Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Moving into 2008.....
By the time I left Times Square last night, the party was definitely over. Walking out of the area, couples were arguing, young women were teetering precariously on wobbly heels... all in all, it wasn't a pretty scene. Thankfully, I don't really drink, so I didn't wake up with a hangover today, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who did.

Tonight we are on live and the lead right now is politics. Two days until the Iowa caucuses and the race is anyone's guess. We'll also be looking at some new reports about what may have led that tiger to attack a young man at the San Francisco Zoo. We'll also take a look at the latest developments in Pakistan and recap the highlights from last night with Kathy Griffin.

See you tonight at 10p ET.

-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 8:14 PM ET
I missed the live version of your NYE show because I was out at a party. But I did catch the rerun late last night or early this morning...whatever ya wanna call it! LOL I had a GREAT time and I'm glad that you did too! Now lets hope that you can keep that resolution! Your one for one so far!! LOL

Well the Iowa caucus is getting very close and it seems that all of the candidates are neck to neck...let's see who pulls the first punch this time! This should get VERY interesting!

Looking forward to hearing more on Pakistan as I've been out the past two days and away from the news and internet. Hopefully you can give me the downlow!

C-Ya tonight!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 8:19 PM ET
Glad you all survived your night in Times Square! I was suprised that the only cable tv news network to stay live until midnight on the west coast wasn't CNN, it was the one we don't like to mention.

I have to say, the people of San Francisco are sick of the darn tiger story. We wish it would move on, the media is only concentrating on the sensationalism of the whole thing. I bet you won't report that they had a wedding reception there yesterday and everything went off fine.

A better story about San Francisco, if you really want one is how about our mayor getting engaged to a Hollywood actress? Hmm, it's been reported that he proposed in Hawaii while on his "victory" vacation after winning re-election. Do you call it a victory when you run unopposed? Let's keep him honest.
Posted By Anonymous Sue, San Francisco : 8:24 PM ET
Happy New Year Mr. Anderson Cooper and to all staff and crew of AC360!

I was thinking last night maybe after the show you and kathy griffin will go somewhere and have your own celebration.
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 8:34 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Great job last night! It looked like you and Kathy had a lot of fun. She waved to our group by the M&M sign! The election is shaping up to be one for the record books! Looking forward to the broadcast tonight.
Posted By Blogger pamina : 8:43 PM ET
It will be fun to see your highlights from last night. There were so many good moments, how do you pick?

I would love to hear you and the other political analysts talk about just what it means and doesn't mean to win or lose these primaries. If you lose in one are you done? If you lose but do better than expected does that help? If you win but not by as much as projected does that take the gloss off the victory? What happens if there is no clear consistent victor from one party or the other or both??

This election is going to be an interesting one for sure.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 8:45 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

What always bothered me about the initial high of the New Year was the fall back to reality in the aftermath. I don't drink, but I think getting drunk helps people put that realization off for a little while longer.

I don’t know what real difference the Iowa caucuses will make, if any, but so far I don't see any real standouts among the field of candidates in either party. I think the new information coming out in regards to Bhutto's death is very significant and I look forward to any discussion about it.

As for last night, I always enjoy Gary's run in Central Park and John's visit with the "ladies." I was however, a little disappointed that the program was shorter this year and you did not ring in the New Year in NOLA.

I hope that you will continue to do "Planet in Peril" reports and follow up on the plight of the mountain gorillas.

Congratulations on keeping your New Year's resolution, at least for today! Good luck in the New Year!

Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 8:49 PM ET
Hey Anderson!

Happy New Year! I thought last nights show was great, I enjoyed the banter between you and Kathy (you kept up with her snarky comments like a pro!) which definetly made for an entertaining evening! It was great to see that relaxed side of you come through, we've been seeing more of that on the regular broadcast as well, keep it up!

I also enjoyed the reports from the drag queen drop and Gary's run, as well as Erica's conversations with the crowd. I wasn't jumping at the music selection (bring back the Scissor Sisters!) this year, but aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast. This was my first time ringing in the new year with cnn and definetly plan on making it a tradition!

I'm looking forward to the political coverage over the next few days, its going to be crazy! I think one of the highlights of ringing in the new year was realizing that we get to vote a new president in office this year, it should be a heck of a race to the white house!

I'm also looking forward to hearing more about the horrible fire in Kenya right now - hopefully you'll be covering any updates on that as well.

See you tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Jamie, PA : 8:50 PM ET

Those women in high heels last night must have been feeling no pain, so to speak!

It was sort of fun watching you spar with Kathy Griffin last night, though you're much quicker than she is. Frankly, I appreciate your humor a lot more than hers.

Personally I'm thrilled that the holidays are over and we can get back to the good stuff like politics.

Happy New Year! I hope it's the best one ever!
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 8:55 PM ET
When CNN promoted the New Year's Eve show these last few weeks, I wasn't enthusiastic about the idea of Kathy Griffin as a co-host, but it worked out really well and I enjoyed the banter quite a bit. If this news vocation fails, you can always take that gig on the road. Hey, it worked for Sonny and Cher!

I was left wondering who would make a good guest for NEXT year's show.

Anyway, as you said the party is definitely over. Driving home today they were talking about Los Angeles' first murder of the New Year on the radio. With all the holiday celebrations over, we return sharply to reality.
Posted By Anonymous Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 8:58 PM ET
Whatever and whoever causes Anderson's snarky and sarcastic humor to surface as it did last night is ok with me.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 8:59 PM ET
Great show last night. I'm a huge fan of Kathy's and you guys together were even better. When are you taking the act on the road?

The show has been great the past few weeks and I hope you all keep up the good work this year!
Posted By Anonymous Holly from Florida : 8:59 PM ET
Dear AC aka “Andy,”

I will have to hit Times Square next year for New Years… As it will be the last year I can buy a pair of those nifty 200-insert-a-number-from-0-9 shades…
I was actually in Times Square in 1999/2000 with friends. However, as soon as the police started to barricade us in that cattle guard I felt unprepared. (What was I going to drink, eat? Where do you go to the restroom? What if all that Y2K stuff was true?!??!?)
Anyway, I enjoyed watching your countdown show last night! Although I’m not a fan of Kathy Griffin, she’s a bit over the top. Next year, no wait, this year you should co-host with Erica Hill. You two are fun to watch! The “Shot of the day” is often my favorite part or AC360.
Good luck with your New Year's resolution! I look forward to CNN’s coverage on the Iowa caucuses! Personally, I would like to see Obama come out ahead. However I think Clinton may have a better chance at beating the GOP candidate.

Los Angeles
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:59 PM ET
Anderson...I'm really impressed! When you said you would blog everyday, you meant it! I didn't think "everyday" included holidays. So thanks for blogging today!

Thanks for bringing the NYE party to our homes! I still can't believe there were a million people in Times Square last night! I enjoyed the show very much. Thank you for that!

Well, it's back to reality...can't wait to hear the latest news...from politics here in the U.S. to the latest in Pakistan.

Happy New Year again, Anderson!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 9:06 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
2008 begins with a whirl for the candidates in Iowa. SPIN, SPINNING, SPUN..Talk about a hangover! Alka Seltzer to the rescue.
I think I'll be glad when the Iowa caucuses are over.
Happy day after the big, big, bang of midnight to all, including the wobbly heeled party goer's! The headaches tend to dull by the 2nd of Jan. So I've been told.

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 9:13 PM ET
Anderson great job with the New Year's broadcast. You certainly showed you could stand up to what ever Kathy brought and she was totally all over the place last night.

Sounds like once the cameras are off Times Square is not so pretty.

Way to keep your resolution.

Can't wait to see the show tonight. The first of many great AC360 in 2008!!

Happy New Year's again Anderson
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 9:26 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I just finished watching my tape of the New Years Eve show last night. It was great seeing you have a little fun for a change.I love your sense of humor. The snappy repartee with Kathy was hilarious. I was a little skeptical about her being on the show beforehand but was pleasantly surprised. Glad you made it back safely from your whirlwind trip to Pakistan. Stay safe in 2008.
Jennifer, Durham NC
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:29 PM ET
Hey, Anderson,
You were GREAT last night and you should win some kind of award for surviving Kathy Griffin. (I think she's great,BTW). Knew you are a great man, now I know just how modest. It was my first year to spend with you in Times Square, but not to be the last. Loved the drag queen in the shoe; that was a hoot! Thanks for sharing your evening with the world. It was like, I don't know, Dick Clark with brains.
Glad to see you will be on tonight. Gotta get my fix.
Posted By Blogger Rhiannon Rede : 9:33 PM ET

As a person who shares your name (Anderson is not the most common first name) I've been called Andy all my life. I truly enjoyed Kathy's drinking game and we played along with the champagne.
Posted By Anonymous Andy in TX : 9:47 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

I am just going to repeat what everyone in this blog has said -- last night's show was really great and really funny. I was glad that Erica got to talk to the Filipinos on the grounds - "Gotta represent ya'll!" (I have no idea what that means, I heard it from a movie and decided to use it here to seem like a cool guy... just kidding... but not really).

Happy New Year!


Eudan B.
Manila, Philippines
Posted By Anonymous Eudan B., Manila, Philippines : 9:50 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
How does Ryan Seacrest get an interview with Bloomberg when you're on the scene? I'm baffled!
Posted By Anonymous Kelley : 9:51 PM ET
Well I'm glad to see you've started with your new year's resolution Andy! My new year's resolution is CARPE DIEM!
I had fun watching you and Kathy go at it last night. [:
Posted By Anonymous Grisel, Logan, UT : 9:55 PM ET
Why, when most correspondants come to the show from an interior set, is John King left out in the snow with bright red cheeks, obviously freezing? The poor guy! Do we get to know what trick he played on the 360 crew to deserve this treatment?
Posted By Anonymous Fleur - Auckland, New Zealand : 10:12 PM ET
Hello Anderson,
I was enjoying watch with you and Kathy Griffin during happy new year eve, She was so funny and made me laugh, she is my favorite actress and comedian. I love drop ball into 2008. Happy New Year Anderson......
Posted By Anonymous megan : 10:28 PM ET

It was great that you had Jack Hanna on tonight to talk about the SF tiger zoo attack. While it is too bad someone was attacked - I think we are forgetting that we have caputred a wild animal and are keeping it in an unnatural environment and expecting it to act domesticated.

It does seem that this animal was taunted in some respect and if that is the case, these individuals should be prosecuted under animal crulty laws. As Jack Hanna noted, that tiger pen at the SF zoo has worked fine for some 30 years so something else had to have been going on to cause it to charge the humans.

What is really unfortunate is that a wild animal had to lose its life because of the stupidity of a couple of humans.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick C, Boston, MA : 10:42 PM ET
Happy New Year Anderson!

I really enjoyed last night's NYE program and you sure looked like you were having a great time.

I just finished listening to your discussion with Jack Hanna and I couldn't agree more. Zoo's can only do so much to to ensure safety.

This attack reminds me of an incident at the Phoenix Zoo several years ago; another large cat was involved. In this instance it was either a mountain lion or bobcat, I can't recall which, but the young man who was attacked ignored the safety signs and intentionally stepped too close to the exhibit. The cat was able to reach through the bars of the exhibit and got a hold of the young man's arm.

These are wild animals who don't understand when we humans are just acting stupid. They are going to what comes instinctive... attack.

Maybe someday people will learn, but I doubt it...

Take care,
Surprise, AZ
Posted By Blogger Mindy : 10:55 PM ET
Congratulations on being the only person I'm aware of who acted on their resolution before Jan. 1. Yeah, I like Kathy Griffin, but then I like a sharp stick in the eye !
Posted By Anonymous ronnie knoxville, tn. : 11:05 PM ET
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome direct from their run at the Las Vegas Holiday Inn ....... the comedy and song stylings of Griffin 'n Cooper !
Posted By Anonymous Blackie J . Boston Ma. : 11:07 PM ET
Hey Anderson, 1st time here...hmm same format as my blog. Anyway, missed your live broadcast, was out (only 1 drink) and dancing the night away but I did see the highlights afterwards. Also noticed Kathy 'almost' dancing circles around you. When co-hosting with a comic it's always best to watch at least one of their shows so you know how far they might go. In her case, almost all the way.

Hope you had fun, at least she was keeping you laughing.

Interested in hearing more about Pakistan, saw the assination report from work. It saddened me and I knew what was coming. Hope it gets better there and in Kenya.


G. Shane Betts Williams Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

P.S. Good Luck trying to blog everyday. I tried to but after 1.5 yrs wasn't able to any more. Tho I think I'll go do that now (been 2 months).
Posted By Blogger Shane : 11:16 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Really enjoyed your NYE show. You gave me happiness. Thanks and happy new year.
Toronto Philip
Posted By Blogger PhilipY : 11:19 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

SO sorry I slept through NEW YEARS this year, I guess it goes with being a mom of a 4 year old, we built his "ginger bread train" and it pretty much pooped me out. So many tasks ....... not enough time!

Anyway, regarding your blog comment I am not a drinker either and have found it be funny to see others, in the aftermath of DRINKING (Reminds me of my youth, the NOT SO FUN TIMES).

As long as they drink responsibly and are harmless, all is good in the world (for me anyway :)

GREAT JOB in blogging, you are right on your RESOLUTION track!

Also getting right back to work - YOU ROCK!

Here is wishing you and all your staff a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Liz Chino Hills, CA
Posted By OpenID beachlzrd : 11:35 PM ET
Hey AC,
I had a lot of fun watching your show last night. The Iowa Caucus seems very intense. I really want to know more about the latest updates regarding the politics in Pakistan. Bhutto's death is still a shock and very sketchy.
i loved it when Kathy asked you yesterday if you had taken a shower in Peshawar. That totally made my day!
Posted By Blogger tranquil : 12:35 AM ET
Hello Anderson
Thank you for showing the new footage of the prime minister, it certainly provides clarity as to how she died. What I noticed was her hair pulled back at her neck also moved besides her scarf. I found it odd that the security on the back of the vehicle seemed to flinch and move out of the way before the shots were fired. It has been reported that her security was made up of government and personal security, is that true? It will certainly be some time before things calm down. She was an amazing woman and showed no fear.

Cindy/Seattle WA
Posted By OpenID jaspercindy : 1:02 AM ET
Hi Anderson! I'm so happy with your New Year's resolution! I must go to New York one day to celebrate New Year's there. It looks so cool. I wasn't able to celebrate much; I was down with a cold. Anyway, I can't wait to read more of your blogs soon. I can't wait for the Caucuses are over, and I hope that the SF Zoo case will be cleared sooner than later.

Happy New Year!

Myta Santiago
Posted By Anonymous Myta : 1:19 AM ET
Great job last night with Kathy, but by the signs of your body language you were ready to get away from her by midnight. Your smirks said it all. I was so proud of the entire crew of 360 last night, from the Running Reporter to Erica Hill's popsticle quizes, GREAT JOB! It's tough going live, while constantly switching feeds !
By the way, Huckabee and Clinton have got it in the bag.

Belvidere, TN
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:45 AM ET
Greetings AC and 360 team,

It was a great job that you all have done to give us, those who weren't able to attend NYC's New Year celebration. I was in Baltimore until the Christmas and I had to go bakc home, so I felt sad for not being able to celebrate the New Year. However, you made it possible for me to get the New Year's spirit.

I watched the show live, thanks to the technology that made us connected despite the geographic distances. It is great to feel connected to others. The only advantage of watching the show at home is that I was "warm"!
Although I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m, but it was worth it (I am an early bird anyways!).

Kathy Griffin was amazing. She and AC were just great and funny. They actually made me start the New Year with a smile and hope for better year.

Thank you guys for making this possible for us. Thank you for helping in closing the cultural gaps the politics try to promote. Thank you once again for sharing great moments with us, and thank you once again for embracing diversity.

Happy everything,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Posted By Blogger Saudi_Hind : 1:58 AM ET
Hi Andy! Happy 2008 to you!

Please try to blog more, if you have the time. (At the very least, for the sake of us crazy, devoted fans!)
Besides, Kathy seems to be depending on them...
Anyways, glad to see you two together last night-it was a neat personality combination-and it seemed like you both were having a pleasant time (although the crowd left hearing everyone a bit difficult.)

Thanks for all your hard work at CNN, we all appreciate it.
Posted By OpenID leontyne-price : 3:50 AM ET
Dearest Mr. Cooper,

I've really enjoyed and appreciated your Bhutto and Pakistan coverage. It's been superb. You've been teaching me everything I need to know.

And I think that the reporting and angles of your 360 politics have been fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed Candy Crowley's report on the second tier candidates last night.

But, I have been really disappointed in the lack of coverage of the elections in Kenya. Do you think it is possible to get a couple in-depth segments about it? They flew you out to Pakistan for a day... Do you think they could fly you out to Kenya for a day?

Omaha, NE
Posted By Anonymous Ryan - Omaha, NE : 4:52 AM ET

Following those caucuses! Pheew! so much anxiety with that!

I missed the new year's show, but I saw your recap with Kathy Griffin from New Year's 2008.
Highlights on Pod cast please!

Kathy was just sticking to her stand-up comedy act. You were behaving like stale bread!
There are men who like to take front-row seat rows to specially to take a beating from a female comedian. It seems to be a turn on to certain type men.

Anyway, neither you and Gary Tuchman had a taste for it, you guys must be the back-row seat audience kind of type.

I could never do what Kathy Griffin does for a living. She has a great looking house in LA.
Posted By Anonymous Ratna, New York, NY : 7:27 AM ET
New Year's Eve was the best! I enjoyed seeing you and Kathy Griffin. Such a contrast, but yet, it was very entertaining.

CNN had a great idea teaming the two of you together.

You did a great job, as usual, and I hope Kathy can join you again next year for the New Year's Eve special. Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Wanda, Nashville, TN : 8:25 AM ET
New Years eve was a fun success. It revealed your potential, 2nd career...White House spokesperson. All KGs questions re your wardrobe were cleverly non-answered. However, the reverse is not true. KG would not make a good, 2nd career news anchor. She did not ask the most prominent, invasive question to a
handsome celebrity: "Do you wear boxers or briefs? " (Don't answer - TMI)
Good job & fun,
Posted By Anonymous Jo : 9:13 AM ET
hey anderson,
I was a my cousins new years party so i couldn't watch it. I will watch it tonight because i recorded it.

I heard on good day chicago that the cops could have responded faster to the tiger attack. Well i can't wait to hear what you have to say tonight.

the canidates are neck and neck i really want to hear raw politics tonight.

i'll be watchin' tonight,
Danielle Haisan
Bartlett, IL

P.S. My mom and dad were probabally one of the people who woke up with a hangover. :)
Posted By Blogger danielle : 9:17 AM ET
hi anderson,

happy new year to you. im glad you made it thru another new years in times square. i wish i could of been there. i live here in toronto but new years in times square would be a dream come true. i am thankful you share the stories of people who do so much for this world. i hope you continue to focus more on the good things in this world instead of reporting all the negative reports. I know it's your job and it has to be told but it would be nice in tis new year to have a full day on reporting on the small things ordinary people do everyday that makes this world worth fighting for. there is so much positive things that people are doing that never gets reported enough. Thank you for your professionalism. Shawn from toronto ontario
Posted By Blogger Shawn : 12:47 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

As it was already 02:00am in Brazil I could enjoy the entire show with you and Kathy. I've loved it!

Wonderful New Year to you and AC360team, let's hope that 2008 brings us more pleasant and peaceful news!

Take care!

Campinas - SP
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:37 PM ET
Jan 2, 2008
A group of us went out NY Eve
we all stayed sober, eat, danced a little and watched others go way beyound their limits--honestly we
had just has much fun and felt much better Wed morning. I recorded your program which I replayed when I returned home, it was a good show. You held your own with Kathy. Look forward to
your program in 2008.
Posted By Anonymous Barb-Dalton Ga : 1:58 PM ET
I am glad you called Kathy Griffin on her uncalled-for remark as not being funny. Shows you're a professional newsman even while covering a light (news?) story. Thanks. I enjoyed the coverage, and I hope next time they give you Kathy Lee Gifford, as you requested.
Posted By Anonymous Gypsy : 2:48 PM ET
Anderson, I truly enjoy watching you, because not only do you know how to give an unbiased truthful report, but you also know how to have a good time, which was evident by your coverage on New Year's Eve! Great job! It was a very sad day for my family and I because we usually spend New Year's Eve in Disney World, and this New Year we couldn't, not to mention I had gone to the hospital that morning to have some tests done. Although it didn't top celebrating the New Year at Disney World, ringing in the New Year with you came pretty close!!! Looking forward to tonight's show.
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 4:21 PM ET
I decided to check out the show on New Year's eve, instead of watching ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve. I must say that Kathy Griffin would not have been my first choice to cohost the show. I can only take her in small doses, very small doses. She always walks a fine line between funny and just plain vulgar.

I did enjoy seeing you lighten up a little, Anderson. It's nice to see that you have a sense of humor and it was put to the test with Kathy Griffin's brand of humor.

I think next year you should go for funny and classy. They can go together. But I definitely like seeing you in an unguarded, less serious moment.
Posted By Anonymous Mindy Chatsworth, Ca. : 4:24 PM ET

Good for you for not drinking! I don't drink either, so no bar hopping for me!

The morning after Halloween and New Year's, the people in the subway have the worst morning after alcohol breath, Blaah!
Posted By Anonymous Ratna, New York, NY : 8:41 PM ET
Not sure if my original post went through, seeing how out of it I was after staying up all night on NYE and all.

Anyway. I was determined to catch your broadcast live, which made it 6 AM local time. Thank you for making it worthwile. I've always said that the scariest people are the humorless/non-sarcastic type!

Having lived in the States for eight years, I have a very soft spot for all things NY. Thank you for bringing the city closer to home that night.

All the best in the New Year!

Posted By Blogger nycbride : 9:26 PM ET
3 days into the New Year and like some of you. It was my first time to watch the ball-drop and how much fun that was. With Anderson Coopper, thoroughness, fun, modesty, is guranteed. Being from Kenya, all the concerns expressed in this blog are comforting. Sometimes I want to know what is going on down there on the ground but it is so scary watching our country go down in minutes. We pray it will be better the next time we turn around. Happy New Year. Topeka, KS
Posted By Anonymous shee : 10:13 PM ET
Hey Cooper,
Happy New Year from Shreveport, LA! Good luck with the blog effort. For me, it's like a diary. I have a load of beautiful diary books that have great entries.....up until February. Then they are blank! I hope you're more diligent than me.
Posted By Anonymous Julie in Shreveport : 1:50 PM ET
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