Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Anderson's View: Reading the Republicans
I considered going to South Carolina today, but there are a number of things we are working on here that made going difficult. Chances are next week we will take the show on the road again, perhaps this time to Florida or maybe South Carolina.

I've spent most of today re-reading The Reagan Diaries. I am preparing for a republican debate at the Reagan library at the end of this month. I'm not sure what Ronald Reagan would make of the current state of the Republican Party.

After last night's result there is no clear frontrunner, if anything the race seems more open than ever. We'll be looking at that tonight and will talk with Glenn Beck about his take on the Republican Party.

We're also following new developments in the murder of Maria Lauterbach, the pregnant marine, and will examine the 911 tapes from the tiger attack in San Francisco.

See you tonight.
Posted By CNNBLOG: 4:51 PM ET
I'll be looking forward to your interaction with Glenn Beck tonight. His views were my favorite part of last night's 360.
Posted By Anonymous Christine Ohio : 5:10 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I wasn't old enough to vote when Mr. Reagan held office, but I think he was a great President and I think he would be very disappointed in today's GOP.

I'm looking forward to the debates, Republican and Democrat. I haven't been this interested in politics in years...

Have a great program tonight.

Surprise, AZ
Posted By Blogger Mindy : 5:18 PM ET
Well I thought you may have been headed to S.C. for the primaries! But it's good to have you on the show instead!

BTW...glad you are having Glenn Beck on tonight. He was great last night! Looking forward to that all of the other stories.

C-Ya Tonight!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 5:19 PM ET
We'll be looking at that tonight and will talk with Glenn Beck about his take on the Republican Party.

I am sorry. *sympathy pat*

Birmingham, AL
Posted By Anonymous Claire - Birmingham, AL : 5:21 PM ET
I'm looking forward to your show tonight. Randi Kaye's report on the murdered marine sounds fascinating and hearing Glenn Beck's thoughts may be instructive as well.

I have to say that I thought Glenn had the best point of anyone on the best political team last night when he talked of talking to just people - Americans - not black or white, religious or non religious, female or male - a kind of unity we haven't seen in many years now and we need it back to get through the issues and years ahead.

I acknowledge Roland Martin had a valid point with his argument but valid or not what Beck said resonated with me at least who can remember a time when we weren't' so polarized in this country. I'm glad you're having him on again. He makes sense on this one.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 5:22 PM ET
Hi Anderson, I watched last night's coverage of the primary and saw the debate between Glenn Beck and Roland Martin. Interesting and hilarious exchange between the two, I must say. Yes, there's no clear frontrunner, but it's good for democracy.

I saw Randi Kaye's blog on the Lauterbach case. If you ask me, it's getting stranger and fishier by the minute. I hope this case would be resolved and justice is served soon.

See you tonight,
Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 5:23 PM ET

Ronald Reagan would probably reconsider his party affiliation if he saw what was happening to the Republican Party today.

It is probably a good idea to brush up on Reagan's words and ideas since the candidates always seem to quote him. I hope that you can put it to good use during the upcoming Republican debate in California.

For what it is worth I don't see a frontrunner in either party.

I think it is going to be a tiring year for journalists and voters alike.

I look forward to your discussion with Glenn Beck tonight; I find him very entertaining.

Jo Ann
North Royalton,Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 5:24 PM ET
We don't need another Bush dressed up as McCain. He will continue the same policies and we certainly don't need that for another four years!!! We need fresh blood and I hope Romney wins the nomination.
Posted By Anonymous AJ, Phoenix : 5:26 PM ET
I like it when you're on the road, but the phrase, "There's no place like home", probably sums up how you feel most of the time.

I hope you all have some new information on the marine case. I think there is a lot more to this case than we are aware of.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 5:27 PM ET

You re-read the Reagan Diaries in one day? Yikes! You are one speed reader. I was offered the loan of Diaries, but declined.

I think Reagan would be disappointed. However, as someone who feels more like an Independent but is a registered Republican who votes Democratic more often than not, I am a bit puzzled by the reverence with which Reagan is remembered. Was he really that good, or have memories made the heart grow fonder? Anderson, what do you think now that you have read his Diaries and are a Reagan expert?

Charlotte D, Stockton CA
Posted By Blogger Charlotte : 5:28 PM ET
Good Luck with the prep for the debate! I didn't realize that you prepare for it that much in advance! I'm impressed at the lack of procrastination! I could learn a thing or two from you! :D

Looking forward to tonight's show!

PS: Amazing job on the 60 minutes about the War against Women in the DRC. Let's just say that it put A LOT in perspective.
Posted By Blogger Nardeen : 5:29 PM ET
Oh South Carolina or Florida sounds like great places to go. It seems like after three big races, the only thing is clear is that Republicans are not sure who they want to lead their party and that is not a good thing. Hopefully with the next few primaries and caucuses a front runner will emerge.

I can not wait for the debate at the Reagan Library. It should be a good one. Anderson really ask these candidates some tough questions. Maybe that will help in choosing a front runner.
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:31 PM ET
Dang, I may still have time to re=register as a Republican. The way things are going, my candidate could still be on the ballot come Super Tuesday!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Elk Grove, CA : 5:42 PM ET
This race really does seem up in the air. I have just finished reading the Reagan Diaries. I had trouble getting through it this one time. I can't imagine having to re-read it. I'm looking forward to tonight's show.
Posted By Anonymous Shamera : 5:45 PM ET
I was kind of sad the Michigan primaries were so lame, because I knew no one would bother coming here to cover the election.
(Just so you know, I think you're ridiculously cool for spending a day reading The Reagan Diaries!)
I'm really looking forward to Glenn's take on the GOP, and I actually am curious about the developments on Lauterbach.
See you tonight!

--Mari, MI
Posted By Anonymous Marine H : 5:49 PM ET
Yikes, Glenn Beck again? :(
I hope you have Jack Hannah on again for the tiger attacks. He seems very knowledgeable.
Posted By Anonymous Kim in Kansas : 5:53 PM ET
I question if Reagan were alive today would he approve of the going's on of his Republican Party. Good for you for doing your homework. I read that book as part of my thesis at University and know that it's not easy or lite reading!
Posted By Anonymous Kelly, Pleasanton, CA : 5:57 PM ET
President Reagan should be turning his grave so much that there are fault lines surrounding the Library. I'm a moderate cradle Republican, my parents swore that Agnew (as in Spiro) was one of my first words in 1968, Reagan was one of my heroes in high school in the 1980's, and this party today is making me want to scream and declare myself an independent. The party somehow became a bunch of Bible-thumping fundamentalist psychos worried about banning abortion and bashing gays and lesbians in the name of God. They sure don't worry about us being a good neighbor in the world (we do make an excellent bully right now, though, and forget about those most in need) or the true economic growth of our country. And when they do worry about economics, it's more about their own (as in Big Bad Oil and military contracts) and less about everyone else. John McCain is the only glimmer of hope I have that the party can turn things back around, and I'm not even sure of that some days. Maybe you can invoke the spirit of President Reagan while you're at the Library later this month. Heck, I might go out there in a Republican pilgrimage and do it myself before November. I don't know where the party I grew up loving has gone. But I surely do wish it would return. You know, when President Clinton was first inaugurated I wore solid black in mourning for the end of an era as a Republican. My best friend and I did it sort of as a tongue-in-cheek thing realizing that it was the end of something really great we benefitted from. What we didn't realize is that the party as we knew it really did die then. And I don't see its resurrection happening anytime soon.
Posted By Anonymous Tammy, Berwick, LA : 5:57 PM ET
Anderson, I am really looking forward to tonight's show. I like hearing what Glenn Beck has to say.

I am glad there is no clear frontrunner in the republican party. I think it makes the race more interesting.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, GA : 6:00 PM ET
Hey Anderson

Preparing for a debate that's two weeks away? I bet people thought you just showed up the night of the debate, picked up a stack of papers, and read off the questions. I'm sure you put in many more hours than people give you credit for. In case you didn't know, all the prep work pays off, you do a great job. Want some turtle soup for a reward? Just kidding!

See you tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 6:08 PM ET
I hope all the Republican candidates will re-read Reagan Diaries, and specially will understand his words,"People don't start wars, governments do".
I hope we will do your show on the road again.....

Ana, Boston
Posted By Anonymous Ana : 6:15 PM ET
I'm glad you're having Glenn Beck back on tonight, and I hope you have Roland Martin joining him as well. Last night's debate between Martin and Beck was actually poignant, and dare I say even pleasant to listen to. Both gentlemen made valid, logical points although obviously distinct. They both made sense and they were interesting to hear.

See you tonight, same time, same place, since you're not in SC.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 6:16 PM ET
Hi Anderson, I don't watch Glenn Beck's program, but I have to agree with part of what he said last night. Why do we have to be black or white, man or woman, Republican or Democrat...why can't we all be just Americans? I like what he said of course, but I come back to earth and realize this is pie in the sky. Anyway, I like hearing his perspective and I look forward to seeing him on your program.

Sounds like the show will be packed with details on so many subjects, so I'll be watching tonight!

Lilibeth :)
Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 6:21 PM ET
More Glenn Beck ! He was the best part of the show !
Posted By Anonymous aj huntington, ny. : 6:34 PM ET
Thank you for preparing for the Republican debates in Simi Valley - the viewrs really appreciate it .

You and Glenn Beck together are the best. You're both funny and smart and well-informed and you both make such sense when it comes to the absurdities of Washington .
Posted By Anonymous Diane - Providence, R.I. : 6:37 PM ET
Anderson, you coverage of the Michigan primary was very good. I am looking forward to the show tonight. I also spent most of the day reading the Reagan Diaries. I think that both political parties have changed so much over the years that it is difficult to say what any of our previous Presidents would say.
There is so much talk of change within each of the parties, however will we actually see a change after the new President takes office? I sometimes feel that our candidates aren't really watching the news, because if they were they would realize that Americans have quite a bit to be concerned about; the economy, gas prices, poverty, and the list goes on and on. We need someone who doesn't just talk about change. Enough with party about politicians actually stop worrying what their party thinks and they start worrying about what the American people think. They have forgotten that we, the American people, put them in office. We have to find a way to keep them accountable.
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 6:44 PM ET
OOps! Somehow I missed Glen Beck last night. I will have to pay attention tonight. My favorite part of the show was John King admitting he has no idea what is coming next. His expressions were great. I seem to be doing better with predicting the Rebublican winners than the Democratic winners. This race is really exciting and different. I also hope it goes the distance!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 6:50 PM ET
GLENN IS THE king of sarcasm - I think that's why he and Anderson have such amazing chemistry. Perfect foils for each other, yet Anderson likes to dabble in the sarcastic quip often, too ..

Would love to see more Glenn and would like Anderson to pop up on Glenn's own show. Loved the one-on-one last month between you two.

Keep the Politics coming .
Posted By Anonymous Lee - Houston, Tx. : 6:51 PM ET
looks like I'm in the minority, but I find Glenn Beck's condescending 'as any fool can plainly see' tone of voice, and his poor-man's-philosopher shtick annoying as hell. If you want shallow, vapid conservative thought, I believe Newt Gingrich is at liberty...

And you ever notice how the people saying 'why can't we just treat people as PEOPLE' are always, ALWAYS white? And usually male.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 6:55 PM ET
Glenn Beck again? All I can say is thank goodness for the mute button.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 7:02 PM ET
Today's Democratic Party seems a lot more cohesive than the Republican which seems to be divided into factions: Huckabee for the evangelicals/social conservatives, McCain for the war hawks, Giuliani for those focused on fear of terrorists, Romney for those worried about the economy. None of the republican candidates appeals to all these factions and none of them seems to be even making an effort to draw them all in. Unless republican voters are willing to compromise on some of the key issues, I can't imagine them voting in large enough numbers to carry a general election.

Glenn Beck is very idealistic if he thinks different groups of Americans don't have differing priorities and perspectives. But then maybe white male conservative republicans just assume everyone thinks like them. They don't, and they shouldn't.

I don't get the reverence in which Ronald Reagan is held. Didn't Iran-Contra happen on his watch?
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 7:05 PM ET
We're tired, AC. You know that. I'll bet you're the same way. We're exhausted in the lack of positive direction, good role models in our leadership, and not quite sure what we're looking for. Sick of "faith and family values" being tossed about flipantly, meaning nothing. I don't think we know exactly who it is that can lead us out of our "teenage years" and into some sort of adulthood. Republicans or Democrats....we're clueless.

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 7:06 PM ET
Can anyone imagine the Democratic front-runners saying JFK's famous line : "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country?" No, it's more about what the gov't "owes " to the avg. American. On the other hand, the Republicans have become diluted; there's only one or two true Reagan conservatives running.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 7:41 PM ET
I wonder whether Ronald Reagan would go straight to military action or whether he'd attempt an open dialogue with Iran.
Posted By Anonymous claudia c, westchester, ny. : 7:46 PM ET
This election is much more exciting without front-runners. What leaped out at me though about the turnout last night, is that weather can actually make people stay home, as if "changing the country" and exercising their right is all dependent on the temperature ! We slam Congress and shout "throw out the bums" , but when it's time to vote -- oh NO, it's too cold...
Posted By Anonymous ronnie - knoxville, tn. : 7:58 PM ET
@Jo Ann 5:24pm

I agree with you about Ronald Reagan. I am looking for someone who is a natural born leader. Unlikely, I do not see Republican candidates comparing to Ronald Reagan.
I am so clueless and am still not clearly in my mind. I would love to see Glenn Beck to run for the President and perhaps Dobb is a best ideal choice. LOL I am anxious to hear what Glenn Beck has to say about it Boy, it’s going to be tough days ahead for us as well as journalists.

By the way, Anderson..I am impressed with all your hard works for 60 Min program.

Posted By Anonymous Michele, Douglaston NY : 7:59 PM ET
Don't you think it's funny Anderson, that the primaries are sharing the wealth? Is it Rudy's turn now in Fla.? It's like one state wants to outshine the previous primary, so they vote for a different guy. What's up w/ that?
Posted By Anonymous Lauren H, Ann Arbor Mi. : 8:02 PM ET
Cannot WAIT to see the Republican debate at the beautiful Reagan library on the hill. Can Anderson film a little narrated tour of the grounds and library itself to open the debate?

Keep the Glenn Beck comin.' Excellent !
Posted By Anonymous Amy D -- Indianapolis, Ind. : 8:10 PM ET
It's clear no one really knows how this election is going to turn out. The polls and predictions by the media are embarrassing and often wrong. Why don't we call that nun who correctly predicts the superbowl winner every year and get her take on it? !
Posted By Anonymous scott v. , nashville , tn. : 8:12 PM ET
Im always looking for the media bias in all this, so I will point out that many news stories questioned if Mitt Romney would drop out if he hadn't won Michigan... and yet John Edwards HASN't WON ANYTHING and you don't hear any media stories saying "hmm, wonder if John Edwards will drop out soon, since he hasn't won many delgates..."
Posted By Anonymous michelle h, springfield, mass : 8:20 PM ET
Fellow bloggers if you haven't read the Reagan diaries I would highly recommend it. It is a historian's dream and took me most of the summer to read it.

I especially enjoyed the relationships in the book including
the President and the First Lady, the President and the media and the President and his children.

When ABC News Sam Donaldson's mom died the President learned that his Mom died and he personally called Sam because he admired his work so much.

Reagan just seemed like a real person to me. The book was a remarkable accounting of the
day-to-day life of a President and a very classy First Lady.

It is definately in the "keeper" category of my library.
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 8:24 PM ET
Anderson, my good man, I need a little clarity on a few of President Ronald Reagan achievements ... under his steward: the Strategic Defense Initiative a.k.a. StarWars, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Savings & Loan Crisis, Black Monday, his 'head in the sand' approach to the looming A.I.D.S. epidemic, his one dimensional 'Evil Empire' vis à vis Bushs' three-dimensional 'Axis of Evil', the Grenada invasion, his idealistic 'War on Drugs' versus Bushs unrealistic 'War on Terror', transforming the U.S. from the largest creditor nation into the largest debtor nation in the world, increasing the U.S.national debt from $700 billion to $3 trillion, firing rather than negotiating with 11345 unionized, striking airline workers, trickle down economic policy that vaporized upon landing & poignantly, 23 years ago today, January 16th, 1985, an American B-52 bomber flying through Canadian airspace with a 20' length unarmed missile aboard, reportedly, unarmed ... now, my question to you, why in hell are the G.O.P. so damn eager to elevate him into demi-god status? Autobiographies & diaries are exercises in narcissism; unauthorized biographies offer a clearer snapshot.
By the way, Fay, from Vacaville, California, I agree with you ... I noticed Andersons' silver locks waving every time Glenn opened his mouth last night ... I will give him credit for being an unwitting enviromentalist, there's no need for indoor heating with him in the studio.
Dwayne Moholitny
Edmonton, Alberta
Posted By Anonymous marq65 : 8:34 PM ET
Wow... is this sign for real?!!
(Your photograph?) Photoshopped? (Illustrator?)

I mean all that sky (and the RED, WHITE and BLUE)? (Of course... for my films I precipitously (sp? O.K. .. I'm not the best speller) add the GREEN... that resolves the whole "conflict" issue (re: direction).


(At least for America. (aka: The America's) re: identity.

(My (American) movies bet on it.)

And, of course, it's not all about the ecology of the land/sky scape -- but, also, of the human being and community.

Thus the increasing volatile, and at times, dire (rightly so) nature of this whole Election process this time around.

Anyway, forget the words -- your photograph says it all. (I can't write 'em anyway... I'm on strike.)

Posted By Anonymous K@KatchProFILMS Portland, OR : 8:38 PM ET
Mitt Romney has 46 delegates - the next closest is 25 for Obama. Why is the media saying there is no front runner? Is the media purposely giving inaccurate information to influence the voters?
Posted By Anonymous Shina A, Seattle , Wash. : 8:45 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I think President Reagan loved America. I don't think anyone could disagree with that.
I think the Republican party is a tad wobbly right now, however, I believe Ronald Reagan might be the first to say we should be united as Americans first, party second.
Sometimes the secret to a problem is crystal clear if we look. The them and us, the sour grapes, whines and talking about fellow Americans as if they are repulsive if they don't hold our own views, will never unite us. Maybe President Reagan would be saddened by both parties?

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 11:41 PM ET

Dwayne Moholitny pretty much said it all. Why are people nostalgic for Reagan (along with his twin sister Thatcher)? His huge budget deficit reminds me of Bush's deficit. The Iran-Contra affair sounds an awful lot like Bush's support for the Ethiopian regime in Somalia. And Reagan's trickle-down economics are the fundamental basis of Bush's unsustainable tax cut for America's richest citizens. The world needs honest diplomacy and more Keynesian economics now, not another Reagan.
Posted By Anonymous Anthea, Beijing, China : 7:29 AM ET
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