Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Morning Buzz
Good Morning Folks...

Well, the gloves came OFF last night in South Carolina. Who needs the writers guild when you have real drama unfolding at the Democratic Debate... Hillary and Obama went toe to toe, could this be an opening for John Edwards? AND on the GOP Presidential trail...all the talk is of money or lack there of.... Huckabee is scaling back and Rudy is heading back to NYC to raise some more dough...

BUT the big story today is the economy...the Asian Markets continue to plunge...What will happen when the trading bell goes off this morning? ALL eyes are on Wall Street...

PLUS...CNN's Drew Griffin is out in Fort Collins, Colorado where Tim Masters is expected to be released, so check out Crime & Punishment... AND if you are looking to have a baby...you may want to move to Portland, Oregon...

Soooo grab your coffee and take a look at today's headlines...

Asian markets tumble...
Global stock markets extended their shakeout into a second day Tuesday, plunging amid fears that a possible U.S. recession will cause a worldwide economic slowdown.

Awaiting Wall Street's Open, Asia Markets Plunge...
Stock markets across Asia plunged even farther and faster on Tuesday than on Monday--while stock markets in Europe also opened with further losses on Tuesday--as anxious sellers dumped huge numbers of shares on worries that an economic slowdown in the United States could drag down growth around the world.

More Room to Fall...
With the explosive growth in developing countries such as China and India, and a modest revival of business in Europe, economists have begun to suggest that the global economy is no longer so reliant on the United States.

High fuel prices are puzzling...
The middlemen who buy and sell fuel on the wholesale market have seen Los Angeles gasoline prices plunge more than 50 cents in the last two weeks.

Suicide bombing wounds 21 in Iraq...
A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a high school in Iraq's violent Diyala province Tuesday, wounding 21 people, police said.

Rising health care costs put focus on illegal immigrants...
Juan Perez had stomach pains for a month before deciding to visit a health clinic here that is open Thursday nights so migrant farmworkers don't miss a day working in the fields.

Sparks fly in most contentious debate to date... The gloves came off quickly Monday night as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded blows just days before the South Carolina primary, and two weeks before voters in 24 Super Tuesday states weigh in on this wide-open presidential contest.

The Other Clinton Is an Absent Presence...
The clash between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton Monday night was a debate long waiting to happen, and at the heart of it was the man who was not on stage: former president Bill Clinton.

Huckabee trims costs, press travel...
Battling to stay competitive after his weekend loss in South Carolina, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is taking new steps to save money, including no longer scheduling planes and buses for journalists trying to cover his presidential campaign.

Crossing Mayor Giuliani Often Had a Price...
Rudolph W. Giuliani likens himself to a boxer who never takes a punch without swinging back. As mayor, he made the vengeful roundhouse an instrument of government, clipping anyone who crossed him.

Death penalty for Marine...
Suspected killer Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean is most likely in Mexico, authorities said, and the prosecutor said he has agreed not to seek the death penalty if Laurean is arrested in that country.

Pamela Smart gunman seeks freedom...
William Flynn depicts himself as a do-gooder, a member of the Jaycees who has a wife and teenage stepdaughter and likes to play softball.

President Bush is unlikely to defy Congress on spending billions of dollars earmarked for pet projects, but he will probably insist that lawmakers provide more justification for such earmarks in the future, administration officials said Monday.

Release likely today as missteps surface...
Fort Collins police missed investigative leads and inconsistencies in the alibi of murder victim Peggy Hettrick's ex-boyfriend, now an alternate suspect in the crime after a new DNA analysis pointed away from Tim Masters, who is set to be released from custody today.

Portland is No. 1 for babies...
FitPregnancy Magazine has listed Portland as the top city in the nation for having a baby.

As Abortion Rate Drops, Use of RU-486 Is on Rise...
Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision, a pill that has largely faded from the rancorous public debate over abortion has slowly and quietly begun to transform the experience of ending a pregnancy in the United States.

Finding Meaning in Each Mouthful...
Why do we eat? For sustenance, obviously. Also for pleasure, for social bonding, as a form of conspicuous consumption or an affirmation of identity or, in the case of broccoli, putatively for the antioxidants, but actually to convince God that we don't deserve to get cancer. Each morsel we lift to our lips dribbles symbolism like Russian dressing from a Reuben sandwich.

Posted By CNN: 5:41 AM ET
I am a black man and minister and I have noticed how much CNN has become an advocate for Edwards and Obama lately. I thought you were suppose to be fair in your accessment for all canididates. It would appear to me that you are showing favoritism in your coverage and analysis of the canidates. Even when you are discussing the the republican canidates you appear to have a preference for John McCain. Especially Wolf and the early morning edition.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:47 AM ET
Morning Jamie!

I thought that last night's debate was awesome! They actually talked about issues and told their stance on them for once! And OK...I did LOVE seeing Hillary and Obama go at it! LOL That was great!! I am SO glad that Hillary called him out on the things that she did!! He has gotten off far too easy by the media. It's about time someone called him out!! Good for her!!

Obama does seem to skirt the questions a whole lot when something is asked that he doesn't want to answer. And he also gets WAY defensive on his record that noone seems to hold him accountable for! Wake up people! He is running for the highest office! If he can't explain his record or show what he is for then should he really be elected!? Great speeches are OK but they don't run a country!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 9:22 AM ET
Good Morning Everyone,


The South Carolina Democratic debate last night was for the most part all Clinton and Obama, and so we figured it would be with them being the two front runners so far. Edwards did however make a strong showing in a state where he would have the strongest chances of winning so far.

I think Hillary might have already considered Obama the winner in South Carolina and has moved on. Maybe just maybe Iowa and South Carolina together will start the Obama movement to change this country.

I hear news of the Feds cutting the interest rate again to somehow fix the economic fall we're having. Stock markets here and abroad are struggling, and with the President's economic plan coming soon I wonder what more It'll take to right this ship.

*goes climbs back in bed*
It's too early and too cold.

Have A Great Day Everyone

David Bryant
South Carolina
Posted By Anonymous David Bryant 23 South Carolina : 9:33 AM ET
Dear Anderson,

As you mentioned, very intense debate last night. However, here's some Real Issues for our candidates who were doing the cat and mouse fight over Chicago and Hilary's law firm last night,:
What are the candidates' foreign policies toward 1)Iran, who is feeding arms into terrorists' hands, hanging gays, & stonning women to death(I have pics,if you're interested).2)Pakistan, in turmoil.3)Iraq & Afghanistan? 4)the messed-up Middle East? 5)U.S. image in the world-they hate us!6)Plunging into recession-as you mentioned this morning-
Let's keep them Honest, Anderson. These Are the Real Questions.
Thank you for working so hard, it is much appreciated!
Faye, Atlanta, Ga
Posted By Anonymous Faye : 10:48 AM ET
Obama won monday nights debate hands down! He handled himself really well and was absolutely fearless against Hillarys well calculated attacks.
Posted By Anonymous Lance, Anarbor MI : 11:06 AM ET
I find that the Democratic debate was far more livelier and animated than the Republican debate. There was a sense of better understanding the issues with the Democrats and where they stand.
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Canton OH : 11:15 AM ET
Hey, where were the Republicans at the Martin Luther King Jr events yesterday? You see, now we know who's really serious about "uniting" this country and who's not.

This is precisely why we need the Democrats in office. They are more serious and passionate about helping "everyone" in this country.
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Ames IA : 11:21 AM ET
It amazes me how so many of these folks sending in there comments, know so little about politics. For example some are saying that Senator Obama is a cry-baby and a whiner, and can't take the heat.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a top professional in the game of politics, Senator Obama knows that you cannot stand on the sidelines and be a virtual punching bag for someone hurling insults and underhanded tactics. He spoke out against that and rightfully so.

Frankly, Obama is the only one who truly knows and understands the issues and deep needs of the people. He is also more emminently qualified to unite and lead us on the world stage as well.
Posted By Anonymous Bobby Q. / Cranston Heights DE : 11:31 AM ET
So will the stocks completely crash? Bush has really got this country and the world in a very serious mess. This is why voters really need to be careful about who they are voting for, because there are unscrupulous people out there running as candidates, and they don't necessarily have the best intentions of the american people in mind.
Posted By Anonymous Carlotta L. / Bowling Green MO : 11:38 AM ET
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