ac360blog too.
She's a very down to earth reporter. Whether it's good news or bad, some journalists have a way to connect with viewers. And Erica does.

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 7:48 PM ET
Awhhh.... I thought she wanted to to join Glenn Beck. She tells her stories from the heart, a flawless match!

San Francisco, Ca
Posted By Blogger eugenia : 8:14 PM ET

You guys are GREAT together!!!

See you tonight on the air :)

Liz, Chino Hills, CA
Posted By Blogger beachlzrd : 9:14 PM ET
WooooHoooo! Congratulations to both of you! The only thing better than Anderson & Erica is Anderson & More Erica! I adore everything about her, from her intelligence and wit, right down to her composure and lovely voice. Thank you for sharing the news-
Posted By Anonymous Janna, Miami Beach, FL : 9:17 PM ET
Congratulations Erica!! :)
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve M,Scottsdale, AZ : 9:41 PM ET

Erica Hill joining your show is wonderful. Not to repeat what other
posters have said, but you two have great chemistry together. She is a great addition.

Posted By Anonymous Susan : 9:52 PM ET
I'd just like to weigh in and say that we all welcome Erica to the 360 family, but she's not the only member of the team. Randi Kaye, Tom Foreman, Gary Tuchman, Drew Griffin and so many other talented reporters make up the "sub-anchor's" with Anderson. Don't forget to recognize the great work they do. This isn't just a 2-man band or a "George and Gracie" show. If people want that, go watch Showbiz Tonight or one of the other entertainment shows.

Having said that, Erica is a great addition and a fantastic newswoman. I hope the team welcomes her with open arms.
Posted By Anonymous Krissy, San Francisco, CA : 10:11 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
That's great! The two of you click really well. I'm looking forward to seeing Erica on more -
Posted By Anonymous Julia G., Chicago : 10:29 PM ET
Erica? Well,how great for you and 360! Just one question~what is poor Glen going to do now?

Here I go, being the spoiler again. I didn't care for the 360 Bulletin bit. Too often it had already been covered by you and everyone else, therefore it wasn't that informative. I'm not familiar with her as a journalist so it will be interesting to see what she adds to 360!!

I've always wondered how much clout you have and since you went to Atlanta last week, presumedly to wind things up, I'd say you might have a wee bit of influence!

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, GVMO : 12:55 AM ET
Aw, yay! I absolutely love Erica. You two are so much fun together, Anderson. I can't wait to see more of her on the show. Congratulations to her :)
Posted By Anonymous Hallie, Portland, OR : 4:20 AM ET
Anderson, I like seeing the evolution of AC360. You and Erica have great chemistry on-camera and she will add yet another amazing dynamic to the programming. Oh, and your work continues to be inspiring, real and responsible - thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Joe L, Somerville, MA : 12:01 PM ET
New Year New Gal at AC360 Ms. Erica Hill! Yehey! Weeee! Cooool! we love you Ms. Erica Hill.
is this mean that she's living now in New York city with her new baby that's nice. everything is new this year for her and for all of us! is this mean she's gonna Blog here at AC360 also?
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 4:58 AM ET
Hello Anderson & Erica

I have always felt comfortable when you two are on 360. It is as if both of you were my old friends...

Therefore AC&EH 720
Good Luck!
Posted By Anonymous Gui-Hyun Nahm / South-Korea : 5:58 AM ET
I like Erica (I wish y'all the best of luck).

Posted By Anonymous K@KatchProFILMS Portland OR : 3:42 PM ET
Renee - Jacksonville, Florida
You guys are too funny together! News this week has been extra depressing (recession, stock market problems, unexpected death, nasty politics). BUT last night's Big Foot discussion was just what was needed. I finally laughed after a very difficult day. I hope you and Erica will continue to bring us these "lighter" (and well needed) moments. Thanks!
Posted By Anonymous Renee in Jacksonville, Florida : 5:15 PM ET
Anderson - I enjoy your show, and how you tell the real story. No spin, just honest facts. thank you.

It is great that Erica will be on the show. Congrats Erica, you do a great show.
Posted By Anonymous v worrell : 5:51 PM ET
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