Tuesday, September 25, 2007
What would you ask Iran's president?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got a less than welcome reception at Columbia University.
Call me crazy, but there's something fascinating about that firebrand in the tan jacket from Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat stoically yesterday at Columbia University while its president, Lee C. Bollinger, lit into him with a barrage of attacks. By the time Bollinger was finished, he had called the Iranian president cruel and petty and finished him off with this: "Mr. President, I doubt that you will have the intellectual courage to answer these questions, but your avoiding them will in itself be meaningful to us. I do expect you to exhibit the fanatical mind-set that characterizes what you say and do."

Ahmadinejad remained silent and stone-faced during Bollinger's relentless cross-examination. But when he did walk up to the podium, he had a rebuttal ready. "In Iran, tradition requires when you invite a person to be a speaker, we actually respect our students enough to allow them to make their own judgment, and don't think it's necessary before the speech is even given to come in with a series of complaints to provide vaccination to the students and faculty," Ahmadinejad told the audience.

It was an interesting reply. And some would argue an effective one for a man who is a master at avoiding questions or spitting them back.

But that is just part of what makes Ahmadinejad an interesting player on the world stage. He knows his rhetoric about the Holocaust and Israel will make headlines. But what is his motive? And should we fear him? Juan Cole is wary of that notion. In an article in Salon, Cole says neo-cons are casting Ahmadinejad as our main enemy as an excuse to wage war with Iran. Here's his story: Turning Ahmadinejad into public enemy No. 1

Tomorrow, Christiane Amanpour will interview Ahmadinejad on "360." What questions would you ask of him?

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer
Posted By CNN: 5:02 PM ET
Hi Gabe,

I would like to know how this man expects to be taken seriously when he rants about ridiculous things such as the fact that there was no Holocaust and there are no homosexuals in Iran. What? Seriously?

Is he playing ignorant for a reason? That remains to be seen. Maybe he is just extremely evil and clever.

One thing is for certain - he is not to be trusted.

Clearly Christiane will have her job cut out for her; but she is up to it. It will be difficult to get this man to say anything of import, but I will be very interested to see how she makes out with her interview.

Thanks Gabe.
Posted By Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:28 PM ET
I think Ahmadinejad is a nut case myself! And anything you ask he is just going to dance around the issue and never answer it head on any way so why bother! But since you want a question here goes...

Since we all know that what Iran truely wants is to get in and take control of Iraq and it's oil so they can control that area of the world...then what makes them any different than the U.S.? Are they terrorists and money hungry also like he calls us? And if we did leave Iraq how long after would Iran be sticking it's nose in where it doesn't belong and causeing more problems...I mean more than they already do now!?

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 5:31 PM ET
okay, you're crazy. Well, you did say...

That said, I thought the Columbia President was rude. Right, maybe, but you can be right without being rude. Why invite someone and then insult him to his face? Bollinger seems to have taken a page from the Bush Foreign Policy playbook - swagger and bombast will win hearts and minds. Judging on that exchange alone, visitors from Mars would think Bollinger was an uncouth bully from the barnyard and Ahmadinejad an injured saint. And of course that's what the Arab world is going to see and hear.

When are we going to learn?
Posted By Arachnae, Sterling VA : 5:31 PM ET
OK...I have another question!

Does he really believe all of the rhetoric he spews or does he just say it for the shock value knowing it will get him air time on TV?

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 5:45 PM ET
Hey Gabe! I think an AWESOME special edition of 360° would be for Ahmadinejad and cooper to visit the Holocaust museum together. Ahmadinejad is just crazy enough to go and it would be fascinating to see what he says in the face of the exhibits the museum has to offer.
Posted By Marcy - Mobile, AL : 5:47 PM ET
Columbia's President was in my view arrogant and rude. First he invites Ahmadinejad to speak and then insults him. I think he was afraid of public opinion on Columbia's invitation and used the platform to make himslef look good. Telling Ahmadinejad that he does not have the intellect to respond to questions when the guy has a doctorate and is a professor in his own right. Not very smart intellect either.

If we are so threatened by this guy and his country, why are we doing everything not to promote a conversation. It's about time we learned that communication is also mighter than the gun and that we need to understand where this guy is headed.

When are we going to learn?

Ash, NJ
Posted By Anonymous : 5:54 PM ET
I'd have to agree with arachnae,Bollinger is an idiot, you don't invite someone to your house than disrespect him just to appear a 'big man' furthermore all this talk of Ahmadinejad's denial of the holocaust, perhaps he finds it hard to believe as I do that humanity is capable of such atricities in any case our focus must always be on preventing something like this from ever happening - let's start with Darfur
Posted By Anonymous : 5:57 PM ET
Gabe, I would ask him the following. Please note: These questions might be considered irreverent. (Oh, Gabe, you'll be so sorry you asked.) :)

1) If you're not the most powerful person in Iran, why are you acting like one?

2) Doesn't the Ayatollah have a problem with this?

3) Have you made an appointment with Dr. Phil yet?

If Christiane chooses not to ask these questions, I would understand...

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, Washington : 6:03 PM ET
Hey Gabe,

FIrst of all,the only thing fascinating about him,is how someone so hypocritical, so out of touch with reality can be President of a country. Then again,could name a few more!
But I have to say that I don't know what the point is to invite someone and bash him,who ever he is. It's stooping to his level.
As for the man himself,I find him disturbing,a liar, he lives in a universe that scares me a bit. So,there are no homosexuals in Iran? He knows that how!?? His country is clean as a whistle? It is not involved in any terrorist activities!?? Hello!!
But I firmly believe that Bush and his gang will do anything in their power to antagonise Iran to the maximum before he leaves.
As for what I would ask him? There are many that comes to mind. But,the one I would ask,is how are we supposed to believe that he has no ill intentions,that he is a peaceful man,when in his country,as we speak,women are given "tickets" for not wearing their burqa properly!?!?
Any country that doesn't respect women's right,that don't treat them as complete human beings,has a big problem of credibility in my book. And he represents that country.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R. Laval Quebec : 6:05 PM ET

I have no question that I would ask, considering we cannot get straight answers from our president

I do, however, think Bollinger made a very foolish, even childish, mistake. One does not invite a guest only to vilify and accuse. Is that not a form of entrapment?

Hate him,fear him. This time Ahmadinejad displayed more class than did host.

And we wonder why our country has lost it's place as a leader?

Maggie C
Posted By Anonymous : 6:07 PM ET
What makes him think he can fool the American public, by speaking of promoting peace and rhetoric , just talk , sound bites, Iran's actions speak louder than words. Why does he answer the questions with another question when confronted with a specific issue?" ... what's with the tan jacket's?
Posted By Maritza San Jose , Ca : 6:10 PM ET
Last week it was OJ and this week it's Ahmandinejad that you find fascinating. Gabe, you're really starting to worry me!
Posted By Fay, Vacaville, CA : 6:17 PM ET
If Ahmadinejad wants respect from anyone than maybe he should answer the questions that are asked of him instead of talking about random nothingness. That hardly makes him a clever person. It should be interesting to see if Christaine can get any direct answers from him.......about anything. Good Luck!!
Posted By Amber, Ft. Wayne IN : 6:21 PM ET
yeah, i agree. the columbia prez an idiot (probably repugnican right-wing christian fanatic) he should have been thrown out of his own campus auditorium!
Posted By Sinister, Waco, TX : 6:22 PM ET
I am embarrassed that we live in this free country and people are concerned about the police state in Iran, why not worry about the student who was tasered for asking John Kerry about Skull and Bones...he did nothing wrong but all the students around him allowed him to be pushed around by an over zealous police force...what happened to the free minds we are raising in this country?
Posted By Kevin : 6:28 PM ET
I just want to be part of the psych eval team that assesses this guy. It would be so much fun trying to figure him out from a clinical standpoint.

I believe he will manipulate this interview to attempt to achieve his means and avoid reality just as he always does. I tried to watch Anderson's interview with him, and I had to turn it off because the outright dishonesty and dodging of questions were so frustrating. Having said all of that, if the magic wand was waved and this guy was capable of being truthful I would ask these questions. How will you work to heal the wounds created by your words and actions in the past and be an agent of peace and reconciliation in the world community? How is it so easy to con people as well as you apparently do?

What amazes me most is that he wants to be a victim so the world will feel sorry for him and get on his side. I think that's a huge part of his game. Bollinger played into it by slamming him after inviting him to speak at Columbia (that action of inviting this nutcase alone makes me glad I decided not to apply there years ago). And the anti-Bush brigade plays into it every time they try to make Iran seem like the kid being bullied on the playground. When might people get a clue and see this?
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 6:31 PM ET
When he answered the question about homosexuals, was he smirking, was he trying to make a joke? He couldn't be serious. Or could he?
Posted By Anonymous : 6:32 PM ET
I would ask him how he views us -the American people.

After the furor surrounding President Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University dies down, do you think that we have missed the opportunity to clarify issues and open communications with Iran?

Columbia President Lee Bollinger effectively overtook the microphone to voice his low opinion of the Iranian leader and at the same time, blew the chance to open the lines of a healthy conversation.

With Bollinger's arrogant attack on this man, he basically became a braggart in his own right. Spouting Bushisms and chastising this leader not only defeated the purpose of this man speaking at Columbia but also he appeared the buffoon to the Country of Iran. To me it smacked of personal agenda. Why did Columbia invite Ahmadinejad to speak at one of the most erudite and discussion-driven US universities but then drag him down to the level of a chastisement of a kindergartner?

I am not a fan of Ahmadinejad or I fondly call him Ahma-Idgit. I find his policies and viewpoints radically offensive but I was curious to see what he would say at Columbia. Gracious opposition should have been the tenor of the day – not bullying.

I can see the point in not allowing the Iranian dictator of the month to visit Ground Zero. Especially, in light of the alleged sale of IEDs to Iraqi terrorist factions but to invite him to speak at a campus, proceed to berate him just threw away the opportunity for the student body to open up an intelligent debate on his views versus US views.

Where do go from here? A placard that a protester was carrying on the campus stated "Free Speech For All- Even Douchebags". Unfortunately, Bollinger proved himself to be the "Douchebag".
Posted By Judy : 6:33 PM ET

Call me a "dork" but this man goes beyond interesting in my book! I listened to the broadcast yesterday on NPR and watched the live video at CNN.com.

I would ask the President two questions, "If you have nothing to hide Mr. Ahmadinejad, why don't you have a free press in your country?" "Why are so many of your journalists in prison?"

I think these answers will sum up his leadership style.
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 6:48 PM ET
Call me crazy, but I've found the last two days really interesting. Do I like or trust Mr. Ahmadinejad, no. Heck, I have a hard time spelling and pronouncing his name. I did find him prepared , eager to make his statements. He seems to be intelligent and crafty. My question comes from today's speech. Are we to believe that Iran is going to really stop all nuclear programs? I'd also like to hear more about Iran's plan, if any, for better education and rights for woman. This should be a great show!
Posted By Kathy Chicago,Il : 7:02 PM ET
I think, politically, Ahmadinejad is a very clever man. He's saying and doing the things he does for a reason. It is helping to alienate his country from America so that he can turn to his people and say See how the Americans treat us!

There are so many people in Iran that like America but they would rally to Ahmadinejad in a heartbeat if we ever made a move to attack them. He is doing what he can to ensure that. Now, whether his rhetoric is aimed at us specificly to poke the eye of the dragon so to speak, or not is known only to him. All I know is that right now Iran needs to be handled with care and there should be some measure of respect alloted to the President of Iran, even if you don't personally like the man.

I look forward to Christiane's interview and I think the only thing I would ask of him is what his opinions are of how big a threat America is to Iran. I'm curious as to his answer, if he'd give one.
Posted By Heather : 7:22 PM ET
Hi Gabe,

Here's a question for Mr. Ahmadinejad: Why don't you ever answer questions directly that are posed to you?

It doesn't really matter what you ask him, because he either answers evasively or with another question. He puts American politicians to shame in this regard!
Posted By Barbara in Culver City, CA : 7:24 PM ET
It's hard to believe a man like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who makes the most ridiculous of statements, was made to appear civil and polite because Lee Bollinger behaved like a spoiled child, in other words, like G.W. Bush.

Regardless of how anyone feels about Iran and Ahmadinejad, he was an invited guest to Columbia University. There are ways to question a person's beliefs without being rude and demeaning.

When the rest of the world looks at this, it is Lee Bollinger and the United States which will look bad.

Here is my question to President Ahmadinejad. If there are no homosexuals in your country, who were the young men who were publicly executed for being homosexuals?
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 7:25 PM ET
My question would be why does he always have a smirk on his face when he answers questions or should I say when he waffles at answering a question? Does he really find us that amusing?

Best of luck to Christiane on the interview. Since she's a woman, it will be interesting to see how much respect Ahmadinejad gives her.
Posted By Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 7:36 PM ET
Ahmadinejad is denying existence of gays in Iran and everyone is questioning him on this. Why isn't anyone asking him to answer the question about the persecution of the Baha'is in Iran. Is he going to say that the 300,000 Baha'is also do not exist in Iran? He did not even acknowledge that part of the question from the U of Columbia President. Persecution of Baha'is go on daily in Iran. From children in primary school who are systematically herassed to youth who are denied the right to education, to the young and old who are summarily arrested, imprisoned and beaten, given death sentences and on and on.

Will Christian Amanpour have the strength to question him and push him on this issue until he gives an answer?
Posted By Bedi : 7:49 PM ET
I think it's ridiculous for Columbia to invite Ahmadinejad & then to lambast him before he even gets started ... The president of Columbia may have wanted to prove a point, but maybe he should have at least given Ahm. the respect to speak first. He should have allowed the students to do the talking & probing.
Posted By Julia, West Chicago, IL : 7:56 PM ET
Dear Gabe,

Ahmadinejad is crazy alright; crazy like a fox! He seemed to be well prepared for the attack by Columbia president Lee C. Bollinger. I think they played right into his hands. Although I agree with what Bollinger said, Ahmadinejad will now been seen in Iran and other Islamic countries as a victim of disrespect by the United States; that is just what he wanted.

Although the Ayatollah holds the majority of the power in the Iranian government, President Ahmadinejad is the Iranian government's public face and should not be ignored. He is a clever, dangerous and most of all an unpredictable man. The United States and the rest of the free world should not discount his words or his actions.

I think he enjoys trying to intimidate and insult the interviewers. There are many questions one could ask him, but no matter what question he is asked he will never give a straight answer.

I thought Anderson did an excellent job with his interview of Ahmadinejad last year, but, it will be interesting to see how Christiane, a woman, handles this difficult and infuriating man.

Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 8:14 PM ET
I have a few questions for the President of Iran:
1. What do you feel the role of Iran should be in attempting to broker peace between the parties in Iraq?
2. Why does he accept interviews with reporters in the west if he has no intention of answering their questions?

Good luck!
Posted By Pamina, New Rochelle, NY : 8:18 PM ET
Why not ask Ahmadinejad a question about his responsibilities and loyalties to the Ayatollah and clerics. They are the real ones in charge. How will this affect our current and future dealings with Iran?
Posted By Carol B., Frederick, MD : 8:45 PM ET
Will Iran sign on and implement the articles of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)?

Since there are a multitude of facts that supported the existance of the Holocaust, what purpose is served by further studying its existance?

The Iranian government systematically suppresses freedom of expressions. Why hasn't Iran addressed the advocation of human rights within their own country?
Posted By Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 9:06 PM ET
Hi Gabe,
I would pose the following questions:
1) Why is it that the Baha'i community, a peace-seeking religious minority in Iran, continues to be persecuted simply because of their religious beliefs. Why is it that Baha'is are not permitted to go to University, hold government jobs and imprisoned simply because of their faith?
2) If Mr. Ahmadinejad is a believer of free speech, why is it that we are witnessing endless number of newspapers being shut down and journalists imprisoned.

Posted By Anonymous : 9:07 PM ET
I would ask him if he enjoyed exercising his freedom of speech on his visit to the U.S. I think Bollinger enjoyed his freedom of speech as well.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 9:28 PM ET
It's obvious that Bollinger was so determined to let him speak at the university so he could show off by insulting him before he even spoke. What do you call that? It was embarrassing and unbecoming of America.
It will be interesting to say the least to see if he respects (or not) Christiane, a mere woman.
Posted By Bev Ontario Canada : 9:35 PM ET
I see a double standard by some of the regular bloggers who think Mr. Bollinger was "rude" to the Pres. of Iran; over and over again, I see many crude, insulting names given to Pres. Bush and his staff by people here. Instead of debating, people call Pres. Bush names and they call those who have stood by him names, too.
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 10:15 PM ET
What would I ask Mahmoud Ahmidinjead? I'll answer that question the same way he answers questions, and that is to say that you can't hold a conversation or debate with him. He's like a bad spouse who doesn't even know how to argue!
Posted By Laura - Tulsa, OK : 10:18 PM ET
Hello! This person is responsible for stoning people to death, for killing many Americans indirectly, for repressing women in his country and for sponsoring terrorism, and Lee Bollinger is rude ! Yep, we've got to DO something about Lee Bollinger.
Posted By DH, Lake Barrington, IL : 10:24 PM ET
We don't know that Lee Bollinger is the one who invited Ahmindinejad. Some Board of Trustees or planning board prob. sets these things up. Even if Bollinger set it up, it doesn't mean he agrees with the Iranian, and he has every right to call him a terrorist.
Posted By R. Raley, Boston, MA. : 10:27 PM ET
The largesse of the left knows no bounds. Even though Ahmadinejad is a terrorist and calls for wiping Israel off the face of the earth, OH, NO, we can't deny him his free speech in the US !

(Actually American citizens are the ones protected in the Constitution for free speech)
Posted By Terio, Providence, R.I. : 11:20 PM ET
The guy is obviously fascinated by Western Culture. Why hasn't anybody considered this when dealing with him?
Posted By Julie San Diego, CA : 11:24 PM ET
what you TALKING about? The man said there's no homosexuals in Iran. In other words, he doesn't treat them humanely. In Iran, this man who has "free speech" rights and is welcomed into the US, is killing union leaders, opposition party leaders, students and gays. You people have no idea who this man is and what he does. He believes in hanging and stoning. Hows that for a start?
Posted By A . J. , Evanston, Ill. : 11:42 PM ET

I don't think it matters what Christiane asks him. He won't answer her. Instead, we should ask what is he going to ask her in response to her questions? He really frustrated Anderson last year when he tried to interview him. Let's see if he asks her one of the same questions like, who told you what questions to ask? Good grief, this is like a game of Clue.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 12:14 AM ET
My question pertains to humanity. It is wrong to kill, maim and torture anyone, regardless of his race, religion or cult. So the question is why is it Ok for Israelis to use weapons supplied by the US to kill and maim innocent women and children in Lebanon and Palestine and not O.K. for the resistance in Iraq to get weapons from the Iranian black market. Bush and his neocons are no different to Ahmadinejad. The number of innocent women and children killed by American weapons is far more than the number of harmed American soldiers and mercenaries.

How pathetic and low can we as a nation allow ourselves to go before we replace this President. This country needs new leadership, not a politician that continues the status quo, but rather a new Leader that has enough experience and prescience to lead us through the 21st Century. It is sad to see that our nation has reached a milestone that forces us to choose between two pandering politicians, Guliani and Clinton.
Posted By Anonymous : 1:15 AM ET
I would ask him this...

Since he strongly advocates continuing research of historic events and facts, would he support research that questions the authenticity of Al-Quran and the prophecy of Muhammad?
Posted By Sarah - Dallas,TX : 1:49 PM ET
Mr. Ahmadinejad speaks about the ignorance on behalf of Columbia President as well as people from the US in general. MY QUESTION: What exactly would he expect given that he is arming/funding organizations in the Middle East that oppose our troops? Did he expect "the red carpet treatment"? For someone who jumps at the chance to proclaim his high level of education he seems unable to grasp simple concepts.
Posted By J. Varner : 2:07 PM ET
In response to his comment that "there are no gays in Iran" when asked about how he treats them bad, I would ask him how he is so sure. I would ask if he killed anyone who claimed to be gay and if he treats everyone like they're his pets.
Posted By Ed Dallas TX : 2:29 PM ET
It seems that the older generations just want to nuke every country that is not in accord with the United States. At some point, we will have to have an intellectual exchange with these countries. I understand why Colombia's students wanted to address Ahmadinejad. I would've liked to see more analytical questions of his views and a real intellectual debate, rather than just verbal attacks.
Posted By Angela Rodriguez, LA, CA : 2:40 PM ET
The president of Columbia University was a total jerk in the way he addressed a guest that was invited to speak to a bunch of supposedly intelligent community. Ahmadinejad is as sly as a fox and handled himself extremely will.

I would ask him: you said that you wanted to visit ground zero to pay your respect and wonder about the root causes of 9/11. What did you mean? what do you think are the root causes of 9/11?

Posted By Anonymous : 2:53 PM ET
I would ask him, "Who do you believe is more stupid and stubborn? You or President Bush?"
Posted By Anonymous : 3:46 PM ET
I was at Columbia. Bollinger didn't "cross examine". Bollinger ranted and accused. It was the ultimate bait and switch. Who says such things to Musharraf, who is providing bin Laden a safe haven? Who says anything to the Saudis, who raised the 9/11 hijackers and are feeding suicide bombers to Iraq? And if we feel such hatred for someone, why "invite" him to speak?
Posted By Anonymous : 4:35 PM ET
First off: I apologize for the American People for the way Mr.Ahmadinejad was treated. That just shows how immature we Americans are. 2nd get off the women issue, I've spent many years in the Middle East (military) why are we so hell bent on changing everyone. Their way of life may seem harsh but it's no different than our past,We messed up Russia by intoducing Democracy as our country is by far the worst in every category. Any way my question is this. If you want Nuclear Power,you have that right but will you allow the US to monitor and possibly assign people there to verify the use, if not WHY???
Posted By Anonymous : 4:49 PM ET
What an embarassing moment that was, to be an American, when the President of Iran was so inappropriately ambushed at Colombia University...and under an invitation none-the-less.

Very few would dispute that the visiting President has made no secret of his very unpopular, Anti-American views. It's a shame, however, that someone disguising himself as an American scholar could not elevate himself long enough to at least welcome the speaker without vomiting his personal agenda all over America's reputation, and furthermore setting such a hostile tone before the students even got a chance to interact with him...

I suppose then, I would ask the Dictator, however misguided he may or may not be, if he would forgive that blunder of etiquette and still consider the possibility there are a great many Americans that desire a peaceful relationship with Iran?
Posted By Anonymous : 4:52 PM ET
I guess the event proved Bollinger was inferior to Ahmadinjad culturally,academically
& politically,he just had the better suite!
Posted By john : 4:53 PM ET
Gabe, Holocaust rhetoric making headlines is exactly the point, so ask him this question:

Is it for the publicity that you do not clarify your statements on Israel which have been spun as "wiping off the map" while your original quote was a quote from Imam who said "remove the regime from time"?


If you are for freedom of expression, why are so many news, and blog internet sites filtered in Iran?

Bobak, Bay Area, California
Posted By Anonymous : 5:40 PM ET
Dear Gabe:

This is terribly snarky, but I just died laughing at Maureen Dowd's column in The New York Times today in commenting how CBS's Katie Couric remembers how to pronounce President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's name:

Maureen Dowd Quote:
(It also raised his profile on the evening news here. Katie Couric dryly has told people that she remembers how to pronounce his name with the mnemonic “I’m a dinner jacket.”)
End Quote

How does Christiane remember?
Jennifer McDevitt, New York, NY
Posted By Jennifer McDevitt, New York, NY : 5:49 PM ET
It seems the only safe questions would be:
1. What's your favorite vacation spot?
2. Do you have a pet?
3. How does your family feel about your political career?
4. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I'm sorry, it's just that we know where President Ahmadinejad stands on most issues (nukes, gays, Israel). Why not ask something different instead of the same old, same old?
Posted By Anonymous : 5:52 PM ET
What would your version of world peace look like?
Who should the next World Bank president be and why?
What would make peace in the middle east possible?
Posted By Anonymous : 10:50 AM ET
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