Monday, December 31, 2007
What's Your New Year's Resolution?
Program note: Anderson Cooper hosts New Year's Eve Live
tonight at 11p ET on CNN

Ah, New Year's Eve. Here it is once again. I was trying to remember what my New Year's resolution was last year, but the truth is I can barely remember last week, let alone a whole year ago. This year I've resolved to blog much more often. Everyday, actually. We'll see how long this one lasts. What is your New Year's resolution? Did you keep last year's?

As a kid I was never a big fan of New Year's Eve. There always seemed something slightly menacing about the event. New York City streets are packed, people are drunk, it always kind of freaked me out. Then as an adult, I didn't like it much because there was always so much pressure to have a good time, and you can never find a cab to go home in when you realize the party you're at is lame.

Now I really like New Year's Eve because I'm working and Times Square is actually a really fun place to be. When the ball drops, and the confetti descends I like nothing more than silently watching the explosion of euphoria. Frank Sinatra's voice sings New York, New York. People hug each other and cheer. There really is nothing like it.

This year should be especially fun because Kathy Griffin will be joining me live in Times Square. She'll give us her top ten moments of 2007 and who knows what else. Erica Hill and Kiran Chetry will also be in Times Square helping us ring in the New Year. As those of you who've watched before know, we like to show you how the New Year is celebrated around the world and around America. John Zarrella will once again be in Key West, Florida, for the drag queen drop, Kareen Wynter is in Vegas, and Sean Callebs is in New Orleans.

We'll also hear from Miranda Lambert in Atlanta, Widespread Panic is there as well, and Earth, Wind and Fire will be in Vegas. It looks like it may be a cold night, so break out the bubbly, or the cookies and milk, and snuggle up with us tonight starting at 11p ET.

Also we want to hear from you. Send us your resolutions, your party pictures, whatever you want to We'll show many of them on the air, maybe yours....
-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 11:26 AM ET
I don't make New Year's resolutions because most of them you don't keep anyway! So why bother!!

Besides that I live my life to the fullest and the best of my ability everyday because you aren't promised a tomorrow!

SORRY...but I'm skipping your NYE show! Don't really care for your or otherwise. Hope you have a good time though.

Happy New Year's to all!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 11:50 AM ET
My New Year's resolution last year was to not buy those trashy magazines and I am proud to say that I kept that resolution. Did I not read them any more....of course not but my resolution was to not BUY them. I guess this year my resolution is to just save money

I am so excited that we will get to see John Zarella and Sushi :P
Kathy Griffin's top 10 moments should be quiet interesting to hear. I hope you are ready to laugh tonight Anderson because I am sure there are going to be some funny moments.

I will be watching from the warmth of my home here in Toronto with my family playing a little Guitar Hero before you come on but all of us watching at home are there in spirit with you and the team in Time Square.

Have a great show tonight Anderson and Happy 2008! All the best to you this upcoming year.
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 11:53 AM ET
Hi Anderson,

Welcome back! My New Year's Resolution? Eat healthier, exercise more. Funny thing is, that was my resolution last year, the year before, and the year before that, etc... LOL!

Yes, I like to stay home in front of my fireplace and be cozy, watch your NYE special of course, and see how other countries celebrate the New Year. I like to keep out of the roads as much as possible, away from drunks, etc. I figure it's a lot safer to be at home.

But someday I'd like to see the ball drop in Times Square, I mean in person, not just on TV. I keep hearing it's an experience like no other. Maybe someday...

I watched your NYE show last year, and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to this year's show too!

Anderson, I wish you a Very Blissful New Year! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 11:57 AM ET
Anderson, I am really looking forward to your broadcast tonight. I am so happy John Zarrella will be in Key West for the Drag Queen Drop. That's always!!! I don't really have a New Year's Resolution. Like you I can hardly remember last week...LOL!!! I'll definitely make sure I snuggle up with you at!!!

Happy New Year to you and the 360 crew!!!

Anderson, I want to wish you health and happiness in the coming year :)
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, Ga : 11:58 AM ET
Hey AC Can't wait ... I live for the Drag Queen drop in Key West with John, will he once again be losing his clothing throughout the night?! Just a little extra highlight there and something to look forward to.

My resolution is to watch as much CNN as possible (that's worked for me in the past and I like to be able to keep them). If I can get a new job that will allow me to do that that'd be great. Will CNN pay me for that?!

Welcome home, here's hoping you are not going to be a walking Zombie! On the other hand that could be fun too!

Marcy - Mobile, AL
Posted By Blogger beaslma : 12:00 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Happy New Resolution Free Year! I hope this new year is a peaceful, calm one. I've barely caught my breath from last year and here comes another! Time marches on...Drop that crystal ball..

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 12:05 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I have never made a New Year's resolution, since I believe every day is new and every day is a challenge, you got to do what you got to do!!!!!!!
Your book "Dispatches from the edges" comes as an inspiration to me.I pray we all have a safe and a fulfilling 2008 (which doesn't look like, after terrorists getting stronger every moment). But, Anderson you and your team of 360 be safe and keep up the good work.I will definitely join you tonight.
Posted By Blogger tanuja : 12:07 PM ET
My resolution long ago was never to make any more resolutions and it's the one resolution I've been able to keep.

I envy New Yorkers and others who get to experience New Year's in Times Square, it does seem to be something that everyone should do at least once, but I've watched the AC360 New Year's show for a few years now and it's almost like being there.

Really looking forward to the show and seeing whatever mischief Kathy Griffin will be up to, she's certainly a handfull and an inspired choice for a guest, good luck out there tonight Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 12:09 PM ET
Anderson...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you are able to keep up with your New Year's Resolution this year because I always look forward to see what you have to say about the headlines of the day and what you will be covering on the show. My New Year's Resolution, is to study as hard as I possibly can for my LSAT's, and get a high enough score to be accepted to Yale Law School. I figured since I always seem to resolve to go to the gym everyday, or give up coke, and never follow through, that this year I am going to resolve to do something which will be easier to do. Not to mention that this resolution will help me get a better job in the future.
Looking forward to ringing in the New Year with you!!! See you tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 12:24 PM ET

Whereas you have resolved to blog more in 2008, mine is the complete opposite, to stop spending so much time on the internet in the evenings and get more sleep! Of course, I'm not one to really do the "resolution" thing anyways.

Have a Happy New Year and Good Luck tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 12:35 PM ET
Times Square does look like a blast but I think the only way to do it is to be above it all (either perched on your CNN overlook) or to be in a suite with a balcony overlooking everything. That would be awesome... I would make that my resolution for next year but I may be on a family cruise somewhere in the Caribbean ringing in the new year out on the ocean for 2008. I will enjoy hanging out with a few friends and keeping it low key for this New Years. Having some Baileys and coffee or maybe a Bellini. Also, herring and grapes to ensure continued good luck in 2008.
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 12:42 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Welcome back! My New Year's Resolution? Eat healthier, exercise more. Funny thing is, that was my resolution last year, the year before, and the year before that, etc... LOL!

Yes, I like to stay home in front of my fireplace and be cozy, watch your NYE special of course, and see how other countries celebrate the New Year. I like to keep out of the roads as much as possible, away from drunks, etc. I figure it's a lot safer to be at home.

But someday I'd like to see the ball drop in Times Square, I mean in person, not just on TV. I keep hearing it's an experience like no other. Maybe someday...

I watched your NYE show last year, and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to this year's show too!

Anderson, I wish you a Very Blissful New Year! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 12:43 PM ET

Let's see, my New Year's resolution is to start moving more! If I don't make it to the gym then I'll walk more. I don't remember last year's resolution, I barely remember what I did on Christmas day! Sounds like you've got your hands full with Kathy Griffin! Lucky Kathy! LOL! My family and I will be heading out to a New Year's Eve house party and yes, we'll be rockin' with you all at Times Square! Happy New Year and may there be peace throughout the world!

Maureen T., Mississauga, ON, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 12:44 PM ET
Tonight's show sounds great and am looking forward to it. As for resolutions I don't believe in them and therefore do not make them. However, I do believe in wishes and my wish this year is that the country's and my state's economy gets better. But I know that it won't until after the 2008 election.

Best wishes to all at CNN for a great New Year.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren MI : 12:47 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
I still find it funny that you are carrying out your resolution before the new year has began.

I was never quite into resolutions, but this year I am going to try and write more for my school newspaper, and focus more on the next few years to come.

I think that tonight is going to be an interesting event. Hope you have a fun time with Kathy.

Kayle, Cheshire CT.
Posted By OpenID nyccrazy7 : 1:02 PM ET
Anderson I love that you're doing New Year's Eve again for us. Do you really think you can be with Kathy Griffin for more than 5 minutes without blushing and stuttering. lol
I'll be watching.
Happy New Year to you and all AC360 staff.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 1:05 PM ET
Happy New Year!!!!!

Haha, for some reason, reading you say "the party you're at is lame" cracked me up. You've just been to the wrong parties, Anderson. The best New Year's party I went to was five hours of Guitar Hero and Family Guy until midnight where we set off fireworks at a lake. Good times.

However, sickness has hampered any party plans tonight. I'm looking forward to New Years Eve Live! You and Erica and awesome over a satelite, I can't wait to see you in the same room. Have fun!

Birmingham, AL
Posted By Anonymous Claire - Birmingham, AL : 1:10 PM ET
Sounds like a cool show Anderson! I think my resolution is going to be the same as every year...exercise more and be a kinder person. Boring, I know!
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 1:16 PM ET
Sounds like a cool show Anderson! I think my resolution is going to be the same as every year...exercise more and be a kinder person. Boring, I know!
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 1:16 PM ET
I don't remember my NYR from last year, either, actually... Meh. But I've decided 2008 is the year I become significantly more healthy, and I'm going to militantly persue my dreams of a career in -- drumroll please -- broadcast journalism.
I'm awfully excited about tonight; can't wait to see you and Kathy at Times Square!
Posted By Anonymous Christianna : 1:27 PM ET
A group of Katrina volunteers from Indiana will be partying in the French Quarter tonight! Where is CNN going to be located? We want to wave hello!

Happy New Year Anderson!
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 1:30 PM ET
This was the one year I fulfilled my New Year's resolution. I'm pretty proud of that.

I'll be spending NYE with family which as I get older tends to be how I like to celebrate. Oh man, I remember doing the club scene in my 20's on NYE. Thank goodness that's all a fond (or not so fond)memory!

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight with Kathy Griffin and Erica Hill. I wont be able to catch it live but I'll be setting my DVR!

Happy New Year to you, Anderson and the 360 Team!

Sheryn, NJ
Posted By Blogger Sheryn : 1:39 PM ET

Who better than to bring in the new year with , could only be you, you must be exhausted from your flight from India, imagine you sleep standing up, I little bird tols me OZZY Ozborne might do the intro for 360? great pick... Thank you and your diligent team for bringing us the events that shape our world, wish you health, energy and continued success this next year, stay safe,.. Maritza M .San Jose, CA
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:40 PM ET
Meh. I've never enjoyed a New Year's Eve party, ever. Fitting, then, that I'm sick as a dog this year. :-)
But, I'll get up at 5am (stupid timezones) and 'snuggle up' (with my dog, but that counts, doesn't it?) to watch the show from Times Square - really looking forward to it! Hope you're mentally prepared to be called 'dreamboat' and whatnot by Kathy. ;-)
Happy New Year!
Marion from Munich, Germany
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:41 PM ET
Happy New Year from the UK.

I love New York - but I think the crowds at Times Square would freak me out (do they have extra loos?)

Hope you manage to catch up on sleep after the crazy last couple of days.

Kindest regards

Sarah, Canterbury - UK
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:43 PM ET
HI Anderson,

I am looking forward to the show tonight,and welcome back as host for another year.
It's great to see Erica back this year,and of course Sushi!

I made a resolution a long time ago-never make any more resolutions for New Years!

Take care Anderson,
all best wishes for 2008.
Posted By Anonymous ANNE, Newfoundland,Canada : 1:48 PM ET
I have several New Year's resolutions, but the one I'm thinking about right now is to overcome procrastination. Actually, there's something I really don't want to do today. Can I start this next week?

Out here on the West Coast we get to celebrate twice tonight. I'll be watching you first, then I'm going to a boring party.
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 1:54 PM ET
Live, Times Square, Kathy Griffin, I think I know, "who knows what else" she'll give us. Erica Hill has started already.

Me, I'll be in the French Quarter of New Orleans which is inundated by SugarBowl attendees, waitressing for the Georgians and Hawaiians who really know how to party, by the way!

My resolution, as the geo-political scene heats up, I'm glad to be in New Orleans, my new motto, "stop thinking, start drinking!"

Julie Siverd, New Orleans, LA
Posted By OpenID jaelmara : 1:55 PM ET
The whole resolution thing is way overrated.. but here goes: I resolve not to do a fall home improvement project that has me putting my house back together right up to the Christmas holiday but I hope to get my basement more organized (it is the home to everything that you don't know what to do with on the main floors).. Somehow gain control of all the paperwork at home (mail coming in, bills, financial statements, etc etc.) I hate it and procrastinate organizing and keeping it organized... HELP... Go someplace different (either a community event, new hang out or restaurant, etc etc) at least once a month. Gosh these are so BORING.... Join my neighborhood association - SouthHampton (SOHA) and attend some of the meetings... Gosh another boring one.... Ok, my last resolution is to come up with some better resolutions for next year :) :) Happy New Year to all the AC360 staff... Looking forward to the New Years show tonight..
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 1:59 PM ET
Oh, I forgot to mention another resolution...I resolve to be nicer to people who haven't been nice to me...sounds strange but I think I'll be happier in the long run!

Have fun tonight Anderson,
Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 2:22 PM ET
LOL! I am a total loser. All this time I have been thinking that were having Kathy Lee Gifford as your co-host tonight and I couldn't figure out what was going to be super fun about that!

NOW I know who you mean and I am looking forward to the witty reparte and banter that is sure to go on this evening!

My resolution for 2008 is to take great leaps of faith and actualize some dreams so I can make room for some new ones.

Happy New Year!
Posted By Blogger Shanny : 4:02 PM ET
Happy New Year, Anderson, you are the best! Thanks for everything you did this year to inform and educate us, your fans, and "to keep the honest" whenever,wherever and whatever "they" may be.
My New Year's Resolution is to make sure to watch AC 360 EVERY SINGLE TIME you will be on the show as anchor or reporter. (Just a little bit of bias there). Again, many happy returns!
Posted By Blogger Rhiannon Rede : 4:04 PM ET
Hi Anderson!

Time Square always looked like a nightmare to me....sorry but all those strangers pressed thanks. Call me a misanthropic recluse but I like either staying at home or being at a party with good friends. But if the loud and raucous public thing is what snaps your garter belt, then sally forth party goers. Happy New Year!!!!!
Posted By Blogger Tina : 4:05 PM ET
Resolution wise, I personally took that word out of my dictionary since every year i delay my resolution the same week i'm supposed to be starting on it. I also thought to myself that if I want to do something, i can do it anytime i put my mind into it, which then will make it a new year for me everytime i do succeed to in doing whatever it was i put in mind.
Have fun at NYC and Happy New Year!!
Posted By Blogger LulaK : 4:05 PM ET
Happy New Year Anderson!

So glad that you are back in New York for the big party (and that you are safe!).

Resolutions, huh? Well, I am good at a few things, but keeping promises to myself is not one of them. This year, I want to be different. My resolution is to write more and to somehow coerce my talents into a job that is my passion. That and take better care of myself; eat right, get more rest, things of that nature. Oh, and do even more to have a positive impact on the world at large. Sounds simple, right?

More than anything, I wanted to be in Times Square this New Year's, however instead I am home on the couch sicker than a dog. So much for that!

Please bundle yourself up and don't end up like me. LOL. And thanks for being my date, in spite of the fact that I am home coughing and sneezing.

It has been an incredible year. Looking forward to seeing what you get into in 2008.

Party on! :)
Posted By Blogger Pati Mc : 4:11 PM ET
My choice is to watch the new year quietly tiptoe over in the night and re-center myself on what's real.
My resolution is to continue growing compassion, to build that bridge between us who have so much and people who have close to nothing. As of January 1st, I am giving myself one year to put my life in order, leave everything behind and start volunteering. A resolution of giving back. One year.

Have a wonderful celebration in New Year and happy new year!
Posted By Anonymous CarolineBHB : 4:33 PM ET
Happy New Year's Eve Anderson! I am in NYC, but won't be in Times Square, but will be sure to experience it once in my life, and hopefully very soon.

I think back on this past year and how much of a rollercoaster it was, but 2007 has turned out to be an amazing year, and I absolutely cannot wait for 2008!!!

Best wishes and stay warm :)
Posted By Anonymous Aruna, Minneapolis, MN : 4:38 PM ET
Oh, I forgot to mention another resolution...I resolve to be nicer to people who haven't been nice to me...sounds strange but I think I'll be happier in the long run!

Have fun tonight Anderson :)
Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 5:07 PM ET

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:44 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

In this crazy, criminal and war torn era, you are definitely a beacon of hope for us all, and I wish you the very best in 2008. My New Year's resolution is to learn more about my heritage and to learn more cultural traditions once I know what my family heritage is. To this end, I've done genealogy research and now an autosomal DNA test, to get me a foundation. Wishing everyone the happiest of New Years!

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:46 PM ET
I always have goals, plans and schemes, regardless of the time of year. It keeps me focused and give my life purpose, direction, meaning. I will work on forgiving more and better; getting my graduate degree, paying my credit card debt (it's not too outrageous, honestly) and drawing closer, strengthening my relationship with God, Jehovah. (Oh, yeah, and I want to see you again, in person, I have one more of your book I'd like you to sign; I have three of them! I'll explain if and when I see you).

I'm so looking forward to seeing you tonight even though I don't celebrate New Year's myself. Watch out for Kathy Griffin tonight; did she not say on LK she wanted you to touch her inappropriately?

P.S. Seems like we have something in common Anderson. We don't remember what happened yesterday or a few days ago. I'm always like why, where, who, when, how?
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 7:08 PM ET
Happy new year, Anderson! My resolution is dependent on YOU. I resolve to read your blog every day...not to put too much pressure on you. I can still keep my resolution even if you don't keep yours!
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Topeka, KS : 7:10 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Happy New Year to you and your crew!

I'll be watching your show while I am folding my laundry tonight.

Normally, I don't make resolutions but maybe I need to make one to do my laundry more often!

Take care and have fun.

Kay, Temple, TX
Posted By Blogger Kay : 7:36 PM ET
Hey AC- No resolution this yr :) But My family and I will have you on for the ball drop in NYC (we are in Chicago). I will say it is my dream to see that one day. But I wish and you family and friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Posted By Anonymous Martini Sherri : 7:47 PM ET
Hi Mr Cooper,

looking forward to the show tonight, it's going to be excellent I'm sure! I actually hate New Year's Eve as well, as you used to, but at least now there's the countdown on CNN... My resolution for 2008 is basically to stay helathy really. Health is wealth.

Ann Arbor, MI
Posted By Anonymous James : 8:04 PM ET
Happy New Year Anderson! And to everyone else on the 360 team.

I've learned in years past to make modest resolutions that are more do-able so I feel like I have made some progress. I call them accomplishments to do rather than resolutions though.

Some of mine this year - read at least one book a month out of my stack of history and current event books; to design and finish at least 1 quilt; I also would like to complete the first step of certification on being an Oracle DBA.

Looking forward to watching tonight and hope everyone has a great time welcoming in the new year and stays safe.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 8:22 PM ET
Anderson, You rock! I was in New York last year but wasn't able to get to Times Square because there were so many people and nobody told me that you had to get there early in the morning. I got engaged the night before New Year's eve in Central Park. It was so romantic. Seeing you and the ball drop in person would have made it the most perfect day ever. I love you and your show and someday I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you in person. Have a good New Year's Eve and I will be watching you from Lebanon, MO!
Posted By Anonymous Jeanine Lowe : 9:07 PM ET
Anderson, I think you should amend your New Year's Resolution to add that you will find a better co-host for next year's party.

Kathy was obnoxious and why too out spoken and was way over the line with several comments and her unending comments about wanting to see people "hurl" distracted from the pleasure of the evening. Her comment about water boarding was unpardonable intolerable and impolite. CNN should NEVER have her help host another function. In fact I think she owes that American Public that watched her outrageous, shameful and reprehensible behavior an apology!

On another point, you do rock and handled yourself very commendably considering who you were working along side.
Posted By Anonymous Shireen, Indiana : 12:33 AM ET

In memory of my loving husband Larry Walton, I would like to wish you and everyone all over the world a Happy New Year.

My wish is for world peace.
My husband and I have been supporters of Barack Obama from the start. If he is elected the next President, not ony would we be proud African Americans my wish for world peace will come true as well.

Angela Walton
Cincinnati, Ohio

(Larry Walton passed away May 2007)
Posted By Blogger angel : 12:59 AM ET
Hi! I'm from Manila and just watched the Times Square New Year's celebration on TV - it seems so FUN!!!

So my new year's resolution aside from limiting my work hours from 8am to 8pm only - will also be to join the 2009 New Year - Times Square celebration :-)

See you next year! Mabuhay!
Posted By Blogger cecille : 1:25 AM ET
I saw the New Year show on CNN.
Anderson, ill be plain honest and put it in a word.
I absolutely admire you and and your tremendous hard work. Im sure the show would have been spectacular if and only if you were paired with someone else. If heard negative views from friends half way around the world. I may not not be the media critic type but definitely there there many who would share the same. I wished had to host the show with someone else like Erica or John King.

My Sincere Comment

-Ivor Rodrigues
Posted By Blogger Veni : 1:33 AM ET
I love your show and I watch you all time each year, I remember that last year ball drop so amazng as confenti blow away, the crowd were so exciting say "happy New Year"! right now I want to say happy new year 2008 to you. I wish meet you someday. I love new york. hope you have new day. and you're rock on and best anchor 360! Megan D. of shoreline, Wa
Posted By OpenID shoreline98155 : 1:37 AM ET
Anderson -

I just adore you and have the utmost respect for you as a journalist and the good you try to do in the world. My New Year's resolution is to get back in shape and try to volunteer some of my time to make a small difference. Watched the East Coast feed here on the west coast. I loved you but PLEASE DON"T EVER USE KATHY GRIFFIN AGAIN!!! UGH!!! I think CNN should give you a bonus for that one!!! I don't care if she is a comedian she was prying to much into your personal life which is NONE of her business!!! Our whole crowd agreed!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR ANDERSON!!
Posted By Anonymous GABRIELLE : 1:51 AM ET
Happy New Year Anderson, about the resoultion for me, I would say that I want to study hard, get a good grade, and have a good time. Also, I really hope that the world can be peace and everyone can live without anger and argument. Most importantly, I want to see you appear in my hometown,Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Posted By Blogger Chieh : 2:04 AM ET

I can not belive that you were teamed up with Kathy Griffin for the New Year's Eve show. She was so boring and carried on like a complete idiot. You deserved a much better co-host.

Love your show,
Maumelle, Arkansas
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:05 AM ET
Happy New Year Anderson!

Our party watched you and Kathy Griffin! The best show in town!
Cheers to a wonderfully Happy New Year to you and the 360 team!

PS.. My vote for the show announcer is PAULA DEAN!!

Cain in Raleigh, NC
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:17 AM ET
Thank you for letting me take a picture with you!..
I appreciate you not pushing people (and me) away when you were going down the stage. You are as nice as we thought you would be!
We love your work. Please keep up the honest, genuine, unopinionated press!

Happy New Year!
Posted By Anonymous Minoshka : 2:19 AM ET
Anderson,wow this was my first year watching you and Erick,and I will hopefully joion you again next year! Happy New Year to you and all the CNN crew. Welcome back I'm so glad you made it back safe. Love Peace and let's add some Soul to it!
Posted By Blogger Ruby : 2:20 AM ET
I totaly enjoy Anderson Cooper....He is the number 1 professional on any network.. I never know where Anderson will be in the world and how he does it I have no idea....I respect him so much. Tonight, New years Eve I felt so sorry for him. I am not sure whose decision it was to punish my favorite television presenter and put Kathy Griffon on with him....She pays him know respect, she pays nobody respect, as long as shehas the focus, to hell with the world...... she interrupted him all the time and she is more interested in people laughing at her jokes than gowing with the flow. She is searching for self recognition and desperate for it. Compared to Anderson, who is secure, stable and a delight to listen to daily. Kathy acted like a little prostitute that has not been paid in a month!. Anderson, I apprecaite you so much and well done for handling her......She has so many giftings but none of them are able to properly mature as she is so self serving, immature and desperate for people to love her. Her whole commedy is based on that lack of foundation. You are aweosme! Happy New year to you.
Posted By Anonymous Kurt Francis : 3:50 AM ET
My resolution is to not watch your New Year's Eve show next year if you have Kathy Griffen on. She doesn't even understand why here waterboarding comment was inappropriate. She is not the right person for your audience.
Posted By Anonymous Roland in Alaska : 4:15 AM ET
Pricelss!!! I loved the AC smackdown on Kathy Griffin's tasteless waterboarding comment. You did a terrific job Anderson, and I enjoyed watching you ring in my New Year tremendously. Next year...Erica Hill co-hosting! She's got more talent in her pinky than Kathy with her so called Emmy!

Phoenix, AZ
Posted By Anonymous Francesca : 4:48 AM ET
Hi Anderson- The broadcast tonight was fresh, funny and absolutely enjoyable. I had another network on and went searching through the channels and found Kathy Griffin and yourself. I tivoed the rebroadcast because I loved it so much. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! You had wonderful chemistry together. She would LOVE that.;) Happy New Year and thanks for all that you do.
Posted By Blogger Bethann : 5:21 AM ET
my new years resolution was inspired from the cnn heroes tribute, to make a difference, even if it's something little. It was a great night! My whole family sat around the tv and rang in the new year with all of you at cnn. God Bless.

Ayesha, Houston, TX
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:30 AM ET
Happy New Year CNN! I must admit the more I listen and read your news Anderson, the more I see why Kathy Griffen blew you kisses when she was interviewed by Larry King....even with some of the not so nice news you have to are one sexy news person..loved ya last night!!!! LOL!!! See ya!
Posted By Blogger miggydeigh : 6:32 AM ET
oops almost forgot my new years resolution is to watch more Anderson Cooper!!!!
Posted By Blogger miggydeigh : 6:36 AM ET
Hi Anderson, I only have one resolution for this year. never to watch you co-host a New Year show with Kathy Griffin again, that should be an easy one to keep!
Posted By Blogger Danny : 9:01 AM ET
Really enjoyed your New Years program; Kathy Griffin and you make a good team - I don't know which of you got more quips and one liners in but you certainly held your own. It was such fun to watch and a great way to start a new year. Thanks so much for hosting the show and sharing your time with all of us.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 9:14 AM ET
Kathy Griffin is awful! She ruined the show last night. Please never have her on again.
Posted By Blogger bammaw : 10:04 AM ET
Hi AC! Happy New Year! Last year I pledged to try and be a better person and help more people. I did ok with it , but could always do better. This year, after constant bad weather, I've vowed to travel more to places I've never been. I really hope that it happens! I hope we all have an exciting, adventurous, challinging new year! P.S. I think you need to change the music next year on your show. As always, John Zarella stole the show!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 10:26 AM ET

Hi. You have a great program. The risks you take go beyond entertainment, though, and I'm glad you are back safely from Pakistan.

My resolution for the new year is to be more organized (in everything), and still have time to be creative.

I'm glad to see you are writing more on the blog. Since
"Dispatches From The Edge", I've pulled your writings from the
internet, and kept them together. You do quite a lot, and it's like
a continuation of your book.

I look forward to seeing you every night. Happy New Year!

Posted By Blogger Paula : 10:34 AM ET
Hey Anderson,
It was fun seeing you in Times Square last night. I hope you have a wonderful new year and I share your sentiment that our servicemen and women are safe and come home soon!
Happy New Year!
Posted By Blogger pamina : 2:21 PM ET
LOVED the NYE program!! It's good to hear you laugh, Andy. With your high profile job and shock of white hair, I sometimes forget you're a young dude--you SHOULD be happy and carefree on NYE at the very least. You and Kathy Griffin make a good couple--wouldn't be the first time an odd pairing made sparks (think George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth). Hope you make it to her MSG concert. With you in her corner, Kathy will rise to A-list in no time!


Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:27 PM ET
Hi Anderson!!

I saw your entire NYE show and
loved every minute of it!!
PLEASE invite Kathy on next year!!
As an observation, she seems to
bring out your sense of humor. You
looked like you were having a great
time laughing with her!!
Next year-more banter less

Posted By Anonymous MichaelH : 10:44 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

The show last night(that I watched today;-) was great and very entertaining to see you with Kathy.

I don't take new year's resolution, I just, all year, commit to things or projects. For now, I'm commiting to a new love and I will stop waiting and finally send my book to editors this winter. So, it's more like life changing decisions lol

I'm not being negative or anything, but, I'm curious to see how long you will last blogging each day`-)

Have a great 2008!

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Blogger Joanne : 11:45 PM ET
My New Year's resolution is to share Jesus Christ with society more in 2008. There are drugs, murders, adulteries and other matters that Jesus can deal with, and heal in people's lives. The church I go to is a good example of that. When people claim God's promises in the Bible prayerfully, issues like these are dealt with so people can live normal lives.

Shalom (God's completeness).
Posted By Anonymous : 7:34 PM ET
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