Monday, September 17, 2007
How much O.J. is too much?
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... unless you're O.J. Simpson.

Call it shameless, tasteless, even preposterous, but we are devoting tonight's program to the trials and tribulations of the world's most famous former murder defendant.

I know, I know there are far more important stories to cover. There's the war, the war over the war, the president's new choice for U.S. attorney general, the economy, we can go on and on.

But this fascination with Orenthal James Simpson (and I must admit I'm guilty of it) is too great to ignore. More than 10 years after he was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend, the Heisman Trophy-winner continues to make headlines and for all the wrong reasons.

The case out of Nevada is chock full of goodies for Simpson addicts, with accusations of armed robbery, a purported audiotape of the heist, Simpson's conversations with our own CNN's Ted Rowlands, and a smorgasbord of other details that we'll discuss this evening. (Click on this link to hear the audiotape)

We're going to deal with the Simpson saga with the smartest guests around. CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who wrote the best-seller, "The Run of His Life: The People Versus O.J. Simpson" will be with us tonight. So will Daniel Petrocelli, the attorney behind the wrongful death suit against the ex-NFL star.

We also may have Denise Brown on "360". You can be sure the sister of Nicole Brown has plenty to say about Simpson.

Then there's the money trail. He owes millions to the Brown and Goldman families, but they are having a tough time getting Simpson to pay, even though his yearly pension from the NFL is estimated at $400,000.

Have you had your fill of O.J. yet?

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer
Posted By CNN: 1:32 PM ET
Yes, I've had enough of OJ. I won't be watching unless Anderson is on tonight. In that case, I'll turn the volume down and watch. ;-)
Posted By Anonymous : 1:48 PM ET
AWWW....I knew 360 would jump on the bandwagon!! I'd rather hear about the McCann case myself!!

I could care less about OJ! If he is stupid enough to think that he can barge into someone's hotel room and take things without any consequences then he is a fool! And he deserves whatever time he gets!!

I can live with one night of OJ...but PLEASE 360 do this one night and MOVE ON!! Don't beat a dead horse!! OK!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 1:57 PM ET
OK I admit I watched all the coverage yesterday, but the weather was lousy and I was all out of good books to read. But if the other networks beat this story to death does it mean CNN has to do the same thing. What's the old saying "if your best friend jumped off a bridge, would you?" I'd sooner see CNN/360 follow Henry David Thoreau's advice,

"March to the beat of a different drummer no matter how measured or far away."
Posted By Marcia, Warren Mi : 1:59 PM ET
Truthfully, I had enough of OJ before you started. Why give him any media attention at all?

Let him just self-destruct but save us from having to hear about it.
Posted By Annette LaCanna, Alpha, NJ : 2:02 PM ET
Pleeeeeaaaaaase!!!! Don't waste half (or a whole) hour of AC360 on OJ Simpson, or on the lost little British girl, pleeeaaaase!! There are plenty of other stuffs that faithful AC360 watchers like me prefer to watch... thank you!?
Posted By French in Houston : 2:06 PM ET
You're kidding, right? OJ more important than the war, the economy, healthcare, or any other actual "news"? If you gave me a quick update on the charges, that would be interesting. But a full hour? I won't watch.
Posted By Lila, Orange, CA : 2:15 PM ET
Posted By Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:15 PM ET
Hi Gabe,

"Have you had your fill of O.J. yet?"

I would say, "Thanks for asking. I am totally sick of O.J.", but what's the point if you're going ahead with a whole hour of coverage anyway??? And why a whole hour??? Even 5 minutes would be too long!

I really don't like the direction the show has taken in about the last year or so. Yes, I know, you want to do some in-depth coverage and take a 360 degree look at a story, but, for God's sake, not O.J., not Paris Hilton et al., not Don Imus, nor any other headline-grabbing losers!!! At least choose a story that has some value to it, something that would be important for Americans to know.
Posted By Monika, Eagar, Arizona : 2:16 PM ET
"Have you had your fill of O.J. yet"?

Posted By Nestor, Austin, TX : 2:19 PM ET
Give it a rest! This idiot has been getting attention all day long on CNN. What can there possibly be left to say on AC360? I do agree with part of your post, there are much more important subjects for Anderson to spend his time on. For once, take the high road and pick substance over to Jeff if you must and then let's just move on!!

JD Salt Lake City, Utah
Posted By Anonymous : 2:21 PM ET
O.J. may be guilty of this crime. It has not been proven yet, but he was found not guilty of murder. It should be against the law to be found not guilty in criminal court but found guilty in civil court for the same crime just so the mourning family can collect money. Where is the justice in that? He has been punished since the murder trial by the civil court, the media and the families of the victims. Does the criminal court system mean nothing? Did the taxpayers waste all that money just so the civil court could decide he was guilty? The Browns need to move on with their lives. Hate and greed will not bring their daughter back.

And, yes, I am sick of hearing about O.J. because the whole ordeal shows how ineffective our judicial system is.
Posted By Lois : 2:22 PM ET

Please tell me you will be taking calls tonight! LOL! I could tell you all some OJ stories from his golf course antics in Miami.

On a brighter note, there was an interesting article written about Anderson and Oprah this weekend by one of my favorite authors and keynote speakers John C. Maxwell. He one of the nation's leading experts on leadership and management.

Bloggers may wish to read it and take their leadership & management skills the Nth degree.

Google "John C. Maxwell & Anderson Cooper."
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 2:23 PM ET
You ask how much is too much. How about any at all. If the media would let this clown go, we wouldn't have to put up with him, seemingly, every day. He's a joke and a crook. Be done with it.
Posted By Bill Clark, Decatur, IL : 2:25 PM ET
Shame on 360 for giving in to the ratings. Yes, some OJ coverage is o.k., but the entire show? What about this little missing girl from England? What about all the other missing children around the world that never receive any airtime and we never hear about them?
Posted By Missy, Fairfield, CT : 2:26 PM ET
Thanks for the warning. I won't be watching tonight. I've had more than my fill of O.J., Denise Brown and the Goldmans. Why does 360 have to dwell on this story, especially when it will be extensively covered by all the previous CNN and HLN shows? Perhaps it attracts a certain kind of viewer and ratings. But what about keeping it honest when it comes to your regular viewers, most of whom are intelligent enough to prefer to see the important stories of the day?
Posted By Jo Ann, Honolulu, HI : 2:27 PM ET
I too am tired of O.J. Simpson, and I believe that he does not deserve the publicity, for, as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

I hope that on the show tonight, information is included and considered that deals with how OJ has profited financially and perhaps personally by the media attention he has enjoyed throughout his stay in the limelight.

Obviously, his behavior is telling of an individual who wants attention. I'm no psychologist, but I think that is parly to explan why people are getting so sick of hearing about him. His desperation is evident, and that is pathetic.

I also hope that tonight's show includes a perspective that investigates the possibility that this was all engineered to gain more publicity.

Thanks for keeping them honest.
Posted By Evin Maria : 2:36 PM ET
Hey Gabe,
Honestly, as distasteful as O.J. is, reporting on his LOOSER ASS is at least a distraction from the mess the world is in.. . so thanks for giving us something else to bitch about!
Hmm, will O.J. get off this one?
I hope not~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 2:39 PM ET
OJ is news, but so are the McCann’s and the war and the new AG and Greenspan’s book, etc. OJ should be relegated to the News Bulletin or 1 segment, hopefully not the entire hour. Maybe if CNN actually gave you back that second hour I wouldn't care if you gave OJ one of them. Let me hazard a guess and say I can smell a call-in segment on the subject too? Augh! You seem to know how your hard core fans will feel since you tried to soften the news by proclaiming it shameless, tasteless, even preposterous. I will go further and call it useless.
Phebe, Phoenix, AZ
Posted By Phebe : 2:42 PM ET

After an excellent week of 360 we are back talking about celebrities for a full hour. NO THANKS!
Posted By Minou, New York,NY : 2:45 PM ET
Ugh! Stay it ain't so Gabe! And here I was thinking that AC360 was going to my safe haven from OJ. I had my fill many years ago and that hasn't changed. Guess I'll be drinking tonight. :)
Posted By Jennifer, Washington DC : 2:45 PM ET
Bring it on, Gabe. I'm not embarrassed to admit to a somewhat morbid fascination with O.J and his "hunt for the real killers."

The audacity of his actions kind of makes me wonder if he might have the same sort of brain damage that Chris Benoit had.

On the other hand, the Goldmans and the Browns have my deepest condolences. O.J.'s actions have added a thick layer of insult to their pain.
Posted By Michelle, St. Paul, MN : 2:48 PM ET
EVERYTHING about O.J. this weekend has been too much and I have to sit through another hour of it on 360....and of course being a fan of the show I will stupidly sit there and watch. I can't take any more stuff about the dumbass that is O.J. Simpson. Very disappointed in 360 for this. This is the first time I have EVER said that!!!!

And even more annoying then the OJ coverage is to have to hear Goldman and Brown talk about it.....I don't care what they have to say!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 3:13 PM ET
I try to watch AC360 every night that AC is on but I hate these one-topic shows because they tend to be on subjects that are tabloidy and not that interesting to those of us who actually want to watch news. Could you move it to the 11pm hour after a lot of us have gone to bed?
Posted By Allison : 3:20 PM ET

You're right, there are other 'real' news and odd situations to cover, and we really shouldn't be rewarding his bad behaviour and poor judgement any longer. He may deserve the outrage that follows him, but certainly not the media circus or the hours (endless CNN hours)of face time he gets. while he pats himself on the back. He's smiling in the mug shot plastered all over every channel out there.

One story idea to look at is the arrest of the assistant u.s. attorney from Florida on child sex crimes charges while in Detroit. Maybe Mr. Toobin can comment on that instead? it's a total disgrace, and as ratings go, i think there'd be a lot of eyes glued to the t.v. for that as well.
Posted By SarahD, Toronto, ON, Canada : 3:22 PM ET
Dear Gabe:
Please picture me looking like the EDVARD MUNCH famous artwork "SCREAM."
Jayne Ferguson
Los Angeles, CA
Posted By Jayne Ferguson Los Angeles, California : 3:41 PM ET
Have I had my fill of OJ Simpson? Yes, however, I understand people's fascination with celebrities and with this case. It's disturbing that he gets so much press, given what he is accused of. However, we in the public are really to blame.
Posted By Pamina, New Rochelle, NY : 3:48 PM ET
Gabe, I think we've all over-dosed on OJ by now but I don't blame CNN, all the other channels have just as much or more (, its inevitable. He's infamous. And really, how ironic that he gets away with murder but will maybe serve time now for a break-in to retreive his own
Posted By Bev Ontario Canada : 3:50 PM ET
For the love of god and all that is holy, please make the bad man stop talking.
ALL the stations are on OJ overload. I would plead for some restraint, but ,alas, I know better.
Posted By Robin S., Franklin, Tn. : 6:40 PM ET
Gosh, with all the coverage CNN has already given O.J.'s arrest and Madeline McCann's parents, maybe I missed something.

Was O.J. trying to buy the bloody knife back? Have they found little Madeline? I'm guessing no to both.

If you supplying the O.J., I'll need to supply a large quantity of vodka. This will be like watching re-runs of Larry King.
Posted By Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 6:48 PM ET
Hi there,
Sorry if this is a double posting.
How can 360 go from covering such great stories with real substance in Iraq all last week, to OJ?? FOR THE WHOLE SHOW??? 360 is going from covering heroes to one big zero. What a disappointment.
Posted By Cheryl, Johston, RI : 6:50 PM ET
A whole hour? After you folks sent someone over to Portugal to report on the McCann case from there? OWCH!

Now, I get the tabloid significance of putting OJ on television - but I'm not at all sure that this story lives up to the desciption of "covering not only the day's top stories, but the fascinating, the unexpected and the underreported" for which AC360 has become known and appreciated.

As a member of the international audience, I would have preferred hearing about the McCanns or some of the other stories from your recent headlines. I hope once you've done this feature, whoever is in charge of programming will consider the issue purged and relegate it to being a throwaway headline mention.

Cynthia M. Genato
Makati City
Posted By Cynthia M. Genato, Makati City, Philippines : 6:53 PM ET
This new OJ story will be about as exciting as the 20th rerun of an episode of "Cops."
Posted By Judi F., Boston, MA. : 6:57 PM ET
I can NOT believe that 360 is going to spend an entire hour on O.J. Simpson. I had just gotten the bad taste out of my mouth and now here we go again. What a waste of time. I understand that Anderson Cooper has to do his job but I hope that he at least put up some kind of fight on not doing this story tonight. Let someone else degrade themselves by reporting on this BUT not Anderson.
Posted By Marcus, Chicago IL : 6:57 PM ET
As long as this version of the OJ saga also will feature wounded egos of celebrity lawyers, I'm going to be glued to the TV !
Posted By David H. , Lake Barrington, IL : 6:59 PM ET
Guilty or no, he'll write a "book" about it and make more money. Ain't that America ?!
Posted By ronnie, knoxville, tn. : 7:09 PM ET

Does anyone else have trouble with the blog throwing you out after you have pushed send? Ahhh.

For a second time, Yes, I am tired of hearing about OJ. The more press he gets, the bigger his ego becomes. And I am sorry, he is not news anymore. And Denise Brown has been on every TV program around so what new tidbit will she have to share tonight? Nothing. So if is true that tonight's show will be all OJ, then I will turn off the TV and pack for a business trip. I want to be finished by 9 to watch the repeat of Oprah and see Dr. Oz. So 360 may be doing me a favor here by, as they say on Car Talk, playing to your shameless commerce division. See you some other night.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 7:12 PM ET
I think they should just give him one day at Michael Vick's house and tell Michael to treat him like he treats his dogs... then after that they can both be free.
Posted By Greg L., Jacksonville, Fl. : 7:17 PM ET
I think this will be a huge story whether or not you cover it... I can see it now: "riots have broken out in brentwood - they are looting Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Mervyn's !"
Posted By shannon s., portland, or. : 7:21 PM ET
I can't imagine there is anyone left in the United States who hasn't had his or her fill of O.J. Simpson.

His wealth and fame made a mockery of our judicial system just like all the other high profile cases involving wealth and fame. We have two judicial systems here in the United States, one for the rich and famous, and one for the poor commoner.

Simpson seems to think he's above the law, so we will see how things develop with these latest charges. But I don't need an hour long show to hear about it. If and when they finally lock him up, I'll be fine reading a small article about it in my morning paper.
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 7:40 PM ET
I don't get the fascination with O.J., I really don't.

I refuse to sit through a second more O.J. drama, so I'll be watching real news elsewhere tonight. Or looking for a dead horse to beat, perhaps.

Picture me disappointed, AC360.
Posted By Stacey; Ottawa, Canada : 7:41 PM ET
First, as a black man , I could care less about OJ. He was stupid to marry the woman. But I'm going to enjoy watching you white folks salivating like dogs over this story. You finally got him. LOL You can rest safe OJ's in jail, all is well in america. (I intentionally used lower case)
Posted By Michael : 7:52 PM ET
Great! Now I know not to watch tonight...sorry Anderson. I'd rather watch Kathy Griffin on Larry King Live.
Posted By Anonymous : 7:55 PM ET
I just don't get it. One week you deliver a top quality news program from Iraq and then the pendulum swings to the other extreme and you revert to your shameless tabloid programming once again. Argggg!
Posted By Anonymous : 8:05 PM ET
Yes, I've had enough of OJ since I heard the "not guilty" verdict. My team is on Monday Night Football though, so I won't feel near as guilty if I go back and forth from 360 to the game. I know it will still be a good show, even if it is about OJ. Have a great day!
Posted By Kathy Chicago,Il : 8:18 PM ET
Have I had enough of OJ? Way more than enough.

Now a question for you - how many other people accused of armed robbery are you going to devote a whole hour to? Probably none unless their name is OJ. In giving him all this attention you just feed his need for attention and public comment. Ignore him and maybe he will do the world a favor and go away.

Annie Kate
Birmingham, AL
Posted By Annie Kate : 8:40 PM ET
I personally like the soap apera that is OJ 's life. As long as it's Anderson doing the reporting, I figure I can sit thru anything. And as long as you dose it up with some serious news, I say bring on the tabloid news !
Posted By kelly , san francisco, ca. : 8:46 PM ET
I have lost respect for CNN as a independent, unbiased news source. Nothing has proved this like the recent "media circus" that has been led by CNN over the recent OJ allegations. This is nothing short of a "media lynching" - you have led the efforts to try this guy before the facts are in - you have led the "rush to judgement". You have led this unsatiable blood thirst of our society where truth is no longer based on facts, but based on popularity and fanfare or the lack thereof.
Posted By Anonymous : 8:50 PM ET
I have had enough of O.J. to last the rest of my days. Everyone is on his story when there are more important things going on in our world. Anderson, I see you tomorrow.
Posted By Anonymous : 8:55 PM ET
O.J. POSSIBLY going to jail???!!?? Yea!!! Normally I'd be all over that like a buzzard on a gut wagon, but MTV's "The Hills" is getting too good. Jason is back, ya'll!!! And there's an Alfred Hitchcock special on American Movie Classics,too!! And now, O.J. has been arrested????? Life is good. What to do, what to do...
Really, I'm glad you're reporting on this. There's nothing I'd like better than to see him in prison.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 9:02 PM ET
MORE OJ coverage?? Ok, but only if you promise some to give us Kato Kaelin's perspective, too !
Posted By stella n. , rancho huevo, ca. : 9:02 PM ET
Hi Gabe,

More O.J.? No matter how much I love 360, no, I will not be watching. That person likes nothing better than a media circus surrounding him, and doesn't deserve one iota of it.

As you said, there remains plenty of legitimate news to cover -- this does not constitute "news." I'm disappointed that such a well respected news organization as CNN would even consider wasting one second, let alone an entire program, on such dreck. I sincerely hope it doesn't continue.

Jeana, Los Angeles, CA
Posted By Anonymous : 9:24 PM ET
I've gotten enough of O.J.Simpson since he got away with murder.
The only thing I will say,he must be wetting his pants with all the attention he is getting from the medias,he thrives on it!!I'm sure he is already writing his next book in his head right now!
Will I watch? Honestly,don't know,and that's rare, I'm always behind you Anderson,but,some people shouldn't get the attention they get.
Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R. Laval Quebec : 9:30 PM ET
How many days do I have to hear about OJ Simpson??? Enough already! Lets stop wasting our energy talking about this low life! Lets talk about how the families of the collapsed bridge in MN and the families of the Utah Coal Miners are dealing with their loss.
Posted By Lisa Stokes/Cicero Indiana : 9:52 PM ET
CNN is my gig. I believe you touch on the most importat events and stories. However, please no more OJ Simpson. The prosecutors blew his trial but I don't want to hear anymore about him. There are too many most important happenings in the world that matter for all of us.
Thanks for listening. It's 10:20, I can't watch CNN any longer tonight.

Posted By Anonymous : 10:19 PM ET
Media always fail us they can do better than spending resources in O.J news....Anderson move on don't be like everyone else.
Posted By Anonymous : 10:31 PM ET
You're missing the boat. A lawful citizen who has had something stolen from them would call the police, file a report and legally get their things back. OJ can't. For if he were to follow the proper lawful steps, the Goldman's could be made aware that valuables which used to be his are being returned to him, lawfully. In order to dodge the civil suit's judgement, he had to unlawfully attempt to get "his stuff" back... by being the thug and bully that he is.


Deltona, Florida
Posted By Anonymous : 10:50 PM ET
It is discusting that CNN and other channels are even covering this story. It is contributing to the "dumbing down" of America. Enough already!
Posted By Anonymous : 10:53 PM ET
Thank you A.C. for not doing every last minute on O.J. At this point I think anything beyond 15 minutes and you’re going into tabloid territory!

Interesting would be a look back at the "Camden 28" trial back in 1973 which showed not all anti-war protestors were draft card burning hippies and stoners. A look back at that trial would be especially germane with today's war and the Bush administration!
Posted By d5lrkvo : 10:53 PM ET
It's news - like it or not. Let's have AC360 present the program and then pass judgement. I'm sure they'll do it in their usual excellent style, by keeping them honest and presenting all sides of the story. As long as it doesn't continue on forever, I'm OK with one night of coverage. Strange as it was, don't forget that the OJ Simpson murder trial was a huge story on the American and world scene - I think the fact that he could now go to jail for what could be a minor charge - after he beat the criminal wrap for murder would be karma and justice for all involved. From that perspective, it could be interesting. My point is.....let's give AC360 a chance to present their take on the story before being so negative.
Posted By Anonymous : 10:55 PM ET
Why did they not arrest the idiots that stole his stuff to begin with? Action causes reaction!! leave OJ alone!!
Posted By sarah : 10:58 PM ET
i believe in the innocence of oj and i think he has been framed.
Posted By claire maul : 11:16 PM ET
Please , stop the madness...........
Posted By Anonymous : 11:22 PM ET
Hate & Greed will not bring Ron & Nicole back . Even if the Goldmans get lots of money they will want more .If the media moves on maybe the Goldmans will move on . Your viewers do not want to look at reruns of the players in the murder & civil cases against OJ , we all have moved on and it is time for these people to move on . Enough is enough . Why aren't you discussing Allen Greenspan new book or even Rosie's book . this is ssomething to talk about that would be of great interest.
Posted By Anonymous : 11:37 PM ET
Burglary? Armed Robbery? Wow, O.J. could be in actual trouble.

He should have just killed the guys and then hired a team of lawyers to get him off.
Posted By Anonymous : 12:08 AM ET
Damn!! Anderson?? Does a journalist of your calibre report or let others make fools of themselves? Leave the Juice to jerry springer.
This story has me worried that again we are being led by media to remove our focus from the more pressing matters of the day. Our country is full of bile slinging, hateful people who cannot wait to make themselves and their anger, and wasted unimportant opinions known. I hear people dismiss our Freedoms and Rights and our Duties as being flawed, as if they were necessarily insufficient to punish the guilty. "So an so got off on a technicality." "He's guilty as sin". etc, etc. "Hang the bastard!" Well I am turning CNN off in a minute. But first i must say....

All of our laws are technicalities.

We must begin to accept that our society has failed miserably in in ability to discern the truth. It is your chosen duty to provide the truth as you see it. From 360 degrees. When it comes to this OJ crap, drop it. all of these "experts" wish to argue and become important. ( did you see me? I was on t.v.) Your guests have forgotten to find anything worth while in Simpson's character and will tell us the law failed. The law did not fail. The man was aquitted. then found to be responsible in civil court. He was innocent yet responsible. I have no interest in any more about him or any ones opinion of him except that it demonstrates how sick we have become. A fullness of hatred I think. Ooops time to choose differently. No hate.
What is going on right now that i will not be able to observe because you and CNN are wasting time on this bile spewing self serving, hateful angry group of unhappy people who truly do not understand that they are the people who need to blame blame blame with no regard for the spirit in our system. He is innocent until proven guilty. To have any other opinion than that dishonours our system and is a failure to pay the price of freedom. It is significant that no one cares to forgive. They are lost and should be led to a better view. A different degree Anderson would certainly serve us better.Mayhap someday words will under stand us and we will understand how to use them well. The opinions I have heard tonight will not enable us to move on to greatness... rather than discovery we prefer to fall back. It is in the language somehow. We must begin to step up and find the New news. This is only one small degree of 360. Please Anderson, choose differently. I am searching for a metaphor but it isn't worth saying. I am tired and rather han ramble.... blah blah blah Click. your off.
p.s. i had thought you were a refreshing change from the shrill noise of the O'reilly and Grace crowd. Forgive me. You are. 359 degrees of the time.
Posted By Jjohnn is rare : 12:51 AM ET
this is unbelievable- covering this story to death is a waste of your time as much as it's a waste of mine. i wish 360 would stop insulting itself and it's viewers by devoting time to nonsense. how about real world issues, rather than sensationalist junk that should have been over a long time ago? very diappointing, but sadly it's becoming a trend.
Posted By Carla, Toronto : 1:31 AM ET
Dear Gabe,
First, YES!!! Too much O.J.
Second I gotta tell ya, Dr. Pinsky is wrong about O.J. in the sociopathic sense. People have the same exact feelings he's had on a day to day basis, some even more violent, with little or no character flaws [exhibited]. Those feelings are a natural part of life.
It is the imense Narcicism, something Dr. Drew was right on about, and the preconceived notions that were engendered in O.J. both in his football career and in his success in the trial of murdering his ex and her lover, that are blatantly obvious here. But to say that to have such feelings is just wrong outright. It is only the action that shows a tremendous character flaw.
Think about it. I garauntee that soem of the peopel, if not most, will want to throtle me for even saying it. It's just human nature though to be indignant when you are or believe you are, treated indignantly.

Sorry Dr. Drew; wrong yet again.
Posted By James Foley Kamiah, Idaho : 1:49 AM ET
Well, it's no secret there's been a love hate thing going on with the Ojay syndrome and the hater's are fueling this fire with everything they've got! Get ah rope! Don’t even need to hear the story. Not a lawyer but from what I’ve seen and heard, it a shame that their keeping him locked up in jail, when other’s would have and are free on bail.Ojay should have been a promoter pitting the people against each other. Ding, Ding!
Posted By STANLEY : 1:50 AM ET
I thought Anderson Cooper had more integrity than to report on some non news like another OJ Simpson story. Intelligent people don't care. The National Enquirer/ Entertainment Tonight audience does care. What audience do you want to play to ?
Posted By Anonymous : 3:06 AM ET
This post is too much OJ Simpson and yet you managed to do an entire hour last night on this non-story. Shame on you CNN and especially Anderson for not having the control over his own show to say no to this, oh and the Paris Hilton thing too.
Posted By Anonymous : 9:44 AM ET
It is not surprising at all that O.J. finally went to jail. It seems that to me and lots of other African Americans that he is indeed a marked man.

Simpson and the most hated and vilified Blackman in America (mainly by White Americans. It's more about vengence,and the fact that a Black man being exonerated
of murdering a White man and woman.

Even the families of the victims are still wrapped up in this mess. I guess O.J. is easier to focus on, rather than focusing on real issues and problems in this country.

CNN could not talk about the Jena 6 in the same light as O.J. because most White Americans do not think racism exists anymore or think that this is an isolated incident! Wake up America this kind of injustice happens everyday in Black communities all around the country, unforunately no one wants to hear about it.

Posted By Anonymous : 11:10 AM ET
This is crazy TV. Is this a "white thing"? I can understand why this story made the news. But enough already. What's with the extended coverage? OJ, The Goldmans, nor the Browns do not affect my everyday life. I am raising a black, male, teenager in the SF Bay Area where today black kids are being murdered at epidemic rates and you are doing a story on a 13 year old murder case.
Posted By Anonymous : 11:39 AM ET
OJ has had more than his fair share of 15 minutes of fame. It is about time that we move on with what is truly in the news. It is time to hear and see the good in people instead of the rich and famous always in the news because they were in trouble and had to spend time in jail. I am tired of hearing about OJ, Britany Spears, and Paris Hilton. Lets get on to what is important.
Posted By Anonymous : 11:59 AM ET
I am very much fed up with the O.J. Simpson frenzy. He is not news. We need to know more about the progress of our military people in Iraq. We need to know whether our government is in constant pursue of Osama and the progress being made. We want to know about the issues of the economy. Mr. Goldman's hate for O.J. and his pursue for money should not be enhanced by the media..give us a break. The media is being viewed as encouraging his hatred. One must remember, Mr. Goldman, had a strange relationship with his son.
Posted By Augusta : 12:03 PM ET
Anderson & CNN:

If I wanted to hear about OJ, I would be watching Entertainment Tonight or Extra. Enough with the celebrities!

And please, enough with calling EVERYTHING "Breaking News" if OJ is breaking news - what do you call bridge collapses, earthquakes or terrorist attacks? That term should be used carefully and not "the sky is falling". Pretty soon everyone will catch on (if they haven't already) and pay no attention to the term "Breaking News".
Posted By Amelia, Mill Valley, CA : 12:27 PM ET
CNN/AC360, please do not resort to tabloid journalism. Please remain professional and keep your stories under "newsworthy." OJ is not news; he is a nuisance.
Posted By Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 2:20 PM ET
I was hoping to find some substantive news on AC/360, instead, after recording the entire show, it was fast forward at full speed.

Get a clue guys, "we don't care"!
Posted By Anonymous : 2:36 PM ET
HI 360 Staff,

Sorry guys...not a good decision to spend almost an hour on OJ last night. It's way too much time spent on someone who's main objective is to keep his name in the media. As someone else wrote, this isn't "Breaking News". In the future, please use the hour to tell real news stories like you did last week in Iraq.

Posted By Anonymous : 2:39 PM ET
Like everyone else, I am sick to death of O.J., but I hope this time he spends some serious time behind bars. It's payback time for O.J. He quite obviously thinks he is above the law and it does not apply to him, since he got away with murder. He does not take our laws seriously. Just one look at his mug shot proves that. He is smiling for the camera as if he was posing for a layout in a fashion magazine.
Posted By Pam : 3:25 AM ET
Dear Mr. Cooper and 360 staff,

By helping to further sensationalize the latest episode in the O.J. Simpson chronicles you have significant damaged your journalistic integrity. I think you need to begin to take a tougher stand when making decisions regarding the stories worthy of your coverage. I expected you to hold yourselves to a higher standard and you let me down.
Posted By Matt Swayhoover, Reston, VA : 9:56 AM ET
Please enough already. No more.
Posted By Anonymous : 11:46 AM ET
Just put OJ on a very, very small island, in the Atlantic, in the direct path of a large hurricane. Now that would generate some interesting news!!
Posted By Anonymous : 11:58 AM ET
CNN needs to step up to the plate and report/discuss real issues and not brain candy such as OJ, Britney, etc. We have true problems in this country that need to be addressed: milions of a Americans with poor or no healthcare coverage, one of the worst educational systems in the 1st World, salaries that do not meet the current cost of living, a real estate crisis that is hurting millions of homeowners, lax standards when it comes to imports coming into this name a few. It is the responsility of SERIOUS MEDIA to cover issues of relevance and importance. If the media caters/panders those wishing to hear banalities, little by little this country will slip into mediocrity. America did not become great because we spent our time thinking about what clothes Martha Washington wore. We had real thinkers in power and Americans were thinkers in general. What has happened? CNN, you at least could do better!
Posted By Anonymous : 12:18 PM ET
Any OJ coverage is too much! Why aren't the violations of the first amendment more important than the antics of this sociopath! FYI...HOLLYWOOD IS NOT NEWS!
Posted By Jenna Dixon : 12:18 PM ET
YES - ENOUGH - so disappointed last night - on the west coast our CNN news is at 7pm with Anderson and all it was was OJ. Here the stock market had taken off - of course there is always Iraq to cover - what about immigration - mortgage crisis etc. much, much, much more important stories than OJ - after 15 minutes of OJ thinking you were going to cover other stories and finding you didn't - I changed channels - I miss Aaron Brown - then we had real news with real commentary and analysis.
Posted By Anonymous : 12:54 PM ET
There is too much coverage of OJ plus other not really important news. Please get back to real news. I like "keeping them honest." I love the follow-through.
Posted By Janet : 1:10 PM ET
You can bet that if CNN is covering OJ, Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton, I will not watch! There are too many important stories that should be covered!I never thought CNN would turn into something akin to the Enquirer.
Posted By D Sandford : 1:37 PM ET
I love this show, but I am completely surprised that an entire show was devoted to this O.J. incident. And yes, incident. He's done far worse. This isn't news.
Posted By Anonymous : 3:31 PM ET
I agree, I am disappointed in CNN and their coverage on OJ - what an insult to Anderson's intelligence and the viewers! CNN is getting worse than any tabloid, what a shame the news media has come to this.
Posted By Anonymous : 1:04 PM ET
I wanted add another voice of disappointment in CNN and their coverage on OJ. We don't need another tabloid out there, it is an insult to Anderson's intelligence and the viewers, if anyone still watches after 5 minutes of trivial information.
Posted By Anonymous : 1:17 PM ET
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