Monday, October 15, 2007
Will the GOP be DOA in '08?
The Republican candidates have been on attack of late, and it's not the Democrats who are taking the hits.

Giuliani, Romney and McCain are lashing out at each other about who, among them, best serves the party. The bickering is getting nasty. Here's what McCain said a few days ago:

"One of the other Republican candidates made an extraordinary statement yesterday. Former Governor Romney yesterday proclaimed himself the only real Republican in this race. As we all know, when he ran for office in Massachusetts being a Republican wasn't much of a priority for him. In fact, when he ran against Ted Kennedy, he said he didn't want to return to the days of Reagan-Bush. I always thought Ronald Reagan was a real Republican."

You can bet the Democrats are loving this little feud. And they probably hope it continues.

But, aside from the internal unrest, given the turmoil and controversy over the eight years of the Bush administration, do you believe a Republican candidate will be elected president in 2008?

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer
Posted By CNN: 6:56 PM ET
If ANY of these republicans win, America is going to be in some serious trouble. Rudy is obviously a manipulator and a liar - only bested by Mitt Romney when it comes to flip flops and straight up lies. Look at the fire fighters video on Rudy on You Tube and you TRY and figure it out. Thompson is simply a mess. The rest are abismal. Hillary is the lesser of all those evils I must say and I will vote Barack for sure.
Posted By RB : 7:07 PM ET

Are you kidding!!? If a Republican is elected in '08 then hell will freeze over! LOL None of them are worth voting for! They ought to just hang it up now and spare us the time and money!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 7:21 PM ET
One of the videos I submitted to the CNN/Youtube Republican Debates asked a similar question -- what do they have to offer that can overcome the negative public opinion towards the Bush Administration and Republican scandals? Republicans have been taking hit after hit, with not only low opinion polls but also scandals like Mark Foley, Larry Craig, etc. Even the evangelicals are turning their backs on the Republican candidates.

The Republican party, I believe, would have to come back with something really strong, something that really sets them apart and proves that people can trust them again. But they haven't done that.

I'm not going to say there's no chance a Republican will be elected, because I've said that in previous elections and wound up wrong. But I don't think they have a great chance with the way things are going right now.

- Journey
Arlington, Texas
Posted By Journey, Arlington, Texas : 7:49 PM ET
Will the GOP be DOA in '08?

If there's any justice at all in the universe.
Posted By Arachnae, Sterling VA : 8:04 PM ET
I don't believe a Republican will be elected in the next election. However, I think it will be a very tight race, no matter who the nominees are. The candidates really need to define themselves as different from each other. Should be an interesting campaign.
Posted By Pamina, New Rochelle, NY : 8:15 PM ET
I certainly hope a Republican isn't elected President in 2008?

Eight years with the disastrous administration of G.W. Bush is enough already.

We need time to rebuild our image around the world.
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 8:17 PM ET
I don't believe a Republican candidate will be elected in 2008. It seems like the republicans are playing a cat fight, ruining, not only their reputation as republican candidates, but the republican government as a whole. Besides, the democrates are way ahead and are too old to play a game of cat fight.
Posted By Lily, Phoenix, Arizona : 8:36 PM ET
Go ahead...let them duke it out! I don't think a Republican candidate will be elected president in '08, unless people want more of the same...

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, Washington : 8:42 PM ET
I think that George Bush has single handedly made sure that a Republican cannot get reelected in 2008. That is unless EVERY single Democrat in the whole country dies before the election. I am so not a fan of his, as you can tell. For me, there is no strong Republican candidate. I feel the real race is between Obama and Clinton (your pick). Unless something extremely dramatic happens, the Republicans don't have a chance.
Posted By Anonymous : 8:48 PM ET
"Will the GOP be DOA in '08?"
Yep, unless the GOP figures out yet another way to manipulate the electoral votes in certain states such as Florida.~
However, they are already DOA anyway~
Posted By Betty Ann Taylor,Nacogdoches,TX : 8:56 PM ET
There is no chance a Republican will get elected. The people blame the Republicans for the mess of the last four year; not saying they are wrong. People are ready for change and unless the Democrats literally kill each other so the voters do not have a choice the Democrats will win.
Posted By Kira Savannah, Ga : 9:03 PM ET
Hi Gabe,
Who knows who will become President. We will have to wait to after midnight on election night. I'm glad the candidates are feuding. The last thing I want is someone who lives for polls and group think. A feud helps show the real differences between, I say deep six the Kumbaya moments and show me the to speak. Take care
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 9:17 PM ET
The republican party has already dug their own grave so deep. I think the green party has better odds. Hmmm, What do I feel like ordering today? Some Hillary or a little bit of Obama?
Posted By Marco McAllen TX : 9:47 PM ET
There are only two Republicans who can beat Hilary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election. The first is Rudi Guiliani. His liberal stances on some social issues could help him to win the moderates over who are extremely leary of Hilary Clinton and her ultra-liberal positions. The second is Ron Paul. His anti-war platform would be very popular among Americans who are tired of the Iraq War, even if they disagree with his other libertarian stances. All the other candidates would be doomed to get slaughtered by a joint Clinton-Obama ticket.
Posted By Eric : 10:29 PM ET
I think only Giuliani has a CHANCE...only because many Americans are scared and gullible, and see him as strong on terrorism simply because he was the mayor of NYC on 9/11. Personally, I don't see what he actually did to LEAD the city. I think that Ron Paul is the only candidate that is honest and understands the reality of the situation...but people get scared, and will vote for Giuliani who has more name recognition. It's a race about money and name recognition...that's it.
Posted By Andy from Charlotte, NC : 10:29 PM ET
As a lifelong Republican (who nevertheless voted her conscience) I believe that is improbable, albeit not impossible for a Republican to win the '08 election.

Okay, maybe almost impossible. Let's face it, look as what they have done - um, yeah, not going there. And what they have not done - a lot. So there you have it.

Anderson, your program tonight is incredible. Peter Bergen, Lawrence Wright, David Gergen and now Jeff Toobin! Way to go! Bring in Michael Ware as well and that will be a wrap! Super show! Kudos!
Posted By Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 10:37 PM ET
Go ahead...let them duke it out! This type of feuding sure doesn't inspire me to vote Republican. It's petty, immature, and childish..qualities I wouldn't want in my next President.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Anonymous : 10:39 PM ET
If it weren't for the ineptness of the Democrats, Republicans would have little chance in 2008.

Kerry, Dean, Muskie ... yes, never underestimate the Democrats.

Steve, Minneapolis, MN
Posted By Steve, Minneapolis, MN : 10:55 PM ET
Thompson, Giuliani, McCain and even Huckabee would win in the general election if opposed by Hillary Clinton. "She was for the war in Iraq before she was against it." (See Bush vs Kerry '04 playbook.)

For that matter, any presidential candidate who voted to authorize the war and changed his or her mind only later when it became unpopular has an exposed Achilles heel just waiting to be exploited in the general election.
Posted By Jaime : 10:56 PM ET
No, we are not that stupid nor asleep with watching what happens to OJ or Britney to fall for the same thing we did in 2000 and 2004. NO Republican stands a chance to win in 2008. Its time to change course whether George is at the wheel or not. Joseph in Lathrup Village, MI
Posted By Anonymous : 10:58 PM ET
No, we are not that stupid nor asleep with watching what happens to OJ or Britney to fall for the same thing we did in 2000 and 2004. NO Republican stands a chance to win in 2008. Its time to change course whether George is at the wheel or not. Joseph in Lathrup Village, MI
Posted By Joseph : 10:59 PM ET
The economic principles of many of the Republican candidates are much more optimistic than the Democrats. I don't see how Democrats can win on a platform of raising taxes and more entitlements. Most school age kids know that raising taxes is bad for the economy and the American people. I don't trust Congress to add entitlements...they can't even manage the current socialistic system we have now (Social Security, medicare, etc.). God help us all...
Posted By Jeff : 11:00 PM ET
I am afraid that the election fever for Democratic candidates is high THIS year. By NEXT year it could be less, thus allowing the Republicans an 'in game.' And with today's soundbyte factor and the everpresent good looks factor, well, may the best looking candidate win. With that all said, the Republicans have not done anything as a group that counters the Democratic 'surge.' And to top off this analysis - we are in the throws of larger and larger numbers of baby-boomer retirees resulting in younger voter blocks - that means Demos and Repubs will have to split the vote with fringe parties someday soon. The future is so byte - I gotta wear shades.

Hilton Head Island, SC
Posted By Dan : 11:10 PM ET
As a die-hard Democrat I am loving the on-going fued between all of the republicans. I think Mark Green, former Public Advocate of New York City,put it mildly in his editorial today in The Daily News.The democrats has to defend 12 seats in the Senate compared to 22 seats for tthe republicans,look at the spending frenzy the rupublicans have been on for the last six years,and IRAQ,IRAQ,IRAQ what a mess.A mess created by the rupublicans but affects every American citizen in the world. with odds like these staked against you,how can you win. The party Lincoln has forgotten intolerance too. They have rufused to even attend key black, latino and gay debates .That will be a heavy price to pay come next years general election.Believe it or not, blacks in a whole were feed up after Katrina ,that many has already written off rupublicans because of their continued support of George W.Bush and his doomed legacy. Thanks, jerry jones
Posted By jerryjonesgoldy : 11:11 PM ET
Never say never....unless you are so far left you can't see past your nose. With a democratic congress having the lowest rating ever, and cowards such as Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi at the democratic helm, I would not count your victories as yet. Do I think the republican's have a shot? Yes, small as it may be, but yes. Just because the extreme far left is hurting the moderate democrats and appear to be pushing independents into limbo as the swing vote and undecided voters widen. As far as dueling it out....why can't you be fair in your reporting and discuss how Hillary and Obama or going at it?
Posted By Anonymous : 11:21 PM ET
Mud slinging! is not "JESUS"
Posted By Anonymous : 2:27 AM ET
The GOP has no chance of winning in 2008 save maybe the chance Ron Paul getting the nomination. This depends on whether the GOP delegates will tow the line in to failure or admit their mistake and follow their roots.
Posted By Colin LeMahieu : 2:29 AM ET
Like some of the other people who posted, I believe Bush has hurt the Republicans’ chances of being elected. The only person that really stands out as anti-war is Ron Paul. Some people may not agree with some of his stances but he may be the best choice for the Republicans to get back on track with their traditional beliefs of less government and a no intervention foreign policy which seems to be fairly popular right now. Most countries see us as a war monger and our country needs someone to change that, otherwise things may get worse instead of better. In order for a Republican to get elected they are going to need votes from Democrats and Independents, and Paul is probably the only one that will get those votes.
Posted By Brett Springfield Missouri : 2:33 AM ET
I think it completely depends on who the Republicans nominate. If some of the candidates are nominated the general electorate will not want to elect them, but some can draw wide support. One candidate that seems to be drawing an expanding base is Ron Paul. He is continually drawing people in with his freedom message, which is extremely attractive to almost every person. Therefore, if the Republicans are smart they will nominate someone that can gain wide support from all of the voters not just the shrinking Republican base. Then they could actually win the election.
Posted By Jason : 2:36 AM ET
The Great Old Party has some good candidates such as Mitt Romney, so as to name. But, I do not see any chance for any Republican to capture the White House in 2008. What happened in the last eight years has brought the image of the GOP down to dust, and building back on the dust....well, the general election of 2008 is happening too early for them.
Posted By Ramesh Shrestha : 3:15 AM ET
I hope everyone is beginning to realize that niether Democrats nor Republicans have been able to deliver to the American people what we have needed for many years now. First thing, people have to understand what has helped bring our country to the state it is today. Lobbyist and Special Interest groups along with non-profit organizations have infested washington and this country with civil servants that have more respect for them than they do for the American public. We need to wake up America, and let someone like Ron Pual begin to repair all the damage that has been done to our civil rights and the Constitution. Any one that is worried or scared about Ron Pauls views of change have been disillusioned by the very systems that have been brought to be which is killing our Great Republic. Government people in places of power have been paid, bribed, or whatever it takes to keep (the powers that be) and there ideas supporting this "status quoe" system which benifits everyone but the American people. It will take us a few years or so to fix the things that are broken in our Republic. I would put my trust in Ron Pual to bring things back toward the center. This would balance the powers between the two party system that some people (that have been paying attention) are calling both parties "Republicrats". No other Republican or Democrat stands a chance to fix this country like Ron Paul can at this point in time.
Posted By Tim Greenwood, Arkansas : 4:41 AM ET

an entire 20 minute segment on the G.O.P. and once again no mention of the true "republican" in this race. I voted Nader in the last two elections. I will be voting Ron Paul in the primaries and I will write his name in if he does not get the nomination. Billary Clinton is just as much a war monger special interest owned threat as Bush.

The lack of media coverage of a candidate who actually goes against political lines and is fighting for self-ownership (a concept that die with our republic years ago)is outrageous.

Senator Clinton will keep the patriot act, and take us to war with Iran.

Muzzled dog can’t fight
Once the leather straps clamp tight
Now’s the time to bite

The revolution is now or never, but of course the corporate owned media won't give it any air time, and I doubt will allow my comment to be posted.

"Give me Liberty; or give me Death!"
Posted By Andy : 5:32 AM ET
The problem with the Republican (who could get elected if Americans wake up and see that the Democrats only want more entitlement programs to lure non-traditional voters) is that they won't stand on traditional conservative values. The courts and past administrations put many moral issues in a political spotlight, and the Republicans need to focus on those. Also, so many Americans are concerned with the 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. it becomes a campaign issue. Get tough! Make a stand! Republicans need to follow their core values and return to their principles, not this wishy-washy path they've been on so far this election cycle!
Posted By Aaron : 9:39 AM ET
It's like watching a bunch of kids fight at a playground. The only problem is that the kid that wins will probably tear the playgroud apart or start to strut like a peacock. We need to do to them what our parents did to us when we fought with our siblings...ALL the candidates need a time out....a good old fashion "whoopin", put their noses in the corner and let them think about it. Maybe our parents were right all along!?!?!
Posted By Anonymous : 9:57 AM ET
Election? Hasn't the main stream media already "elected" president hillary?
Posted By Anonymous : 10:07 AM ET
I would say the odds are with the Dems. In my 52 years on this earth there have been 14 presidents of which only 5 or 35% have been Democrats. Not a great track record if one were evaluating Super Bowl wins.

Even without all the mistakes the Republicans have made over the last 8 years I would think the stats would say it is time for a Democrat. I hope it works out differently but it will have to be a classic implosion of the Democratic candidate. Maybe Clinton's polarizing style will work to our benefit. For the sake of the 1 million American children that lost their life to abortion in the last year I pray that it happens.
Posted By Anonymous : 6:04 PM ET
It looks grim for the Republicans and so it should be considering the mess Bushs administration has left the country in.
But the alternative doesn't enthuse me either.With a huge opportunity to show America what it can do,the Democrats have failed poorly to do anything but show up how bad the Bush administration has fared.
Maybe it's time to clean house completely.Abolish the college electorate system,abolish who has the most money gets the most votes system,abolish the apathy by making it compulsory to vote and give the power to the people so they can actually keep the politicians honest.Oooppss sorry,that's your job Anderson.
Posted By Stewart Henstock Glenmore Park Australia : 2:07 AM ET
I will be pulling for Fred Thompson! Go Fred
Posted By Anonymous : 3:27 PM ET
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