Friday, January 25, 2008
Blog from the Back Row
There were supposed to be pictures tonight to give you a view of the control room from the back row. The photos didn't happen because of late word from Chicago that a decomposed body, which could be that of Stacy Peterson, had been found at an industrial site in Chicago. However, If you had gotten those pictures you would have seen:

- our satellites coordinator, Brooke Turnbull, with multiple phones plastered to his ears, making sure that the two late guests and two late phoners actually made air at the top of the show

- our video coordinator, Ashley Corum, frantically cutting new video of investigators at the site that was being fed in from the field

- our line producer, Jenny Blanco, doing rundown aerobics to make sure the hour did not become a 90 minutes show

In the end, Brooke got us the guests, Ashley got us the pics and Jenny got us out on time.

Enjoy the weekend. See you Monday.
Posted By CNN: 11:07 PM ET
Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, I think your words created a pretty good visual. We'll just muddle through pictureless tonight and picture you guys doing another good job. Happy Weekend.

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 11:39 PM ET
In ref: "our line producer, Jenny Blanco, doing rundown aerobics to make sure the hour did not become a 90 minutes show"

hey, you know what? You're CNN - you have twenty-four hours a day to fill. Go wild...
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 12:17 AM ET
Hey I was wondering what happened to you! I was beginning to think that you forgot about us! LOL

It seemed you all had a very busy night with the breaking news. And don't worry about the pics just get 'em out to us next time!

Thanks for the behind the scenes look!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 12:39 AM ET
You just *barely* made it on time...CNN International cut Anderson off just as he was about to announce the headline recap at the top of the second hour!

It's good to see "Blog from the Back Row" again. I was wondering if the program had forgotten all about it!

Cynthia M. Genato
Makati City
Posted By Blogger Starshadow : 1:55 AM ET
Welcome back, Back Row Blogger. I've missed reading your commentary.

I would imagine putting together a program with breaking news like tonight must be especially difficult for you folks in the control room. Job well done!
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 2:06 AM ET
dear 360,

i'm sure you guys get sent a zillion things a day but you should really check this:

i wish you guys would do more stories on future tech stuff but showing this would no doubt make us even.

awesome show and the news lady is rad as well.

colin oreilly
playa del ray, ca
Posted By Anonymous DamageMouse : 3:43 AM ET
Anderson, nice blog indeed, but theres an important story happening now that you must cover. The Israel blockade of the Gaza strip, Im sure youve heard of it, why are you and the rest of CNN not covering this? This is in effect a genocide of Stalin like proportions, 1.5 million people living in the Gaza strip are without food water fuel or medicine, they have no power, this Israeli blockade is making the people so desperate, they are rushing into Egypt for salvation, going as far as blowing up the border. Anderson, why for the love of God are you not covering this? You barely mention it! Enough of Heath Ledger! Talk about the deaths of perhaps millions if this blockade continues!
Posted By Anonymous john : 3:48 AM ET
Hey Anderson, it's to bad the control room footage had to be cut, hopefully another day there will be time. I was out tonight and my generic dvr malfunctioned causing me to miss the first 20 minutes of 360. I logged on here to get my haircut and purchase a slurpy but really i was hoping to download today's podcast. It is now 5am and it is not posted - just thought I spot out the oversite. Erica will be a great addition to your show I am sure! Take care!
Posted By Anonymous Jacqui Chan Jacqui Chan : 5:10 AM ET
You guys rock! All of you. I can't imagine how much coordination, being flexible, last-minute issues, and staying happy (the biggest issue) it must take. From the bottoms of your heart, souls, and toes, I imagine!

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 10:14 AM ET
It's always Lovely to see AC360 Look forward to it each night after work, However, i can't wait untill Erica Hill joins the team full time. Other wise i'm new to this Blog thought i've watched Anderson for years, im glad i've taken this step.. take care ya'all
Posted By Blogger Bahsan : 8:37 PM ET
Honestly though, isn't that what you live for? To keep you hopping and not have a boring show?

I know that working as an extra, the crew was running around crazy but they would get it done just in time and then they would revel in the fact that they were able to pull it off and had a story to tell.

Maybe another night we can see the control room chaos that turned out so well.
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina in Los Angeles : 8:52 PM ET
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