Monday, October 08, 2007
Your thoughts on the presidential campaign?
Happy Monday! We've got a full plate tonight, beginning with Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Candy Crowley reports from Iowa on whether or not Senator Clinton is unstoppable. Plus Gloria Borger will weigh in from Washington. And, as always, we want to hear from you. Tonight's blog question is:

Have you decided for whom you are going to vote in the 2008 presidential election?

Click on the comments section below to share your thoughts online. We'll also be reading some of your comments during the show. And a reminder, you can always send us a v-mail.

In addition to politics we've got a lot more tonight including: a scandal at Oral Roberts University, tragedy at the Chicago Marathon, and a closer look at the risk of landslides across the United States. Plus: important information about the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. Jamie McIntyre is Keeping Them Honest.

See you tonight at 10p.m. ET.
Posted By CNN: 8:00 PM ET
I have always respected & liked Hillary Clinton. But I also respect & like Barack Obama. I understand that Senator Clinton is ahead as the Democratic nomination. What I'm not sure about is Senator Clinton winning the presidential election. Everytime I hear Republicans they not only don't like Senator Clinton, they loathe her! How is that going to add up in the 2008 presidential election?
Posted By Kathy, Andover, KS : 8:44 PM ET
Absolutely not! I have been going back and forth on the candidates and am even considering switching parties. I have to admit, though, trying to keep up-to-date with all the politics is exhausting. It's going to be one tough decision.
Posted By Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 8:47 PM ET
I think none of them are right to be president! They either back peddle too much, try to be everything to everybody, or have no experience at what they pretend to know! So NO I have no idea who I'd vote for! Where is Al Gore when you need him!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 8:59 PM ET

No, I haven't yet decided who will get my vote. I do know, however, those who won't.

Right now there are two issues that will determine my decision and the candidate that comes up with the most viable solution will be my choice.

I don't actually trust or believe 99% of anything said so I guess I will have to go with the one that's not been proven, as of yet, to be a liar, cheat, or sexual deviate.

Terrible way to elect a president, isn't it?

Posted By Maggie, GVMO : 9:09 PM ET
Rudy showed his strength in a time of need that I can never forget on 9/11. He handeled NY with such grace that he deserves a chance in the White House.

Of course , if Anderson was running he would win hands down.
Posted By Anonymous : 9:11 PM ET
I think is much to soon to make that kind of decision. When you vote for a president is something you don't take lightly. Is very important that's just my opinion. Every vote counts especially in this election.

Jennifer - Anderson, South Carolina.
Posted By bluediamond (Jennifer) : 9:18 PM ET
I thought I had a good idea of who I was voting for, but it is too early to make any final decision. I want to continue to listen to what the candidates say in upcoming debates and wait until the primaries get a little closer. Although with the fact that so many primaries are so early, I am not sure what to expect during the campaign season.
Posted By Pamina, New Rochelle, NY : 9:24 PM ET
No, I haven't decided whom I am going to vote for in 2008 because they all sound basically the same. However, I do know whom I am not going to vote for. At this point it will just be a process of elimination; which is the lesser of two evils.

Unfortunately, I think it may be particularly difficult in 2008.

If Gore was running, he would be my choice.

Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 9:29 PM ET
If Al Gore gets in the race he would get my vote in an instant. Failing that I'll probably vote for Hilary - at least she has the asset of having been there before albeit in a different role.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Annie Kate : 9:41 PM ET
I know which two candidates I'm leaning towards, but neither has proven totally worthy of my vote. I'm a cradle moderate Republican, I tried after the fiasco of the last four years to look to the Democrats for some sort of potential leadership, and right now they scare me worse than what my own party does (and that's pretty bad). Hiliary reeks more and more of socialism every day, Obama is too inexperienced, and Edwards resembles a Southern good ol' boy politician. If the election was held today, Rudy Giuliani would get my vote. I agree with him on domestic and foreign policy issues, and he presents a sense of leadership to the world that we lost somewhere along the way with "W". I just want to see what he and McCain do within the next year. I've pretty much decided that if a democrat wins, I am moving overseas for four years. The current democrats do frighten this PhD that much.
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 9:42 PM ET
you know this will be one of the toughest Decision to take, well atleast for me. I think this is one of the hardest campaign in American history and it is because of many situations our nation is going through. Starting from Iraq and ending at the still not taken care of, New Orleans. Iam not sure which one to vote for honestly just because no one can answer what is the best thing to do in Iraq, because there is no answer, only time and miracle can tell, and i dont think anyone of those candidates will be willing to go to New orleans or any place that might be attacked by natur, especially if it's not a high class place, nor put 10% of the money they have, just once, to help them out. For me, still undecided and only time can tell... God Help America
Posted By LulaK : 9:48 PM ET
I have followed and admired John Edwards since the 2004 elections. His positions and plans are well thought-out; he is the intelligent, compassionate but firm, progressive leader -- that honestly cares about the American people -- that we desperately need.

He's the genuine deal -- I encourage folks to actually check him out, watch the interviews, etc. I will be more than happy to cast my first vote in a presidential election for John Edwards. Tomorrow begins today.
Posted By Journey, in Arlington, Texas : 9:51 PM ET
No, I haven't decided just yet who I want to vote for.
I think I'll have a wait and see attitude. I'll wait and see how quick the candidates are on their feet when confronted with a talking, melting, global warmed, snowman and the rest of the gang. Oh happy day, bring on the debates...
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 10:01 PM ET
I haven't made any decision yet. The next 13 months are sure to be a wild ride and there's no telling what controversies,scandals,etc. are yet to unfold that could greatly impact the election. I can say though that I am not holding out for "the perfect candidate." I know that person does not exsist.
Posted By Jennifer, Raleigh NC : 10:03 PM ET
Ron Paul all the way!!
Posted By jason : 10:09 PM ET
I will be voting for Obama and not just because he is from Illinois. I will be voting for him because he is the hope that I am looking for in this country. He offers change that I frankly don't see in Hillary. An Obama & Edwards ticket would be a dream for people that want change.
Posted By Kyle Simpson : 10:11 PM ET
I will be voting for, donating to, and campaigning for Dr. Ron Paul.

He's the only candidate on either side with a record of honesty, transparency, and accounatability in government.

He deserves a serious consideration from every American.

-Chad Odhner
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Posted By Chad : 10:13 PM ET
The candidate that gets my vote is Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is the only candidate out there who supports a conservative fiscal policy, protect our personal freedoms & liberty, and follows an anti-interventionist foreign policy.
Posted By Andre, Santa Barbara, CA : 10:13 PM ET
Obama all the way in 2008. He has the judgement and intelligence necessary to lead this country in a new direction, but more importantly a smarter direction. I don't agree with one of your commentators who said that Obama's support was concentrated with young people. In fact, Obama enjoys support from all walks of American life and when you go to his rallies you see evidence of that.
Posted By Anonymous : 10:14 PM ET
Barack gets my vote. I have a fundamental problem with the first bush for 4 years...then the wonderful Bill Clinton for 8 years. Then the unforgivable bush for 8 years...and now another clinton? NO! Plus I like that he speaks from his heart, and not from some old playbook from the past.
Posted By Anonymous : 10:15 PM ET
While Obama has his appeal I think we all need to step back and really think of if he really can win. I dont think he is going to win and Im not a racist but he cannot win because he is black. Even if he did get the Democratic nomination he would almost certianly lose to a white republican and thats because middle america despite whatever some may say is still very much racist. You may not see American racism but its there covertly operating. This along with the fact that Obama cant even get the black vote is really something that will hurt him. Look Hilary may not be what you think to be the best choice but do we really want to experiment with this. Imagine another 4 years with a republican.
Posted By MiamiJoe : 10:15 PM ET
Biden '08!

I wish more people were aware of this experienced candidate; for anyone who's undecided, take a look. Its too bad he doesn't have the money Clinton and Obama have, but with a little name recognition, I'm sure many people would be struck by the breadth of his experience. He's the only candidate with a clear plan for Iraq. He's also the most experienced (35 years in the senate, and the current chairman of the foreign relations committee).

Leslie, Springfield
Posted By Leslie : 10:16 PM ET
Obama all the way. Not only does is have the necessary experience, but he has an unshakable aura of humble confidence that we need in our next Commander-in-Chief to fix the damage of Bush. I mean, why would we want a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton Dynasty? No can do. - Nicholas Smith, New York, New York.
Posted By Nicholas Smith, New York, NY : 10:16 PM ET
At this moment I've decided to vote for Hilary clinton, because she seems to be the most all around candidate. I haven't agreed with her every decision, hence going into Iraq and illegal immigration but overall, I think she may have the tools to help this country change direction....but I could be wrong!
Posted By Chris : 10:17 PM ET
i would vote for Hillary Clinton for 2008 president because i believe she would be a great leader and would make us proud
Posted By Max Berger : 10:19 PM ET
I have thought for awhile now that Joe Biden would make a great president. I find his honesty, integrity and intelligence to be very refreshing and comforting after the last 7 years of corruption, lies and outright deceipt. He is the only one that has a logical, carefully considered way out of Iraq without leaving more of a mess than it already is. I will definitely vote for Joe!
Posted By Anonymous : 10:19 PM ET
I'm a 22 year old college student about to graduate. I am voting for Congressman Ron Paul in my Republican primary. He is the only candidate who supports getting us out of Iraq AND limited government. No Republican or Democratic candidate can offer that.
Posted By Brian : 10:21 PM ET
John Edwards definitely! He's a natural. His honesty is refreshing...what you see is what you get. I believe in him. He can turn this country around.
Posted By Carolyn Highland : 10:22 PM ET
You asked me to tell you if I have decided who to vote for... I had not up until I saw Larry King tonight... I would vote for Vicente Fox! Let's see if he is available and hire him - he sure beats what we have now and makes more sense than any of the Democrats who don't have the backbone to stop signing our "cocky" president's checks for continued occupation and war mongering.
Posted By Mikael Drache : 10:26 PM ET
Hillary has won my vote! She is the smartest woman I know and I think it is about time we get a woman running this country! Men have been in charge far too long and look at the mess our country is in. If the country seriously wants change I think Hillary is the only one that can make it happen. As for Barack Obama.... I had never even heard of him until he ran for president and I am not impressed. Hillary seems to be the only honest one in the group. She gives people hope and I think she really cares.
Posted By Lesley, New London, Iowa : 10:30 PM ET
Yes, I have decided all right. I have decided to vote for whoever is nominated in the Democratic Party. Any one of them is better than the Republican candidates. Simple as that.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Anonymous : 10:32 PM ET
Anybody but Hillary! Any politician who realizes that the BILLIONS of dollars they are spending come from American taxpayers. I doubt they would be so generous with SCHIP, $1000 for each baby, money for 401k, etc. if they actually had to EARN the money. I am sick of all of them. What gives them the right to take my money and give it to somebody else.
Posted By Anonymous : 5:27 PM ET
Yes, I have decided who I'm voting for. I will vote Democratic. I wish they would talk more about bringing the troops home within 60 days in office. I'm only concerned about the troops over there. These are young men and women that need to help keep us safe at home and take care of us. Like Katrina, the tornado's in Kansas and the floods we need the home HERE.

Kansas City,MO
Posted By Anonymous : 5:59 PM ET
It is difficult to decide on a candidate because American are not able to check their past substance abuse record, fanatic religious beliefs, true education background, IQ level, inclination toward special industries, etc.

After all, American and the rest of the world suffered by American electing the lowest intelectual president with known substanve abuse record, questional college degree, and dangerous fanatic religious background filled with revenge against people with non-christian beliefs.

Why not have presidential candidates be required to take IQ test, their past substance abuse record checked, their inclination toward certain industry group scrutinized, and their college degree investigated by an independent panel? We require every government employee to go thru this scrutiny, then why not the presedential candidate?
Posted By Deepak, Novi, Michigan : 9:23 AM ET
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