Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Ignore O.J.?
"This new OJ story will be about as exciting as the 20th rerun of an episode of Cops."

That's just one of the comments in response to my blog post about O.J. Simpson's alleged armed robbery. Many of you were angry (and clever and funny) in saying "360" should not devote an entire hour to him. By the way, thanks for not personally taking it out on me.

But I'm sorry, the case is hard to resist. And while we promise to cover other, more important stories making news tonight, we will also continue to follow the Simpson saga.

Before you fire off an e-mail or decide not to watch this evening, hear me out.

O.J. Simpson is a public figure and former sports icon, who, despite overwhelming forensic evidence, was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman in a racially charged case that was billed as the trial of the century. He was eventually found liable in civil court for the killings.

Since the not guilty verdict, Simpson has moved to Florida, played golf, signed autographs, vowed to find the real killer, and found time to write a book hypothetically confessing to the double murder. He has had several run-ins with the police. In addition, Simpson refuses to give over any money to the Goldman family, who were awarded a $33.5 million judgment against Simpson.

Now he's charged with kidnapping, assault and armed robbery in an alleged casino room sports memorabilia heist that involved dubious characters, to say the least. Simpson may soon be free on bail. Some experts say he craves the attention.

Given who he is what he may or may not have done, how can we ignore it?

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer
Posted By CNN: 4:02 PM ET
"Given who he is what he may or may not have done, how can we ignore it?"...

Yes, Gabe, you can ignore it. Just say "No!"

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, Washington : 4:15 PM ET
Gabe, I completely understand your hard sell of the story. The OJ saga truly exemplifies the age old adage truth is stranger than fiction.

But do we REALLY need to hear about it the ENTIRE show? Seriously?
Posted By Anonymous Christine, Ohio : 4:20 PM ET
How can you ignore it!? UH...easily...get a grip on reality!! OJ lives in his own little fantasy world! Why CNN chooses to join him there I'll never know!! He isn't worth the time or space that you all have given him!! Who cares what he has done or not in the past! Open your eyes!! WE DO NOT CARE!!

And how come Anderson stuck you with giving us this bad news!! Can't he take the heat!? Like they say...if you can't stand the heat you better get out of the kitchen! Maybe he ought to listen to his fans more often and he wouldn't get this negative feedback!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 4:28 PM ET
You wrote that some experts believe OJ Simpson craves attention. Then you write how could you ignore the story. The best medicine for someone who craves attention, is to IGNORE them, just like we will be ignoring AC360 until you stop devoting entire shows to this. I realize you need to do this for ratings, but you should reward loyal AC360 viewers with some intelligent stories once this whole OJ crap is over, which is when we will return to watching AC360.

Jennifer in Tampa
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:29 PM ET
How can you ignore it? Pretty easily. Just don't cover it! Maybe if nothing important was happening in the world right now I could agree with you somewhat. You guys are supposed to prioritize. Whatever happened to that?
Posted By Anonymous Stacy, St. Louis, MO : 4:33 PM ET
How can 360 ignore OJ easy just think off all the viewers you are losing. I can see covering it for a segment or two but 45 minutes two nights in a row give me a break.

I tune into 360 to get a different perspective on the days news, all the news and for the last two nights the show has failed miserable to meet its mission statement. Plus you are wasting the time and talents of all the staff, reporters, experts and of course Mr Cooper covering a story that is not relevant to our world today. Come on guys you can do better.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 4:35 PM ET
Gabe - No one is expecting 360 to ignore the story - but two full nights of coverage with much speculation and opinion and very light on facts? Your reporter in Las Vegas had very little to add last night as no one could nail down any solid statements or information. It just plays to the ratings - which of course were good in the key demo of Adults 25-54. But most in the industry know that the exploitive forum/commentary program works well with certain demos at certain times in primetime. But this extensive coverage does not comprise the broadcast one expects from the vision of 360 - or has it changed?
Your regular viewers do not need a tabloid dose of this case - it is already everywhere. Even your Jeffrey Toobin felt this case was reaching comical proportions. What my expectations of 360 are that this program covers the scope of news - domestic and international for the day, not just one story.
Coming off of your week in Iraq, I was extremely disappointed in the journalistic standard currently displayed.
Jayne Ferguson, Los Angeles, CA
Posted By Anonymous Jayne Ferguson, Los Angeles, CA : 4:41 PM ET
If you can ignore Paris, Britney, Lindsey, why not OJ?

Devoting resources to this is a waste of time and effort. Totally, non-value added...
Posted By Anonymous Geeta, Allentown, PA : 4:41 PM ET
OK then, put 1 minute each AC360 hour on OJ, and devote the rest of the time to other news.
Posted By Anonymous French in Houston : 4:42 PM ET
All I have to say is that I am O.J. Simpson-fatigued!!!
Posted By Anonymous Amber, Ft. Wayne IN : 4:43 PM ET
I'll tell you how *I* can ignore it - with my remote control!

Thanks for taking the time to explain CNN's point of view. Now here's mine:
In spite of what you say here, OJ just doesn't interest me. Is it because I don't like professional sports and resent the salaries and fame that athletes reap for their ability to move a ball around? Is it because I got burned out on OJ the last time around? Frankly, two hours of wall to wall coverage of any topic that doesn't effect our lives in some way or the other is just too much. I can understand a mention of OJ's latest capers in a news bulletin, but that's about all I can tolerate. Please give your viewers a break and listen to them. I believe they have spoken loud and clear on this blog.
Posted By Anonymous Barbara, Culver City, CA : 4:44 PM ET
Hi Gabe, You are right, a news show can not ignore the news and I do appreciate that you are interviewing guests with appropriate knowledge of the charges and all the sleazy characters in this, sort of,complex case.
The viewers are so angered by OJ, the man, that they seem to transfer their anger feelings to CNN and all other media outlets covering this saga.
To be honest, I thought Anderson did a great job especially with his snarky comments,ie: "I will need a shower after we are done with the show tonight."
Yes there is more important news out there but they sure don't get the 25-54 prime time rating that Monday's show did.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage/Brooklyn MI : 4:52 PM ET
I thought news was a recounting of the events of the day. Are we supposed to omit something just because we aren't interested? If that's the case, there would be no news from the White House since 2001. It seems pretty arrogant that certain stories should be omitted because a portion of the population isn't interested.

I get it, people didn't like the "not guilty" verdict, but that's our justice system. You have to live with it, just like some of us have to live with the verdict by the Florida Supreme Court which denied Al Gore the presidency.

I'll be watching tonight, no matter what the topic.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 4:56 PM ET
"Given who he is what he may or may not have done, how can we ignore it?"
Easy. Just remember all the other things you would be ignoring by focusing on this...

former sports icon: operative word is former! how about covering the nominees for the 2007 Roberto Clemente Award instead?

kidnapping, assault: what about the poor woman held hostage and tortured by those six lunatics in WV?

racially charged: Jena?

dubious characters: plenty of them in Washington -- and what they do actually impacts our lives.
Posted By Anonymous Nancy, Phoenix AZ : 4:57 PM ET

You and the 360 staff need to take heed of the 79 comments from the other day along with the ones today. Access Hollywood, E.T. and Inside Hollywood can do the extra coverage of O.J. The coverage this week is as bad as 360's overdone stories on Paris in jail. The people writing to you care about Anderson Cooper and what he is capable of, but this junk on O.J. is not doing the 360 any justice. Keeping them honest should include the staff of 360.
Posted By Blogger Anne : 5:00 PM ET
It makes sense that his latest charges would get some coverage. After all, this was one of the more outrageous aquittals in recent history. Eventually, he might even decide to return to "acting". He'd be perfect for a Hitchcock remake or Clockwork Orange. He wouldn't even have to get into character.
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 5:02 PM ET
While OJ leaves an incredibly bad taste in my mouth- I have to really wonder what the police are thinking. To give that transparent leech Ricci (sp ?) immunity is just like watching the LAPD screw up the murder case. As for the man in the hospital post heart attack- he states he 'manufactured footballs for OJ to sign and he was paid by me to sign them?' that's equally disgusting. More and more it comes to light just how sleazy the fringe of professional sports really is. It also points to the publics' insatiable appetite for sensational ism. It appears all the parties concerned were involved in all manner of nefarious activities- so really- who got harmed here? They want to be players and a little game went sour. I am in no way advocating that anyone should come to physical harm here. I think OJ should be locked up and the key thrown away- but- the others involved are not deserving of immunity and release from jail without bond, either. Yet again, it appears members of law enforcement in a large metropolitan city seem 'star struck'. You would think they would be immune to being around famous people and be able to do their jobs in a proficient manner.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:04 PM ET
I feel the obsession with O. J. Simpson is wrong and should be punishable by law. He was acquitted, there was no overwhelming forensic evidence, and the other comments made seem like comments of jealousy. So what if he plays golf and signs autographs...?
Civil trials, after someone is acquitted is also unjust because it doesn't serve all of the people, just the people who alledge they didn't get justice when the other party is wealthy. What you refuse to admit is that O.J. had an excellent attorney, he has not admitted or cowed down to your punishment and he has a life, and is going on with it. This man has been treated in a way that I have never seen another human being treated in this country. I am sure that unless the Goldman's have also changed the wording in his book, he has not admitted to killing anyone. They did change the title to try and make it look as if the title was "I Did It". Pity on all of you.
Posted By Blogger Debra : 5:05 PM ET
I don't think you should ignore the OJ story. News is the reporting of the events of the day. I don't think certain subjects should be omitted just because a portion of the population isn't interested.

I think there is a deeper issue here that no one talks about. When the "not guilty verdict" was announced, there was a great divide in the reaction. A large group of people agreed with it and an equally large group disagreed with it. There is a boiling stew of racial divisions that we all choose to ignore; with the verdict, it boiled over. It's starting to boil again.

I get it; people don't agree with the verdict, but that's our justice system. Many of us didn't like the verdict denying Al Gore the presidency. All of us have to live with these verdicts, like them or not.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, PA : 5:15 PM ET
I don't think you should ignore the OJ story. News is the reporting of the events of the day. I don't think certain subjects should be omitted just because a portion of the population isn't interested.

I think there is a deeper issue here that no one talks about. When the "not guilty verdict" was announced, there was a great divide in the reaction. A large group of people agreed with it and an equally large group disagreed with it. There is a boiling stew of racial divisions that we all choose to ignore; with the verdict, it boiled over. It's starting to boil again.

I get it; people don't agree with the verdict, but that's our justice system. Many of us didn't like the verdict denying Al Gore the presidency. All of us have to live with these verdicts, like them or not.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, PA : 5:16 PM ET
I guess if you work at CNN you don't have to watch CNN. It has already been reported on CNN that O.J. is out of jail on $125,000 bail, and CNN showed film of the media following his car to the airport.

Sorry, but based on your reasoning, this story is dead until the trial in October. Hmmm, wonder if Planet in Peril will be bumped to cover the trial? Just another sad commentary.
Posted By Anonymous Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 5:18 PM ET
Hey guys,

Ok, so Gabe has a point. O.J. was found guilty in the civil suit and continues to evade the court ordered monetary punishment. That told us he's a dirtbag who's managed to weasel his way out of paying for a lot of wrongdoings. BUT that doesn't matter because he was still a relatively free man. The law failed. Since he didn't fulfill his financial end, he should have paid with his freedom. They lock up dead-beat dads, they should lock up guys like him. Was he even legally a criminal?

As for this case, the facts are not yet clear. We've heard a lot of speculation, and then some fuzzy info from some sketchy people (i.e. his accomlices/associates/???). That is insifficient to run a whole show on.

Viewers are legitimately pissed off about this whole debacle and would really like to get past this distraction and get back to reality. There are a million relevant stories out there! (E.g. the John Atchison case.) I think the media overestimates O.J.'s relevance at his point in time. He's a blast from the past, nothing more.

Sometimes bad people continue to do bad things when they have previously gotten away with it. It sucks, it needs to be stopped, but until people wake up and contact those in power, it will continue to happen and the media will continue to run this story.
Posted By Anonymous SarahD, Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:19 PM ET
I have long taken pride in watching AC360 and have enjoyed the compelling reporting that the show has always represented. This was highlighted last week with some gripping reports from Iraq- a story that has genuine impact on our economic, political and diplomatic futures.
However, given the complete, dominating coverage of OJ the last two days, I’m experiencing a new sensation in regards to 360: disappointment. It pains me to come to such a conclusion, given that AC360 has for so long been the standard by which I judged other TV news. These last two shows have shown me that you care more for my ratings than for my respect. You’ve disappointed me 360.
Please prove me wrong tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Hermann, Missouri : 5:22 PM ET
I have long taken pride in watching AC360 and have enjoyed the compelling reporting that the show has always represented. This was highlighted last week with some gripping reports from Iraq- a story that has genuine impact on our economic, political and diplomatic futures.
However, given the complete, dominating coverage of OJ the last two days, I’m experiencing a new sensation in regards to 360: disappointment. It pains me to come to such a conclusion, given that AC360 has for so long been the standard by which I judged other TV news. These last two shows have shown me that you care more for my ratings than for my respect. You’ve disappointed me 360.
Please prove me wrong tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Hermann, Missouri : 5:23 PM ET
I am a CNN's what I watch after a long day at work, but between Wolf, Rick, Larry and then Anderson - I had no choice but to turn the channel last night. 5 hours of O.J.??? Are you kidding me? And nothing new to report. ENOUGH already - he's going to be acquitted as usual and then you will all want him on your show for interviews - that's when it's time to switch the channel permanently!!!
Posted By Anonymous LuAnne : 5:25 PM ET
Publicity is exactly what he wants and you're obliging --- I wish you wouldn't.
Posted By Anonymous Joan - Minneapolis, MN : 5:27 PM ET

We 360 viewers are not your typical stupid TV watchers. We want news not celebrity BS.

Anderson Cooper once said "FIND THE FACTS", somehow I doubt he meant facts about this sort of mindless drivel. Anderson tells peoples stories, stories that make a difference. He tells the stories of people who cannot tell them for themselves. Anderson works to make the world a better place, to advance it, if you will. This is not his schtick at all. So sad.

OJ - yeah, no one cares. Who he is? He is no one of importance. He is pathetic and sick. CNN does not need to feed his monster by giving him exactly what he wants.

Does it make you feel better to do this? Does it inform, enlighten and educate? No. It promotes someone who is a complete criminal with no redeeming value to socitey whatsoever. THAT is NOT news and the best thing that OJ can do is GO AWAY.

Unlike many others here, I am not going to throw stones at Anderson. He is not solely responsible for this and I am sure that he is just as unhappy as we are.

Just so you know, I am no johnny-come-lately to CNN. I have been watching since 1980 when the network was born. I have to wonder what Ted Turner would have to say about all of this. I feel certain that this was NOT his dream os a 24 hour news channel.

In closing, I have an important question for you Gabe...if you are so concerned to know what your loyal viewers think, why are you not heeding our wishes?

How many more days do we have to rant for someone there to take our comments seriously? Give me a break!
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:28 PM ET
Sorry Gabe, but I don't buy it. Spending two whole nights on this waste of space is pointless. The negative feedback far outweighs the positive, are you guys trying to get cancelled?

Let's look at the gambit. 360 is supposedly...

*"a provocative alternative to the typical network evening newscast"- except every other network has covered it, to death.
*"covering not only the day's top stories, but the fascinating, the unexpected"- um, no, just one story, which is no longer fascinating.
*and my favourite, "[covering] the underreported" REALLY?

I really like[d] this show, and last week was incredible. It's a shame, but the only thing worth watching this week has been Raw Politics, and hey, that's on the website.

Please drop this story, or if you must cover it, keep it to five minutes.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Tampa, FL : 5:30 PM ET
how can we ignore it?

Pretty much like you ignore 99.99% of the murders, the murdered, the accused of murdering, and the acquitted of murdering!

We are talking about O. J. Simpson? Has the war on Iraq finally come to a conclusion?

Shall we wait for Paris Hilton to get caught DUI too while we're at it?
Posted By Blogger bytehead : 5:34 PM ET
I tune in to CNN to see Anderson's unique take on news stories. This rubbish on OJ barely counts as news. He deserves, maybe, 30 seconds. Any given day, there are a hundred other stories to be told. Lets get back to the jam packed show that this used to be. Anderson...please tell us the real news!

Janet, Nelson BC, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:35 PM ET
If a celebrity falls in the woods,
and no one is around to report it -
does it make a sound?


A "celebrity's" popularity is directly proportional to the amount of attention the media gives it. Ignore them and they just fade away.
Posted By Blogger Jacob : 5:36 PM ET
I just love the O.J. topic comments. What keeps baffling me is, if 99.99 percent of the comments are anti-Simpson coverage, why do you keep ignoring them??? Who is this program for anyway? If you don't care about viewer feedback, why even have it? Why not just do away with it and let everybody think they're the only one unhappy with the programming choices.

Personally, I think you all lost it! Shame on you for feeding us this crap day after day! I actually thought Anderson was above this celebrity sensationalism crap. Does that mean he has nothing to say anymore about what gets covered on his show?

Posted By Anonymous Monika, Eagar, Arizona : 5:36 PM ET
I don't even know what to say about this any more Gabe. I know how I can ignore it.....possibly throw my television out the window. I can't take this garbage anymore. A segment or two, ok but now probably going on 3 hours. GRRRRR. Who he is and what he has done......that is a cop out Gabe

I think every person who has wrote in and asked for this to stop is trying to Keep it Honest with Anderson and the 360 team.

Seriously, what has to happen for OJ not to be the main story anymore....nucular bombs????
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:38 PM ET
Gabe -

If you felt the need to cover the story for the reasons you gave, fine. But the amount of coverage should be proportional to the amount of new information! If nothing major has happened in the case, why are you devoting more than 5 minutes to this? Also - PLEASE no "flashbacks" of the murder trial. We were forced to watch it 24-7 when in HAPPENED. WE REMEMBER. Let that dead and very beaten horse lie.

--Erin, Baton Rouge
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:42 PM ET

This is not an all or nothing issue. I don't think the viewers are saying you have to ignore the OJ story completely, but I don't think 360 or any other news program should be dedicating so much time to it. Believe me, you are not the only show I have complained to about the extensive coverage.

What happens to O.J. does not affect my life, but other issues, like the war in Iraq, the appointment of the new attorney general, today's discussion on the Time Out-of-Combat Amendment and the Protect America Act Bush is trying to push do.

If your decision is being made in regards to ratings then I can understand why you are covering Simpson ad nauseam. If you are dedicated to covering the important issues that affect the lives of everyday Americans then you are off base.

I will not watch 360 again tonight if that is your decision. I am only one viewer; you won't miss me.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 5:52 PM ET
To get away from OJ Simpson follow these instructions.

For people that don't want to hear it. Turn off your. TV's, Radio's, Computers. When you go to work put a sign on your back saying " I don't want to hear about OJ Simpson" That's the best way to get away from it - and don't pick up a newspaper. I think you should be just fine doing these things. Good luck.

I think you will be in the dark for a long time far as news goes, I just like everyone else I don't like OJ Simpson myself, but I'm not about to turn my TV off.

Jennifer, Anderson, South Carolina.
Posted By Blogger bluediamond (Jennifer) : 5:55 PM ET
Hi Gabe,
I wonder if an expert on your program could address a legal question I have....Can OJ be prosecuted for ROBBING the 24 hour news cycle BLIND!
There's plenty of witnesses to this crime, I'm sure we'd all testify and the evidence of this Robbery is beyond any shadow of any doubt. Talk about a slam dunk of a case. OJ has stolen our CNN, right before our very eyes, and ears...Now that's a heist...
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 5:58 PM ET
Because it just isn't that interesting.

Now if OJ robbed someone while in drag with a dancing monkey and a talking donkey as accomplices, now we're talking about 20 minutes. But if that gecko can sell us insurance in less than a minute, you can certainly cover this topic in 45 seconds or less. Are you going to be outdone by a gecko? Well, are you!?
Posted By Blogger ELECTIONGRRRL : 6:58 PM ET
Gabe thanks for your explanation, and I do understand your rationale, but I agree whole heartedly with Nancy from Phoenix. Nancy's got some story ideas, so how about it? Or maybe you can talk about Darfur some. God knows no one else is talking about it.
Posted By Anonymous Amanda, NC : 7:09 PM ET
How to ignore it?? Simply devote the 360 time to other worthy news items!!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 7:13 PM ET
I was going to write about how little I care about OJ, and how irrelevant all the peripheral characters (Browns, Goldmans, Kato, "friends" who once met OJ for 5 minutes...) involved in this circus are.

But obviously you don't care.
Posted By Anonymous Larry in Oxnard, CA : 7:16 PM ET
It's OK! You guys and OJ were better than my football game on Monday night. Instead of yelling at the TV, I switched back to you. You were my Zen channel hmmmmmmm! I hope AC feels better soon-someone should run out and get him some chicken soup! Have a great day.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 7:17 PM ET
Gabe and producers and Anderson,

Your viewers watch CNN because we're tired of the major BS fed to us on the regular channels!
If we wanted to hear about nothing but O.J. or other celebs we'd watch E! .
I watch CNN to escape the inanities of most other channes. To often CNN is nothing but repetitive in trivial matters and seemingly forgets that there's a lot happening in the world!
I think it's safe to say, that most CNN watchers wouldn't touch a tabloid with pliers, so stop treating us as though we were shallow and dumb.
Crank up the IQ on 360!
Posted By Anonymous Minou, New York,NY : 7:31 PM ET
Ignore? No. It's a valid story, and deserves 10 minutes of coverage when there's updated information to communicate. Likewise with missing women, toe-tapping politicians and polygamists.

When CNN/360 spends any more time that that on these quasi-news stories, I turn off my TV. I vote with my feet (and my remote).
Posted By Anonymous Fed Up in New York City : 7:39 PM ET

I read your justification for the OJ story and it good to hear your side of the story. I don't agree with it. I respect your thoughts.

I believe the real reason for the continued coverage of OJ is the ratings. Ratings are the key measurement of any television program. The more ratings the more budget to cover other "real" news stories.

So let's get real, Gabe, the news is a business and a numbers game. In the "old" days we the viewers would just change the channel or turn off the set. Now we have an avenue to cast a comment via the feedback button or the blog.

I hope something in the world fast, bigger and better than OJ happens soon.
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 7:58 PM ET
Let us imagine that the 1994 criminal trial jury was absolutely right in finding O.J. not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
Now let us imagine based on the premise that O.J. knew all along that he was not guilty and after being found not guilty in a court of law. He reasonably thought that his life had a chance to return to some sort of normalcy and sanity as would anyone else after being exonerated from charges that could of have landed one on California's death row.
But unfortunately resconstructing a normal and sane life was not to be because after having been found free from guilt in the criminal trial along comes a civil trial and a verdict that mindlessly in effect states just the opposite and says you are guilty of the deaths and must now monetarily compensate the victims relatives.
If CNN is going to invite a professional on the show to diagnose from afar O.J.'s mindset and mental condition from the alledged perspective that he is suffering from guilt in the murders. Then the only fair and equitable thing to do is to have another professional on to also from afar diagnose his mindset and mental condition from the alledged perspective of this is an innocent man who has been wrongly libeled in the civil trial.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:02 PM ET
I would like to see how much money CNN is spending doing the interviews, legal analysts, etc. on this OJ story. I care more about New Orleans and soldiers getting funds (and I'm from Canada). Why don't you leave the OJ story to Nancy Grace's of the world. CNN donate the money you wasted sitting around talking about the same spin over and over. Denise Brown was right on Larry King... get the 1-800# up for battered women... do something positive instead of lowering into some backstreet Vegas heist. As Anderson Cooper likes to say "Just keeping them honest" right back at you CNN!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:03 PM ET
By all on the news-aspect of this case, but that could be accomplished in a few minutes. Is 360 a news program or is it a forum for tabloid fodder? Entertainment shows are a dime a dozen. We don’t need one more. What we lack is quality broadcast journalism.

There is plenty of real news in the world every day and 360 has many talented people to cover and analyze that news. That's what I tune in to see.

I completely understand that all shows have to be ratings-driven, but you can’t have it both ways and keep everyone happy. Make a choice. If you want high ratings, start billing 360 as a news magazine or entertainment news, but then please don’t call it journalism!
Posted By Anonymous Carrie, Ames, IA : 8:35 PM ET
Like it or not, OJ is news, and I certainly wouldn't expect you to ignore it. However, two full nights in a row, to the exclusion of all other news, is overkill. If you want to devote an entire hour to this tripe, fine. But give us back a second live hour of 360 and use it to give us real news.
Posted By Anonymous BJ, Bangor, ME : 8:48 PM ET
It's sad to know that O.J Simpson is getting THIS MUCH publicity yet I've not seen nor heard you talk about the Jena 6. AGAIN, WHERE IS THE (EQUAL) JUSTICE?
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:04 PM ET
Thankfully, many of your other viewers, who care enough to take the time to write, have echoed my sentiments. I'm so very sick & tired, and disappointed in hearing broadcasters, like Anderson & Larry King, bemoan & wonder why all the attention on OJ/Paris/Britney/Lindsay/etc.... all the while spending show after show solely focused on those very people!
And to echo another poster, Ted Turner never dreamed of seeing "journalism" on "his baby" sink to so low & irresponsible a level.

If ratings & advertising revenue are to be the first priority, then, just as Fox has no right to call itself "fair & balanced", so too, CNN should no longer refer to itself as a "NEWS" Network!
Posted By Blogger StevenCee : 9:24 PM ET
Jennifer in Tampa

You suggest that we ignore OJ just as "we" will ignore AC360 until this story is over. Just wondering when you asked permission to speak on my behalf?

There are few people who truly make me want to curse, and OJ is one of them. Even a "bad" show, or a repeat of 360 is still equal to or better than most programs at that time.

Tewnty year old reruns of "Cops"? Hey, I know a lot of those cops from my area. Unfortunately, I know some of the "perps" too! Besides, I couldn't find "Latitude Zero"!

Relax! Enjoy life!

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:46 PM ET
More HOMER Simpson, Less OJ Simpson!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:53 PM ET
I think O.J. is overplayed in the media for ratings and modern culpbality with an in now story that's all the rage for 2007 what about a year from now,albeit you guys (CNN like competetor's)are only doing your jobs but what is really left of the story? Eleven count felony's if he want"s to waste his life away, what potential felony or not is left, why should we waste our time covering it?
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:22 PM ET
There are American soliders dying everyday in Iraq, yet we are subject to tabliod television. Enough already. Please get back to the news that impacts American everyday lives. Mary (South Carolina)
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:44 PM ET
What a shame! This is what the news has become. Instead of covering real news around the world, the U.S. news loves these tabloid type stories. Our soldiers are dying! People are dying around the world there are real issues at hand that need to be addressed.

I wish in the U.S. I could watch
news from other countries that cover real stories and not this celebrity mess. It's a shame no one in this country has the guts to stand up to this spoon-fed news.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:45 PM ET
Watching OJ '07 is like driving by the aftermath of a car wreck. I think people just want to subconsciously know that their own lives are not the car wreck that is OJ's life, so they have to have a look.
Posted By Anonymous Layne L. - Shreveport, La. : 10:54 PM ET
Didn't OJ sort of endorse Hillary Clinton? I see OJ losing it all and moving into the Lincoln bedroom for a wacky "house guest" reality show.
Posted By Anonymous rich j . , fayetteville, ar. : 11:06 PM ET
Dear Anderson,
The O.J. trial should be interesting!! The judge said for Simpson to not contact his co-defendants by any means. One of those means of contact mentioned by the judge was "carrier pigeons". Correct if I am wrong Anderson but the last carrier pigeon died around 1900!! I guess he just meant the regular everyday type of pigeons. Oh well it`s all pigeon poop!!
Posted By Anonymous Tommy Cook : 11:07 PM ET
Regarding the O.J. Simpson arrest, one very important point of law seems to keep being overlooked. As Cops and DA’s scramble to put O.J. behind bars for the rest of his life due to the murder trial he was involved in a decade ago. The question that everyone should be asking is, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

If your grandmother’s diamond ring was stolen, and the thieves sold it to a memorabilia or antique collector, who in turn decided to auction it off, the person selling it would still be guilty of “RECEIVING AND SELLING STOLEN MERCHANDISE”, which is still a crime in all 50 states.

Although O.J’s plan to retrieve his “stuff” was ignorance at best, in light of his criminal record, the fact still remains that just because he is an imbecile, society shouldn’t throw him in jail for being stupid. If he gets out of this one I suggest he move to Wyoming or Montana, buy a 100 acre ranch way off the beaten path, and go into seclusion for the rest of his natural life. He’s too stupid to be allowed in public.

The true perpetrators of the crime are the scaly-wags who decided to sell O.J. stuff, knowing that they didn’t have authorization to posses it legally in the first place let alone sell it. The motif is clear as far as Las Vegas is concerned, do the initials “DA” really stand for dumb ask?

Steve in Sacramento, CA.
Posted By Anonymous Steve in Sacramento : 11:15 PM ET
where the Integrity of reporting GONE??? I understand u have a job to do but it seems all the networks are in a race to be the first to report the storyJust for "bragging rights" but it seems some could care less how accurately the story is just the "BRAGGING RIGHTS IS AL THAT MATERS", I am angry also about ur lack of integrity of reporting, I know I was miss quoted when an article about me asking my wife to marry me and the mis-quoting changed the whole story,,,I know this is falling on deaf ears but I would like to know y u must be the first to break a story and then let develop and worry about getting the story straight later!! Is it all about bragging rights???
Posted By Blogger marty : 11:28 PM ET
I have to wonder----even if the events that transpired in Las Vegas was a "set-up", does that make O.J. any less guilty? Come on people; either he is guilty or someone did a really good job of pretending to be him. Maybe you should listen to that recording again. If I had pulled something like that I wonder if I'd get off without jail time because it was a set-up. Bull
Posted By Anonymous Bobbi Taylor : 11:32 PM ET
Writing from Bangalore,India.Am a regular viewer of CNN,and AC360.The show (AC360) duration has been reduced from 2hours to 1hour.??????????Would like to watch the whole 2 hour duration of the show, as earlier.
Posted By Anonymous asha : 11:34 PM ET
How? just say no! Oh wait, that was a failure too. Tonight you wondered why so many of us were watching OJ coverage! Hell! I can't find anything ELSE on news channels! I spent hours flipping back and forth between CNN-HL, FOX, CNN to no avail. Every show was covering him ad nauseum! (let's set-up shop outside the courtroom and wait for hours...oh no...let's set-up shop outside his Florida home...) The reason why is because you (and all the other networks) keep covering him. WHO CARES!!!!!! I'm really tired of him already, and that goes for Britney too.

Isn't there a war in Afghanistan? How about the hungry in Darfur? I expect ET to cover OJ--not seeing Richhio on Larry King, and AC360 starting the show with OJ crap.
Posted By Anonymous Christopher in Vermont : 11:59 PM ET
It would appear, just by the great number of intelligent & well written comments submitted to CNN, requesting coverage of more, shall we say 'substantial' news items...that your network is respected & very popular amongst a great number of concerned citizens.

I'm sure that most of us 'get' that the O.J. story is interesting & newsworthy...what we are simply asking is that a network that we have considered reputable in the past simply bring us news & information that is relevant & important to the majority of the population.
And to, as you aspire to, 'keep them honest'.
Well, in the case of O.J., his case will not affect the lives of the majority of the population in the least.
As far as keeping 'him' honest...well, that's up to the courts to decide seeing as he has been charged & that process is under way.
If we want to indulge ourselves with all of the drama surrounding this story...we can certainly tune into any number of other superficial stations.
That we entrust your program with providing 'more' than that, I think, affords you the opportunity to be so much more responsible & constructive.
Posted By Blogger lsamsa : 12:10 AM ET
Hey Gabe,

The TV was on tonight,but,really,didn't listen for the O.J.saga. The only thing funny was seeing Anderson on his meds,would have liked to have some too!!
Please,tell me you won't be following O.J. home tomorrow night!!!PLEEEEAAAASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I'm a faithfull viewer because of the quality of reporting,Anderson's professionalism,but the last two days,man,felt as if I was watching The life of O.J. Simpson part 89!!!Enoughhhhh!!!PLeaseeee!!
And if you guys decide to have him on for an exclusive interview,I'm throwing myself down the sofa!!!

Joanne R.
Laval QUebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne R. Laval Quebec : 12:17 AM ET
Out of town for two days, came home turned on CNN for news, all is got is OJ being covered by Anderson. This coupled with Joan Binay Ramsey coverage showing the airplane carrying the accused has completely compromised your credibility as a news oulet. You are a gossip outlet. I'm going to start watching E! they actually seem real compared to you, stop wasting our time! By the way E!'s coverage of OJ tonight was about 30 seconds, went right into Bradjolina and Brittany Spears, finally some news I can absorb, thank you CNN for showing me the way of what is really news.
Posted By Anonymous DanSmo, Chicago, IL : 12:41 AM ET
Count me in on one of the few who would like to hear about the O.J. Simpson arrest. Yes, there are those of us who watch regularly but don't e-mail every damn night. The O.J. trial of 1994 was the first time many of us had the opportunity to see the American legal system at work (or not at work) and at that time I found it fascinating. It led to a huge interest in watching the legal system we have for many of us, it was a learning experience. Also, many of us watching were women who lived with men who were charming and successful and just the tops to the outside world, but watching the O.J. trial made us face reality that what happened behind closed doors was a whole 'nother story. Many of us got out of there because of the O.j. trial. And, lastly, but not the least, it was right in front of us how the world treats the haves and have nots, and how the fact that people still tell themselves there is no racism or classism in this country; the O.J. trial was a history lesson for free. And people still aren't listening. In this instance, O.J. should not be tried for the murder of his ex-wife and an innocent bystander, but for armed robbery. He should be tried equally with the idiots who have somehow gotten immunity. There are more lessons to learn from the O.J. story; I can't understand why people say they won't listen.
Posted By Anonymous zanne : 12:48 AM ET
Seriously. Knock it off.
Posted By Blogger MDM : 1:32 AM ET
I have to admit, being an avid viewer of “360”, I haven’t watched the show all this week. I thought that Monday’s show would have some sort of substance after spending a week in Iraq. But when I tuned in on Monday, not expecting to see Anderson, but quite happy to see him home safely, I turned quickly back to a rerun of Law and Order. And hey, don’t knock the reruns of Cops either. I would rather watch that than anything that has O.J., Goldman or Brown in the headline. It would be great if the show was still two hours, then you could devote an hour to this mess. CNN has other venues that they can use to spend whatever time they want on “entertainment” news. Anderson is too much of a talent to waste on what the higher ups have had him been reporting on this week.
Posted By Anonymous Keisha R., Kansas City, MO : 10:51 AM ET
Hi Gabe; Perhaps I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that the civil award was for the benifit of both the Brown and Goldman families, not just the Goldman's as you stated. If OJ is ever to appear on AC to respond to the issues you raised, how is he supposed to make it on a timly basis, now that Fred wants his wristwatch!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 12:44 PM ET
"This new OJ story will be about as exciting as the 20th rerun of an episode of Cops."

No it just feels like it. :P
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:20 PM ET
This has simply become a circus. Will Anderson be wearing big floppy shoes tonight?
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:23 PM ET
I beg you...ignore!!! If CNN wanted good TV they could pay Ron Goldman's father to get into a boxing ring and pummel the life out of OJ. I would watch that. This non-news could be a simple mention and let's move on to what's going on in our world, not in OJ's.
Posted By Anonymous Allison : 2:22 PM ET
Just say no...this should be left to the national Inquirer or one of those dumb publications....

360 needs to stay on target with stories about Iraqi, health insurance coverage for children, Katrina, education, global warming...

Leave Britney and OJ for others...i expect more and better from 360.
Posted By Anonymous Robert Garfield, Ar : 2:26 PM ET
Back off people! This is CNN, not Meet the Press!
If AC360 wants to do more stories on OJ, Big Foot, and race/gender is their circus.

Bali Bubba
Bali, Indonesia
Posted By Blogger Richard : 2:47 AM ET
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