Friday, January 25, 2008
America: The promising
-- Jamie Floyd, 360 Contributor

This morning, as I was walking to the subway -- in a rare moment when I actually looked up from my Blackberry -- I saw a child running towards me, a boy -- he couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 years old. His face was full of joy and expectation, as he ran toward his school, his mother, his friends or whatever it was behind me that caused him to come charging past.

And I smiled; because you see -- this boy was black. A young African-American child on his way to school, unaware of all of the obstacles he will face in this world: An unemployment rate that is higher for black men than any other segment of the population, a life expectancy that is shorter, an appalling incarceration rate and a drop-out rate that is unacceptable.
But I smiled. I smiled because this black child is also growing up in a world of possibility.

For the first time, a black man has a very real chance of becoming president of the United States.

So, I smiled because, even though he likely doesn't know it yet, that little boy has a reason to be joyful today. Even if Barack Obama is not elected president, this black child will grow up knowing that someday -- HE could be.

And that means this is a new and better country -- an America that holds out promise to all of its children.

Posted By Jackie Adams: 7:46 PM ET
OK...I have to be the negative one here I guess!

America is a land of opportunity for everyone! All you have to do is get out there and work your butt off to get it. Nothing is handed to you!

I am really tired of all of this racial profiling crap that we are seeing here! It is hard for everyone! Why are we continually getting this shoved in our faces! PLEASE move on from this! No other station is going on and on about it! Just you all! It is getting a bit redundant and really ridiculous!!

Can you PLEASE get back to the REAL issues!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 8:17 PM ET
Hi Jackie,
You write a lovely and hopeful thought for all black children. What a wonderful role model Obama is.
Let's just not forget that little girls can now hope to be president of the United States too!

Betty Ann
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 8:17 PM ET
Such a nice moment first thing in the morning. Watching a child and their innocence and passion for whatever it is they are doing always lifts my spirits.

I hope the young man you saw finds the best of the American promise and that America can help him utilize the promise within him for everyone's benefit. The potential promise of our youth is such a precious thing; I hope we can give them an America that is better than what was given to us, an America where equality is a given and a helping hand is never far from reach.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 8:37 PM ET
I dont believe in inducting an african american President just for the sake of having one. He has to prove he's the worthiest candidate, we shouldnt just elect him because he's black.
Posted By Anonymous Anne - Detroit, MI : 8:42 PM ET
Very well said. Let's hope the future is brighter and better for every child.

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 9:22 PM ET
Thank you for this story. This is exactly what I think, feel and believe. I am a Latina and I hope the same things for my culture. I will work really hard in my tiny arena of influence to do anything I can in this endeavor.

I am very proud to be living in a time where a female and a black man can run for the highest office in the land. I hope to see the day when this nation won't "bat an eye" at any color or race or gender of person who rises to the challenge in the future! These are truly wonderful times ...
Posted By Anonymous Linda - Mile High City : 9:48 PM ET
I'm from East Africa, Tanzania to be exact, so I'm an obvious Obama supporter. But, I have watched all the shows Hillary Clinton has been vilified by media. Based on where I'm from, she should have a fair shot in history as the only woman who has really shot of becoming the President of U.S.And the media should be fair..
Posted By Anonymous Dave : 11:08 PM ET
Jami: I disagree with the blogger who considers your blog entry racial profiling. They couldn't be more off point.

Your story was about hope. I found your piece thought provoking and inspiring. Those of us who have experienced discrimination and sexism can totally relate to what was, IMO, very well said by you. We overcame it and yes, we are stronger because of it but what is exciting is that the youth of today may never have to experience this again. That's what touched me about your piece. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 1:28 AM ET
I have defended CNN for years when my conservative brothers and friends called them “liberal media.” But, I am disgusted by the way CNN is covering this election. CNN, along with all the rest of the candidates, have done nothing short of beating up this incredible woman. STOP it. Let the election be determined by the candidate’s merits. Report, don’t influence. Barack is o.k., but in my opinion, he has not been presidential. I supported him in the beginning. I thought he would make a good president, along with Hillary as his VP, or VS. I’m wondering now if he is ready for either role. I feel like this race is dividing this country along gender and race lines. I am so proud that Barack has gotten as many votes as he has received. I have always been hopeful that people could put race aside for all life’s roles. For his great support in this country, I am so grateful. I do not, however, want to see people vote for this man (or anyone else) because he is black or because he is a man, or not vote for him because of his color or gender. Vote because of the content of their character. I feel like color is the only reason Mr. Obama has received of his supporters. It is also the reason people will not vote for him. My hope for this particular election is that it will even itself out. My hope is that people will vote without thinking about gender and race. I just want to see people be fair. I don’t think CNN is being fair, especially, Anderson, whom I have always adored. Let the people decide for themselves. You don’t have to beat up a candidate to get your point across. CNN, Fox News, black leaders and Barack need to be the ones to “let up.” Not the former President Clinton or our next President Clinton. They have a right to defend themselves.
Debra, Tennessee
Posted By Blogger Debra Lynn : 10:54 AM ET
If you were alive when the civil rights movement right got its start, then you have a stigma about race. You were taught either not to talk to them because they were different or to fear what they might do to you.

The generation that is born now, is free from this stigma. Everyone is equal in their eyes because the groundwork was already laid.

We do not have equality yet, but within one more generation when those with this stigma die, then, Dr. King's dream will become reality; "A person will not be judged by the color of their skin, but on their merits."
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina in Los Angeles : 8:58 PM ET
Apparently a "new and better America" doesn't include gay people, as is demonstrated by Mr. Obama's status quo and hypocritical position on gay marriage.
Posted By Anonymous M.E. Baz, Pasadena, CA : 1:56 AM ET
so it's not really about policy, beliefs, experience and all that stuff? It's about gender, color and likability? In today's environment with incredible damage done by Bush and a truly divided America it's a shame that the smartest, most experienced and straightest talking person didn't even get coverage by CNN in this election. That person was Joe Biden. If you ever watched any of the Demoractic debates, when Joe spoke NOBODY could argue against him, challenge him or disagree with him. All others stopped and listened. And yet we constantly here about the name candidates, the black/woman issue and the "who will be the toughest against terrorism" issues. Best and most honest, straightforward and experienced candidates were Joe Biden (D) and Ron Paul (R). We are in serious trouble. S.C. black voted 4 of 5 with black. Hilary got the women vote. Rudy is in the race simply because he was mayor of NY when his city was attacked. This is not a step forward. We have centuries to go before we wake up.
Posted By Anonymous Alan, Las Vegas : 4:15 AM ET
I see many people saying well, I am not only going to vote for him because he is black. Well, first of all, people are making this isseu about race. Secondly, the fact that people are making this about race shows that some people can not judge Obama for his work, and his intelligents. Lets be honest, compared to most white presidents in the past, Obama is no less qualified. People lets look beyond color.
Posted By Anonymous M. Lewis : 12:30 PM ET
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