Friday, January 25, 2008
Beat 360
Afternoon bloggers!

Ready for today's challenge? For those of you who don't know, we've started something new: 'Beat 360.'

Every day we post a picture, and you provide the caption... Our staff will get in on the action too...

Tune in every night at 10p ET to see if you are our favorite!

Can you beat 360?
Here is today's 'Beat 360' pic:

Here's one or two to get you started:

"Speaking of change... I think she needs one..."

Have fun with it. Make sure to include your name, city, state (or country) so we can post your comment.

Posted By CNNBLOG: 3:38 PM ET
"Put me down, I'm not a hanging chad!"
Posted By Anonymous CARL, Eugene, OR : 3:52 PM ET
"You're a registered voter?"
Posted By Anonymous Jake, Andersonville, WY : 3:55 PM ET
Whew, she's got a full load. Someone hurry and take the picture I can't hold my breath much longer.

Seattle WA
Posted By OpenID JasperCindy : 3:57 PM ET
Do YOU believe in supporting the women's vote?

New Rochelle, NY
Posted By Blogger pamina : 3:58 PM ET
This baby is acting more mature than some of the Presidential candidates.
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Toronto, ON : 3:58 PM ET

"No it's Obama"
Posted By Anonymous Liz toledo,OH : 4:01 PM ET
"Keep eating what your mama gives you and you can grow up to be just like me."
Posted By Anonymous Beverly Augusta, GA : 4:02 PM ET
Im voting with the girls. Im a girl! What did you expect!

Loren : Tukwila, Washington
Posted By Anonymous Loren Tukwila, Washington : 4:03 PM ET
"No, kidding! I was surprised by the results in New Hampshire, too."
Posted By Blogger Rhiannon Rede : 4:03 PM ET
This adorable little girl will go down in history as the first american to stick out her tongue at our next President.
Posted By Blogger Janet : 4:04 PM ET
Yuck! I hope this kid's leak proof!

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 4:04 PM ET
AWW...don't cry...I promise my healthcare will cover everyone! No matter what some say!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:05 PM ET
What, this baby supports Hillary Clinton!
Posted By Blogger Kayle : 4:06 PM ET
You think that's a funny face!? Wait until you see Hillary's!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:06 PM ET
I can't kiss this baby - she has on a Clinton t-shirt!
Posted By Anonymous Merrill Pratt : 4:07 PM ET
"Oh, look at that, we had the same thing for lunch!"

Kristien, Antwerp, Belgium
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 4:07 PM ET
"You think America needs a change?"
Posted By Anonymous Beverly Augusta, GA : 4:08 PM ET
When did Fred Thompson and Dennis Kucinich have a kid?
Cheshire Ct.
Posted By Blogger Kayle : 4:09 PM ET
WHOA...this is a new suit...don't go spitting up now!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:11 PM ET
"Did this baby just ask me about Social Security?...Look I plan to be president, but not for that long."
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Sag Harbor, NY : 4:12 PM ET
YOU question my experience?
Posted By Anonymous Michele, Northridge, California : 4:12 PM ET
That's pretty cute!
I can't beat it but I did pass it around to my brother and coworkers who like Obama. There are a million and one captions for this picture!

Posted By Blogger iy : 4:17 PM ET
You swallowed my Obama button!... Okay, just keep being cute, and no one will notice.
Posted By Anonymous Adam Faberman, Sherman Oaks, CA : 4:18 PM ET
You da bam~a!
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 4:18 PM ET
A Hillary bumper sticker on the forehead! Nice, I should try that.

Nick E, Manhattan, NY
Posted By Anonymous Nickis : 4:18 PM ET
Hilary said WHAT?
Posted By Anonymous MattyKidd : 4:19 PM ET
So this is what it feels like to have America's future in your hands.
Posted By Anonymous Heather, Gainesville, VA : 4:19 PM ET
"I'm trying to reach her through my mind....Vulcan mind meld...isn't working...isn't working...she's smarter than me..."
Posted By Anonymous Mike, TX : 4:20 PM ET
Insiders say that Obama is really pushing to get the youth vote.
Posted By Anonymous Charlie C., St. John's, Canada : 4:22 PM ET
Senator, I need a change of scenery...Will you take me home with you?
Posted By Blogger Barb : 4:23 PM ET
WOW!!! She smells like she has been standing between Hillary and me.
Posted By Anonymous scott from virginia : 4:28 PM ET
They're saying WHAT about me at the sandbox?!?
Posted By Anonymous Marilyn G.; Latham, NY : 4:33 PM ET
Whoa...who's got the gas mask!?

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:37 PM ET
"Oh... the dreaded trickle down!"
Posted By Anonymous Mychal, Puyallup, WA : 4:37 PM ET
Huckabee has Chuck Norris... well now I have Gary Coleman!

Louis-Philippe Rivard
Montreal, Canada
Posted By Blogger Lange74 : 4:39 PM ET
What do you mean you only wanted to meet Oprah?
Posted By Anonymous Pericles : 4:40 PM ET
Sorry Senator Obama, I am voting for John McCain. Both you and Hillary give me diaper rash!


Posted By Blogger Mac : 4:43 PM ET
Americans, lend me your ears!... uh, just your ears please, not whole babies.
Posted By Blogger Jenny, Columbia SC : 4:48 PM ET
Who says I'm good at making changes!? this instance they may be lying!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:50 PM ET
Who's your Daddy?

Atlanta, Georgia
Posted By Anonymous Yvonne - Atlanta, Georgia : 4:51 PM ET
That's the last time I ask Hillary to give you a haircut...
Posted By Blogger Danny : 4:53 PM ET
Here's looking at you, baby!

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 4:54 PM ET
Was that beans you've been eating???
Posted By Anonymous Chiflada, McAllen, TX : 4:55 PM ET
"Who's your Daddy?!?"

Linda Burnett
Saint John
New Brunswick
Posted By Anonymous Linda Burnett : 5:02 PM ET
"What do you mean you're supporting HILLARY!?!"

Linda Burnett
Saint John
New Brunswick
Posted By Anonymous Linda Burnett : 5:05 PM ET
Your mama's voting for WHO!?!?!
Posted By Anonymous Nic : 5:05 PM ET
"So what's her name?"
Posted By Anonymous asd glen burnie, md : 5:06 PM ET
You da bam~a!

Betty Ann
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 5:07 PM ET
WHOA, it's OK, When I heard about the NY Times endorsement, I threw up a little too....
Posted By Anonymous Janna, Miami Beach, FL : 5:08 PM ET
"I would normally never say this but this looks like a job for Hillary."
Posted By Anonymous Erika - Orlando, Florida : 5:17 PM ET
"Mr. Obama, could you please elaborate on the complexities of your health care plan regarding the institution of the SCHIP, please?"

Bree Abernathy
Indianapolis, IN
Posted By Blogger Bree A : 5:57 PM ET
Awwwww, tell me she didn't just say that!!!

Cindy Crowe
Duncanville, TX
Posted By Blogger Deatheyes : 5:59 PM ET
Don't get mad at me. I didn't give
the Queen that rotten banana.
Posted By Anonymous Toni from Decatur, GA : 6:01 PM ET
Obama's response to Baby's first words, "Barack you rock!"
Posted By Anonymous Evelyn, Pearland,TX : 6:09 PM ET
"Another Obama Girl! How are they recruiting you all?"
Posted By Anonymous Bettie, Great Falls, VA : 6:12 PM ET
"dont worry , we will find your mother , angelina jolie"
Posted By Anonymous Mark chinello montreal canada : 6:13 PM ET
Barack Obama is in South Carolina trying to garner the youth vote by making silly faces. A tactic made famous by Ronald Regan in the 80's with his now famous "jiggling keys" gambit.
Posted By Anonymous monkee : 6:14 PM ET
"What!?! Bill said I am your daddy? Those Clintons really will say anything to get to the White House!"
Posted By Anonymous Anna in San Bernardino, CA : 6:20 PM ET
You want me to spell potatoe? I'm not falling for that one...heh...heh
Posted By Anonymous Curtis J. Phillips Alberta Canada : 6:32 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Curtis J. Phillips Alberta Canada : 6:33 PM ET
Where's security? This diaper is a loaded weapon!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 6:36 PM ET think you've got should check my diaper!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 6:46 PM ET
No, my name is not Mr. Potatohead!

Pamela, Valley Village, CA
Posted By Anonymous Pamela, Valley Village, CA : 7:38 PM ET
"Whoever blinks first loses. Ready, set...go!"

Carol B., Maryland
Posted By Blogger Carol B. : 7:41 PM ET
What do you mean your diaper doesn't have universal coverage?
Posted By Anonymous Jason Stout, Saint Louis Missouri : 7:54 PM ET
Wow! So this is one of the children who wont be receiving health care under my plan?

- Randall, Highland, MI
Posted By Anonymous Randall : 8:04 PM ET
Um, how about a hand shake instead?

Posted By Anonymous Robert - Jakarta : 8:52 PM ET
"They told me to go after the young vote but this is ridiculous"
Posted By Anonymous Alisha, Las Vegas, NV : 8:54 PM ET
Hillary promised me free breast-feedings for a year... match that?

Posted By Anonymous Robert - Jakarta : 8:55 PM ET
"Now this is dirty politics"
Posted By Anonymous Aimee, New York, NY : 9:46 PM ET
"Who are you calling "Shorty"?!
Posted By Anonymous John Cecco, Green Bay, WI : 10:02 PM ET
You cut your own hair? No kidding!
Posted By Anonymous James, Boone, NC : 10:09 PM ET
Yes, The Wiggles ARE Pro-Obama!
Posted By Blogger Steve in Maryland : 10:15 PM ET
Baby: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!"
Posted By Anonymous fern : 10:31 PM ET
Don't worry - I've got your back!
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Spring, TX : 10:31 PM ET
Got Milk?
Posted By Blogger Steve in Maryland : 10:31 PM ET
Hey! Whats Bill been feeding you? They're all lies...most of them...
Posted By Blogger Kokulan : 10:32 PM ET
i should do what with my healthcare reform???
Posted By Anonymous omzee : 10:33 PM ET
Wow Hillary is voting for me!
Posted By Anonymous Bobby Joliet : 10:34 PM ET
Oh my Gosh! She's wearing a vote for Hillary Tee Shirt!
Posted By Anonymous Paul Bolden Columbus Ohio : 10:34 PM ET
Little fellow, I look at you, and finally I found my own image.
Posted By Blogger Jason : 10:35 PM ET
Some see a baby with bad hair, Obama sees the face of god
Posted By Anonymous David A : 10:35 PM ET
"And they say I'M too young to be president!"
Posted By Anonymous Chy, New York, NY : 10:36 PM ET
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh She looks just like Hillary!

Ken, Indiana
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:37 PM ET
Smells like Regonomics!

Dave from SC
Posted By Anonymous davelave : 10:37 PM ET
...when I run for President in 2028, can I count on your vote???
Posted By Blogger isosceles3 : 10:37 PM ET
Baby, "My, what big eyes you have!"
Obama, "The better to see you, my dear."
Baby, "My, what big hands you have!"
Obama, "The better to CHANGE you my dear."
Posted By Anonymous JS : 10:38 PM ET
Wow your right!..Behind every successful man is a surprised woman!
Posted By Anonymous Bobby B in Lockport : 10:38 PM ET
"Short, tall, march or crawl into the future."
Posted By Anonymous miff : 10:38 PM ET
I like it! Barber, I want a haircut like this kid! Make sure to throw in the bow!
Posted By Anonymous Timmy B : 10:39 PM ET
The Audacity of Hope
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Spring, TX : 10:39 PM ET
Oh cute baby, but you smell like the stuff the Clintons are dishing out. Time for a change.
Patty, Pelican LA
Posted By OpenID Thomas9393 : 10:40 PM ET
" what?....did you say Resco? Not you too?"
Posted By Anonymous leeanne morton, mississippi : 10:40 PM ET
I hope this makes everyone happy, cause you really smell funny.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Spadaccini : 10:41 PM ET
Obama, "Oooh no, we only do daycare on caucus and primary days!"
Posted By Anonymous JS : 10:43 PM ET
Posted By Blogger brit/ac360 : 10:45 PM ET
I hope nobody see's that Clinton picture on your shirt.

Jasper, TX.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Spadaccini : 10:51 PM ET
Obama: I'm given her all I've got Captain, but I'm affraid she's gonna blow!!
Posted By Anonymous Peggy T Springfield MO : 12:30 AM ET
Tee hee can you make your eyes look like flying saucers?
Posted By Anonymous Pablo, Portland, OR : 1:43 AM ET
Baby Boomer????
Who called me dat?
Posted By Blogger Gary Mason Old Forge, PA : 1:44 AM ET
Note to self: Clarify the type of change I am offering.
Posted By Anonymous Kaye, Kansas City, MO : 5:38 AM ET
Baby: So Obama I know this doctor who could totally get those wrinkles out of that drive-in movie theatre of a head out. He's really cheap...well cheaper than Edward's hair!

Obama: Say wha...?!
Posted By Anonymous Chris Sanders , FL : 12:12 PM ET
"Hillary said what!?"

Amy Pacheco
Fall River, MA
Posted By Anonymous Amy from Fall River, MA : 1:07 PM ET
Obama thinking, "this is the most intelligent person in the room! Her solution for supplying day-care to all American toddlers, and that conspectus for the infant learning progam. I wonder if the mother would mind lending me this wait I, should hire this kid my administration!"
Posted By Anonymous William Courtland, Waterford Ontario : 4:45 PM ET
Can I be your next Obama Girl??
Posted By Anonymous JPVA BEACH : 10:31 PM ET
Baby: Buuraaaaack
Mr. Obama: She said my name!
Baby's mom: Sir, I'm sooo sorry! I didn't have time to burp her.
Posted By Anonymous evilaunt : 11:26 AM ET
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